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Version 3.5.2

I've Gotta Have More Foundations Released - 07 December 2018

  • Removed a pop-up that could show on start-up that would tell you the tax system was migrated to a new data format. That was a Debug message I had failed to comment out before release of the previous patch.
  • Improved snapping on the 2x2 foundation blocks.
  • City Plans from community packs should appear much more quickly at the City Planner Desk options.
  • Improved the speed of the City Plan code dramatically. This should make it less likely to cause stack dumping when a large number of City Plans are upgrading one after the other.
  • Eliminated some unnecessary files to reduce overall file size of the mod.
  • Terraformers placed after this patch will now have the edge and corner pieces move with the terraformer instead of needing to be respawned each time they are moved.
  • Non-foundation plots can now spawn their own foundations. These will attach to and move with the plot.
    • You can find an option to make this happen automatically in the holotape/MCM under Usability > Autoplace Plot Foundations.
    • Dynamically spawned foundations can be scrapped separately from the plot.
  • Added new option to ASAM Sensor menu “Customize Plot”.
    • Moved Change Plot Type option to the Customize Plot sub-menu.
    • Added Change Foundation option to the Customize Plot sub-menu, this will allow you to spawn a dynamic foundation to attach to the plot.
    • Added Set Default Foundation for Plot Type option to the Customize Plot sub-menu, this will allow you to choose which foundation spawns automatically when you build that plot type in the future. This only occurs (and this option only appears) if you have Autoplace Plot Foundations enabled.
  • Mechanist’s Lair, Sanctuary, Red Rocket, Covenant, and Nukaworld Red Rocket are all set to not allow City Plans until the quests/events they could interrupt are completed.
    • Mechanist’s Lair: Complete the main DLC quest.
    • Sanctuary: Complete the first part of Out of Time.
    • Red Rocket: Recruit dogmeat.
    • Covenant: Complete the quest there.
    • Nuka World Red Rocket: Complete the main DLC quest or kill the leaders.
  • Cleanup project team has completed the cleanup and rebalance of the following settlements:
    • County Crossing
    • Oupost Zimonja (Note that there are several wires and a lightbulb that will not scrap with code, they are scrappable in WS mode though)

Version 3.5.1

The Second Coming of Mr. Clean Released - 23 November 2018

  • Removed “[O]” from all of the RotC City Plan names.
  • Fixed the names of several DLC City Plans.
  • When Citizen Needs Requirements is off, or Involvement is Low, happiness in City Plan run settlements will always trend towards 80. This essentially represents a neutral happiness level if all needs were met, and those two options are signaling to SS that you aren’t particularly interested in micro-managing happiness. Previously, you would have had to pay attention to happiness to avoid losing control of the settlements.
  • The Castle City Plans are now locked until you collect the artillery plans.
  • Settlements with City Plan locks (currently Vault 88 and The Castle), now offer you an opportunity to bypass the locks if you accept the risk when selecting a City Plan. Otherwise, once the appropriate quests are completed that involve those settlements, you will receive a message telling you City Plans are now unlocked there.
  • Added Mad Scientist trait to the Explanation screen.
  • For new saves, most plot notification messages will start disabled, with the exception of Upgrade notifications. This should alleviate some of the spamminess of Sim Settlements notifications.
  • For new saves, the startup wizard after loading the holotape the first time is greatly simplified. You can still access the original Wizard from the holotape under Tools > Configuration Tools > Configuration Wizard.
    • You will be asked whether you are a New or Returning user.
    • Answering New simply sets your game to the Automated profile (see below) and skips to the Performance mode select screen.
    • Answering Returning offers you several profile options:
    • Automated: Most gameplay in SS is set to easy mode and just about everything that can be automated is enabled, all difficulty features (such as Dynamic Needs) are disabled.
    • City Simulator: This is akin to playing without the wizard prior to this patch. The options are set so that many things are automated, and a few of the difficulty features are enabled.
    • Hardcore Mode: All difficulty options are turned on, some things are automated where it makes sense, otherwise this mode assumes you would like a lot of control over everything.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the Flare Factory from Industrial Revolution from producing any flares.
  • We’ve started a project to clean up and rebalance the RotC City Plans. The goal of these clean-ups is to eliminate some floating or poorly placed items and to reduce the power, water, and defense levels to make playing with Maintenance Costs on less stressful. There are exceptions to certain settlements whose themes were designed with creating a large surplus of something to share with neighboring settlements.
    • The following City Plans were cleaned up for this patch:
    • Abernathy Farm
    • Coastal Cottage
  • Reduced overall script data usage in Sim Settlements by around 8 MB.
  • Reduced overall script data usage in RotC Complex plans (separate download) by around 7.5 MB.
  • Discoveries in Sim Settlements will now be queued if you haven’t yet launched the holotape to activate the mod. This will prevent certain messages from popping up at the start of a new playthrough before you’ve even encountered Sim Settlements.
  • The cooking recipes for the Meet Stew magazines should now correctly show up at cooking stations.
  • Fixed an issue that could make the owner of a Body Armor Technology building act erratically.
  • Changing tax rates via MCM should now work correctly.

Version 3.5.0

Modistential Crisis Released - 9 November 2018

  • All complex City Plans have been removed. They are now available for Nexus users as an optional download. (If you are an Xbox user using complex City Plans, you will likely want to hold off on this update until after your current cities reach Level 3. Though in general, Xbox players should NOT be using the complex plans, so I don’t anticipate this being a problem for many of you).
    • Bunker Hill is the one exception as it does not have an Optimized version, so the complex version remains in the mod.
    • For information about why this was done, check out:
    • If you install the separate complex City Plan esl files, Sim Settlements will detect them and transition seamlessly.
    • If you choose not to install them, Sim Settlements will switch your existing Cities to the Optimized versions.
    • If your Cities are already level 3, they don’t actually need to maintain a City Plan unless you intend on refreshing them (which should never be needed after they are already level 3 if you discovered no issues that required it).
  • The “Take Back City” option on the City Planner’s Desk has been split into 2 options.
    • Dismiss Leader: This will allow you to clear the current leader from a settlement without terminating the City Plan (instead the City Plan will just hold at its current percentage until you assign a new leader).
    • Remove City Plan: This will remove the City Plan so that the settlement won’t build up any further and allow you to continue building manually where it left off.

Version 3.5.0a

  • Fixes a bug where City Plans could get stuck. Either plots would stop being built, or the percentage would get stuck at 100 and never go to the next level.

Version 3.5.0b

  • Removed the script dependency on Vault Tech Workshop DLC.

Version 3.4.6

Better Living Underground Released - 26 October 2018

  • Added the Vault 88 City Plan for players with the Vault Tec Workshop DLC.
    • This City Plan will become available after you finish the quests (or fail them).
  • For Addon Pack Creators: Added kgSIM_Helper*_Marker_ForClutter variants of the helper markers. The Builder’s Toolkit tells you to use the ones without the _ForClutter suffix, but those are no longer compatible with the SCOL step - these new _ForClutter versions will work correctly.
  • Minuteman Ally and Children of Atom Ally Leader traits will now be correctly cleared from the settlement if the leader with that trait is removed.
  • Depending on how you complete the Vault Tec DLC quests, Overseer Barstow may become an available leader.
    • She has the leader traits: Mad Scientist, Futurist, Taskmaster.
  • Added Mad Scientist leader trait. This trait recruits an extra settler each day (up to the max allowed based on your settings), and each day there is a chance one of your settlers will die.
  • City Plans can now be gated by global variables to make them not available until after certain conditions are met.
    • This was used with the Vault 88 City Plan to ensure you complete the quests before using it, as the City Plan may conflict with your ability to complete the quests.
  • For Addon Pack Creators: Added new flag to City Leader Cards: bIgnoreCommandableFlag. This will allow you to make certain NPCs leaders without having to edit their commandable flag on WorkshopNPCScript. WARNING - Be sure to test what happens if you remove them as City Leader and scrap the desk. Many non-commandable NPCs can end up in a broken state if you change what they are doing, unless you script a method for them to return to their former activity.
  • For Addon Pack Creators: Added new Requirements field to City Leader Cards. This allows you to set global requirements before your City Leader becomes unlocked. You can use this in combination with anything you like to gate access to the leaders.
  • City Leaders assigned to a desk when a City Plan is not being used will now correctly sit at the desk (assuming they are humanoid with appropriate animations).
  • All code that scraps items will now test each to see if there’s a chance this item is in the power grid, and if so will never actually delete the item but instead will just hide it. There is currently no way to test this directly, so it will just be assumed that all items that COULD be in the grid are actually in it, which will eliminate the chance of deleting those items causing the Scrap Crash. (In the future, those items will be properly deleted for F4SE users.)
  • Added necessary code and assets to prepare for the upcoming City Plan pack.

