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Expansion Packs

Industrial Revolution

Author: kinggath and friends

Latest Update v3.3.3 - 27 July 2018 Released - 30 June 2017
First Official Expansion Pack


Adds new plot types, such as advanced industrial plots, and tons of new buildings to Sim Settlements. These buildings allow you to take control of your settlement and begin constructing the things you need to conquer the wasteland. Inside many of these buildings are secrets to discover to help you on your adventuring.

Continuing the goals of Sim Settlements, Industrial Revolution aims to greatly expand the number of jobs available to your settlers and lays the foundation for your settlements to have a massive impact on your gameplay outside. It also introduces more in-depth game-play for those who want to micro-manage, while maintaining the simplicity of the plot-based building.

This is an Expansion Pack - and will always require the latest version of Sim Settlements, whenever you update this, be sure to also update Sim Settlements.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png PC (Bethesda):

Bethesda.png Xbox:

Rise of the Commonwealth

Author: kinggath and friends

Latest Update v3.4.0 - 11 August 2018 Released - 30 December 2017
Second Official Expansion Pack


Adds the ability to put others in charge of settlements, they will handle the construction, settlers will move in and place their own plots, beds, and other things.

Introduces Interior Plots which can be used inside existing building or snapped into your own structures.

Adds a dynamic soundscape that adjusts the ambient and background sound effects in your settlements based on the plots you and your settlers build.

Tons of new gameplay options.

Rise of the Commonwealth takes Sim Settlements to new heights by putting you in the role of the leader. Now you can command others to build your settlements while you get back to exploring the wasteland.

This is an Expansion Pack - and will always require the latest version of Sim Settlements, whenever you update this, be sure to also update Sim Settlements.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png PC (Bethesda):

Bethesda.png Xbox:


Author: kinggath and friends

Latest Update v4.0.2a - 23 February 2019 Released - 18 January 2019
Third Official Expansion Pack


At the surface, this expansion appears to be entirely about Raiders. Aesthetically, it definitely is. We decided to fully embrace the visuals and even gameplay behind raiders. Functionally, though, this expansion will add a ton of additional possibilities and benefits to all Sim Settlements players.

Conqueror is about providing new ways to play--both at the beginning of a new game, through the Pre-Built settlements and the Raider questline--and at the later stages by offering you a way to convert your settlements to operate like military outposts. Like the expansions before it, Conqueror will continue to receive bi-weekly updates for the foreseeable future to improve and expand the gameplay based on community feedback.

This is an Expansion Pack - and will always require the latest version of Sim Settlements, whenever you update this, be sure to also update Sim Settlements.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png PC (Bethesda):

Bethesda.png Xbox:

Active AddOn Packs

Mega Pack - Year 1

Authors: kinggath and friends

Latest Update v1.0.5 - 22 November 2018 Released - 11 March 2018

Addon MegaPack1.png
* Fifty-six new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Standard] 54 Plots
    • [Interior] 2 Plots
  • Ten new Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • [Standard] 9 Plots
    • [Interior] 1 Plots
  • Seven new Building Plans to Martial Plots
    • [Standard] 5 Plots
    • [Interior] 2 Plots

Over 100 building plans for Sim Settlements from add-on packs and community members created throughout the first year of Sim Settlements, as well as a handful of never before released building plans!

Mega Packs are a new type of Add-on for Sim Settlements that will work seamlessly with existing add-on packs. If an add-on pack that a building plan is from is detected, that add-on pack will be given control of the building plan. This allows us to create merged add-on packs without taking away control from the original author!

Includes all building plans from the following mods - note that uninstalling one of those add-ons will cause your plots that were using them to select a new building plan:

Brian84's Residentials
Jib's Residential Addon
Brae's Defences
Home Improvement AIO
Trailer Park Dreams

Also includes building plans donated by Altairp, Eldarth, and Uituit.

Bonus buildings are automatically unlocked depending on which combination of DLC and CC content you have installed from BtN and kinggath. Additional bonus buildings may be added in the future. Current bonus buildings include:

  • Three Residential Buildings by BtN - No unlocks required!
  • Franchise Kit by kinggath - Unlock Requires Slocum Joe's CC pack
  • Shooting Range by Brae - Unlock Requires Nukaworld DLC
  • Seven Residential Buildings by BtN - Unlock Requires Nukaworld DLC, Far Harbor DLC, Automatron DLC, Contraptions Workshop DLC, and Wasteland Workshop DLC

Special Thanks

ohnno for putting in countless hours assembling and merging addons!

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Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png PC (Bethesda):

Bethesda.png Xbox (Full Version):

Bethesda.png Xbox (New Buildings):

Mega Pack - Year 2

Authors: kinggath and friends

Latest Update v1.0.0 - 15 March 2019 Released - 15 March 2019

Addon MegaPack2.png
* Twenty-six new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Standard] 5 Plots
    • [Interior] 21 Plots
  • Seventeen new Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • [Standard] 8 Plots
    • [Interior] 9 Plots
  • Eleven new Building Plans to Industrial Plots
    • [Standard] 6 Plots
    • [Interior] 5 Plots
    • [Advanced] 1 New Tech Tree - 7 Buildings
  • Eight new Building Plans to Martial Plots
    • [Standard] 4 Plots
    • [Interior] 4 Plots
  • One City Plan - Vault 88
  • One City Leader - Clem
  • Four Settlement Flags
  • Eight City Planner's Desks

Over 100 building plans for Sim Settlements from add-on packs and community members created throughout the second year of Sim Settlements, as well as a handful of never before released building plans!

Mega Packs work seamlessly with existing add-on packs. If an add-on pack that a building plan is from is detected, that add-on pack will be given control of the building plan. This allows us to create merged add-on packs without taking away control from the original author! So if you're already using some of the add-on packs listed below, continue to use and update them to get any additional content or improvements those authors make.

Includes all building plans from the following mods - note that uninstalling one of those add-ons will cause your plots that were using them to select a new building plan:

AwsomeTown by Kytampe
Another Brick in the Wall by Sebbo86
Institute Settlements by Argyuile AKA MrTrust
Vault-Tec Tools by Samutz and Wulfharth
VaultLand by RodericksBlade
VFX Downtown by XV-Versus

Awsome Town by Kytampe VFX Downtown by XV-Versus Vault-Tec Tools by Samutz and Wulfharth Institute Settlements by Argyuile AKA MrTrust Another Brick in the Wall by Sebbo86 VaultLand by RodericksBlade

Also includes building plans donated by Ruined World, RobotsSmells, Whisper, and CaptainLaserBeam. Plus City Planner's Desks donated by Captain COOTS.

Special Thanks

XV-Versus, MadHzShft, ShotokanV Shoto, Raybo, and Phil_T_Casual for helping test the content and make sure I didn't miss any files!

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Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png PC (Bethesda):

Bethesda.png Xbox:

Altairp's Animal Farm

Author: Altairp

Latest Update v1.0.8b - 27 May 2019 Released - 12 April 2017

  • Ten new Building Plans to Agricultural Plots
    • [Standard] Molerat Pen (meat)
    • [Standard] Molerat Milking Pen
    • [Standard] Radroach Junkyard (meat, fertilizer and junk)
    • [Standard] Brahmin Milking Pen
    • [Standard] Cat Farm (meat)
    • [Standard] Cat Milking Pen
    • [Standard] Rabbit Hutch (Requires Far Harbour)
    • [Standard] Chicken Trailer (Requires Far Harbour)
    • [Interior] Molerat Pen (meat)
    • [Interior] Radroach Junkyard (meat, fertilizer and junk)
  • Four new Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • [Standard] Vet Clinic
    • [Standard] Slocum's Joe Mess Hall
    • [Standard] Food Caravan
    • [Standard] Farmer's B&B
  • One new Building Plan to Martial Plots
    • [Standard] Guard Kennel (wolves option available)

This Add-On for Sim Settlements adds some new plots and items centered around a 'farm' theme. With this add-on you can enhance your settlers farming experience with the addition of Agricultural plots (and a couple other plot types) focused around animals, and the wonderful experiences of herding them in a pen, feeding them until they're fat, and slaughtering them all to feed your settlers. Each plot, present and future, should fit a particular theme based around the animal that inhabits the enclosure, with different resource inputs/outputs that should make your settlement feel more interesting and diverse. At last, all plots now produce some resources in the workbench!

Additionally, due to the dangerous nature of said animals (sans brahmin), these pens reduce the level of defense of the settlement but provide more food than typical plots as well as occasionally provide related items (e.g. radroaches provide glowing blood etc., molerats provide teeth etc).

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Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png XBox

Bad Neighbors

Author: MrJoseCuervo and Tinuvia

Latest Update v1.4.0 - 3 May 2019 Released - 31 March 2017

Addon-pack that focuses on the sometimes negative aspects of living in a community. It’s an updated all-in-one version of MrJoseCuervo’s Bad Neighbors and Slum Lord Addon Packs. Also contains 6 new plots by Tinuvia. A "Disaster Pack" of sorts for Sim Settlements.

Building Features
Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Yes
Performance Settings: Yes

Slum Lord is essentially a Shack Generator. It will spawn in Walls, Floors, Roofs, Furniture and special items from a large list of choices totally randomizing the building you get. If you don’t like the look, just hit Refresh on the ASAM-sensor and enjoy your newly decorated home.

Quotes from users:
BurntHostage: "They ain't slums.. they're houses with character..."
Matthew Watkinson: "Also, god damn that house of yours with the room at the back. I've now had two glowing ghouls, a Glowing Mirelurk and a glowing Rad Roach appear in my settlements because of it. Not that I'm going to change it to another one, it's too much fun."

(NEW!) Slum Lord #1, #2 and #3 by Tinuvia
Slummy interior plans with lots of randomized furniture and décor. If you don’t like what you get, hit Refresh! Raider themed buildingplan skins to choose under Customize plan with the ASAM-sensor. If you play with Conqueror and take over a settlement with your raiders they change on their own. Each Slumlord plan has entrances from different sides, #1: Right End and Left Front (RELF), #2: Left End and Right Front (LERF), #3: Both Ends and Full Front (BEFF).

Skyfall Home by MrJoseCuervo
Come live in the Commonwealth, sparsely furnished! Working drinking fountain! What more could you want? Three-story building, use with any foundation.
Slum Lord #1, #2, #3 and #4 by MrJoseCuervo
Four building plan designs with 11 trillion shack combinations of randomized structures. No house you build will ever look the same!

Church of Atom by MrJoseCuervo
The Children of Atom are starting to spread the word of Atom throughout the Commonwealth. Will your settlement be "blessed" with one of their Temples? Well, make sure your Rad resistance is up if they do come. You have spent 200 years in the ground while everyone else has built a tolerance! You have been warned! Provides medical services and improves happiness (10/30/50) in your settlement, at the cost of high doses of Radiation. Did I mention there are Rads? There are Rads.
Church of Atom Bomb by MrJoseCuervo
There are even more rads. But visitors gather to bathe in Atom’s Glow (and you get an income boost at level 3).

(NEW!) Church of Atom by Tinuvia
Glory to Atom and let us bathe in his light!

Fish Farm by MrJoseCuervo
Cultivate fish in your own artificial pond and offer your settlers a stable food production! Food 4/8/12.
Fog Farm by Tinuvia
Harvestable Far Harbor wild plants. Beware of what lurks in the waters ... Gives food, 2/6/12 and adds plants to your workshop workbench.
Molerat Farm by MrJoseCuervo
Ginormous Molerat farm that warns you of its size before it plops down its hill. There are Domesticated Molerats and Rebellious Molerats, but you get a little bit more food than from regular farms. Settlers will not randomly build this due to its size; it has been set so that you need to select it via the ASAM-sensor. Food 4/8/12.

(NEW!) GraveDigger by Tinuvia
Primarily produces bone, with a side dish of the occasional fertilizer, empty beer bottles and little nick-nacks. Don't go digging too deep or you'll wake that which should stay asleep.
Plutonium Well by MrJoseCuervo
Working Power Production with no need for the Mayor to get their hands dirty. Though, no one may want to live next to the Plutonium Well ... well no one but the Ghouls (adds power 25/50/75).
Water Treatment Plant by MrJoseCuervo
Water generating plot that recycles your Sims precious bodily fluids into drinking water (adds water 15/30/45).

Death Tower by MrJoseCuervo
Death Tower Guard Post with Mini Turret. Settlers will man their post without leaving when Settlement is under attack. Value of defense vary depending of what type of dogs and turrets spawn but will be close to regular Martial plot values.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):
Free Edition: ( Requires: Far Harbour )
Base game Edition:

Bethesda.png PC (Bethesda):
DLC Edition: ( Requires: Far Harbour )
Slum Lord:
Base game Edition:

Bethesda.png XBox:
Free Edition: ( Requires: Far Harbour )
Slum Lord:
Base game Edition:

Blood Moon Raiders

Author: uituit

Latest Update v2 - 16 February 2019 Released - 19 January 2019

* 17 new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • Raider Boat: Oversized
    • Raider RV: Oversized dirt base
    • Crate Home: Home made from shipping crates
    • Disciples Den: Internal
    • Gunners Den: Internal
    • Operators Den: Internal
    • Pack Den: Internal
    • Pete's House: chop that meat
    • Mohawk Shack:
    • Hell on Wheels: APC from hell
    • Kluga's Shack: Cats.cats,cats
    • Cabin: Oversized, woof woof woof
    • Raider High Rise: slighty oversized,Very tall
    • Outdoor Raider:
    • Wasteland Raider:
    • Raider Retreat: Multi-story home
  • 6 new Building Plan to Commercial Plots
    • Chop Shop Clinic: Internal, The doctor is in
    • Raider Bar: drinking time ;)
    • Guns and Death: weapon store
    • Raider Store: General Goods
    • Don't Die Shop: Armor store
    • Scum Bag Bar: Internal
  • 7 new Building Plans to Industrial Plots
    • Raider Paddle Boat: Oversized ,Scrap production
    • Raider Windmill: Power Production, Tall
    • Slave Pen: 2/4/6 slaves to do your bidding
    • Brew House: Oversized, grog for you
    • Water Truck: Water Production
    • Raider Power: Drinking Time: Internal
    • Water Works: Water Supply: Internal
  • 3 new Building Plans to Agricultural Plots
    • Food Here:
    • Hunter: Meat to harvest
    • Carrot Head Farm: Loverly Carrots Here: Internal
  • 5 new Building Plans to Martial Plots
    • Raider Gate: Oversized , gate house
    • Abandoned Truck: Oversized, truck and trailer,dirt base
    • Tower: large tower,very tall
    • Guard Tower: standard size
    • Rat Pack: Attack Rats: Internal
  • 3 new Building Plans to Recreational Plots
    • Hanging Tree: Oversized,Huge tree,Dirt base
    • HELL: Oversized, Fire and smoke and death
    • Art Gallery: Red Paint Only: Internal
  • 1 new Special Plot
    • High Top: Home: player home on top of tower.
  • 2 new Battle Plots
    • Red Death Arena: Rec
    • Blue Hell Arena: Rec
Battle plots use the wasteland workshop arena, you need both in the same settlement to work.
Your settlers will hunt down and kill each other.
Vacant plots will be assigned as new settlers come in.
Let the bodies hit the floor

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Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png PC (Bethesda):

Bethesda.png Xbox:

Captain Cosmos Construct

Author: choochoo1

Latest Update v.9 - 06 September 2019 Released - 06 September 2019

Addon Cosmos.jpeg
* 1 new Building Plan to Recreational Plots

Description Provides one new recreational plot based on the Captain Cosmos Creation Club pack. A small fan club and museum based on the Captain Cosmos TV show. The plot features displays with some fun little lore and a box redemption machine at level 3, so that you dont have to go all the way to Hubris Comics or Hub 360 just to cash in your boxes. The filre is an ESP flagged as an ESL file so it will not count towards your mod limit. This is my first publicly released plot so consider it beta.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

