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Second Official Expansion Pack for Sim Settlements

Rise of the Commonwealth takes Sim Settlements to new heights by putting you in the role of the leader. Now you can command others to build your settlements while you get back to exploring the wasteland.

Adds the ability to put others in charge of settlements, they will handle the construction, settlers will move in and place their own plots, beds, and other things.

Introduces Interior Plots which can be used inside existing building or snapped into your own structures. Adds a dynamic soundscape that adjusts the ambient and background sound effects in your settlements based on the plots you and your settlers build.

Tons of new gameplay options.

THE WHY The theme of Fallout 4 has always been hope and rebuilding, but the effort to rebuild all of the settlements is gargantuan.

THE HOW Version 3.0 of Sim Settlements along with the Rise of the Commonwealth expansion pack aim to give you more tools to act as the leader and free you up to get out and conquer the Wastelands.

Key Features

Settler Constructed Cities

Settlement Cities That Build Themselves You can now put others, such as your companions, in charge of running settlements. They will build them up so that settlers can move in and create a city.

Much like plots, the cities will upgrade over time as they mature and are given enough time and resources.

Create Your Own City Plans Create your own cities with the City Planner's Toolkit which will allow you to release your own upgradeable city designs!

And Much More

Interior PlotsAll 6 core plot types now support a new Interior version which are designed for placing inside of existing structures, or snapped inside of your own creations. They're even height capped so you can stack them as much as you like!

Dynamic Soundscape The background and ambient noises will change dynamically to reflect the contents of your settlements so that Farms sound like farms, commercial hubs sound like busy markets, and industrial complexes are roaring with the sounds of industry.

Recruitment Control You can now take control of how settlers are brought to your settlement with automatic capping, and options to override the default Charisma limits.

Tax Overhaul [Optional] The tax system now has widespread effects on your settlements, touching everything from defense spending, to upgrade rates, to happiness, and production.

Donation System Donate all of your extra supplies, junk, and equipment to your settlement to boost your defenses, happiness, and temporary boosts to food and water.

Visitor System As your cities progress, visitors will be drawn to them to make your settlements feel more lively and generate extra income at your stores.

Getting Started

Mod Pages / Download Links

Nexus.png PC (Nexus): https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28599/
Bethesda.png PC (Bethesda): https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4047656
Bethesda.png Xbox: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4047659


This is an Expansion Pack - and will always require the latest version of Sim Settlements, whenever you update this, be sure to also update Sim Settlements (the core mod).

Watch This Quick Start Video

To give you an basic idea of what Rise Of The Commonwealth is like in "Settlement Build Mode", here is a short video introduction:

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