Version 3.4.6a

  • Removes the Lite Mode flag which would make Sim Settlements skip the building stages, it was accidentally left on for all versions, instead of just the Xbox Lite version.

Version 3.4.5

The Boring Patch Released - 12 October 2018

  • Fixed an issue where plots could get stuck during a refresh.
  • Fixed several bugs that could occur if you ever had more robots than non-robot settlers in a settlement.
  • Fixed several issues with the Happiness Report.
  • Cinematic Mode will no longer trigger in Vault 88.
  • The boxes of ASAM sensors found in the museum and a few other locations now correctly have physics. (Thank you KKTheBeast)
  • Spotlight scripts from SS will now confirm the spotlight is loaded before trying to create the markers needed to pan. This should fix an issue where the spot light scripts were getting stuck for some users.
  • All Industrial Revolution scrap (such as Dirt, Clay, etc) now correctly counts as donatable scrap and will work as expected in the Remelting Facility.
  • Donated scrap for calculating percentage towards Scrap needed for a City upgrade is now configured to be based on the component value. This means that junk items with lots of valuable components will now push the percentage higher than cheaper junk items. Previously, the value would only be calculated on raw scrapped components.
  • All medicines learned from the Medical Grade Plastics building will now correctly have a description of their effect on the inventory screen.
  • For City Plan Creators: The finalcheck command will no longer highlight plots yellow. This was an old feature from before the findobjects command existed. The findobjects command is much more convenient for this task without screwing up your ability to record video in your settlement. (Note that the yellow effect goes away after a couple hours in game if you already had it happen in a save).
  • Workshop HUD will now show an unhappy symbol next to the City Upgrade percentage if happiness is too low for the next City Upgrade.

Version 3.4.5a

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Sim Settlements workshop HUD to get stuck.
  • Added support for the Happiness Report to work when Workshop Framework is installed.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing large amounts of log spam.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the marker objects to not correctly disappear at the correct times to match your settings.

Version 3.4.4

Framework Prepwork Released - 28 September 2018

  • Adjusted City Planner’s Desk code to attempt and prevent City Plan’s from being restarted for some users.
  • Added notification when a city level has finished. This will make it clear to players who aren’t using Cinematic Mode when things have finished.
  • Rad Chickens spawned by the marker objects will now correctly be flagged as friendly.
  • Using the RotC Covenant City Plan will now force all of the citizens to be commandable so they can be assigned to plots.
  • Afterglow magazine perk should now work correctly. Note: There is no perk for this listed in your stats, you’ll just find that killing the appropriate Glowing enemy type will begin to drop an extra crafting component you can use.
  • Added Optimizer to City Details plaques of RotC City Plans.
  • Fixed an issue with the New Bugle article “Out in the Open” which could prevent it from displaying the text correctly.
  • Max Unemployed setting in the holotape will now correctly display 3 as the default.
  • Updated the Reset All to Defaults option in the holotape to correctly reset all settings. Many of the new ones added since after Rise of the Commonwealth was released were not being affected.
  • Once a leader is cleared, they will now be unassigned from the City Planner’s Desk, which should prevent them from retriggering a City Plan immediately.
  • Solar Panels should no longer leave light beams behind when moved.
  • Adjusted happiness report so it will no longer display negative numbers when displaying the X/Y scores for Food, Water, Shelter, etc.
  • Auto-assignment to plots should now work more quickly and reliably.
  • Fixed a conflict with the Unofficial Patch, where a settler assigned to certain plots would not be unassigned from previous vanilla objects they owned.
  • For City Plan Creators: Altered code that does calculations for balance to better account for what plots will provide regardless of whether or not you have leveled them up in your design yet.
  • Added support for plots to correctly interact with layers from my new mod Workshop Plus.
  • For Mod Authors: City Plan code will now send out events via WorkshopParent’s WorkshopObjectBuilt and WorkshopObjectDestroyed when a new WorkshopObjectScript type object is placed or scrapped by a City Plan or the Town Meeting Gavel.

Version 3.4.3

Rise of Far Harbor Released - 14 September 2018

  • Added City Plans to all 4 Far Harbor settlements.
    • Starting at Level 1 of Longfellow’s Cabin, you will find a museum which adds new exhibits as you complete various tasks/quests in Far Harbor.
  • Cat Spawner will now correctly spawn cats instead of dogs.
  • Fixed a bug where the findobjects console command/Mark Objects tool would double-count blueman bed markers if you were in workshop mode.
  • Made additional improvements to the workshop marker code to try and make it more reliably hide/show markers when necessary.
  • Interior Plots should now have many more snaps to make snapping floors and walls to the outside of them easier.
  • Improved detection of workshop mode, which should make the City Marker objects react a little more quickly.
  • Scrapping at the start of a city plan or with the Town Meeting Gavel should be more reliable, especially at Echo Lake Lumber Mill which was built in such a way that the original code was often leaving things behind that it shouldn’t have.
  • For City Plan Creators: Finalcheck command will no longer track plots that had previously been scrapped.

Version 3.4.2

City Planner's GO! Released - 31 August 2018

  • Cleaned up startup code to try and eliminate thread backup that can occur if you load your game and then save and exit again before it finished running.
  • Cleaned up location change code to try and eliminate thread backup that can occur if you travel quickly between several settlements.
  • Navmeshed many of the vanilla floor objects that are made buildable by the Project Blueprint mods included with the City Planner’s Toolkit.
  • Added snaps to tons of the vanilla objects made buildable by the Project Blueprint mods.
  • Fixed an issue where location change code could fail to fire on a new game running Sim Settlements.
  • Flagged many clutter type items unlocked by the Project Blueprint mods as “AnythingIsGround” which will make them easier to place on surfaces.
  • Fixed Longfellow's City Leader flag, it was previously displaying Porter Gage's texture.
  • Improved the workshop marker object code so that it will be more efficient and should no longer fail to unhide those objects if you have the appropriate option enabled in the options.