CaptainLaserBeam's Jampads

Author: Captain Laser Beam

Latest Update v1.6 - 14 October 2019 Released - 16 January 2019

Addon Jampad.png
* 1 new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • Glory Days - a lair for the true baseball fanatic.
  • 2 new Building Plan to Commercial Plots
    • East Wasteland Tea Company (Interior) - a shop for trying out all the latest tastes in steeped, mutated herbs.
    • Old World Diner - Where nostalgia and questionalble foods come together in beautiful harmony.
  • 1 new Building Plan to Industrial Plots
    • Donuts - more sugar and tasty treats for everyone. Donut mix on the lower levels, and more and fancier donuts as it advances.
  • 4 new Building Plan to Agricultural Plots
    • Beans for Breakfast - A silt bean agriculture plot that begins to produce extra items at level 3 and 4 (if you have Industrial Revolution) to give your settlers that caffeine boost.
    • Yardbird Suite (Internal) - A small chicken coop that gets bigger! Supplies settlement and workshop with eggs. Also some chickens that are a bit on the free-range side.
    • Fever (Heavy) - A recreational and agricultural hybrid. A place to sit back and watch those glowing blossoms take over the world. Yields all kinds of flowers and boosts happiness, but provides less food.
    • Screaming Trees (Heavy) - Your own private slice of the Far Harbor wilderness. Provides sap, blight, and asters and a special surprise at level 4. Consumes extra water, yields happiness.
  • 1 new Building Plan to Recreational Plots
    • One More Cup of Coffee - An interior plot where your settlers can kick back for a coffee break and sample all the latest and greatest Slocum Joe drinks and treats.
  • 6 new Building Plans to Martial Plots
    • Intergalactic Planetary (2x2) - Salvaged bits of Nuka World bring animatronic Zetans in to the picture to guard and fight for your settlement.
    • Rock Lobster (2x2) - Saving a few of those nukalurk eggs from Nuka-World has gifted you with your own band of nukalurk warriors as settlements guards. Not much is more intimidating than a glowing crab monster.
    • Robot Parade (2x2) - Combine the ingenuity of the Mechanist with volatile soda chemicals! Spawns Mr. Frothies to defend your settlement.
    • Ghoulrillaz (2x2) - Nuka World's Ghoulrillas have found a new home, and they're ready to fight for it. Make any invader pass through a serious gauntlet to enter your settlement
    • Miscellaneous Debris (Int) - Sort out all the leftovers from your many, many battles and recycle them. Counts as Battlefield Scavenger for Conqueror!
    • Atomic Tan (Int) - Deliver unto the primitive savages Atom's Light and the glory of energy weapons! Children of Atom and energy-weapon themed martial that counts as an Armory for Conqueror!
  • 2 New Workbenches (find them in the Crafting section of the workshop menu)
    • Old World Oven
    • Mixologist Workbench

Description A bit of the old world, a bit of the new world comes together to add a splash of color and crazy to your settlements. Be on the lookout for aliens, crab monsters, coffee, and lots of donuts. Requires all DLC plus Creation Club Slocum Joe's Pack. In the future I may create a version or update this so that it does not require the Slocum Joe's Pack, but for now as two of the six plots strongly feature the content and a third utilizes it somewhat, that wouldn't make much sense. More content is planned in the future.

Confession: I am primarily a console player (gasp) so I made this add-on with console users in mind, so it is more on the lightweight side with some of the Sim Settlements features. That is why the plots do not use construction stages beyond the basic three level stages (or four for agriculturals). Sorry to all of you who use realistic build times. This add-on might be a little bland for you if the aliens, donuts, coffee, and crab monsters don't excite you. More is coming in the very near future, including crafting recipes, shops, industrials, farms, and yet more martials.

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Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Choochoo1's Neon Bar

Author: choochoo1

Latest Update v.9 - 24 October 2019 Released - 24 October 20197

Addon NeonBar.jpeg
Provides one new commercial bar plot based on the Neon Flats creation club content. Starts as a small hole in the wall/back alley type bar but upgrades to a respectable, classy bar at rank three. Best if built on the concrete foundation or a solid flat surface.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Classic Shacks

Author: ProfVerstrooid

Latest Update v1.2 - 14 August 2017 Released - 19 July 2017

Addon ClassShack.png
* Five new Building Plans to Residential Plots

The homes in this add-on are focused on looking classically Fallout.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):
Bethesda.png Xbox:

Creations by COOTS

Authors: CptCOOTS

Latest Update v2.8 - 17 October 2018 Released - 15 February 2018

Addon CreCOOT.jpeg
* Two new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Standard] Bunker of the Deserter (5 Branches)
    • [Interior] Cozy Nook (compact)
  • Six new Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • [Standard] Nuka Bar (requires Nuka World)
    • [Standard] Wicked Awesome Noodles
    • [Standard] Pimp My Pip Boy
    • [Standard] Slocum's Joe Donut Shop (optional - requires Slocum's Joe CC content)
    • [Interior] Slocum's Joe Satellite (optional - requires Slocum's Joe CC content)
    • [Interior] Random Reclaimed Remains (compact)
  • One new Building Plan to Agricultural Plots
    • [Interior] Opportunistic Horticulture (compact)
  • Two new Building Plans to Recreational Plots
    • [Standard] Palace Gaming (optional - requires Arcade CC content)
    • [Interior] Closet Games
  • Three new Building Plans to Martial Plots
    • [Standard] The Checkpoint - Large 2x2
    • [Standard] The Checkpoint - Small 1x1
    • [Interior] Prison Cell
  • Four new City Leaders
    • Deezer (Covenant Only) - Welcome; Lemonade Tycoon
    • Dogmeat - Roamer; Good Boy...
    • Goodfeels (Sunshine Tidings Co-Op only) - Chiiiill; Exterminate
    • Ronnie Shaw (Castle only) - United we Stand; On Your Feet Maggot!!
  • Nine new City Planner Desks
    • Brotherhood of Steel - Meet the leader, earn a spot.
    • "Classy" - Yeah, it is fancy.
    • Compact Console - A narrow standing terminal that is thinner.
    • Dogmeat's - A "desk" I made special for Dogmeat as City Leader.
    • Dunwich Altar - Pray to the old gods and ask them to bestow favor on your settlement.
    • Institute Desk - Find your family's connection...
    • Lounge - Give the city leader the credit (and wine) they deserve for leading your city.
    • Minutemen Desk - EARN your spot to earn this desk.
    • Railroad - Get a nickname, get a desk.
    • Redneck - Yeah, it isn't fancy.
    • Ultra Compact - A super small desk with almost all the features.
    • Vault-Tec Themed - A wide city planner with a Vault-Tec theme.
    • Wooden - Slightly wider than vanilla SS but more rustic looking.
    • Workspace - A "desk" with all the functionality of city planner desks PLUS compact versions of several workbenches: Armor, Chemlab, Cooking, and Weapon! (Thank to MsRae for the use of these objects)


  • Bunker of the Deserter - A shelter for an ex- BOS, Institute, Gunner, Minuteman, or Railroader with decorations to hint at their past Variable bonuses corresponding to the type at Level 3.
  • Cozy Nook - A warm and welcoming spot for the survivalist to relax.


  • Wicked Awesome Noodles - A damn noodle vendor in your settlement!
  • Slocum's Joe Donut Shop - A custom vendor type that sells donuts, donut ingredients, and eventually coffee and tea. You need to complete the CC fetch quest to unlock this plan. Adds a little bit of incremental happiness.
  • Slocum's Joe Satellite - An interior plot with an identical custom vendor type to Slocum's Joe Donut Shop. You need to complete the CC fetch quest to unlock this plan. Adds a little bit of incremental happiness.
  • Nuka Bar - Sells various Nuka Colas. Has a pretty grand feature at level 3.
  • Pimp My Pip-Boy - A custom vendor who sells malfunctioning Pip-Boys (a scrap item) & Pip-Boys your settlers can wear!! If you have Creation Club paint jobs then the Pip-Boys you buy may be painted and you can buy paint jobs for your own Pip-Boy (only with the paint jobs you own). Supports (*new in 2.7): Abraxo*, Aquatic Camo, Arc-Jet*, Blue*, Chrome, Cruiser, Desert Camo, Grey Tortoise*, Grognak, The Inspector, The Institute, Mantaman, Mistress of Mystery, Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cola Quantum, Onyx, Overseer, Patriotic, Pink, Plain, Red Rocket*, Reilly's Rangers, The Silver Shroud, Vim*, Vim Refresh*, and White.


  • Shit House - A small interior industrial plot that generates fertilizer and a little bit of nuclear material.


  • The Checkpoint - Plots that connect to one another and form a short wall and a guarded, arched entryway. Together fill more of a 2x3 space. Snap the 1x1 to the front, right corner of the 2x2. The plans work well together regardless of relative levels.
  • Prison Cell - A small cell holding a captured raider.


  • Opportunistic Horticulture - A tight, indoor grow set-up with assorted vegetables


  • Palace Gaming - An interior plot that features occasionally randomized arcade cabinets.
  • Closet Games - A compact interior plot with more arcade consoles to enjoy.

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Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Flotsam and Jetsam

Authors: Uituit

Latest Update v3 - 10 September 2018 Released - 18 April 2018

  • Ten new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Standard] War Track (adds turrets)
    • [Water Only] Long Boat (oversized)
    • [Water Only] Sea Cabin
    • [Water Only] Swan
    • [Standard, Water] Barrel House
    • [Water Only] Broken Boat (oversized)
    • [Water Only] Sunken Ship (VERY oversized and high)
    • [Water Only] Wreck Boat (oversized)
    • [Interior] Boat Cabin
    • [Standard, Water] Shack
    • [Standard, Water] Octopus
    • [Water Only] The Tree
    • [Standard, Water] Water Walker (oversized)
  • Two new Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • [Water Only] Floating Bar
    • [Water Only] Floating Market
  • Six new Building Plans to Industrial Plots
    • [Standard, Water] Windmill
    • [Standard, Water] Water Collector
    • [Water Only] Oil Boat (oversized)
    • [Water Only] Floating Scrap Yard (oversized)
    • [Standard] Geothermal power (oversized, roughly 3x3)
    • [Standard, Water] Blood Bank
    • [Standard, Water] Condensor (tall)
  • Two new Building Plans to Agricultural Plots
    • [Water Only] Fish Farm (Oversized)
    • [Water Only] Fishing Boat (Oversized)
    • [Standard] Field Farm
    • [Standard] Rock Garden
    • [Standard, Water] Floating Farm
  • Two new Building Plans to Recreational Plots
    • [Standard, Water] Floating Garden
    • [Water Only] Party Boat
    • [Standard] Cathredrel of Atom
  • One new Building Plan to 1x1 Martial Plots
    • [Standard, Water] Small Beacon
  • Two new Building Plans to 2x2 Martial Plots
    • [Standard] AT-ATruck (Oversized)
    • [Standard, Water] Large Beacon
    • [Water Only] Iron Clad (oversized, artillery)
    • [Standard] Scorpitron (oversized)

Place Anywhere/Everywhere is needed as well for best results

Aquatic themed plots, boats and floating plots mostly for water, but same land based plots too. All plots player select only.

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Horizon Job Plots

Author: redbaron148

Latest Update v0.7 - 17 June 2018 Released - 16 June 2018

Addon HorizonJob.jpeg
Description: This contains six new industrial job plots that incorporate Horizon's job plots in their design. Four of the six new plots were built from scratch, two of the plots were copied from Kinggath's existing plots.

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IDEK's Logistic Station

Author: IDontEvenKnow

Latest Update v1.2.3b - 04 June 2018 Released - 14 January 2018

Addon IDEK.png
* Two new Building Plans to Industrial Plots
    • [Standard] Logistic Station
    • [Interior] Logistic Station

Settlement networking sucks. Supply lines are annoying to set up, and even more annoying to redefine as you unlock more settlements. The standard system that shares food and water between settlements is just as happy to feed your settlers corn as it is your cache of Mirelurk Queen steaks. Collecting the surplus food, water and tax money that your settlements produce is tedious. I could go on.

To alleviate this, I created this mod. With Sim Settlements, your settlers are happy to build their own towns - why shouldn't they manage their own logistical needs as well?

--- Usage ---
This mod works a little differently from most Sim Settlements addons. This mod only adds one building plan - the Logistics Station - under the standard Industrial plot type (interior and exterior versions are included).

To establish a logistics network, you are intended to designate exactly one Logistics Station in each of your settlements (only one station per settlement will be active at a time). To prevent your settlers from foolishly building useless duplicate stations, you must designate your Logistics Station plots manually. This is done by placing a standard industrial 2x2 or interior plot, then activating the ASAM sensor -> Choose Building Plan -> [ILS] Logististics Station. Note that this may take up to a few minutes to show up in the list if you've recently loaded a save.

Beyond defining them, you aren't strictly required to interact with Logistics Stations any more than that if you don't want to, however there are a number of additional features included should you choose to take advantage of them.

Please refer to download page for full details on mod

--- Future Plans ---
This mod will likely remain limited to only the one plot type. I have no plans to include any additional plot types at this time.

Ideas that I haven't gotten around to yet include:

  • Assigning additional guards to travel with provisioners as Logistics Station plot level increases
  • Additional decoration variants for both interior and exterior plot types.
  • Additional weapons or armor being issued to provisioners provided there are weapon shops or factories in your network
  • Distant future, perhaps some manner of wasteland patrol network being created out of a special martial plot type. That one might become its own mod if I ever get around to it, but it sounds like a neat idea that I could probably pull off.

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Industrial City

Author: Mytigio

Latest Update v0.9.8a - 15 May 2019 Released - 12 May 2017

  • Twenty-One new Building Plans to Industrial Plots
    • [Standard] Diagnostics Station (adds happiness based on the number of robots in the settlement, and costs power based on number of robots)
    • [Standard] Steel Scrapyard (produces primarily steel, but also rarely aluminum, screws, copper and occasionally rubber)
    • [Interior] Sahara Steel (same as previous)
    • [Standard] Lumber Reclamation (produces primarily wood, but also rarely produces screws, steel and glass)
    • [Interior] Woody's Lumber (same as previous)
    • [Standard] Rubber Shredder (produces primarily rubber, but also rarely produces steel and plastic)
    • [Interior] Rita's Rubbers (same as previous)
    • [Standard] Aluminum Recycler (produces primarily aluminum, but also rarely steel and copper)
    • [Interior] Ronnie's Used Aluminum (same as previous)
    • [Standard] Ceramics Factory (produces ceramic and ceramic related scrap)
    • [Interior] Cleo's Custom Cups (same as previous)
    • [Standard] Terminal Service Center (produces circuitry and circuitry related scrap)
    • [Interior] Electronic Dreams (same as previous)
    • [Standard] Ammo Plant (produces ammo)
    • [Standard] Toy Factory (produces happiness)
    • [Standard] Municipal Water (produces water, for those without Industrial Revolution)
    • [Interior] A Pot to Piss In (same as previous)
    • [Standard] [Interior] Scav Team Dispatcher (adds defense, provides an alternative form of settler recruitment, increased maximum scrap yields for just Industrial City plots)
    • [Standard] Salvage Sorting Facility (increases the miminum salvage output of other Industrial Cities salvage plots)
    • [Standard] Scavver Shed (provides a basic increase to the settlement scavenger score)
    • [Interior] Support Shed (spawns instead of Dispatcher if already present)
  • Seven new Building Plans to Advanced Industrial Plots
    • Robotics Recyclers
      • Advanced Robotics Recyclers
        • Expert Robotics Recyclers
      • Robot Refitters
        • Robot Workers Guild
        • Armybot Surplus
      • Robotics Workshop
        • Defense Contractor
        • Junk Bot Garage
        • GAI (General Atomics) Domestic Robots (GAI-DR)
        • RobCo Civil Services (RC-CS)
  • Three new Building Plans to Agricultural Plots
    • [Standard] GAI Hydro-Farm (produces more food with less water, needs GAI-DR Adv. Ind. Plot)
    • [Standard] Hydroponics Research Farm (hydroponics themed)
    • [Interior] Garden Wall (hydroponics themed)
  • One new Building Plan to Recreational Plots
    • Break Room (can get Herbal Stimulants here--Functions as a Conqueror Mess Hall)
  • Two new Building Plans to 1x1 Martial Plots
    • Civil Defense Station (adds Police Protectrons, high defense/high power, needs RC-CS Adv. Ind. Plot)
    • Factory Security Station (will be built instead of previous if RC-CS not present, otherwise both available)
  • One New Conqueror Faction
    • Rust Devils
  • Two new City Leaders
    • Supervisor White
    • Civil Logistics Analytic Machine (C.L.A.M.)
  • 4 new Flags
  • Also includes an optional file that adds a custom "Scav Team Dispatcher" Radio Station to the game, however this requires the Industrial Revolution expansion. ", the optional radio station shouldn't have any additional requirements. The only required file should be Industrial City itself

Visit Forums For More Details on Building Plans

An add-on for Sim Settlements that adds new Industrial Plots to the rotation.

