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These are the steps for translating a page on the wiki. If you do not have edit or translate permission, please make a request on the forum.

Enable Translations

In order to enable translations on a page, wrap the body of the page with these tags. This step only needs to be performed once.

<languages />
<translate> content here...

The Other languages selection bar.
  • The <languages /> tag displays the Other languages selection bar at the top of the page.
  • The <translate> tags inform the Translate extension where the translatable content resides on the page.

Mark for Translation

Once translations have been enabled, the page needs to be marked for translation. This creates the necessary section markers used by the Translate extension.

To mark the page for translation, click the Mark this page for translation link at the top of the page, then click the Mark this version for translation button.

Translate Content

TODO: fill in steps for translating content using translation units.

Making Changes

TODO: fill in steps for marking new changes for translation.

Tracking Translations

TODO: fill in steps for tracking translations using Special:PageTranslation.

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