Version 3.4.1

Pack and Play Released - 24 August 2018

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent City Plan pre-build scrapping from working correctly.
  • Corrected the Simple Objectives holotape explanation which was showing in reverse.
  • Fixed an issue where Terraformer blocks could end up spawning grading while you held them in workshop mode.
  • Plot spawned defense and power objects will correctly avoid maintenance costs (this should fix issues with legacy building plans that haven’t updated to the current method of providing resources from plots).
  • The default generator in Vault 88 is now immune to maintenance costs and damage. This exception was made because it’s too much of a burden to acquire Vault 88 with maintenance costs enabled since you’re essentially stuck with that generator and you can’t repair it once it becomes damaged. The exception does not apply to other generators from that DLC.
  • Altered faction of the Protectron that spawns in the level 3 version of Security Office, this should make it less likely that it attacks friendly NPCs.
  • Confirmation messages when toggling the Immersion > Visitor setting should now match the actual setting.
  • Improved bed detection script. This should make City Plans more likely to spawn beds at the appropriate time as well as improve the accuracy of the HUD’s settler support count. (For City Plan Designers, this should improve the check commands used to count beds in the settlement).
  • Altered build limit calculation code to hopefully eliminate some of the log spam that was occurring for many players.
  • Extended threading to support an additional 10 threads up to 30. This should help those of you on PC who are running into script lag as most PCs can easily handle many more threads than SS is currently limiting itself to. You can increase the thread count in the holotape under the performance options.
  • Made several optimizations to the City Plan spawning code, this will speed up City building and upgrades slightly.
  • Greatly improved performance of the Cinematic Mode code. The transitions should be much smoother and less script heavy.
  • Changed the way the Sim Settlements Shelter Fix works. (The shelter fix is a solution to the vanilla game bug where you get a happiness penalty for beds not having a roof, even though they have one.)
    • The shelter fix no longer runs automatically by default. This was done because it was likely a cause of some player’s crashing, and not everyone needs it to be run.
    • Added a new holotape option under Options > Gameplay > Usability to allow you to change it to run automatically when you arrive in a settlement.
  • Added a new tool to the holotape under Tools called Shelter Fix. This will apply the shelter fix to your current settlement.
  • Removed Crash Watch notification option from the holotape as it is no longer a feature.
  • Restored a number of missing mesh files to the archive of the main mod and three-in-one.
  • Added support for some background functions that will help players during the upcoming City Plan Contest.
  • Added a new feature to City Planner’s Desks where they can be deployed from your inventory. This will make it much easier to set up new settlements as you won’t have to remember to bring all of the specific scrap required to build a City Planner’s Desk.
    • Packed City Planner’s Desks can be crafted at an existing City Planner’s Desk.
    • City Planner’s Desks can be picked up and put in your inventory by choosing the “Pack Up Desk” option on the terminal.
    • Dropping a Packed City Planner’s Desk from your inventory will cause it to be setup where you are standing and it will link itself to the nearest settlement.
  • For City Plan Designers: The finalcheck command will now use your character as the origin when checking for things like the Radio Beacon or the City Planner’s Desk, this should help in settlements like Spectacle Island where the objects can easily be more than the max distance from the workshop. The command also now tests food and defense for balance recommendations.
  • For City Plan Designers: The findobjects command should now correctly find turrets when searching for “defense”.
  • Added Complex City Plans and Shelter Fix controls to MCM menu.
  • Town Meetings setting in the holotape should now correctly display as one option.
  • Simple Objectives will now be turned on by default after the setup Wizard, unless you choose “Throw everything you’ve got at me.”.

Version 3.4.0

Rise of the Commonwealth 2.0 Released - 11 August 2018

  • Fixed a bug with the reward for the Microfusion Research Assistant quest. If you have this, refresh the plot to ensure the reward is updated with the new script.
  • Fixed several conversion issues from the Medical Grade Plastics objects. For example, certain Melon types would be converted to versions of Mutfruit.
  • Disabled remaining Crash Watch code as it was more likely to create a false positive than actually catch an actual infinite loop in code due to how much more Sim Settlements is doing now.
  • Recruitment Station now has a switch inside so you can turn it off.
  • Reduced the water and power in the Egret Tours Marina, Greentop Nursery, Tenpines Bluff, Oberland Station, Nordhagen Beach, and Taffington Boathouse City Plans to a reasonable amount for each level. This should make it much easier to meet defense needs and reduce the maintenance costs.
  • Improved audio quality of several voice files (and reduced their file sizes thanks to some quality compression!).
  • Added optimized versions of most RotC City Plans (the exception is Bunker Hill, which may come in a future patch).
  • Added new performance option: Complex City Plans. When this is disabled, Sim Settlements will check for a simplified version of the City Plan to use.
  • Complex City Plans will be disabled by default for everyone but PC users who choose the Ultra setting.
  • Added a new option creator’s can use on City Plans, so that they warn players with Complex City Plans disabled, that they shouldn’t use the plan on their system.
  • Made some minor improvements to the Sanctuary City Plan to help reduce framerate drops. Refresh your City to see these changes.
  • Terraformer blocks used in City Plans will no longer spawn extra copies of the grading pieces.
  • Soundscape objects will no longer be linked to the workshop on creation for new games. (This won’t have much of an effect, other than making it easier for other mods who handle workshop items to ignore them).
  • Medical Research Assistant will now hide its objective after you complete the final recipe. Once we add more recipes in a future patch, it will show you a new objective.
  • City Plans that use vanilla crops or guard posts will now spawn multiple of the planned items when creating jobs for settlers, rather than just creating one at a time. (It will likely create more than are necessary due to a limitation in the way the code was designed for multi-threading, making this create the exact correct amount would require a massive rewrite and likely result in performance drops).
  • The New Bugle article “A Taste So Good It’ll Kill Ya” is now linked to the appropriate trigger.
  • Fixed an issue with the Thread Manager that could cause Sim Settlements to become severely backed up if you saved the game shortly after loading it and then exited the game. This could cause the startup event to double-fire and result in thread-lock. **To resolve this on existing saves, the next patch will auto-clear all thread locks from the thread manager.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent some scrappable items that are needed for a City Plan from correctly being restored. (Non-vanilla scrappable items still cannot be restored, so if you used a scrap mod and tore down most of a settlement, you’ll likely want to avoid using City Plans in those settlements).
  • Made additional changes to workshop marker objects to reduce the likelihood they remain visible during City construction.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Cue to despawn from the Advanced Weapons Facility.
  • Compressed the Dynamic Soundscape down further to reduce the overall filesize of Rise of the Commonwealth and Three-in-One by close to 50MB!
  • For City Plan Designers: The finalcheck command will now also let you know if you have more power and water than would normally be necessary for the settlement (an excess or detriment is fine, it’s just helpful to know by how much).
  • For City Plan Designers: The findobjects command will no longer highlight plots with a negative.
  • For City Plan Designers: The object type names for the findobjects command have been opened up a bit, you can now use “farms” or “food” to find food, and “guardposts” or “defense” to find defense providing items.

Version 3.3.3

Another Round? Released - 27 July 2018

  • Added new quest to the Distillery.
  • Medical Grade Plastics now generates the correct version of Sterilized Plastic. The version it had been generating up to this point required that you have it in your inventory, and would not allow you to craft items using it if the plastic was in your workbench.
  • Fixed a bug with the AnimatedObjectSpawner script that could cause some items to travel strangely.
  • Added several snaps to the 2x2 foundations so that they can be snapped to each other even after a plot is on top of one.
  • Reduced the file size of many sounds files.

Version 3.3.2

SimPunk 2287 Released - 20 July 2018

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent leader traits from being applied correctly.
  • Fixed a few of the research notes from Medical Grade Plastics that were far too vague and required testing thousands of combinations instead of a small number as was intended.
  • Beaker should no longer be able to be knocked over in the Medical Grade Plastics building.
  • Visitors setting in the holotape should correctly loop through On, Limited, and Off settings.
  • For Building Plan Makers: Added Requirement_Globals field to Building Plans. This will allow you to setup whatever requirements you like for a building plan, as you can use your own methods to control the global variables you set up as requirement(s).
  • SPOILER ALERT - Automatron DLC -
    • If you have this DLC, you’ll find that the Mechanist’s Lair now has a City Plan!