Instead of increasing the general scavenging score however, these plots provide specific resources based on the building and plot (metal scrap yard provides metal salvage, the lumber yard provides wood salvage, etc).

Also includes an optional file that adds a custom "Scav Team Dispatcher" Radio Station to the game, however this requires the Industrial Revolution expansion.

Please make sure you back up your save files before activating this mod, it is still in it's early stages. While Sim Settlement Add-ons in general are very stable, this one utilizes more scripting then average to handle daily updates. Testing has not shown any adverse behavior so far, but until I have a wider testing audience, probably best to be cautious.

Visit Forums For P.F.A.Q. (Predicted Frequently Asked Questions)

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Optional File requirements:
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Also Requires:
Workshop Framework. All Official DLC: Nuka-World, Vault-Tec Workshop, Contraptions Workshop, Far Harbor, Wasteland Workshop and Automatron.

Junk Town

Author: Uituit (Vintyri on

Latest Update v12.1 - 18 November 2019 Released - 13 August 2017

  • Seventeen new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Standard] Crashed Bird (Vertibird home) [PSO]
    • [Standard] Pra's Bird (for rooftops) [PSO]
    • [Standard] Tire Cave (high poly)
    • [Standard] Pipe house
    • [Standard] Boat House (placement guide: [PSO]
    • [Standard] Bus Stop
    • [Standard] School Bus [PSO]
    • [Standard] UFO
    • [Standard] Doors
    • [Standard] Waves
    • [Standard] Repurposer
    • [Interior] Duct
    • [Interior] Mini Bedroom 1x1
    • [Box Car] Hobo Living
    • [Box Car] Upmarket Hobo
    • [Standard] Garfield's Shack
    • [Standard] War Truck/War Trailer (combination Residential/Martial)
  • Five new Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • [Standard] Bus Bar
    • [Standard] Waste Not Want Not Furniture Shop
    • [Interior] Mini General Store 1x1
    • [Box Car] Hobo Bar
    • [Standard] Homebrew Bar
  • Seven new Building Plans to Industrial Plots
    • [Standard] Desalinator (water or land plots)
    • [Standard] Power Armor Garage (up to four suits)
    • [Standard] Shit House
    • [Standard] Diamond Power
    • [Interior] Mini Shit House
    • [Interior] Mini Scavenger Bin 1x1
    • [Box Car] Hobo Workshop
  • Five new Building Plans to Agricultural Plots
    • [Standard] Car Farm
    • [Standard] Amazons Fishing Wharf [PSO]
    • [Interior] Fungus Farm
    • [Interior] Mini Farm 1x1
    • [Box Car] Hobo Farm
    • [3x3] Capsule Farm
  • Twelve new Building Plans to Recreational Plots
    • [Standard] Stone Circle
    • [Standard] Games Room
    • [Standard] Chillshocks BBQ Pit [Conqueror Mess Hall]
    • [Standard] Crack House [Conqueror Recruitment]
    • [Standard] Garden
    • [Interior] Tinuvia's Laundry
    • [Interior] Kitchen
    • [Interior] Lounge
    • [Interior] Bathroom
    • [Interior] Mini Smoking Area 1x1
    • [Interior] Mini Bathroom 1x1
    • [Box Car] Hobo Soup Kitchen [Conqueror Mess Hall]
  • One new Building Plan to 1x1 Martial Plots
    • [Standard] Fridge Defense
  • Ten new Building Plans to 2x2 Martial Plots
    • [Standard] Spider Gate
    • [Standard] Mutant
    • [Standard] Bloat Fly Hive
    • [Standard] Roach Den
    • [Interior] Roach Trash Pile
    • [Interior] Armory [Conqueror Armory]
    • [Standard] Big Bertha (artillery)
    • [Standard] Raybo Gun (artillery)
    • [Standard] Mega Tank (artillery)
    • [Standard] War Truck/War Trailer (combination Residential/Martial)
    • [1x1] Pill Box
  • Eight new City Leaders
    • Blake Abernathy (Lifegiver. Ex-Farmer, Depressed)
    • Lucy Abernathy (Trainer, Emthusiastic, Naive)
    • Abraham Finch (Lifegiver, Scavenger, Inhospitable)
    • Jake Finch (Hunter, Shakedown, Raider at Heart)
    • Vault-Tec Rep (Experienced Mayor, Shakedown, Lonewolf)
    • Sheffield (Lifebringer, Party Animal, Self Doubt)
    • Marcy Long (Truthseeker, Animal Lover, Depressed)
    • Sturges (Investigator, Futurist, Pacifist)

With the Fallout of nuclear war devastating the commonwealth, one would think the inhabitants would learn to build out of the junk that remained. In this add-on pack for SimSettlements, your settlers will do just that, build from the junk that they've found laying around.

Now with Player-Select Only [PSO] plots to prevent oversized plots spawning

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Junk Town-Extreme

Author: Uituit (Vintyri on

Latest Update v8 - 05 May 2019 Released - 27 November 2017

  • Five new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • Yggdrasil L1 (giant tree, same size as power line tower)
    • Shipwreck L1
    • Rust City Stadium
    • Pyramid (useful for building Vaults)
    • High Rise (plenty of space for interior plots)
  • One new Building Plan to Martial Plots
    • Mount Nuka - mountain sized defense

Its Big and Its EXTREME. And silly and fun I hope:) I will add over time

Now with Player-Select Only plots to prevent oversized plots spawning

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Junk Town-Fences

Author: Uituit

Latest Update v8 - 12 August 2019 Released - 27 October 2017

Raider Skins for most plots!

The cool thing about Sim Settlements is the growth,watching your town start small and then grow into something cool. But I think there's something missing. Walls and fences tend to pop up instantly and that doesn't really fit into the growth. So I made a few fences from Homes for use in my own games. Everything here is over-sized but I think fits in well with the lore. Once your fence is built you can send your settler to another normal home plot. Min clutter and decorations but idle markers to keep your settlers busy.
Best used with Realistic Build Times
Now with Player-Select Only plots to prevent oversized plots spawning
Large file so probably won't be on XBox unless requested.

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Legalize the Commonwealth

Author: InnocentAlpha

Latest Update v1.5 - 11 September 2019 Released - 22 June 2019

Addon Legalize.jpeg
I refuse to believe out of every person that ran down into the vaults, all of them forgot their bag of WEED? I think not!!! Introducing the latest SS Add-On pack (Legalize the Commonwealth), expect future additions :D

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NuCa Ola Cafe for Sim Settlements

Author: iztari

Latest Update v1.0 - 5 July 2019 Released - 3 July 2019

Addon NuCaOla.png
A fully functioning 3 tiers NuCa Ola Cafe plot where your settlers can relax and play arcade games, when they feel like it.

If you want to play the arcades you have to connect them to the plots power first, the connectors are sticking out from the wall, so you just have to attach a cable.

External 2x2 Recreational

Nuka-Cola Collector Workshop
Arcade Workshop Pack

Mod Page / Download Links:
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Plots by Paw Paw

Authors: Paw Paw and CptCOOTS

Latest Update v7.2 - 12 December 2018 Released - 01 May 2018

Addon PawPaw.jpeg
* Three new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Standard] Pallet House
    • [Standard] Shaw Shack
    • [Standard] General Quarters
  • Five new Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • [Standard] Chems Galore
    • [Standard] Military Surplus
    • [Standard] Power Armor Repair
    • [Standard] Sim Security
    • [Standard] PA Paint Shop


  • Security 101 - Comes with a modded Greasers Jacket and Jeans - Sport a Marshal Badge on the front and a Security logo on the back along with Sim Settlements imprint and a Sim Settlement Logo on the back. The jacket marked with SS in front of the Greasers Jacket spawns in at the completion of Level 1. You can find it at the bottom left of the stairs, pick it up put it in the Settlers inventory and Equip it you now have an official Settlement Security Officer. The Plot also Spawns 2 active Bubble Turrets at level one and a Guard Dog. Level 2 brings yet another Guard Dog. Random Clutter for the shelving upstairs as well as random Explosive Boxes on the ground floor. Level 3 bring another active Tripod Turret. Completely restored Minuteman Flag, you guessed it, it's Minuteman themed. Adds 1 bed count to settlement.

Each martial plot will act as a job for a single settler and add to the overall defense score [60] and 20 happiness at level 3 of your settlement. Martial plot structures are designed to provide far more defense than you could get with a vanilla guard post. Even if you can't/don't upgrade them they'll still have a huge positive impact on your settlement and will give you a reasonable alternative to just spamming turrets.


  • Farming Innovations - A security gated Farm plot with corn, mutfruit, tato and tarberries. Running water and a irrigation pipe to water the flora.


  • Pallet House - A simple, structurally sound home made of pallets.

Shaw Shack - Adds a simple home for your settler who appreciates living in some semblance of comfort in the Commonwealth. General Quarters - Adds a Military feel to your settlement


  • PA Paint Shop - Adds a Custom Paint Shop for your Power Armor, Spruce up those rusty tin cans.
  • Chems Galore - Adds a General goods vendor with a pharmacy feel.
  • Military Surplus - A weapon vendor with surprising inventory.
  • Power Armor Repair - Adds a vendor who can offer repair services for your Power Armor as well as sale of Power Armor pieces and Fusion Cores.
  • Sim Security - You better arm yourself, your companions, and your settlers with the wares from this set-up for a talented gunsmith.


  • Pool Hall - Where your settlers can go after a long hard day at work for some fun and relaxation.

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Pra's Random Addon

Author: pra

Latest Update v7.1 15 September 2019 Released - 30 April 2019

Addon PraRandom.jpeg

  • Residential
    • cAr Frame: Two old rusty cars turned into an A-Frame-like house. Comes with several building skins, too.
    • Swing Set Shack: A shack built from an old swingset, some tree branches, and plywood.
    • Bunker Elevator: An elevator which used to lead to an underground bunker, repurposed as a home. Basically a hill with a room in it. Comes with some building skins to change the hill's texture.
  • Industrial
    • Radiation Cleaner: Provides radiation immunity in a large area. Produces acid and nuclear material at L2 and L3. Has penalties to Water and Happiness, which decrease as the building upgrades.
    • Food Warehouse: An advanced industrial tech tree centered around food. The Food Warehouse at Level 1 branches into 3 at Level 2, and each branches further into 2 at Level 3. Requires Automatron and Far Harbor
    • E-Waste Burner: This is a L1-only Advanced Industrial, which works as an alternative to the Iron Mine. For these places where you want a Tool&Die, but don't want to go through the mine. Like, on an overpass or on a barge. It burns old electronics to extract metals. Produces metals, and the occasional nuclear material.
  • Recreational
    • Museum of Oddities Displays strange, weird, or odd items. Legitimacy not guaranteed... Opens a gift shop at L3, where you can buy some of the exhibits (buildable from SimSettlements -> Decorations) Requires Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, Far Harbor, Contraptions Workshop, Vault-Tec Workshop, Nuka-World
    • The Crafteria A community workshop with various workbenches. They are all linked to the main workshop, and, by L3, it gains all vanilla workbenches and some special ones.

  • Flags
    • 2 Red Rocket flags
    • 3 Atom Cats flags (2 donated by Wanamingo)
  • Furniture Store Items
    • Tire Seat: A seat made of tires.
    • 2 Tire Planters: differing only in the color of the shrub
    • Log Bench: Literally just a log, but 3 Settlers can sit there.
    • Leaf Pile Bed: Literally just a pile of leaves and a pillow. But you can sleep on it!
    • 2 Ladder Shelves: Two step ladders, with planks put on the steps to make shelves.
  • Foundations
    • 2x2 Dead Grass Terraformer
    • 2x2 Forest Floor Terraformer
    • 1x1 and 2x2 Floating Foundation, by Ethreon.
    • 2x2 Warehouse Floor

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Raider Refugees: The Good, The Rad and The Ugly

Author: MaturinMods

Latest Update v0.9.9 - 25 July 2017 Released - 15 July 2017

Addon RaiderRefs.jpg
* One new Building Plan to Residential Plots

This addon for Sim Settlements allows you to create a 'randomized' raider house to add some spice to your settlements. The house includes unique furniture, lighting, and other assorted raider flair. When the plots upgrade they randomly draw their furnishings/decorations/lights from a pool of 20+ categories, each one with 3 or more variations. Fully upgraded plots are very rarely the same.

Mod Page / Download Links:
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RS Buildings

Author: RobotsSmell

Latest Update v13.0 - 26 October 2019 Released - 27 May 2018

Addon RSBuildings.png
Sim Settlement Add On that includes some buildings that are intended to be joined up and placed together to make a set. Now needs all DLC's for Badge Factory and future additions.

New in V13.0
Reduced power levels to more realistic levels for trash burner.
Added skins for BunkHouse & The MegaMall. These enable you to swap the appearance in order to snap the internal plots more accurately.
Added a Commercial Type (General) Tourist Info booth with various skins to change the type as you see fit.
Added mall cop int martial
Added farm, abattoir and cafe plots. (Agri, Indust & Rec)
Added skin for internal 135 bunkhouse plots to give a slightly different appearance.
Added an industrial type plot that makes bullets. Its very tall!

New in V12.0
1 External Residential plot - Fanatic
1 Int Commercial plot - Holly must haves (Yes. More undies!)
1 Int Recreational plot - Cozy cafe
Nav mesh fixes and improvement's on many plots including the Mega Mall.
Settlers use the escalator more due to nav mesh improvements
Adds a Bunkhouse helper plot. To be built to aid snapping the interior plots in position, prior to changing building selection to actual Bunk House Main.

New In V11.0
With special thanks again to VikingBaggins:-
Adds a 3x2 MegaMall plot. Oversized, but has the space to add many interior plots. You choose what you want and where to put them. Hidden snap points are spawned in around the lower and upper floors. You will need to connect up the spawned power connectors at the the front and sides in order to assure the power is present for the interior plots. Tried to make self powering connectors, but results were not 100% conclusive. Has escalators at level 3, therefore floor area is cordoned off at lower levels. Has a custom made roller shutter door in front of sliding doors.
Adds a hospital plot, with a surgery chair / bed on the upper floor at level 3. Has a simple cyclic lift to get from ground floor to upper floor at level 3.

New In V10.0
Fixes the scripts to make the conveyors actually work.
With special thanks to VikinBaggins:-
Adds a 3x2 Scrap Merchant Plot. Very oversized, but has the space and instructions and guide pipes to add 2 interior plots. Suggested plots on instructions are from Wasteland Venturers add on.

New in 8.0--Space savers
Exterior plots that accommodate interior plots (Direct Select Only) Build the main plot first, then add the interior. (Little bit fiddly, but possible)

  • Dual Home:-
    • Home within a home to allow 2 settlers to share a bed under the same roof.
  • Home Bar:-
    • Introduces an internal bar to be placed in a home plot.
  • Home Shop:-
    • Allows a general store to be placed in a home plot.
  • Weapons store & home.
    • Allows a home to be placed in a weapons store.
  • BunkHouse
    • Adds a main bunkhouse plot that allows 5 extra internal plots to be snapped into place.

