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Download the most recent version toolkits from Nexus

Builder's Toolkit
City Planner's Toolkit
Faction Leader's Toolkit

The instructions below may be out of date, always refer to the latest versions (linked above).

If you find the following pages difficult to read because of long lines of text, resize the width of your browser window. The text will automatically wrap. The images are sized to fit an 800 pixel wide window nicely.

Builder's Toolkit

Chapter 00 - Creation Kit 101

Chapter 01 - Getting Started

Chapter 02 - Creating Your First Building

Chapter 03 - Construction Stages and Upgrade Levels

Chapter 04 - Adding Furniture, Clutter, Lights, and More

Chapter 05 - Randomized Clutter

Chapter 05.5 - Helping the Player

Chapter 06 - Settler Navigation

Chapter 07 - Releasing Your Mod

Toolkit Extra Tutorials

Check out the full Builder's Toolkit which includes additional PDF tutorials and various assets to help you along!