Version 3.3.1

Post-Nuclear Alchemy Released - 13 July 2018

  • For City Plan Makers: linkscrapobjects will now display a percent complete notification in the corner periodically.
  • Fixed an issue where Leaders could be assigned to settlements set up as Vassals to the Raiders via Nukaworld gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue where Leaders could be assigned to player homes.
  • Cinematic Mode should no longer trigger on interior settlements.
  • Improved the City Plan code used to count beds in a settlement when determining whether to place another.
  • Critters should now spawn towards the front of the plot to reduce the likelihood of accidental drownings.
  • For Building Plan Makers: Animated object spawn code should now work with multi-stage items, it will also base it’s rotation on the plot rather than the object itself. This will mean that you can rotate the marker itself to orient the spawn rotation of each object. Previously, if you altered the rotation of the spawner, it would adjust the rotation of all transition points as well.
  • When arriving at a settlement that is over the build limit, you will now be warned that plots will not build or upgrade. This was added due to the high number of bug reports about plots getting stuck - the reason has almost always been due to the build limit being reached.
  • Terraformer blocks should no longer show up in the build menu if you are not using Industrial Revolution (they require materials only accessible if IR is installed).
  • Eliminated a script that would run after each patch to recalculate plot resources (such as food or water production). This was designed to ensure we could seamlessly rebalance plots, but the script takes far too long to run given how infrequently we rebalance the plot resources, so instead this will only be called as needed. This should speed up patch startup.
  • Added new holotape setting to the Visitors option under the Immersion section. You can now set it to Limited, which will cap the number of visitors to a low number to help with performance. (MCM support for this option will come in a future patch)
  • Camera should now be forced to 1st person while using a climbable ladder.
  • Swapping a plot from a city plan should now correctly flag the swapped plot as being self-powered.
  • Swapped plots should no longer have a strange offset to the position of the new one. Note that plots added with the 2.0.0 patch (Martial, Recreational, Advanced Industrial) have a slightly different pole placement, which is normal.
  • Animation Markers should no longer show up twice in the Performance Options section of the holotape.
  • For Building Plan Makers: the test function should be more reliable.
  • Designer’s Choice and Respect Build Limit can now be set on a per settlement basis under the Local Options.
  • When Involvement is set to Low, Designer’s Choice will default to On. The assumption being that you would like the settlement to look the best it can and won’t want to fiddle with each design. You can still alter a design later with Designer’s Choice on, this only affects the initial selection.
  • Afterglow magazines should no longer be invisible when viewed a second time.
  • Fixed some issues with the Nuclear Enrichment building model.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Newspaper article to get stuck looping a small number of articles.
  • 2x2 Concrete Foundation sinking should now work the same as the other blocks.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause objects placed by City Plans to end up rotated at bizarre angles. (thanks woodfuzzy for solving this mystery!) If you already experienced this bug, use the Refresh City option on the blueprint of your City Planner’s Desk in that settlement.
  • Recruitment will now correctly spawn Far Harbor settlers in Far Harbor.
  • Recruitment will no longer cause brahmin to show up in settlements with AllowBrahminRecruitment disabled.
  • Fixed several missing models and material files.
  • Adjusted some objects in the Advanced Weapons Facility to make for a smoother experience during the quest involved.
  • Medical Grade Plastics is now open for all of your Medical Research needs! Refresh the plot if you already have one and search inside to begin the quest.

Version 3.3.0

The Great Big R&D Patch Released - 1 July 2018

  • Advanced Industrial Scrap Yard, Scrap Processing, and Tech Salvager buildings now each have unique models instead of re-using the basic industrial models.
  • Added a brand new Tech branch, the level one building is available immediately and is called the Excavation Pit. Like all other Industrial Revolution tech branches, the community will have to discover the secrets it holds!
  • Many Industrial Revolution building plans have brand new secrets to discover or additional content!
  • Munitions Factory now produces more ammunition each day.
    • Munitions Factory ammo types can be selected by activating the machine. Once activated, a container menu with a single bullet of the types it is currently producing will appear. Any types of supported ammo in the container will determine the types the factory can produce each day.
    • Supported types include most non-energy, non-explosive ammo types. Will work with DLC and mod-added ammo types.
    • If you want it to produce a specific type each day, simply remove all of the items and add in one bullet of the type you would like it to create. If you have several types, each day it will select one of those types at random to produce.
    • Note that if the plot becomes refreshed, you will most likely have to reconfigure the ammo production if you changed it from default.
  • Fixed collision of Advanced Industrial plot power poles so there’s not invisible collision above the post.
  • Fixed a bug where plots could get stuck at level 2.
  • Recalculate Build Limit will now notify you when it has completed.
  • Altered City plan object spawn code slightly to hopefully eliminate the crooked item bug that some players are experiencing.
  • Added several new CustomEvents for other mods to make use of:
    • CinematicModeStart, CinematicModeStop, NewPathDiscovered (when a building on a tech tree is created for the first time in a play-through)
  • Added control to disable Animation Markers (Blue Men) to the Performance Settings. These animation markers are low impact, but if you find you’re receiving a lot of crashes in your settlements, it will be worth disabling to avoid potential AI pathing issues. (If you’re on PC, you can test if this would have an effect by disabling AI with the console command “tai” before you go into a settlement that sometimes crashes. If disabling the AI prevents the crashing, there’s a small chance disabling these markers and refreshing your city plan will have a positive impact).
  • Added Clean Up Settlement tool to the holotape.
    • Currently this will remove orphaned smoke from Maintenance Mode damaged objects that you have already repaired or that have been moved/scrapped, in the future it will also remove other items Sim Settlements detects in the settlement that were left behind by a failed script.
  • Fixed healing bonus of Nuka Cola Melon (it was WAY higher than it was meant to be).
  • Added Ice Cold records for all Sim Settlements beverages. (Thank you Gambit77!)
    • These currently cannot be created by default to avoid editing vanilla records, but if anyone would like to create compatibility patches for various mods that add refrigeration functionality - this will make it much easier.
  • Separated out furniture from clutter in most Advanced Industrial buildings so they won’t be quite as empty when Clutter is disabled.
  • Advanced Industrial Plots, and other plots using branching building plans, will no longer attempt to upgrade during the first minute after loading a save. This will prevent issues where some of the upgrade options haven’t finished being registered which can result in certain branches being more prevalent than others.
  • The New Bugle newspaper now covers just about every relevant quest and event in the game, including DLC, and even some Sim Settlements events!
    • The reporters will do their best to take on breaking news stories and keep up with your accomplishments!
  • Added 14 new magazines to collect.
  • Added 2x2 Wooden foundation to the Sim Settlements > Foundations section, as well as Structures > Wood > Floors.
  • 2x2 Concrete foundation will also show up under Structures > Concrete > Floors.
  • Plots with foundations built in can no longer be built by default. If you desparately want them, they can be re-enabled in the Advanced options.
    • Reducing the plots themselves to only existing as standard and interior models will make it much easier to control how they function. It’s also much easier to build additional foundation options if they are separate and don’t require the heavy configuration involved in a new plot object.
    • In the future, this switch will enable some new features that aren’t possible with foundation plots. One such new possibility made it into this patch and is described below.
  • Added a new option to the ASAM Sensor menu to change a plot to a different type.
    • Only works on non-foundation 2x2 plots and Interior plots.
    • Can take several seconds to process and the code will attempt to transfer ownership of the newly placed plot to the previous owner before destroying the original plot.
  • You can now build Terraformer blocks, these can be found under Sim Settlements > Foundations.
    • Terraformer blocks require materials created by an Excavation Pit.
    • Terraformer blocks use a system I call Intelligent Grading. After a few seconds a rounded edge will be added all along the edge of the block. If blocks are snapped together, the edges will place themselves so that they aren’t intercepting each other.
    • When scrapping the main block, the grading will be auto-removed as well.
    • You can choose to scrap individual pieces of the grading.
    • You can independently build the grading pieces as well, there is even a full corner piece so that you can quickly surround a block with the grading. This is useful if you turn off Auto-grade placement.
  • Tech is automatically shared with all of your settlements. Once you build an Advanced Industrial building, it can be built in any other settlement. (It still has to level up from the base building plan, but you can pre-select it in the new Manage Upgrades > Pre-Select Upgrade menu mentioned below).
  • You can now pre-choose any unlocked upgrades on the ASAM Sensor’s Manage Upgrades menu under Pre-Select Upgrade Path. If you choose a building plan from a different base path, the plot will reset to Level 1 and start on that building plan instead.
    • This system will be useful for planning out things like power plants once you’ve unlocked them so that you don’t have to keep manually upgrading those plots.