(Instructions spawned in at level 1 of main plot)

  • Wasteland Weavers:-
    • Adds a cotton weaving loom plot with old fashion cotton weaving loom (animated) Produces cloth for use in crafting
  • New Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • Left & Right Hand Semi (Build Side By Side and open side doors for co-existing effect)
      • Pool House
      • Train House
      • Monorail House
    • Bus Home
    • Big Window House
    • Institute themed (ish) Glass House
    • External Dual Plot that allows Internal plot to be included. (Finally Marcy and Jun can sleep together as a married couple in the same bed)
    • Scaffolder's House
  • New Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • Mall A, B & C (Intended To Be Built In Rows Of 3:
      • Brick Type
A=General store but is set up to look like a toy shop. (Left Hand)
B=Armour store but set to look like a power armour shop (Middle)
C=Clothing store but set up to look like a lingerie shop. (Went a bit overboard here) (Right Hand)
  • Shack Type
Pub = Commercial bar. (Left Hand)
Bakery = Commercial (other), type but sells bread! (Middle)
Wine = General Store but looks like a bottle shop. (Right Hand)
  • Alternative To Lingerie Store (Commercial)
  • New Building Plans to Industrial Plots
    • Loo Roll Factory
    • Badge Factory (Cheese Central)
    • Milk Factory
    • Water Treatment Factory
    • Trash Burner Power Plant
    • Lumber Mill
  • New Building Plans to Recreational Plots
    • Plastic Duck (Swan) Shooting Range With Shootable Swans
    • Merry Go Round (Crappy Round A Bout) (With Sick Buckets)
  • Helper item for Dual Plots

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png Xbox:

Ruined Homes and Gardens

Author: Ruinedworld

Latest Update v4.1.1 - 7 October 2019 Released - 02 May 2017

Visual Representation of Farming Tech Tree (fork off the water branch) with the new Advanced Industrial Plots added by Ruined Homes and Gardens
  • 6 new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Standard] Scav Shak
    • Fruit Cellar Shack
    • Little Corner Shack
    • Porch Lovers Shack
    • Short Stilts Shack
    • Big Truck Shack
  • Four new Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • Bar Stall
    • Clinic Stall
    • Clothing Stall
    • General Goods Stall
  • Four new Building Plans to Industrial Plots
    • Windmill (Power plot)
    • Scavver Metal Forge
    • Scavenger Tech Depot
    • Scavenger Fuel Depot
  • Four new Building Plans to Advanced Industrial Plots - Farming tech tree (Fork off the water branch)
    • Watershed
    • Compost
    • Wild plant greenhouse
    • Wild crop adhesive lab
  • Nine new Building Plans to Agricultural Plots (all have level 4 upgrade capabilities)
    • Good Value Garden (raised bed)
    • Large Corner Garden (raised bed)
    • Lucky Garden Garden (raised bed)
    • Slim Pickens Garden (raised bed)
    • Small Corner Garden (raised bed)
    • Two Step Garden (raised bed)
    • [Interior] Garden Cases Front
    • [Interior] Garden Cases Side
    • [Interior] Hard Times Garden

This add-on introduces farms and scavenging forges in the style of foundations of destroyed buildings. The farms in particular have multiple types of produce as opposed to one type in the vanilla game, with each different farm offering different combinations. Additionally, the author is currently working on homes and shops, among others, which will be introduced in a later update.

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Bethesda.png PC (Bethesda):

Bethesda.png Xbox:

Sim Settlements Scrappers

Author: Ohnno

Latest Update v2.8 - 04 May 2019 Released - 23 July 2017

Addon Scrappers.png
* Four new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Standard] Van House
    • [Interior] SteamHome
    • [Interior] BoilerHome
    • [Interior] Pipedreams
  • Six new Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • [Standard] Lower Store Chemshop
    • [Standard] Roadside Diner (provides more happiness, consumes extra food)
    • [Standard] Skyline Diner (provides more happiness, consumes extra food)
    • [Standard] Single Stall
    • [Standard] Trading Stalls
    • [Interior] Pub
  • Four new Building Plans to Industrial Plots
    • [Standard] Wind Farm
    • [Standard] Lower Repair Shop
    • [Standard] Lower Power Station
    • [Standard] Lower Water Station (All 'lower' plans can have plots/floors placed on top)
  • Four new Building Plans to Advanced Industrial Plots
    • Water Path Add-on
    • [Standard] Scrap Water Plant [Level 2 Water]
    • [Standard] Hydropower Plant [Level 3 Industrial Water]
    • [Standard] Slum Water Plant [Level 3 Industrial Water]
    • [Standard] Clean Water Plant [Level 3 Industrial Water]
  • Seven new Building Plans to Agricultural Plots
    • [Standard] Mushroom Farm
    • [Standard] Pipe Mushroom Farm
    • [Interior] BathroomFarm
    • [Interior] Hydrowheel
    • [Interior] Planttubs
    • [Interior] Wallfarm
    • [Interior] Modernfarm
  • Three new Building Plans to Recreational Plots
    • [Interior] Power Armor Workstation
    • [Interior] Mini
    • [Interior] Motorcycle

This add-on includes a type of plot called a "Lower" plot, which has a fixed height as well as Snap Nodes on top that allows the player to add another plot on top or add whichever design they like, such as pathways and banisters.

The two Diners consume an extra 1/2/3 Food in exchange for an extra 10/20/30 Happiness, so plan accordingly with these plots in case you've got the settlement's food supply on a tight budget.


  • Windfarm Power - +15/20/27
  • Lower Powerstation Power - +20/27/33
  • Lower Waterstation Water - +20/30/45

The Pipe Mushroom farm consumes no Water and the Hydrowheel, Planttubs, Wallfarm and Modernfarm are all high-tech/Institute themed with their own bonuses and maluses whilst mass-producing only Tatos (+1/2/5 Food / -2/4/4 Power / -0/0/2 Safety).

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Nexus.png PC (Nexus):


Author: Eldarth

Latest Update v4.9 - 06 August 2018 Released - 28 April 2017

Addon Homestead.png
* Three new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Standard] 2 Brick Houses (13 Level 1 variants, 4 Level 3 variants)
    • [Standard] Park House w/ Gardens
  • Five new Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • [Standard] Masonry Store (General Vendor)
    • [Standard] Butcher L1 (Custom Meat & BBQ Vendor), Deli L2 (Custom Deli Vendor w/14 new food items!)
    • [Interior] Prime Meats L1 (Custom Meat & BBQ Vendor)
    • [Interior] Bar None L1 (Custom Bar Vendor w/a few signature cocktails)
    • [Interior] Brothel (Player select only, won't randomly build)
  • Five new Building Plans to Industrial Plots
    • [Standard] Gravel Pit (Provides cement and rare minerals)
    • [Standard] Herbal Shop L1 (Herbs), Drug Factory L2 (Consumer Drugs)
    • [Interior] Water Recycler (Provides purified water)
    • [Interior] Glass Recycler (Provides glass, some crystal, ceramic and rarely fiber optics)
    • [Interior] Explosives Lab (Provides molotovs, few grenades and some experimental explosives)
  • Two new Building Plan to Agricultural Plots
    • [Standard] Fish Farm (adds fish recipes, harvestable fishnets, Level 3 adds custom fishmonger vendor)
    • [Interior] Hydroponics Farm
  • Three new Building Plans to Recreational Plots
    • [Standard] Roman Bathhouse (L2 and L3 slowly heals rads and health)
    • [Standard] Aquarium (consumes slightly more food than Residential, but provides crustacean and fish meat)
    • [Interior] Brothel [PSO]
  • Two new Building Plans to 2x2 Martial Plots
    • Gatehouse (L1/L2)
    • Heavy Tower (Beta L3)
  • One new City Leader
    • Honest Dan (WIP - Unfortunately, since Bethesda "killed him off" after his quest line he's non-functional ... for now.)

"Aims to bring a bit more solidity and stability to the settlement homes." Most buildings adopt a brick-and-mortar approach to building construction, with a less "maintained" viewpoint compared to Home Improvement. This can be desirable for those players that want fewer holes in the homes of their settlers, or those simply wanting their settlers to put more effort into their buildings.

v4.0+ Requires Far Harbor DLC

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Also Requires:
Offcial DLC: Far Harbor.

Industrial Revolution (Official Sim Settlements Expansion Pack):

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Bethesda.png Xbox:

Simple Living

Author: Iascus

Latest Update v1.0 - 24 August 2019 Released - 24 April 2019

Addon SimpleLiving.png
  • Twelve new Building Plans to Residential Plots
  • One new Building Plans to Recreational Plots
    • Single Room: Bed comes before TV. Single bedroom with a TV at level 3.
    • Studio: Joey does not share food! Bedroom with a kitchenette.
    • Ensuite: No peeking. Bedroom with an en-suite toilet.
    • Double Room: There's a double bed! What else do you need? Bedroom with a double bed.
    • The Federalist: For those with a taste for authentic antiques. Bedroom with Federalist furniture.
    • The Modern Domestic: Modern, affordable home decor. Bedroom with Modern Domestic furniture.
    • Warehouse Living: Took what I could from Hardware Town. Bedroom with makeshift furniture.
    • Twin Room: This spacious room offers best value for your budget!
    • Superior Room: This air-conditioned room features work desk, a computer, and a complimentary customizable alarm clock.
    • Deluxe Room: This spectacular room is furnished to the very highest standard. The exclusive choice for the discernible gentlemen!
    • Executive Room: Elegant room for busy leaders and dignitaries. Amenities include en-suite toilet, work space, and a computer.
    • Presidential Suite: The most exclusive room in the Commonwealth. Comprises a bedroom (interior residential plot) and a living room (interior recreational plot).

This add-on pack aims to improve the variety of some Sim Settlement plot types that are less well covered by other add-on packs. The plots use mostly vanilla/DLC post-war assets, and follow the aesthetics of the built-in plots in Sim Settlements.

Version 1.0 includes full-sized interior residential plots. A future version will add more 1x1 martial plots.

Nexus.png PC (Nexus):


Author: JtBryant (JtBryant96 on Nexus)

Latest Update v1.1.0 - 12 July 2017 Released - 03 June 2017

Currently adds 1 new Commercial type building the "SimTowers" hotel, and 1 new Recreational type building the "Mayor's House".

The hotel has the added benefit of having custom NPCs (from the community) visit your settlement and have a place to stay, adding a sense of vibrancy and breathing new life into your return trips.

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SirLach's Intimate Spaces

Author: sirlach

Latest Update v1 - 18 March 2019 Released - 18 March 2019

Are you a frustrated commonwealth property developer looking to fit more settlers into your settlements? Or maybe you want to add some immersive character and flavor to the bedrooms of your overworked slaves! Intimate Spaces is a collection of 15 interior residential plots that are guaranteed™ to fit into a 1x1 space aligned to the ASAM sensor pole in the Right Hand Corner. Handy for those tight builds and hard to reach areas!

TheLich's most amazing Place Everywhere is almost mandatory to get the most out of this add-on. Helps Pack-em-in-tight!

  • Fifteen new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • Hypochondriac - For when constant medical intervention is required.
    • Drinker - A room for the well lubricated.
    • Driver - A space to cool your wheels.
    • Patriot - A place to rest after a busy day purging the filth from the commonwealth! (BOS Themed)
    • Call of Duty - A minutes rest for the Minutemen. (Minutemen Themed)
    • Mumma Bear - Raising kids in the wasteland is hard work.
    • Espionage - Details <REDACTED> the <REDACTED> are <REDACTED> SECRET!
    • Flashback - Visions of a better time.
    • Veteran - There isn't much left that hasn't already been seen.
    • Devout - The God of Baseball. (It might not look like it but it does act as a BED! Trust me.)
    • Minimal - Just the basics please.
    • Radiant - ALL PRAISE THE GLOW!
    • Player - Sweet, Sweet Loving.
    • Miner - Getting down low.
    • Technician - No, they will not fix your terminal! Just resting my eyes!

Building Features
Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: No
Randomized Clutter: No
Performance Settings: Yes

Mod Page / Download Links:
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SirLach's Ultimate Defenses

Author: sirlach

Latest Update v4.0 - 6 August 2019 Released - 16 May 2019

Addon SirlachUltimate.png
Have you found yourself in a never ending cycle of violence and conflict? Or maybe you are having a little local difficulty with some overly aggressive neighbours? Ultimate Defenses has got you covered! It is a collection of military themed plots that will help you keep the bad guys at bay.

This mod was inspired by and uses assets from Nutulator's awesome Sandbag Fortifications Mod. The author very kindly gave permission for me to use his designs and build my dream defensive structures. If you love this add-on please download and endorse his mod!
Also recommended is TheLich's Place Everywhere.

  • Twelve new Building Plans to Martial Plots
    • Outpost - 1x1
    • Field Hospital - 2x2 - Conqueror Special Plot
    • Battle Boat 2x2 - Oversize - Player Select Only
    • Sniper Nest - 1x1
    • RHS Wall Corner - 2x2
    • LHS Wall Corner - 2x2
    • Gatehouse - 2x2
    • Guard Tower - 2x2
    • Armory - 2x2 - Conqueror Special Plot
    • Tank - 2x2
    • Command Tent - 2x2
    • Missile Truck - 2x2
  • One new Building Plan to Recreational Plots
    • Mess Hall - Conqueror Special Plot - Oversize - Player Select Only

Building Features
Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: No
Randomized Clutter: No
Performance Settings: Yes

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Slocum Joes for Sim Settlements

Author: iztari

Latest Update v1.1 - 3 July 2019 Released - 3 July 2019

Addon Slocum.png
A fully functioning 3 tiers Slocum Joe's vendor where your settlers can relax after a hard days work.

External 2x2 Recreational
Interior Recreational

Requires: Slocum's Joe Coffee & Donut Workshop

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Wasteland Venturers

Authors: Myrmarachne and Tinuvia

Latest Update v7.4.3 - 16 October 2019 Released - 12 May 2017

WV1 Banner.jpg

  • 22 new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Standard] Dark Tower by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Electric Shed by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Fisherman’s Hut by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] Cab Home by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Mama’s Place Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Caretaker’s Tower by Tinuvia (Can only be built by the player)
    • [Standard] Uituit's War Rig by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Hidden Hideout by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Diner Home by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Rug Revelry by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] Mariner's Cabin by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] Hunter's Den by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] TreeTent by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] Herbalist's Haven by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] El Duderinos Wreckshack by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Crusty Mechanic Shack by Myrmarachne
    • [Interior] A Rose by Any Name {BEFF} by Tinuvia
    • [Interior] For the Love of Books {RELF} by Tinuvia
    • [Interior] Couch Dreams {BERF} by Tinuvia
    • [Interior] Tinkerer Digs {BEFF} by Tinuvia
    • [Interior] Rock the Boat {LERF} by Tinuvia
    • [Interior] The Old Man and the Glowing Sea {RELF} by Tinuvia
  • 14 new Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • [Standard] Thrifty Surgeon by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] Catchy Patch Clothier by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] Radio Shack by Myrmarachne (general store)
    • [Standard] Scrapper's Delight General Store by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] IcecreamAndPowerarmorRepair by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Warchild's Weapons by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] The Winking Molerat by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] The Sailor's Tale by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] The Rum Hole by Tinuvia
    • [Interior] Bullseye Weapons {BEFF}
    • [Interior] Captain Crash Chem Reliance {LELF} & {RERF} by Tinuvia
    • [Interior] Pit Stop Goods {BECF} by Tinuvia
    • [Interior] Sweet Dreams Furniture Store {REFF} by Tinuvia
    • [Interior] Military Surplus by Tinuvia{RELF}
    • [Interior] Nuclear Nellie's Bar by Tinuvia{LERF}
    • [Interior] Workwear by Tinuvia{BECF}
  • 12 new Building Plans to Agricultural Plots
    • [Standard] Universal Library Coffee by Tinuvia (Ground and No-ground)
    • [Standard] Babylon Roof Garden by Tinuvia (Ground and No-ground)
    • [Standard] Silt Bean Farm by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] Wild Meadow Farm by Tinuvia (Happy and Regular)
    • [Standard] Wild Forest Farm by Tinuvia (Happy and Regular)
    • [Standard] Wild Pond Farm by Tinuvia (Happy and Regular)
    • [Interior] Silt Bean and Coffee Farm by Tinuvia {BECF}
    • [Interior] Happy Forest Farm {LECF} by Tinuvia
    • [Interior] Happy Meadow Farm {RECF} by Tinuvia
    • [Interior] Happy Pond Farm {BEFF} by Tinuvia
    • [3x3] Coffee Plantation
    • [3x3] Farmer’s Glue
  • 5 new Building Plans to Recreational Plots
    • [Standard] Calvin Ball Pool Hall by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Bitter Bean Bookery by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] Midsummer Pole by Myrmarachne
    • [Interior] Abbot's Art Studio {BECF} by Tinuvia
    • [Interior] Beans and Books {LELF} by Tinuvia
  • 4 new Building Plans to 1x1 Martial Plots
    • [Standard] Defense Mound by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Turret Tower by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Wicker Scarecrow by Myrmarachne
    • [Interior] Copland by Tinuvia
  • One new Building Plan to VIP Stories
  • Six new Flags
  • Furniture Store Items 29 (9 NEW!)