Version 3.3.0a

    • Altered snaps on foundations and 2x2 plots so the plots will be much simpler to snap to the foundations.
    • Fixed an issue with the Terraformer blocks that would cause them to keep generating grading each time you returned to the settlement. They will no longer do this, and if they already did, they will clean themselves up automatically after this patch.
    • Terraformer blocks will now remove/replace collision when picked up or moved.
    • Improved collision on Terraformer blocks so that they are easier to place without Place Everywhere.
    • Eliminated a pop-up debug message that was left in by mistake.

Version 3.2.4

It's Just Like a Mini-mall! Released - 8 June 2018

  • Rebuild Local Data will now detect if multiple settlements ended up with a shared Data store and will separate them if so.
  • Vertibirds from the Brotherhood Ally perk will now fly in from afar instead of spawning awkwardly nearby.
  • Fixed issues with several of the new power poles.
  • Added one additional power pole option.
  • Flag selection container should no longer build up extra copies of each flag. If your container already had many copies, the code will now attempt to clean them up.
  • Added MCM hotkey to toggle the Citizen Needs HUD.
  • Added MCM hotkeys to toggle the individual ASAM Vision modes.
  • Added MCM hotkey to toggle the Sim Settlements tracking.
  • NOTE: Please update to the latest version of MCM - it includes a fix that is required for all of the Sim Settlements options to work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the City Plan creation web app that could prevent Designer’s Choice from working on some plots. Any City Plan designer’s who were struggling with this should rebuild their City Plans through the web tool. (Note that esl based building plans will not work with Designer’s Choice until Transfer Settlements is updated again and those plan creators re-export with the updated version.)
  • Added a Furniture Store. (Requires Rise of the Commonwealth)
    • Furniture stores are a new commercial shop type. They sell unique pieces of furniture that you can buy and then place in workshop mode. Each level of the store introduces a few more pieces of furniture.
    • This system is expandable by add-on packs.
  • Added option to change whether or not settlers will follow you during a Town Meeting. This can be found under Usability.
  • Adjusted the way Designer’s Choice is handled so that Player Select Only building plans will work with it.
  • Added new Cinematic Mode custom music track.
    • Added holotape/MCM controls to choose whether to randomize all available tracks, play the main theme only (what you’re used to), custom music only (which will be especially useful for Youtubers trying to avoid copyright strikes), and for those of you who just like to fly in peace: OFF.
  • Moved Cinematic Mode music files to main mod so that players who remove Rise of the Commonwealth can still have access to it when using third party city plans.

Version 3.2.3

MCM, At Last! Released - 25 May 2018

  • Vault Boy animation will play after a City Plan is selected and confirmed to make sure you’re aware that the City Plan selection worked. Since it can take a bit of time before the process actually starts, this will act as a clear indicator. (Thanks RuinedWorld for the awesome animation!)
  • Changed the way settlement data storage objects are handled to eliminate data storage corruption. (Data storage objects are used to hold Sim Settlements information about particular settlements - these objects could previously end up corrupted under certain circumstances.)
    • If you had a settlement that was showing the wrong name on the blueprint, fast travel wasn’t working, or a leader was being assigned to it as well as multiple other settlements, they were most likely a victim of corrupt data storage.
    • To correct this, head to each settlement you had an issue in and use the Rebuild Local Data option under Tools > Configuration. This will update things like caravan resource sharing, maintenance costs, etc. Most importantly, it will clear out corrupted data storage objects and start fresh ones. After doing this, things like City Leaders, City Plans, Flag Selection, Banned Building Plans, and other things you had manually configured will most likely be reset for that settlement and will need to be selected again. In the case of City Plans, they will have to be restarted from the Foundation Level.
    • The good news, is that the settlement is now usable for Sim Settlements again in that save file!
  • Rebuild Local Data will now fix several issues that could result in a City Plan getting stuck from progressing.
  • Cinematic Mode should no longer try and use a different settlement’s camera markers as the path.
  • Disabled the Crash Watch monitor as it generates false positives far too often due to changes since the 3.0 patch.
  • HUD settings should update much more quickly, including after altering them at the City Planner’s Desk terminal.
  • Included MCM integration! This allows PC players with the mod MCM installed to control most of the options from Sim Settlements from the pause menu.
    • Note: There are some tools that still require the City Manager holotape as MCM does not currently support confirmation prompts. These include the Tools and Reports sections.
  • Added a collection of interesting new power poles that will transmit power.

Version 3.2.3a

    • Fixed the Build Limit tools in the holotape. Released - 28 May 2018

Version 3.2.2

Better City Planning Released - 11 May 2018

  • Added Minutemen Ally and Children of Atom Ally traits to the Leader traits pool.
  • Made wide-scale improvements to the Murkwater City Plan. Including eliminating beds from spawning in strange places and adding some new props.
  • Fixed an issue where you could continually be asked every time you return to a settlement (or get near it) if you want to allow going over the build limit.
  • Fixed an issue where some notification messages could fail to display a settlement name.
  • Made improvements to the Bunker Hill City Plan to avoid duplication of furniture markers for the vanilla NPCs that live there, as well as fix the number of plots required at each level.
  • Changed the plot script that detects if expansions are installed to ensure that weird timing issues won’t trigger them to be reset when switching a save to the Three-in-One version. If you still have this problem after the patch, you’ll want to continue your current play-through with the individual files and delay switching until your next character.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Refresh from getting a plot “unstuck” when a model fails to be created for a build stage.
  • City Plan created Advanced Industrial plots should now correctly use the appropriate base plan when plan selection for the City Built Plots is set to Designer’s Choice.
  • Added Mechanist’s Lair and Vault 88 to the “No Fly” list so that settlement leaders with the Brotherhood Ally trait won’t ever bring Vertibirds.
  • Improved efficiency of City Plan object spawning slightly.
  • Made adjustments to Cinematic Mode to smooth the transitions and prepare for support of custom Cinematic Mode markers for City Plan makers.
  • Fixed an issue where assigned blue man markers could fail to scrap correctly when a City Plan removed them.
  • Screen should no longer twitch during the Hydration Research quest’s experiment stage. Known Issue: This may cause your characters hands to not show up when playing the drink animation - this may be fixed in the future, but we decided to live with the issue because the camera twitching was unbearably bad.
  • Fixed Immersion Breaker Breaker (100% certain this time!).
  • Removed Audio sliders, these weren’t supposed to make it into the last patch as they don’t actually work correctly.
  • Changed the way Commercial sandwich board signs work so that they can use a much smaller texture file. Reducing overall size of Sim Settlements by about 14 MB.
  • Third party City Plans that require Industrial Revolution or Rise of the Commonwealth will now correctly work with the Three-in-One version of Sim Settlements.