This add-on includes new plot types that differ from a typical "settler" feel to give homes a more dedicated feeling from the structure without necessarily being VIPs. An example of such would be the herbalist's shack and the rooftop garden complimenting each other, as such one would imagine that the settler working on a plot with many different types of produce would attempt to "bring their work home with them".

Interior Plots:
The names of the interior plots include four letters in parenthesis to help figure out how to best place them. With the wall of the plot in front of you, the first two letters signify entrances from the Ends - Left, Right or Both. The second two letters are about the entrances from the Front - Left, Right, Centre or Full. For example, the Art studio can be entered from both ends and from centre front, i.e. {BECF}. Let us know what you think, this is easily changed if the community figures out a better scheme.

Residential Plots:
22 homes – a tall tower home with an attitude, a pre-war electric relay station, a place for mama, a home in a derelict car, a fisherman’s hut, a huge ass tower with a player bed, a war rig, a hidden hideout, a rugged home for tired feet, a mariner's cabin, a home in a diner, a hunter's den, a tree house, a herbalist's shack, a shabby home underneath a car and a makeshift tinkerers house.

Commercial Plots:
A far out, hang out, bar, a waste-not-want-not medic, a colorful clothier, a salty sailor's bar, a military surplus store, a nuclear-themed bar, a work clothes seller and two general stores - one scrappy, one tinkery. Icecream and power armor repair squeezed into the same crummy tin schack, because why not? An APC weapon shop and finally: a breezy rum bar, "The rum hole", for a quick escape in the balmy nights to a place where palmfronds kiss your sweaty face and rum gushes down your eager maw, instead of radiated water and that insistent dog breath that follows you around in the real world of the wastes.

Agricultural Plots:
The Wild Forest, Meadow and Pond Farms now come in two versions - Regular and Happy:

  • The Regular version can be built by your settlers and give the same amount of food as vanilla Sim Settlements plots.
  • The Happy version can only be built by you with the ASAM sensor, give less food but a happiness boost to your settlement and plants in your workshop workbench. (see Read Me for plant details).

The Universal Library silt bean coffee farm and the Babylon Roof top garden now have No-ground versions that can only be built by you, with the ASAM sensor. The settlers can still build the old ground and wood foundation versions.

Recreational Plots:
A clueless pool hall, a coffee shop bookery and a Midsummer Pole – for the celebrational needs of your settlers.

Martial Plots:
Three plots, a mound, a deranged Wicker man and a turret tower.

Four flags for your settlement to choose at the City Desk Planner.

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Wasteland Venturers 2

Authors: Myrmarachne and Tinuvia

Latest Update v7.0.0 - 16 October 2019 Released - 26 February 2018

WV2 Banner.jpg
* 14 new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Standard] Airship Idaho by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Townhouse Metal by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] Townhouse Stone by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] Voodoo Lodge by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] Gas Station by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Junkwall Home of Boston by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Carpenter House by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Raider Hobbit by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Crow’s Nest by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Ruin by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Tall Ruin by Myrmarachne
    • [Interior] Industry Home {BEFF} by Myrmarachne
    • [Interior] Vault Dweller {RELF} by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] Station House by Myrmarachne
  • 8 new Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • [Standard] Messy Death Gun Shop by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Dying Light Bar by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Gaslight Concoctions by Tinuvia (has room for Interior plot on second floor)
    • [Standard] Raider Grill by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Sad Shoe by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Gung-Ho Weapons by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] Radical Armaments by Tinuvia
    • [Interior] Blaxton's Bespoke {RECF} by Tinuvia
  • Two new Building Plan to Industrial Plots
    • [Standard] Knob Industries by Myrmarachne (+10/20/30 Power)
    • [Standard] Soap Factory by Myrmarachne
  • 2 new Building Plans to Agricultural Plots
    • [Standard] Concrete Farm by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Little House in the Wasteland by Tinuvia (farm with home, player select only)
  • 11 new Building Plans to Recreational Plots
    • [Standard] Pizza Parlour by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] The Shitter
    • [Standard] Wall Workshop by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Wolves Workshop by Myrmarachne
    • [Interior] Magic Mushroom Farm {BEFF} by Tinuvia
    • [Standard] Chosen One’s Car by Myrmarachne
    • [Interior] Mess Hall {RELF} by Tinuvia
    • [Interior] Headhunter {LELF}
    • [Interior] Igor's Cinerarium {RERF}
    • [Interior] Pumping Iron {BEFF}
    • [Standard] Carla’s
  • 13 new Building Plans to Martial Plots
    • [1x1] The Wrath of Kinggath by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Derelict Walker by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Gundam Nights by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Wall Corner by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Wall Gate by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Knob Defense by Myrmarachne
    • [Standard] Flaming Gate by Myrmarachne NEW!
    • [Interior] Mistress of Mystery Detective Agency {RERF} by Tinuvia
    • [1x1] Deer Hunter by Myrmarachne
    • [Interior] Armory by Tinuvia {BECF}
    • [Interior] Field Hospital by Tinuvia {LERF}
    • [Interior] Battlefield Scavenger {RELF}
    • [Interior] The Slam {RERF}

There's a total of 24 different variations for each house.
Townhouse Stone: Level 2 - style and color, Level 3 - single bed or 3-bed
Townhouse Metal: Level 2 - color, multibed (3 at level 2, then 5 at level 3) or player home, Level 3 - style and color The settler navigation is a bit wonky in multi-floor homes, they usually prefer to teleport to bed rather than walk.

Using Rise of the Commonwealth (RotC) and multibed homes:
Multibed homes can be useful in cities where you want to have more settlers than the plan provides homes for to e.g. place Advanced Industrial plots on your own. But they can prevent the city homes from building up if you don't have enough settlers.

Interior Plots:
The names of the interior plots include four letters in parenthesis to help figure out how to best place them. With the wall of the plot in front of you, the first two letters signify entrances from the Ends - Left, Right or Both. The second two letters are about the entrances from the Front - Left, Right, Centre or Full. For example, the Art studio can be entered from both ends and from centre front, i.e. {BECF}. Let us know what you think, this is easily changed if the community figures out a better scheme.

Residential Plots:
Tinuvia's Townhouses are the result of an ambitious branching building plan, designed to provide the player with interesting design choices and a plethora of different end results. They are our most "un-scrappy" houses yet, reflecting the idea that some settlers manage to build their houses up from scratch, without the leaky roofs and see-through walls. They can roughly be thought of as Victorian (Stone) and Steam Punk (Metal). The Voodoo Lodge tries to bring a bit of New Orleans combined with a bit of Far Harbour to the wasteland. It is a hovel, a dirty, dingy hovel that smells like a pirate hooker's armpit.

Commercial Plots:
Messy Death Gun shop is your run-of-the-mill pistol smith, inspired by the great UitUit and his crazy boat plots, but kept within the confines of the building borders to play nice with others.

Agricultural Plots:
The concrete farm came about in an effort to make a natural plot for settlements with little exposed soil in them, like Jamaica Plains and Starlight Drive-In. The idea is that the flattop roads shielded the dirt beneath them against the worst radiation, so breaking up roads to farm would be logical.

Recreational Plots:
Pizza Parlour needs no introduction! It is Pizza! Do not inquire where the cheese comes from, just have another slice. For someone who is a world class prude, Tinuvia sure does a lot of stoned out drug plots, does she not? Oh, it is a benign garden is it? Mostly decorational you say? Yeah. Keep Mama Murphy away from the "garden". This is an interior recreational plot.

Martial Plots:
The Wrath of Kinggath is a Mad Max Buggy that scares off raiders, trolls and bugs by beeing awesome.

If you want to use the All-In-One version to save an esp-slot, just uninstall and delete the old mod (WV1) and install the new All-In-One version. All the plots you have built will stay. If you don't mind adding another esp to your load order, you can keep the two mods (WV1 and WV2) as separate mods.

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Bethesda.png PC (Bethesda):

Bethesda.png Xbox:

Whisper's Power Plots

Author: Whisper

Latest Update v1 - 3 January 2019 Released - 6 January 2019

Addon WhisperPower.jpeg
Very much a WIP, adds four new Industrial plots (player-select ONLY) that generate wireless power and radiate it across a small or large part of your settlement.
  • 4 new Building Plans to Industrial Plots
    • Exterior Industrial plot: This generates power depending upon its' level (5/10/20 power) and radiates other power fed into the plot. Covers a large area (a 10 floor-tile radius at L1, 16 floor-tiles at L2, and 20 floor-tiles at L3 - basically at L3 it should cover all of Starlight Drive-In so long as it's reasonably centrally-located).
    • Interior Industrial plot: This generates power depending upon its' level (4/8/16 power). It cannot re-radiate power fed into it (FO4 itself doesn't allow that). Covers a medium area (a 6/8/10 floor-tile area at L1/2/3).
    • Small interior Industrial plot: This generates power depending upon its' level (4/8/16 power). It cannot re-radiate power fed into it. Covers a medium area (a 6/8/10 floor-tile area at L1/2/3).
    • Tiny interior Industrial plot: This generates power depending upon its' level (4/8/16 power). It cannot re-radiate power fed into it. Covers a smaller area (a 4/6/8 floor-tile area at L1/2/3).

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Incorporated Into Mega Pack - Year 1

B84s Themed Residentials

Author: Brian841

Latest Update v1.2.3.1 - 03 October 2017 Released - 30 July 2017

Addon B84.png
* Seven new Building Plans to Residential Plots

Brian84s themed residentials, aim to add themed redsidential buildings to sim settlements. These buildings represent the homes of residents with a special profession, like the home of a doctor or a mechanic. If you enter the buildings you should be able to guess which job or hobby the owner has, in some cases this will be more subtle, in others it will be pretty obvious.

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Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Jib's Residential AddOn

Author: Jib

Latest Update v1.0.3 - 28 September 2017 Released - 29 June 2017

Addon Jib.jpg
* 15 new Building Plans to Residential Plots

A collection of residential plots for Sim Settlements. The collection includes many small shacks and houses but also several multi story buildings. There are also several tree houses of varying size and complexity.

Many, but not all, plots do exceed the 2 x 2 plot size. Check the building plan confirmation screen to see which buildings exceed the plot size.

Changes and additions in progress.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png Xbox:

Braes Defences

Author: Brae (Kraiklin on

Latest Update v0.5 - 03 July 2017 Released - 05 June 2017

Addon BraeDefense.jpg
* One new Building Plan to Recreational Plots
    • Shooting Range
  • Five new Building Plans to 2x2 Martial Plots
    • Basic Outpost
    • Basic Tower
    • Artillery Post
    • Artillery Station
    • Sandbag Fort

This pack adds a number of Martial Plots to the Sim Settlements mod. It is likely that further additions will be made, but the current list includes light and heavy guard posts as well as 2 kinds of Martial Plot which incorporates the Minutemen Artillery. These function with the Artillery Smoke grenades.

The current designs use 2x2 Martial and Recreational plots. These were introduced in the 2.0 update for Sim Settlements. If you currently don't see the 2x2 Martial Plot size/foundations in your workshop menu (or don't see any Martial Plot options), the Martial option(s) to build these Plots will be added (show up in your workshop menu) once this AddOn pack is installed.

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Nexus.png PC (Nexus):
Bethesda.png Xbox:

Home Improvements AIO

Author: kevbal

Latest Update v2.0.5 - 11 July 2017 Released - 30 April 2017

  • 15 new Building Plans to Residential Plots (Note: there are 2 houses that have "secret" mini-dungeons and 1 house with a new vendor - all available once upgraded to level 3):
    • AFrame
    • BSMTHouse (2 versions)
    • Brick House
    • Garage Home
    • Log Cabin
    • Modern
    • NewEden (2 versions)
    • Plank Cottage
    • Plank Cottage 2
    • Shingle Brick
    • Stone House
    • WorkatHome (2 versions)
  • 14 new Building Plans to Agricultural Plots (Note: CB means concrete base and WB means wooden base, GH means Greenhouse):
    • Carrot CB & Carrot WB
    • Corn Farm CB
    • GHRazor CB & GHRazor WB
    • GHherb CB & GHherb WB
    • Melon WB
    • Mutfruit CB & Mutfruit WB
    • Tarberry CB & Tarberry WB
    • Tato CB & Tato WB

This addon is called AIO (All-In-One) because it was originally 2 separate addons: Home Improvement and Better Gardens.

Home Improvement is a lore friendly addon for Sim Settlements adding a variety of intellectual homes to the apocalypse. Now I get it, how can clean /cleaner homes be lore friendly in the falloutvers? Because we are talking 210+ years after the bombs fell. Wastelanders have standards, some less than others. So it only makes sense that after crawling through the destruction and fighting their way to survival they would over time better their lives and living conditions. Home Improvement is the addon that allows your settlers to utilize their carpentry skills and above all pick up a darn broom! I don't know about you, but I've certainly seen brooms and shovels in my explorations. So realistic? YES, Lore friendly? Your call.

Better Gardens offers many new agriculture plots that are designed to be focal points of your settlement and not cast aside or hidden away. These plots are gardens, fountains, community inner city farming, and multiple variations of each with many more to come!

FYI - The new mini-dungeons and vendor access entrances/locations were added (built in) to select new residential plots. No previous plots are affected. These new mini-dungeons/vendor are in new games "cells" outside the open Fallout 4 game world and therefore do not interfere with existing settlement layouts or structures in any way (i.e. they don't add anything "new" to the settlement "cells" that could create conflicts)

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Trailer Park Dreams

Author: mimaef

Latest Update v1.2b - 02 June 2017 Released - 28 April 2017

Addon TrailerPark.jpg
* Two new Building Plans to Residential Plots

As the title of the add-on implies, this introduces new plot rotations centered around the theme of mobile homes. Most notably, it offers a mobile-home theme for the six base shops as well as a greenhouse-style farm that hosts multiple types of produce in exchange for fewer of the same type as per vanilla plots.

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Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

PCDug Addons

Author: PCDug

Latest Update v1.2 - 07 January 2018 Released - 16 April 2017

Addon PCDug.jpg
* Three new Building Plans to Residential Plots

This add-on attempts to emulate the same style as the base version of Sim Settlements with the introduction of three new homes, with two of them being singular structures that the residents improve the decorations of as the level increases as opposed to simply expanding the size of the shack.

Forum Page Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Incorporated Into Mega Pack - Year 2


Author: Kytampe

Latest Update v1.0.4 - 20 April 2019 Released - 17 October 2017

Addon Awsome.jpeg
* 3 new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • The Bus Stop
    • The Purple Bus Stop
    • Yet Another Brick House
  • 1 new Building Plan to 1x1 & 2x2 Martial Plots each
    • Thou Shalt Not Pass
    • MGF - Minutemen Guard Force
      • 7 new Flags
      • 2 new pieces of Furniture--Desks
      • 1 new set of Clothes/Armor--MGF Armor

This Add-On will mix old vanilla textures with the author's own new textures, trying to stay as lore friendly as possible whilst retexturing all that they can to make it look as they want it as well. After all, if everyone in the Commonwealth can make a mini nuke out of scraps, he should also be able to make new furniture, paint, or even wallpapers. Not ideal for those who dislike new textures in their Add-Ons.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Another Brick in the Wall

Author: Sebbo86

Latest Update v1.1 - 28 September 2017 Released - 27 September 2017

Addon AnotherBrick.jpg
* 4 new Building Plans to Residential Plots

It is not uncommon to build your home out of stone and clay. The Romans did it, Medieval Lords did it, and now your settlers can too. A new Advanced Factory Tech Tree based around concrete and ceramic production is the cornerstone for your settlement to start with real masonry. But one Question remains: What can you expect from Settlers who are not able to saw a wooden board straight?

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png XBox:

Institute Settlements

Author: Argyuile

Latest Update v1.3.0 - 03 January 2018 Released - 06 December 2018

Addon InstituteSettle.jpeg
* 5 new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Standard] 3 Plots
    • [Interior] 1 Plot
    • [Interior] Whitewall
  • 2 new Building Plan to Agricultural Plots
    • [Standard] The Gorilla Paddock
    • [Interior] Razor

This mod contains 3 outdoor, 2 indoor institute themed residential plots along with 1 outdoor and 1 indoor institute themed Farm plot.

Forum Page

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Vault-Tec Tools

Authors: Samutz and Wulfharth

Latest Update v1.1.1 - 21 July 2018 Released - 07 May 2018

Addon VaultTools.png
* Ten new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Interior] Dorm Room #88 by Samutz
    • [Interior] Stack 'em High by Samutz
    • [Interior] Locker Library by Samutz
    • [Interior] Child at Heart by Samutz
    • [Interior] Proud Parent by Samutz
    • [Interior] Vault Dweller by Wulfharth
    • [Interior] Vault Intellectual by Wulfharth
    • [Interior] Clem's Room by Wulfharth
    • [Interior] Vault Lounger by Wulfharth
    • [Interior] Vault Janitor by Wulfharth
  • Four new Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • [Interior] Compact Kitchen by Samutz
    • [Interior] Cola Bar by Samutz
    • [Interior] Prewar Wear by Samutz
    • [Interior] Ordinary Clinic by Samutz
  • Two new Building Plans to Industrial Plots
    • [Interior] Cool Fusion by Samutz
    • [Interior] Vault-Tec Pump by Samutz
  • Three new Building Plans to Recreational Plots
    • [Interior] Expandable Classroom by Samutz
    • [Interior] Expandable Restroom by Samutz
    • [Interior] Power Gym by Samutz
  • Two new Building Plans to Martial Plots
    • [Interior] Gear Door by Samutz (DSO)
    • [Interior] Vault Holding Cell by Wulfharth
  • Four new Flags
    • Vault 88 Flag (Clean/Ruined)
    • Vault-Tec Flag (Clean/Ruined)
  • Two new City Planner Desks
    • Round Overseer's Desk
    • Regular Overseer's Desk
  • Ten new Dynamic Furniture Pieces
    • Six Diner/Cafeteria Tables
    • Two Diner Stools
    • One School Desk
    • One Bathroom Sink Combo
  • Additional Holotape for further features

Adds new interior plots with a Vault-tec theme along with dynamic furniture that has its own clutter and unique look upon placing. The plots themselves have a similar theme as they change slightly depending on if the player has various official DLC installed, i.e. Wasteland Workshop, Far Harbor and/or Nuka-World, as well as some plots allowing direct player input on their overall complexity.

Requires Vault-Tec Workshop to be installed.

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Mod Page / Download Links:
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Bethesda.png PC (Bethesda):

Bethesda.png Xbox:


Authors: Rodericksblade

Latest Update v1.4 - 23 May 2018 Released - 27 April 2018

Addon Vaultland.jpeg
* Eight new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Interior] 7 Days, 7 Suits
    • [Interior] Fire (Refer to download page on how to put together with Ice)
    • [Interior] Ice (see above)
    • [Interior] Shelver's Lair
    • [Interior] Bunk L
    • [Interior] Bunk R
    • [Interior] CT Gaming
    • [Interior] Clem's Room
  • Four new Building Plans to Commercial Plots
    • [Interior] Trauma Recovery
    • [Interior] Minutiaman's
    • [Interior] Vaultsuit Surplus
    • [Interior] AV Club
  • Three new Building Plans to Agricultural Plots
    • [Interior] Okay Diner
    • [Interior] Mirelurk Plot
    • [Interior] Nutritional Supplements
  • Two new Building Plans to Recreational Plots
    • [Interior] LaudroVault
    • [Interior] Protectron Sentai Exhibit
  • Two new Building Plans to Martial Plots
    • [Interior] Potentialities Lab
    • [Interior] Loyalty Corps

Adds new interior plots with a (mostly) Vault-tec approved theme! The Vault dwellers idle chatter in Vault 88 can be rather quirky, so I tried to bring some of that into the designs of these interior plots. There's a mix of straightforward plots, quirky plots and experiment plots. Use whichever you want!

All Plots: Each plot's message does state where to place a Vault room entrance, however, I have found that the interior plots need at least 4 (2x2) Vault room pieces inorder to be placed down. Doing this leaves a bit of space around the front and which ever side isn't tucked into a corner. I prefer to make rooms around these plots that use 6 room pieces (2x3) to give a little bit more space and to allow easier access to a door on the side. See images if these numbers don't work for you on their own. : D

No there isn't an Overseer's plot. The desk takes up way too much space on an interior plot. It would have to go onto the full sized plots, but the utility pole and the vault pieces don't work well together.

I use the Def UI mod to swap out inventory tags with icons. All my building plans are tagged with (Vault-tec) to swap to the vault icon included in Def-UI. I'm working on creating an option to turn support for this mod on and off. Right now it's on, so if you don't use Def UI, the names of the plots will be really long. Sorry!


  • Figure out a way to make larger interior plots so the Overseer can have their own plot.

Forum Page

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

VFX Downtown

Authors: VFX

Latest Update v1.01 Hotfix 3 - 24 June 2019 Released - 15 May 2018

Addon VFXDowntown.jpeg
* Three new Building Plans to Residential Plots
    • [Standard] Basic Apartment
    • [Standard] Basic 4-Story
    • [Standard] High End Test House
  • Two new Building Plans to Martial Plots
    • [Standard] Defense Structure
    • [Standard] VFX Heavy Turret Tower

Some more houses for Sim Settlements plus a couple Martial Plots. Larger buildings for more of a "downtown" feel, with some being like reclaimed buildings that you'd find in Concord or elsewhere in the Commonwealth. Houses are intended to work with Interior plots. Basic Apartment is the exception, it was my first plot and was created initially as a player home plot for an early player home.

Building Features

  • Martial plots include stronger turrets with increased HP & defense. Rather than always just 80hp they will have 180/300/400 with about +100 DR/ER. Might raise the Defense rating but increase costs for the plot.
  • Houses intended to work with Interior plots. Eventually I would like to include snap points for easier placement of Interior plots. Place Everywhere strongly recommended for placement of Interior plots inside the houses. The hotkeys on Place Everywhere are extremely useful.
  • I recommend aligning your plot's Z angle by using SetAngle Z 0 in order to allow for easier correction of position/angles. My habit is to do this when beginning at a new location with the first floorpiece I place then snap others to it then snap plots to those. Alternatively with an object's positional data saved with Place Everywhere, you can use (6) when highlighting the interior plot to have it match the angle of the saved object.

Plot Details

  • Basic Apartment: Simple lower class 3 story brick building. Was made as a player(+companion) home plot.
  • Basic 4-Story : Minimal furnishings but there's the potential for others to move in with Interior Plots!
  • High End Test House : Minimal furnishings but there's the potential for others to move in with Interior Plots! Other plots use a 0.9 scale but this one currently does not. The idea is to better fit Interior Plots that may have clipping issues if the house was scaled to 0.9 such as those with ceiling objects included. Player Select Only
  • Defense Structure : 2 Stages with L2 & 3 identical for now. This way it won't make it harder to upgrade City Plan by staying at L2. 2 or 5 turrets. Benefits: Turrets have higher HP & DR. L1 = 2 Mk5 with 180HP also vantage points for sniping & NPC guard posts, L2/3: 5 Mk7 with 400HP, most of the DPS potential will be outwards from the one corner.
  • VFX Heavy Turret Tower: 4 turrets at each level. Stronger turrets but the turrets on higher levels will get reduced line of sight. Benefits: Standard Defense boost. Turrets have higher HP & DR. L1 = Mk3 cart with 180HP, L2: MkV with 300HP, L3: MkVII with 400HP.

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Bethesda.png Xbox:

Leader Packs

Leaders of the Commonwealth

Author: BAPWAS

Latest Update v2.2 - 27 August 2019 Released - 15 March 201

Addon LotC.jpeg
Rebuild the Commonwealth with the most Unique Leader pack available up to date. Offers new looks and new names to make a total of 32 leaders unique

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Nobody's Leaders

Author: NOBODYoO

Latest Update v1.0 - 26 August 2019 Released - 26 August 2019

Addon NobodyLead.jpeg
Currently featuring 7 available leaders

Introduction: Even though a few other Addon Packs feature these very same leaders, they always felt incomplete to me with either very few leaders or some leaders with traits and others with none, so I felt like doing my own pack as a more complete version of the addon-packs. Nevertheless, I do appreciate the other Addon-Packs authors for all of their work and for inspiring me to do my own.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Recruitable Settlers Leader Pack

Author: LawBringer55

Latest Update v1.5 - 05 May 2019 Released - 11 August 2018

This mod converts nearly all (49 of 50) of the settlers added by the excellent Recruitable Settlers by Socharis into leaders for Sim Settlements: Rise of the Commonwealth. The only settler not eligible was Nuka Buddy, but having a walking vending machine as a settlement leader wouldn't make much sense anyway. I did my best to select leader traits that matched up with the bio provided for each settler, but this was admittedly difficult in several cases so the traits might not match up exactly. I haven't tested every single NPC, but I have tested at least one from each "area." (vanilla Fallout, Far Harbor, and Nuka World) There is both an .esp and an .esl version available.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Settlers of the Commonwealth City Leaders

Author: rylassin

Latest Update v1.1 - 26 January 2019 Released - 15 January 2019

Addon SotC.jpeg
  • Makes all settlers from Settlers of the Commonwealth available as City Leaders in Sim Settlements.
  • Settlers now have traits! I've carefully gone through their idle dialogue and gave them (what I hope is) matching traits.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Sim Settlements Mayors

Author: owenho

Latest Update v1.1 - 17 February 2018 Released - 16 February 2018

Addon Mayors.jpeg

An Add-on pack for Sim Settlements that makes 33 of the vanilla Unique, Commandable settlers in the Commonwealth leaders.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Ted's Leader Pack

Author: tg626

Latest Update v3.0 - 16 February 2018 Released - 12 February 20189

Addon TedsLeaders.png
Adds 9 new NPC leaders for Sim Settlement cities. Leaders are drawn from Settlement's native populations and recruit-able settlers, with sensible traits assigned to each.

Hancock might seem like a good fit for The Slog, but why oust Wiseman? Why loose that roguish ghoul as a companion? Now you don't have too!

This pack is intended as a starting point, providing you with optional leaders drawn from settlement's existing population from the vanilla game.

Included Leaders:

  • Connie Abernathy: Abernathy Farms - Makeshift Armorer, Shakedown, Depressed
  • Kessler: Bunker Hill - Experienced Mayor, Shakedown, Synth Sympathizer
  • Abigail Finch: Finch Farms (or Finch Junk Yard, take your pick) - Hunter, Animal Lover, Pacifist
  • Supervisor White: Graygarden - Robot Moral Officer, Futurist, Synth Sympathizer
  • Sturges: Sanctuary - Investigator, Handyman, Pacifist
  • Wiseman: The Slog- Lifebringer, Handyman, Ghoulish
  • Roger Warwick: Warwick Homestead - Institute Ally, Scavenger, Rebel
  • Vault-Tec Rep:Any - Hunter, Scavenger, Ghoulish
  • Sheffield: Any - Investigator, Party Animal, Pacifist

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Vanilla Leaders

Author: skuzzkitty

Latest Update v1.3 - 08 June 2018 Released - 12 February 2018

Addon Vanilla.jpeg
Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Sim Settlements team, we can now add our very own leaders to Sim Settlements. Leaders provide their own mix of benefits and penalties to the settlements they command. I have started adding leader cards for some notable settlers, so you can expand the diversity of your settlements!

Currently installed

  • Blake Abernathy - Exceptional farmer, not so great with defenses.
  • Sheffield - Not really an expert at anything, but he's happy to start a new life, and his enthusiasm can be contagious!
  • Wiseman - A skilled farmer, and he really makes you feel at home... still, most people aren't tolerant of ghouls enough to find out
  • Sturges - A true industrialist, he can guide a settlement's factories and workbenches to success. Strange, he doesn't seem to have any downsides...
  • Abraham Finch - He's good at getting things to grow, but getting a little impatient with raiders, maybe a little too hostile about it.
  • Jun Long - He's sad. Maybe he needs a puppy.
  • Marcy Long - By the gods, she's insufferable.
  • Vault Tec Rep - It's been a hard road, but he still knows a thing or two about getting things done!
  • Tina De Luca
  • Trader Rylee
  • Anne Hargraves
  • The Scribe
  • Ron Staples
  • Phyllis Daily - She doesn't work perfectly. First move her to Egret Marina, then you can assign her. Weird, right?
  • Miss Tenpines
  • Mrs. Nordhagen
  • Miss Oberland
  • Elder County
  • Mr. Somerville
  • Mr. Greentop
  • Kessler
  • Roger Warwick
  • Cedric Hopton
  • Supervisor White
  • Doc Anderson
  • Smiling Larry

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Non-Plot AddOn Packs

ASAM Maintenance Software

Author: pra

Latest Update v2.3.0 - 11 September 2019 Released - 15 March 2018

Addon ASAMMaint.jpeg
This is a tool designed to detect and fix some problems, which can occur while using Sim Settlements. Primarily, it goes through all plots in the current settlement, and checks them for plausibility. Plots deemed "Potentially Problematic" can be marked with quest markers, or refreshed directly.

The Holotape can be crafted at the City Planner's Desk.

Plot Tools: Plots can be checked for certain issues, or you can load a list of all current plots, or a list of plots of a certain type. By selecting a plot you get an overview, where you can refresh or mark it manually, or summon it's owner, if any. You can also view a list of all objects contained within the plot.
Following plot checks are currently supported:
Whenever the plot has spawned any objects
Whenever all objects spawned by the plot belong to the plot's owner
Whenever the plot has an owner
Whenever the plot has a bed (if residential plot)*
Whenever all electrical objects in the plot are powered
Whenever the plot itself is powered (if it requires power)
Whenever the plot has a building plan assigned
Whenever the plot has been constructed already (Level > 0)
Any of these checks can be disabled in the settings.
Bed-less residentials can sometimes be fixed by selecting "Fix Bed..." within the plot's submenu. However, this doesn't work on all plots, and updating or refreshing the plot undoes this "fix". Specifically, this feature looks for player-only beds within the plot, and tries to replace them with a settler bed.

Settler Tools: If ASAM vision is acting up, you can update the Settlers' keywords regarding it from here. Also, you can summon all homeless or all unemployed from this menu, or send them all to their home or job plots. A list of all settlers in the current settlement is also available. By selecting one, you can view a list of their property.
If MCM is installed, the features "Call Homeless", "Call Unemployed" and "Call owner of nearest plot" can also be bound to hotkeys.

Other Objects: Workshop objects aren't directly manageable from this mod, but can sometimes be accessed by viewing a settler's property, or the objects contained within a plot. By selecting an object, it can be marked with a quest marker, or unassigned from it's current owner, if applicable.

Other Features:This mod is compatible with settler renaming mods, like What's Your Name or Rename Anything, without requiring F4SE.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Barstool Games

Author: TheWhiteCollarPlayers

Latest Update v1.1.1 - 7 February 2019 Released - 9 March 2018

Addon Barstool.jpeg
Barstool Games restores gambling related mini-games like those found in Fallout: New Vegas, to the world of Fallout 4. Currently, the only minigame added is Blackjack which can be played in a variety of ways. However in the future all of the minigames from Fallout: New Vegas as well as others will be added.

NOW WITH SIM SETTLEMENTS ADDON! (Optional File) Very very special thanks to Uituit, a wonderful builder for Sim Settlements, and the creator of the plot for the Barstool Games addon to Sim Settlements. Also special thanks to XV-Versus, another builder, for all of their help with including the Barstool Games functionality in the plot. You can go HERE to find Sim Settlements and be sure to show Kinggath some love, truly an amazing author. THIS ADDON REQUIRES F4SE, THE MAIN BARSTOOL GAMES MOD, AND SIM SETTLEMENTS. To install, simply ensure f4se is installed first, as well as the main Barstool Games mod, then install the addon in the optional files section.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

City Prebuilts for Conqueror

Author: MrCruelJohn

Latest Update v2.0 - 2 June 2019 Released - 19 April 2019

Twenty Conqueror Pre-built Scenarios to help those who are struggling with building these, or for time saving by getting into the game faster!

I am offering these Conqueror Pre-builts to help those who have some technical issues in doing the Conqueror Prebuilts, plus to save you time in waiting for the Pre-building phase to complete - allowing you to get in-game faster!

NOTE: I have listed in the requirements all the Add-On Packs I can find. They are NOT required just to simply play Conqueror. I have listed so you can easily reference the other Add-On's with a Click on link. Remember, after these Conqueror Cities are built, if you want the Designer's Choice of plots, you have to enter Tools>Gameplay Options>City>Designer's Choice, as well as have all the Add-On packs that would be required. I simply install all of them myself - but that is a personal choice.