Version 3.2.1

The Third Battle for Bunker Hill Released - 21 April 2018

  • Fixed an issue where Butcher animation markers would not correctly hide themselves.
  • Marker objects, such as blue men and navmesh blocks, should no longer require changing a setting or toggling in and out of workshop mode to hide.
  • Fixed an issue where build limits would not be updated when plots built objects.
  • Fixed the Immersion Breaker Breaker.
  • Tech Tree HUD should once again display the tech data correctly.
  • Looping spawned objects such as the newspapers or ammunition plants from Industrial Revolution will have their paths corrected after a refresh. The script controlling those had a problem with the change in patch 3.2.0 that allowed objects to spawn in their correct final positions on plots.
  • City plan objects that are meant to be removed during an upgrade should be attended to more quickly. Previously it would require that you had visited another settlement since the last upgrade before the cleanup code would run which could result in clipping objects for much longer than expected.
  • Location change events and game load events now use the thread pool, this should allow for Sim Settlements to process things much more quickly when arriving in a settlement or loading your game. If you experience fast travel crashes after this patch - you’ll want to reduce the Max Threads to a low number (such as 5 or less). This can be done under Options > Performance Options > Configure Multi-threading.
  • City Planner’s Desk flag should disappear immediately when the desk is scrapped.
  • Added “Back to Work!” option to Town Meeting Gavel.
    • This will find all actors lacking assignment and confirm their variables are setup correctly so that they can be assigned things.
    • It will move all actors to where they should be depending on time of day. For daytime, at their jobs, for evening, at some sort of leisure activity, and at night their beds.
  • Added “Time for Reassignment” option to Town Meeting Gavel.
    • This will unassign all NPCs in the settlement from everything (except for Caravan routes). Note that the game’s default assignment code can’t be turned off, so many of the NPCs will be auto-assigned again immediately if you have vanilla beds or jobs in the settlement.
    • This will also offer to start a Town Meeting immediately so you can quickly re-assign everyone.
  • Added confirmation message to New U building plan.
  • Martial plot flag options will be returned to the selection container after being swapped.
  • New U sign is no longer flagged as clutter so it will appear even with that performance option disabled.
  • Brewery table and beer crate are no longer flagged as clutter so they will appear even with that performance option disabled.
  • City plans can now assign non-commandable settlers that count towards population to beds.
  • Third party mod City Planner’s Desks should be better supported as functionality of Sim Settlements revolving around the desk now searches based on a keyword rather than a specific form.
  • Altered location detection code slightly to hopefully eliminate issue of the holotape and sensors not spawning in the museum for some players starting a new game.
  • Camera will attempt to point at the settlement after Cinematic Mode ends.
  • Taking Point no longer requires saving and loading the game for it to register the Recruitment Beacon.
  • Added Player Select Only option to City Plans. This will allow City Plan designers to release more variations of their designs, knowing they won’t be added to the randomization pool.
  • Added Bunker Hill City Plan.
    • This is a special plan that will change depending on how you approach the main game quests.
  • Ally guards should no longer attack Edward Deegan.
  • Increased response time of workshop hud by about 40%.
  • Bunker Hill added to “No Fly List”, so that Vertibirds will not be spawned there from the Brotherhood Ally leader trait. The area is too sensitive to crashes and the Vertibirds would often drag a large amount of enemies into battle with the settlement, increasing the risk of crashing.

Version 3.2.0

Respect Your Limits Released - 6 April 2018

  • Sim Settlements will now clear the build limit after starting a city plan or using one of its methods to destroy a settlement.
  • Plot spawned and City Plan placed items will now affect the build limit in an approximation. This should help players on low - mid tier systems know whether they should risk continuing to upgrade or build more things.
    • The default build limits were put in place by Bethesda due to it being a known issue that building too much would crash the game. There is no native way to update the build limits which is why Sim Settlements can only do an approximation (though it should be a fairly accurate one).
  • Added new options to the holotape under Tools -> Configuration.
    • Build Limit - Increase Max: Increases the max build limit of the current settlement by 25% (if you are over the build limit already, it will offer to first set the max to what you are using before increasing by 25%).
    • Build Limit - Recalculate Use: Analyzes your settlement and plots to figure out how much of the build limit you’re actually using and updates the meter.
    • Build Limit - Restore max: Restores the max build limit to the original max determined safe by Bethesda.
  • Altered power up code slightly to potentially reduce likelihood the game will corrupt a settlement power grid. (There’s still no clear explanation of what causes a power grid corruption as it can happen in an unmodded game.)
  • Fixed an issue where donations might only process the first scrap item donated correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where guard NPCs from Leader Traits could end up fighting each other.
  • Fixed a bug where visitors could spawn too close to another NPC and end up in combat with them.
  • Vertibirds from the Brotherhood Ally trait should now correctly patrol the settlement rather than just fly straight up into the air.
  • Fixed a bug where Vertibirds from the Brotherhood Ally trait could spawn constantly.
  • Patch 3.1.6 introduced a means for SS to self-repair plots that had become bugged in earlier versions, this repair method unfortunately locked the plot from updating while it completed, which could make them feel broken. Plots that are in the process of being repaired by Sim Settlements will now be responsive when you interact with them (meaning assignments, building plan changes, and refreshes will correctly take place).
  • Added confirmation messages for building plan selection to Checkpoint and Central Park which had been missing them.
  • Interior Plot building plans now correctly work with the ban system.
  • Fixed a quirk in Sim Settlements auto-assignment code where an NPC could end up auto-assigned to extra plots under certain circumstances.
  • Any Creation Club dogs found installed will be added to the potential pets that new settlers can show up with.
  • Made changes to HUDFramework integration code to prepare for a change to disconnect an unintentional dependency. May be a minute or two delay after the first time loading this patch for the HUD pieces to display again.
  • HUD power meter should be more responsive to wiring up plots.
  • Added Close Menu option to Leader Traits Explanation. It’s not necessary to select this to close the menu (selecting any will do so), but this acts as a buffer to push the message box UI down far enough to prevent display errors on the trait details (Close Menu option may still be cut off by this UI quirk).
  • When donating a large supply of junk/scrap to a level 2 city, if the amount donated exceeds what the settlement needs, the extra will be correctly returned. Previously, if a huge portion of a single type was donated, it would all be used, even once 100% was collected at level 3.
  • Added Respect Build Limit option to the Performance section. When this is enabled, City Building and Plot item construction can be interrupted if it would push over the build limit. This will default to off unless the performance wizard is run and you choose Low/Medium/Xbox One/Xbox One S.
    • If a plot is refreshed when the settlement is over budget, an option will be given to allow that plot to exceed the build limit. This will be most useful for fresh plots that are built after the build limit has been hit, which will otherwise never build while the Respect Build Limit is enabled.
    • When upgrading a City, if the build limit would be hit or exceeded, you will be prompted to choose whether or not to allow the level to continue building beyond the limit. If you were away from the settlement when this happened, you will instead be prompted when you return to the settlement.
  • Fixed an issue where a plot could start building before it had finished initializing. This could result in lots of strange behavior later on, such as the plot spontaneously resetting to a fresh plot.
  • Plot objects will now spawn in the correct orientation immediately. This means you no longer have to wait for tons of plot refreshes when returning to a settlement that had a lot of upgrades while you were away.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause City Plan placed City Planner’s Desks, Fast Travel mats, and other objects to become connected to the wrong settlement.
  • StageItemSpawns set to appear at stage 0 will now show up immediately after the stage 0 StageModel, rather than requiring a plot refresh.
  • Increased build time variance on plots. This will reduce the likelihood that a large number of plots upgrade simultaneously and spread the load out over a larger period of time.