Version 2 includes skipping Pre-War and you will be placed at the Vault Door Control Panel. Another time saver to just get in the Game.

Version 2 has been reduced to 20 settlements in total. With the base game engine, and large load orders of players, there are some problematic areas and in order to provide the best stability to you, I have eliminated Far Harbor settlements, Jamaica Plains, Bunker Hill, and Starlight.

Contest winners and finalists are all represented in these files for Version 2.

Going forward, I will only be doing Level 3 cities. This will improve in-game performance as the only load to the game will be the cities functioning and not building/refreshing/recruiting/etc. The script load will be less, as well as what occurs while you are just playing the game.

BONUS: I have also included the base file at the Vault Door Control Panel with only the UnOfficialFallout4 Patch installed. This way you can do your own Conqueror Pre-build and skip the Pre-War/Vault gameplay. Another way to get into game quicker.

Regarding character sex - I use Nate Male. If you want female, activate the vault door, wait for the elevator to come down and pause for a few to let the vault scripting to complete. In console, Type "Player.sexchange" … setup your female player SPECIALS and Name. Enter the elevator and change your looks. Exit the Vault - play game and ENJOY!

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Diverse Visitors

Author: pendannadnep

Latest Update v1 - 14 March 2019 Released - 914 March 2019

Addon DiverseVisit.jpeg
Randomizes the faces and clothing of the settlement visitor system in Sim Settlements

When I saw two NPCs with the exact same face, clothes, and name standing beside each other in one of my settlements I decided to look into giving the settlement visitors added through Sim Settlements a bit more diversity. Think is an option setting to turn on/off visitors in Sim Settlements so need to have it on for this mod to do anything.

I have taken the 34 male visitor NPCs and put them into a level list and the 38 female visitor NPCs in another level list. Then when a paricular visitor profession is created it randomly chooses the traits of the visitor 50% of the time from these level list of the same original sex. The other 50% of the time the random selection is from settler faces in LCharWorkshopNPCMale and LCharWorkshopNPCFemale level list. The traits include things like race, height, weight, voice, hair type, face texture, and facial morphs.

Because 50% of the time the trait data is from the default game level lists and these list have only 18 male and 18 female faces, it is best to use another mod that adds more variety to the settlers. Is a lot of mods that do this. A few of the names are Simple Settlers, Better Settlers, the New Settlers, Unique NPCs, and Facials for Everyone.

The other thing I have done is randomize the outfits worn a bit. For example every Blacksmith visitor would wear the same raider spike armor outfit. Now they will choose between Spike Armor, Cage Armor, or a set of Metal armor over a raider Harness. In addition 50% of the time they will wear either Welding Goggles, Welding Helmet, or Medical Goggles. I have done this type of randomization for every professions outfit. Sometimes with more items and sometimes with less depending on what I thought was appropriate.

esl flag is on so should not take up a mod slot.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Domacles -Conqueror Scenarios with Pre-Built Settlements

Author: MrCruelJohn

Latest Update v1.0 - 3 June 2019 Released - 3 June 2019

Behind the success of Sim Settlements and Conqueror is Kinggath. And behind him, is a troop of gaming soldiers, who have dedicated themselves to modding and playing Fallout 4.

They all have a story to tell. How they play, what it means to them. What it means for you.

This is their story.....

This is an alternative to StartMeUp. It is a series of saved games based around the backstory of a character from a real life person, one who is a Sim Settlements / Conqueror hard core game player, designer, contributor, or whatnot.

The scenario includes:
1) 16 random locations
2) 4 difficulty levels based on map location in Commonwealth. Level 1 is NW, Level 2 is north and towards Diamond City, Level 3 is West and somewhat south, and Level 4 is east Boston towards Diamond City.
3) 4 levels of gear, weapons, Power Armor Suits, chems, armor... and some special perks and SPECIALs modified for the level
4) Easter eggs at each location where you "Wake Up"... make sure you loot.
5) Totally vanilla and only mods used are pictured.
6) I realize most have various character modification mods, load orders, etc... this is a loose interpretation of Domacles as played by the creator.
7) Any game play enhancements will be needed if you add enemy enhancements. These are vanilla armors and weapons - I modified and placed in the world for you.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Flags for Sim Settlements

Author: iztari

Latest Update v1.0 - 6 July 2019 Released - 6 July 2019

Addon FlagsIztari.png
4 new settlement flags
  • Flags:
    • Gunners
    • The Republic of Jamtland
    • The Official flag of Jämtland & Härjedalen
    • The Official flag of the Sami people

Hint: The Gunners flag is unlocked during the quest "Getting a Clue" or in a dialogue with Fred Allen in Goodneighbor.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Fusebox Generator Plus

Author: damanding

Latest Update v1.0 - 9 July 2019 Released - 9 July 2019

Addon Fusebox.png
Having used dukemordred's All-In-One Settlement Solution fusebox generator mod for years I've been wanting some changes to it and I finally got around to making my own version. This mod provides 8 new fusebox generators (vanilla power generator menu) for you to choose from. These are great for when you don't want to build in a settlement yet but want to keep settler's needs satisfied, don't ever plan to build for them, want convenient power only, or need to boost specific needs for various reasons.

NOTE: All resources beyond power are simply simulated resources that keep settler's needs satisfied. These generators will NOT add food or water to your workbench.

1. 100 power, extended radius.
2. 100 power, extended radius, 40 each of beds, water, food, 100 defense, 10,000 happiness which will max settlement happiness. This is nearly the same as the original mod in terms of resources, I changed the amount of defense from the original 40 to 100.
3. 100 power, extended radius, 40 each of beds, water, food, 100 defense, 100 happiness (a level 3 bar provides 40 happiness).
4. 100 power, extended radius, 150 each of beds, water, food, 500 defense, 10,000 happiness.

For those wanting to mix/match you can pair 1 with any of the following:
5. 50 defense only.
6. 50 water only.
7. 50 food only.
8. 50 beds only.
9. 100 happiness only (a level 3 bar provides 40 happiness).

Besides new optional versions, this mod also has two key differences from original mod: Changes a setting so that these fuseboxes can be built in indoor settlements such as Home Plate and changes the components required to build. Instead of 1 steel they now require 2 steel, 1 ceramic, 1 rubber, 1 copper.

These don't require any special perks to build, you can build them as a level 1 character so obviously if you're firmly against cheating this isn't the mod for you. Yeah I could do a separate set involving some high level perk but these are already cheating as is so why bother? Travel to Dunwich Borers and drop a bunch of caps in the hole at the bottom of the interior if it makes you feel better about yourself.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Bethesda.png PC (Bethesda):

Bethesda.png Xbox:

Bethesda.png PS4:

JtBryant's Foundations

Author: JtBryant (JtBryant96 on Nexus)

Latest Update v1.0.2 - 21 July 2017 Released - 21 June 2017

  • Adds new item to Sim Settlements menu called "Foundations Puzzle Pieces"
  • Adds 5 new foundation pieces in 8 different textures designed to work with Sim Settlement plots.

This addon to Sim Settlements will provide new foundation pieces you can use to build out your settlement with style. Especially useful for players who like to build using a grid layout method (all plots touching) or are inclined to want to "flatten" all of their build-able workshop area.

There are 5 shapes: 1x1 (vanilla sized foundation block great for paths and spacers), 2x2 (the exact size of most Sim Settlement plots - perfect for snapping the foundation-less versions of the plot types and the always foundation-less agricultural plot type), finally there are 3 sloped shapes so you can seamlessly connect foundation at different relative heights.

To complement the "look" you want for each of your settlements, these 5 shapes comes in 8 surface textures: concrete, road, soil, grass, old concrete, old road, dirt, and dead grass.

Forum Page

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png Xbox:

Also requires Settlement Menu Manager
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png Xbox:

Kinggath VISGified

Author: Mat1024

Latest Update v1.0 - 12 March 2019 Released - 12 March 2019
Adds a AWKCR, AE & VIS-G layer to Kinggath's best mods. No scripts, safe to uninstall. Includes both salvage beacons & sim settlements. awkcr, armorsmith extended & vis-g support

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Map Markers for Sim Settlements Conqueror

Author: damanding

Latest Update v1.0 - 1 July 2019 Released - 1 July 2019

Addon MapMarkers.png
Adds 5 new map markers at Conqueror quest locations to minimize repeated walks from the otherwise closest location. They will still need to be discovered the first time.

Thanks to a new computer I can finally enjoy Sim Settlements Conqueror. However I'm getting thoroughly tired of walking to certain locations repeatedly. I haven't fully completed Conqueror so its possible that later story lines would need a map marker I've not created, if so feel free to let me know.

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Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

MJC Jail Cells for Conqueror

Author: MrJoseCuervo

Latest Update v1.0 - 29 January 2019 Released - 29 January 2019

Addon MJCJail.png
These cells are located in your Workshop under the Medium Cages menu.

One cage will spawn raiders who will fight for you. Think of them as converted new recruits! The other cell will spawn slaves for your slave trader settlements.

  • Slave Spawning Cage: 1
  • Ally Raider Spawning Cage: 1

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MJC Raider Overhaul/Conqueror Mash-up Patch

Author: MrJoseCuervo

Latest Update v1.0 - 30 January 2019 Released - 30 January 2019

Addon MJCRaiderPatch.png
Injects Raider Overhaul content into Sim Settlements Conqueror... Yes.. you have forged and Dreadnaughts in your gang now as well as awesome weapons and armor!

Mod Page / Download Links:
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Prebuilt Simple Settlements

Author: Grundz

Latest Update v1 - 3 June 2019 Released - 3 June 2019

This is simply a save game made for low end PCs, after having Conqueror build most Commonwealth settlements. All city plans are from Bowenje's Simple Settlement Plans series rather than from Rise of the Commonwealth.
I made this for myself after seeing City Prebuilts for Conqueror, as I play on a slightly dated laptop and wanted to avoid going over settlement budgets and straining my poor computer.
The Settlements are set at Level 2, 100% population, and won't upgrade during gameplay. If you want them to reach 3 or 4, you'll have to take control of them.
Red Rocket and Abernathy have been built as the Simple Settlements avoid going over budget (which is the main reason for them not being in the default builds.)
The player character is a Nate, but I have made the save before leaving the Vault.
If you'd like a Nora, simply use the console to enter "player.sexchange" before you step on the elevator, then change face, hair, and stats to your liking.
I've picked up nothing but Stimpacks, a Rad-X and the pistols. If you want all the scrap, simply turn around and grab it.

  • Full List of Built Settlements
    • Abernathy Farm
    • Coastal Cottage
    • County Crossing
    • Croup Manor
    • Egret Tours Marina
    • Finch Farm
    • Greentop Nursery
    • Jamaica Plain
    • Kingsport Lighthouse
    • Murkwater Construction Site
    • Nordhagen Beach
    • Outpost Zimonja
    • Red Rocket
    • Somerville Place
    • Spectacle Island
    • Taffington Boathouse
    • Tenpines Bluff
    • The Castle
    • The Slog
    • Warwick Homestead

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Raider Flags

Author: John Lovely

Latest Update v0.9 - 10 August 2017 Released - 10 August 2017

  • Two new Flags
    • Operators and Pack

This Add-On for Sim Settlements adds flags for the Operators and the Pack to the custom flags inventory in Sim Settlements.

Mod Page / Download Links:
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Random Plot Generator

Author: Jonnan

Latest Update v1.0 - 22 June 2019 Released - 22 June 2019

Addon RandomPlot.jpeg
I love SS City Plans but although I can place everything I like, there doesn't seem to be a built in way to generate a 'Random' plot.

This is a group of 'Blank' Plots for filling out plots I want to be randomized in a city plan. This plugin should not be active during a game, only when designing a settlement you intend to export into a city plan where you wish to lay out a plot *type* but let the actual plot be randomly generated from the users addons. Thus you can plot out the plots you *know* you want - specific martial plots, IDEK's logistic Station, but allow shops and Residences to be generated Randomly.

These plots are wood floors painted (Except for Martial, which is painted white) to match the Sim Settlement plot types. These plots generate no in game benefits.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Raze My Settlement

Author: bionicyardiff

Latest Update v2.1 - 21 August 2019 Released - 10 July 2019

Addon RazeSettle2.jpeg
Are you sick of scrapping your settlements to the ground so you can build on them? Me too.

One click of a button in a holotape - gone in sixty seconds! (Depending upon the power of your gaming rig.)

After I-don't-know-how-many scrappings and re-scrappings of settlements in various games, I started a new game. Got into Sanctuary - spoke with Codsworth and did the beginning quest in the area - it came to the point of scrapping down Sanctuary to make a home for the Sole Survivor, and eventually a settlement.
That's when I realized: I cannot bring myself to scrap another settlement again. Ever.
Yes, there are mods with pre-scrapped settlements and resources ready to go, etc. I didn't want those. Yes, you can use Transfer Settlements and Sim Settlements: Rise of the Commonwealth. However - I don't have many Transfer Settlements plans that I'm entirely happy with, and I want to learn (and play) with building my own vision of the Commonwealth.
So: I made a holotape that will strip your settlement to the bone within a couple of minutes, depending upon the power of your gaming rig. You don't need Transfer Settlements. You don't need Sim Settlements: Rise of the Commonwealth. One click and it gets wiped away automatically.

Build Limit Note and Warning
Unless you have God's gaming rig - your computer will likely stutter once you get to filling up a 3x-4x normal build limit. In extreme cases, where you've built a settlement up to insane levels, it may drop below 15 FPS.
If you have such a rig, thumbs-up! Go hardcore and enjoy yourselves.
For the rest of us mere mortals: keep that build limit down low.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Reginald's PreFab Shackfest

Author: Reginald001

Latest Update v1.0.5 - 24 March 2019 Released - 23 February 2019

Addon RegPrefab.jpeg
  • 70 Buildable Prefabs in 8 categories (Wood Shacks, Metal Shacks, Dog Shacks, Interior Plot Shacks, Vendor Shacks, Crafting Stations, Resources, Misc.)
    • 13 Wooden Shacks
    • 17 Metal Living Shacks
    • 6 Complete and working outdoor vendor shacks
    • 7 Complete and working indoor vendor stations
    • 8 Crafting Stations including 2 Power Armor stations.
    • 2 Scavenger Stations
    • 4 Sim Settlements Compatible Shacks designed for Interior Plots (SIM SETTLEMENTS IS NOT REQUIRED FOR THIS MOD)
    • 2 Dog House Shacks (Furniture items)
    • 6 Beds

Door snap points so players can snap doors and other handy snap points where appropriate (vendor shacks e.g.)
All shacks are fully navmeshed by hand to make sure they are absolutely easy to navigate for settlers (This mod does not compensate for existing game bugs though!)

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Salvage Beacons

Author: kinggath

Latest Update v1.0.3 - 23 March 2018 Released - 27 September 2016

Addon Beacons.png
* Adds item that causes settlers to retrieve all objects in marked container

Whilst technically not an add/on in terms of including new plot types, future plans for Sim Settlements involves settlers researching new tech for the player such as the Salvage Beacon. This add-on creates a new settlement resource (which requires a settler working it) and a new item that, when placed in a container, allows the player to select a settlement of their choice (does not need to have an operator in said settlement) and have a salvage team transport the resources in said container to the settlement's workshop. The distances from the operator's settlement, the container and the target settlement determines how long the team will take to transport the resources. This helps solves the conundrum of the player having to trek back to their settlement to drop off their haul, instead allowing them to continue adventuring with their settlers providing a helping hand.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png Xbox:

Shadows for Sim Settlements

Author: Elzee

Latest Update v1.1.0 - 10 March 2018 Released - 27 June 2017

Addon Shadows.png
* Atmospheric improvement

A simple mod to let some lights to cast shadows in Sim Settlements. Less lights pass through walls.

This addon will severely impact overall performance in Settlements on lower end PCs. Only use if you know your PC can handle it.

Forum Page

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Silent Protagonist - Sim Settlements Conqueror

Author: FireStar999

Latest Update v2 - 31 January 2019 Released - 31 January 2019

Simple patch that mutes player voice in Sim Settlements Conqueror, for use with Silent Protagonist by StupidDunmer:

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Sim Settlements Building Plans Preview

Author: ArcherDown

Latest Update v2.0 - 07 April 2018 Released - 09 August 2017

Addon Previews.png
* Adds preview 3D model when choosing new building plans

Do you ever struggle to find a building plan you want in Sim Settlements? Do you have to rebuild over and over again the plots just to get the industrial or agricultural building you want but cant remember the name? Do you have so many SS add-ons and buildings in your list that you no longer remember from which mod is which?

This mod helps with that, as it adds a preview 3D model of each construction added by SS and add-ons so now you know what you are actually constructing before building it and having to scrap it over and over because you don't like the building,or is not the one you were looking for.

Currently offers two versions, one for pre v3.0.0 of Sim Settlements and one for post v3.0.0 of Sim Settlements.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Sim Settlements Cheat Holotape

Author: Vicyorus

Latest Update v1 - 27 June 2017 Released - 27 June 2017

  • Adds new holotape to player inventory named "SS Cheat Holotape"

Adds a holotape to the player that allows them to add themselves Sim Settlements goodies, specifically: - City Manager 2078 Holotape - 100 ASAM Sensors

Essentially, you can use this mod to instantly start using Sim Settlements without first needing to find the City Manager 2078 Holotape (Holotape Locations). Keep in mind that this is a "cheat" but it can be useful if you are an experienced Sim Settlements user starting a new game/play through and just want to get to settlement building.

If you've already been playing with Sim Settlements you know how annoying it is to run out of ASAM sensors right in the middle of a new settlement build out. This mod can be very useful in instantly giving you a bunch of ASAM sensors to keep building with ( rather than having to go build a bunch).

Mod Page / Download Links:
Bethesda.png Xbox:

Sim Settlements Children Support

Author: pendannadnep

Latest Update v1.1 - 17 May2019 Released - 28 February 2019

Addon Children.jpeg
Orphans of the Commonwealth - More Children, ANiceOakTree's Diverse Children, Childrens of Settlements, and maybe others will add children as settlers. Sim Settlements has support to allow children to be assigned to agricultural plots. It will also assign a child to a residential plot however children never sleep in the beds. Are also very few animation markers that children will use. So they often wonder around all night doing nothing.

This is my attempt to make children sleep in most residential plots through all stages and also to make more animation markers work for children. This is a Work In Progress and possibly Kinggath or someone from the sim settlements team will take a look at this and say I am doing it all wrong. (For example when I made all the beds usable to children I added them to the kgSIM_ChildSupportedFurniture FLST but then got lazy and did not add all the new animations.)

Pick weeds animation was one of a few that already worked for children. I have added about 25 more animations to those children can use. Are a number of animations I did not include because they would either force the child to scale up to the default human size or would clip into objects like the animation pose for leaning over a table. Are a some others I deemed inappropriate for children to do at this time like using a blow torch.

I set a flag on beds to allow children to use them. I also turned off the keyword for some beds that made the user scale to the default human size. Are some Sim Settlement addons that also modify a SimSettlements.esm built in bed. Generally to do a texture swap. These are not compatible with my edit (unless you do a merge mod). So which ever is loaded last wins out. If my mod is last then a child can use the bed but it will not have the texture swap resulting in the default look. If the other mod is last then child can not use the bed but will have the mods intended look for the bed. Some residential plot mods I believe use a custom bed so a child will not use it. You can also use Orphan's Beds to give children a bed to sleep in.

Even though the file name is an esp this mod has the esl flag turned on so should not take up a mod slot.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Sim Settlements Foundations

Author: hamed91211173

Latest Update v3.5.1 - 21 September 2019 Released - 06 April 2017

Addon Foundations.jpeg
* Thirteen new Foundations
    • 9 different concrete foundations in 14 different textures (10 w/o DLC)
    • 4 different metal foundations in 6 different textures

feel free to use them in your rise of commonwealth add-ons no need to ask for permissions

these foundation are a little bigger than normal ones 2.5 size of floor in length and width and 2 story in height the bigger length and width is for help to easier move between the plots and can have easier access to around and back of plots sim settlements plots can snap in middle of foundation using Place Everywhere recommended for easier snaping

you can use them to create multi floor settlements

have enough connection point you can snap wall mounted conduit from vault-tec workshop or mods like Settlement Objects Expansion Pack (for they location see the pictures) they pass power between each other like vault tec workshop items

if you think they not high enough or your building go higher than 2 story use the column added by this mod to increase them

it's possible to snap walls on side of columns of foundation and column added by this mod or use them to create little walls there some walls in this mod that you can use them for covering the down side of foundations

Forum Page

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Ultimate Saved Games

Author: MrCruelJohn

Latest Update v1.0 - 12 April 2019 Released - 12 April 2019



Files I have included are:

1) Vanilla saved games - no mods, just DLC (no Unofficial Patch). Sanctuary cleared and unlocked. All workshops unlocked (except Covenant, Boston Airport, Castle, Mechanist Lair, etc.) These require quest completions. These saved games have not had any quests completed (except Codsworth). No container emptied or items scrapped. Items I did collect from being attacked used as Easter Eggs in Sanctuary and around Vault 111. Various goodies await for those who seek. (NOTE: The Vanilla Unlocked - Defense version is simply the unlocked version, but I went and put turrets at the settlements with people so that you didn't have to worry about them and simply play the game - I did put 2 extra hand water pumps at the slog to make sure the core group of people had water)

2) Vanilla saved games with Sim Settlements/Hudframework/Settlement Menu Manager - using my vanilla settlements unlocked, I placed ROTC Sim Settlements - 2 flavors - 1 for those who have people, and 2 for the rest of the settlements.

And for those breathlessly waiting, CONQUEROR. For those who don't want to sit in the bathroom for 2 hours waiting for the pre-builts being completed, I hope to save all of you time.

3) Conqueror saved games - 8 saved games - 4 using the default Conqueror setup settings, one save game per level - Foundation, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3. And 4 saved games using total randomization - using the standard Conqueror settings for random)

Mods required - Unofficial Patch, Hud Frame Work, Sim Settlements 3 in 1, Workshop Framework, Settlement Menu Manager, and of course, Conqueror.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

VFX Foundations

Author: fftfan aks XV-Versus

Latest Update v1.02 - 6 August 2019 Released - 23 July 2019

Addon VFXFound.png
Adds custom foundations to the build menu and the ASAM Sensor menu in a new VFX Foundations subcategory inside Structures for use with Sim Settlements. Snap points for the matching sizes of Sim Settlements Plots. Also includes an experimental 2x2 foundation with custom collision and some experimental 2x2 Terraformers. ESL flagged ESP, so it won't use up a plugin slot. I plan to update to add Far Harbor Terraformers, Nuka World Terraformers, other DLC/CC Terraformers. The number of foundations will grow over time. I've got a method to optionally enable content based on if a DLC/Creation Club is installed, I will use this to allow optional content additions without locking out players who don't own the DLCs/relevant CC. Will consider requests for additions as long as they make sense, and are interesting to me.

New Foundations:
▶ 1x1 Foundations: 11
▶ 2x2 Foundations: 16
▶ 3x3 Foundations: 11
▶ 1x1 Terraformers: 76
▶ 2x2 Terraformers: 80
(Including 4 experimental types)
▶ 3x3 Terraformers: 76
270 in total
(More to come, as time allows)
Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Wedges of the Commonwealth

Author: PCDug

Latest Update v1.1 - 21 April 2017 Released - 20 April 2017

Addon Wedges.jpg
* Three new Floor types for use alongside plots

Whilst this add-on doesn't include any new plot types, it does however include new floors with 30, 45 and 60-degree angles that allow for a more organic feel to plot placement as opposed to adhering to a simple grid formation.

Forum Page

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

World Flags

Author: hamed91211173

Latest Update v2.1.0 - 26 March 2018 Released - 15 November 2017

Addon WorldFlags.jpeg
* Adds 264 new Flags
    • Country Flags
    • FO3 Major Faction Flags
    • FO4 Major Faction Flags
    • Sim Settlements Flags

This Mod adds more than 200 flags to Sim Settlements, mostly current flags of current countries, other flags belong to some organization/union, like OPEC, UN and some are old flags belonging to older countries or flags that have changed through time.

Forum Page

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

XCOM Flags

Author: choochoo1

Latest Update v1.3SS - 19 September 2017 Released - 04 November 2016

Addon XCom.jpg
* 1 new Flag

This Add-On includes the XCOM flag from the strategy game XCOM 2 for use in your Sim Settlements.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Mod Lists

Sim Settlements Experience Modlist

Author: sirlack3

Latest Update v1 - 17 Ocober 2019 Released - 17 October 2019

Addon SSX Modlist.png
This is a Modlist designed to showcase the wide variety of add-on packs available for Sim Settlements playthroughs.

Why build a Sim Settlements Mod List?
As members of the City Plan contest team Kinggath, UitUit and I needed a way to quickly setup a Sim Settlements Fallout 4 profile that would enable us to see all of the add-ons available in Sim Settlements that City Plan makers used. As I had built a mod list for this very purpose it was relatively straightforward converting it into a fully operational battle station... err... I meant mod list.
There are now hundreds of addon plots out there now and as you can see from this mod list nearly 50 mods required to make for a total Sim Settlements Experience! I love to have ALL the options at my disposal when playing and I have talked to many other players and mod authors that do too.
There have been some requests on the Sim Settlements forum for a modlist to help players enjoy all that a fully decked out Sim Settlements install can give.
I have built many many, many different FO4 profiles/playthroughs and broken many many save games in my time and I always want to share my knowledge and experience of mod list building and optimization. Being a beta tester and then on the Sim Settlements Support Team I needed a robust mod list that i could confidently use to test City Plans reliably.

What this mod list is.
The SSEM is a list of Sim Settlement Related mods that will give you a rich and varied playthrough with the totally awesome community add-on packs and content available for Sim Settlements. The list has been curated and will be supported by the Sim Settlements community as we all wish to make it as easy as possible for people to play Sim Settlements.
It does include Conqueror, but no faction packs yet. That is next on my list of things to do. I may do a separate mod list for Conqueror once I figure out the best approach to take.
This mod list is a living document. I hope that I get a lot of community feedback and input and it updates and grows over time. As my modding time is usually in the evening there are guaranteed errors and omissions and if you see something wrong let me know about it.

What this is not!
It's not a evil mod pack that is going to steal mod authors' Intellectual Property and creations and make tons of caps in the process. Any download points received from this mod will either go to Sim Settlements community prizes and efforts or be donated to charity.
It also does not contain any texture packs, weapon or armour mods, physical augmentation enhancements or eye candy optimizations! It also does not touch on System optimization or .ini files. There are a number of other mod lists and guides out there that do that. I personally recommend checking out BiRaitBec's (aka the FO4 Mod List Godfather) excellent Fallout 4 Mod List and Load Order Guide. I learned how to make a mod list from his guide and liked it so much I am on his support team.

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Discontinued Add-On Packs


Author: Kana292

Latest Update v1.1 - 09 July 2017 Released - 09 July 2017

This building is meant to fill that initial gap when a settlement has 1-3 settlers. What I call the Hunter/ Gatherer stage of development before an Agricultural revolution. The plot provides just enough food/ water/ defense for one settler, and enough power for a Recruitment Beacon. I wanted to be able to start a settlement using no vanilla items from the beginning (Sim Settlement plots only), except for the recruitment Beacon.

The plot has no upgrade levels, and is meant to be scrapped when the settlement reaches 4 population. At that point, the settlers would Ideally start working 2 food, 1 water, 1 defense plot and begin their Agricultural Revolution!

Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png Xbox: Xbox:

JtBryants Utilities

Author: JtBryant (JtBryant96 on Nexus)

Latest Update v1.0.2 - 10 July 2017 Released - 29 March 2017

  • 5 new Building Plans to Advanced Industrial Plots (Power Tree):
    • Level 1 Battery Bank - Provides 10 power
    • Solar Branch:
      • Level 2 Solar Farm - Provides 20 power and 15 happiness
      • Level 3 Solar Farm - Provides 40 power and 30 happiness
    • Wind Branch:
      • Level 2 Windmill - Provides 30 power
      • Level 3 Windmill - Provides 60 power
    • Methane Branch:
      • Level 2 Methane Power Plant - Provides 40 power Consumes 2 Food 2 Water and 15 Happiness (Spawns 1 Brahmin)
      • Level 3 Methane Power Plant - Provides 80 power Consumes 4 Food 4 Water and 30 Happiness (Spawns 2 Brahmin)
    • Oil Branch:
      • Level 2 Oil Power Plant - Provides 50 power Consumes 30 Happiness
      • Level 3 Oil Power Plant - Provides 100 power Consumes 60 Happiness
  • 5 new Building Plans to Martial Plots (2x2 Martial plot size, Barracks Tree):
    • Lvl1 Guard Tent - Provides 9 defense Consumes 2 Food, and 2 Water (Spawns 2 Mercenary Guards)
    • Minutemen Branch:
      • Level 2 Minutemen Quarters - Provides 25 base defense* and 10 happiness Consumes 6 Food and 6 Water. (Spawns 4 Minutemen Recruits)
      • Level 3 Minutemen Barracks - Provides 50 base defense* and 20 happiness Consumes 12 Food and 12 Water. (Spawns 4 Minutemen Privates, Spawns 1 Minutemen Corporal, Spawns 1 Minutemen Sergeant)
    • Railroad Branch:
      • Level 2 Railroad Safehouse - Provides 30 base defense* Consumes 6 Food and 6 Water. (Spawns 4 Tourists)
      • Level 3 Railroad Covert Operations Center - Provides 60 base defense* Consumes 12 Food and 12 Water. (Spawns 4 Railroad Operatives, Spawns 2 Railroad Heavies)
    • Brotherhood Branch:
      • Level 2 Brotherhood Recruitment Outpost - Provides 35 base defense* Consumes 6 Food, 6 Water and 10 happiness. (Spawns 4 Brotherhood Initiates)
      • Level 3 Brotherhood Stronghold - Provides 70 base defense* Consumes 12 Food, 12 Water and 20 happiness. (Spawns 4 Brotherhood Knights, Spawns 1 Brotherhood Knight-Captain, Spawns 1 Brotherhood Paladin)
    • Institute Branch:
      • Level 2 Institute Outreach Center - Provides 40 base defense* Consumes 10 power and 20 happiness. (Spawns 3 Synths (Gen1))
      • Level 3 Institute Relay Station- Provides 80 base defense* Consumes 20 power and 40 happiness. (Spawns 3 Synths (Gen2), Spawns 1 Institute Courser)

Adds 2 new building trees which lead to 10 separate building types: one set provides power and one set provides defense.


  • Don't place the windmills next to and thing higher that 3 stories, otherwise it will clip.
  • The Oil Power Plant requires you have at least 1 of Industrial Revolution's oil pumps in the settlement.

This addon is the first to apply a branching upgrade system for the martial plot type. Part of the goal of this new barracks tree is to role-play each faction trying to take control of the commonwealth.

This is done in two main ways:

  1. The availability of each factions barracks is tied to your involvement with each factions quest line(s) in the main Fallout 4 game (i.e. locked until a certain point, level of interaction)
  2. Barracks give a variable amount of defense depending on how many barracks that faction controls (i.e. has been assigned by you) throughout all of your settlements in the commonwealth and beyond. More specifically, the defense values are affected by how many barracks a faction controls, how many it's allies control, and how many it's rivals control. So it can change as your relationship with the factions changes.

Defense Provided = baseDefense * ( ( NumFactionBarracks + (NumAlliedFactionBarracks/2) - (NumRivalFactionBarracks/2))^.25 )

Each Factions Barracks is Settlement-Unique in that you can only have 1 which provides actual defense. So you could have 5 Railroad barracks in one settlement but that will not increase your defense score (it would just be about visuals) because only 1 of those Railroad barracks will be counted for defense calculations. On the other hand, if you have 5 Railroad barracks in each of 5 different settlement locations, then all 5 will be counted in the defense calculation. FYI- it takes the script about 60 seconds to catch up so don't upgrade 2 of the same faction's barracks in the same settlement at the same time.

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Mod Page / Download Links:
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png Xbox:

Also Requires: (only if you want to use the Oil Power Plant building plan)

Industrial Revolution (Official Sim Settlements Expansion Pack):
Nexus.png PC (Nexus):

Bethesda.png Xbox:

Experiment page