Version 3.2.0a

    • Fixed a bug where the notification that a City Upgrade had begun would appear, but the City would never actually start the upgrade process. Released - 7 April 2018

Version 3.1.6

Performance 101 Released - 23 March 2018

  • Fixed issue with Robot Morale Officer leader trait spiking happiness much too high.
  • Fixed an issue where plots could reach max level and then all items would disappear until you refreshed the plot.
  • Altered code used to pick up loose objects during the foundation phase of a city build so it’s less likely to pick up items from areas outside the settlement.
  • Fixed potential issue where the FinalCheck function, used in the City Planner’s Toolkit, could incorrectly report the job counts.
  • Accessing the flag selector on the City Planner’s Desk should be much faster when using a large number of flags from add-ons (users of World Flags should notice a substantial improvement). There will still be a slight delay before flags appear in the list as it has to be built each time you start your game.
  • Supply safe on the City Planner’s desk will now attempt to connect itself to the correct settlement if it detects it is attached to a distant settlement.
  • Fixed an issue where plots would sometimes fail to update their clutter when you returned to the settlement if they had upgraded while you were elsewhere.
  • Improved settlement clean-up code so it’s less memory intensive.
  • Objects should no longer flicker in and out after you scrap them.
  • Maintenance costs are now recalculated after running Refresh City, Scrap This Settlement, or one of the holotape Destruct Sequences.
  • Added Rebuild Local Data tool to the holotape (under tools Configuration Tools), which will force Sim Settlements to rebuild the maintenance costs, plot counts, and tax data. This is designed to help players who had previously run into a lot of script back-ups or other weird quirks that resulted in the maintenance or tax amounts not matching what is actually built in the settlement.
  • Fixed a math error that could result in problems with caravan resource sharing.
  • Stored Food and Water will no longer be consumed if a caravan is providing resources.
  • Automatron robots will no longer be auto-assigned to Residential plots.
  • City Leader tracking should now function correctly. If you were having trouble with this, use the Rebuild Local Data tool in the holotape to have Sim Settlements redetect the leaders.
  • If Far Harbor is detected, 2x2 Recreational plots will now occasionally spawn Rad Rabbits. Add-on pack authors may disable these on their building plans. All critters can be disabled in the performance options by turning off NPCs and Pets.
  • New recruited settlers will no longer have a chance to arrive with pets if NPCs and Pets are disabled in the Performance Options.
  • Fast Travel mats will no longer be placed on Xbox by City Plans. After much Xbox testing, we determined one of the most common causes of crashes was having a fast travel mat too far from the settlement which meant that much of the settlement wasn’t actually loaded into memory correctly when fast traveling.
  • Added debug console command to plots which will output most of the variables from the plot to the Papyrus log which will be useful for troubleshooting user issues without having to share save files. To use the command, select the plot in console mode and run the command cf debug
  • Interior Plots will now play sounds while under construction.
  • Lowered volume slightly on background conversations from the Dynamic Soundscape.
  • Reduced likelihood of background conversations at night from Dynamic Soundscape.
  • Selecting a building plan that has a shared path will now work correctly. This would have been most noticeable when trying to choose Watershed from Ruined Homes and Gardens or Community Well from Industrial Revolution.
  • Rewrote supply safe donation code to make it virtually impossible to crash your game. It can now support up to 1000 different item types per donation, but will prevent you from making additional donations until the previous one has completed processing. (thanks wim95 for finding the code flaw and solution!)
  • Basic Industrial plots will now generate a small amount of scrap directly towards the City Upgrade in addition to their normal scrap generation.
  • Fixed an issue where settlers could be recruited indefinitely if you turn on Ignore Charisma and don’t visit a settlement for a long time.
  • Fixed an issue where refreshing a City could remove non-plot assignable objects and fail to ever recreate them. If you had this happen, please refresh your City again to restore them - note that some of City Plans will require an update to allow those objects to appear before the City has reached level 3 (City updates will becoming over the next few patches).
  • Non-plot work objects created by a City Plan will attempt to find an available worker whenever you arrive in the settlement again.
  • Fixed an issue where some shopkeep markers could fail to auto-assign.
  • Added Performance Wizard. When you first load this patch on an existing game, you will be asked to select your graphics settings (or Xbox model), you will then be offered to auto-configure performance settings based on what we found works best in testing. For new games, you will just be prompted to select your graphics/model after loading the holotape.
  • Added 19 new leader trait effects add-on pack authors can make use of. (Many more to come!)
  • Fixed an issue where marker and leveled bed objects would not count towards the City population max on the HUD.
  • Fixed an issue where HUDFramework could fail to load the Sim Settlements HUD pieces correctly (if you were experiencing this, there may be a 30 second delay while it repairs the issue).

Version 3.1.5

My Covenant to Optimization Released - 9 March 2018

  • Changed the way maintenance failure targets are chosen so it’s less likely to keep breaking down the same things every time.
  • Fixed an issue where 3rd party City Plans could be prevented from ever showing up, depending on how long things took to load.
  • Sleep Marker objects should now be assignable when City Marker objects are set to WS Mode.
  • Fixed a potential problem with Spotlights on plots where they could cause tons of log errors, or else fail to ever activate.
  • Spot lights used on other types of plots will now correctly emit light, rather than just the faux light beams.
  • Greatly expanded the Dynamic Soundscape options so there will be more variety of sounds.
  • Added Covenant City Plan. This is the first plan that actually changes the number of settlers it requires at each level so that it will grow more organically.
  • Redesigned events used when arriving at or leaving a settlement to greatly reduce script load.
  • Added additional snaps to Interior Plots to make them function better with Vault Tec pieces. (thanks Samutz!).
  • City Plans will now acknowledge most Performance Options. Things like clutter, extra lights, and special effect settings will now apply to city created items.
  • Fixed a bug where plots imported with Transfer Settlements would not correctly spawn an ASAM Sensor.

Version 3.1.5a

    • Fixed several bugs involving building plans, these could prevent your selections from working or allow you to select building plans that you were lacking assets for - resulting in pink-colored buildings with missing items. Released - 11 March 2018

Version 3.1.4

City Planners Assemble Released - 1 March 2018

  • Fixed an issue where multiple city plans could start at the same time if a City Plan was selected before a Leader was assigned.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent 3rd party City Plans from registering with Sim Settlements.
  • Fixed an issue where a plot design with lots of objects could fail to refresh correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where a special type of “leveled bed” could end up creating extra copies of itself.
  • Auto-assignment of plots built as part of cities should occur more quickly.

Version 3.1.3

What Happens in Starlight Released - 24 February 2018

  • Leader Trait provided ally NPCs should no longer attack the Caretaker.
  • Fixed an issue where pets were almost impossible to spawn, unless one of two leadership traits were in effect.
  • Leaders that start out as settlers should no longer be assignable as a leader until after you’ve gained control of the settlement they are a part of.
  • Fixed a bug where only Major Traits and Weaknesses were being applied for city leaders.
  • Fixed an issue where Ally factions guarding settlements would keep spawning more guards beyond the max.
  • Moved additional code into the thread pool to reduce likelihood of crashes when fast-traveling or walking through complex settlements.
  • Added support for add-ons to separate building plans from DLC and other mods, so they can include additional buildings without needing complex installers. This will allow for things like including DLC, 3rd party mods, and Creation Club content in the add-on that is only enabled if you have that content installed.
  • Added a system for building plans to alter plot items such as mailboxes, rent signs, sandwich boards, etc.
  • Cinematic mode camera will now center at approximately the central point of the settlement, rather than the workbench.
  • Added Starlight Drive-in City plan.This plan is unique as it experiments with several new things.
    • This is the first plan with certain items that will not spawn on Xbox or if you have the Detailed Models performance option disabled on PC. Primarily these are lighting objects which have one of the largest effects on FPS.
    • There are extra items spawned if you have Far Harbor, Vault Tech Workshop, or the Creation Club Arcade kit installed.
  • Fixed a certain type of sleeping marker used in city plans so that they correctly count as beds.
  • City Planner’s Desk tracking option will now just show the desk nearest to the player when in a settlement, rather than all known city planner’s desks.
  • Going forward, new city-built plots will record their positions so they can be updated during a city refresh. This will allow players who find those items positioned incorrectly, due to engine failures or who accidentally moved them, to fix the positions.
  • Fixed an issue with the dynamic soundscape that could result in tons of papyrus log spam.
  • Changed the way that the City Planner’s Desk Blueprint object detects the location it is in. This should reduce the likelihood the incorrect settlement name is displayed.
  • City percentage on hud will now correctly hide when the current settlement doesn’t have a City Plan applied.
  • Made changes to city percentage display code, this should eliminate the percentage seeming to go down before the city finishes the current level.
  • City plan progress percentage on the City Planner’s Desk blueprint menu should now always match the HUD percentage.
  • Added several plot spacer objects based on the mod Wedges of the Commonwealth. Thanks to PCDug and Ethreon for permission and 3ds work, respectively.
  • Updated City Manager Holotape texture to correct spine (thanks Pra!).
  • Updated Sanctuary build to remove excessive power in levels 0 through 2, huge amount of power is still available at level 3 so you can use the power plant the settlers have built. The primary connectors are on the roof of that building.
  • Made additional improvements to cell loading code to further reduce likelihood of crashes when arriving at a settlement.
  • Workshop HUD controller should no longer attempt to interact with HUDFramework until after the City Manager holotape is loaded for the first time. This will hopefully eliminate the issue where players could be stuck in a loop trying to boot the holotape on a new game.
  • NPC isn’t interested in leading message should no longer pop-up if the NPC is already assigned as the leader of the settlement.
  • Redesigned the add-on pack loading method to be less likely to interfere with each other.
  • Added support for third party mods to add City Plans. The toolkit for doing so should be released very soon!
  • Added Remote Destruct Sequence to Tools section of the holotape.
    • This will find nearby settlements and offer you the option to tear them down. Once you start, you should stay in the area until it finishes.
    • If you are having trouble with a settlement crashing and want to destroy it with this, be sure to turn off Demolition FX before you do so, or the extra graphics might crash your game.

Version 3.1.3a

    • Fixed a bug where add-on pack content could become unselectable shortly after loading a save. Released - 25 February Date 2018

Version 3.1.2

Praise Be to Glorious Leader Released - 11 February 2018

  • Altered code to reduce likelihood animations would attempt to be played on objects that aren't loaded yet.
  • Fixed an issue where Interior Plots could skip level 1.
  • Scrapping non-city built items via the Town Meeting Gavel’s “Scrap This Settlement” option will now correctly return scrap to the workbench.
  • Player built objects that are attached to city built items will no longer be scrapped during a city refresh.
  • Adjusted City Planner’s Desk code slightly to make it less likely to display information for the wrong settlement.
  • Refreshing plots will now correctly start construction again if the player changed the Realistic Build Times setting while the plots were in the process of building.
  • Recent construction map markers for plots in a settlement will now be cleared after you visit and leave that settlement.
  • Toggling most tracking options in the holotape under Tools -> Tracking Options will now clear out any removed item map markers. *For example, if you have an old City Planner’s Desk still marked on your map that is no longer there, turning the tracking option off and then back on should remove that marker.
  • Added custom transforms to all building plans, this will make it easier for 3rd party mods to create preview models.
  • HUDFramework meters will now have an up arrow next to happiness if it’s increasing.
  • Added new section HUDFramework meters for city info.
    • For settlements using the city building feature, the current population, max supported population, current city level, and the percent towards the next level the settlement is.
    • The percent is based on either the time remaining, or the plot level construction required, depending which is further behind. **For example, if 50% of the plot construction is complete, but the time is 75% past, the percentage will show 50.
    • For settlements without a city plan, only the current population will be displayed.
  • Fixed looping sound issue for many Industrial Revolution buildings.
  • Made adjustments to Dynamic Soundscape.
    • Reduced volume and frequency of most animal sounds, especially dogs barking.
    • Reduced frequency of gunshot sounds.
  • Fixed several beer recipes from Industrial Revolution that were being spawned in the wrong locations.
  • Recruitment setting for max unemployed settlers now defaults to 3, this will ensure the few settlements with 1 or 2 unassignable settlers will still continue to recruit additional.
  • Implemented Leader Traits system.
    • Each settlement leader has a series of traits, one major, one minor, and one weakness.
    • These will provide bonuses, penalties, and flavor to the settlements the leader is in charge of.
    • Leadership traits are in effect as long as the leader is assigned as the leader of that settlement.
    • Leadership traits do not require city construction, they will work even with settlements you have built yourself or imported with Transfer Settlements.
  • Made further adjustments to the last 3 visitors that weren’t playing nice.
  • Televisions used by Sim Settlements are no longer animated and won’t display anything on screen. This is an unfortunate sacrifice made to avoid a Fallout 4 crash bug they trigger.
  • Made adjustments to all city plans.
    • Added water and power resources to most levels so they require less manual intervention.
    • Added settlement signs to the last few that were missing them: Castle, Zimonja, Jamaica Plains, Tenpines Bluff, and Coastal Cottage.
    • Eliminated the use of foundational plots so there would no longer be a feel of “stairs to nowhere” in the foundation level - the stairs will now lead to appropriate sized platforms where it will be clear a plot will be placed eventually.
    • Removed floating objects such as flags suspended in mid-air.
    • Added some beds and work objects to help balance out some of the builds.
    • Altered some of the Designer’s choice building plans to work better with the space.
  • City Planner’s Desk items should now be removed much sooner after the desk is removed during city construction.
  • Metal Prefabs house select message no longer references the name Max Shack.

Version 3.1.1

Come On In, The Water's Fine Released - 23 January 2018

  • Further optimized scrap code during foundation construction.
  • City construction and upgrades should now complete much faster.
  • Fixed a bug where settlers that were assigned to a plot that was scrapped by the new city construction would never be re-autoassigned to any other plots.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash for some players when powered objects were created during city construction or upgrades.
  • Fixed a bug where the City Planner’s Desk would leave items behind when it was scrapped.
  • City Planner’s Desks will no longer be tracked by the Sim Settlements tracking quest after they are scrapped.
  • Made slight adjustment to Cinematic Mode to reduce the likelihood of the player being dropped mid-air at the end of the sequence.
  • Refreshing plots should be faster now, this includes using the Refresh Local Plots tool.
  • Plots should now process their upgrade and build code more quickly.
  • Removal of old objects after a city upgrade will now work much faster. This will improve performance for players using Manual upgrades as many of the objects will be removed before the new ones are placed, meaning less things for the game to render.
  • Added framework required for community created city plans. (Toolkit release date TBD)
  • Taking Point quest should be more likely to be completed immediately when a beacon is built or turned on. If it doesn’t, saving the game and then reloading will definitely advance the quest.
  • Fixed issue with the add-on support quest which was preventing new commercial interior plots from working correctly.
  • All tax penalties and bonuses will be re-calculated when you first install this patch to correct any issues due to previous bugs in the calculations.
  • Tax/Vendor Income will show correctly on the Manage Supplies screen even if the settlement has maintenance costs. Previously the Tax/Vendor Income field would always show 0 if that settlement had maintenance costs.
  • Maintenance costs should no longer be applied to settlements that aren’t controlled yet.
  • Local Self Destruct with Full Charges option show now correctly remove marker objects.
  • Assign leader prompts should no longer come up multiple times after you recruit your companion back from city leadership.
  • Companion home location will now be set to the settlement they are leading when assigned.
  • Fixed a bug in the resource sharing code.
  • Caravan icons should now only show up on the HUD when a settlement is actually receiving resources from another settlement.
  • Dynamic Soundscape will now be correctly reset after a settlement is scrapped with the city building functions or the Town Meeting gavel option.
  • Altered all visitor AI to hopefully stop them from attacking people they shouldn’t.
  • Cinematic Mode will no longer run if the player is sitting, this will prevent the player being stuck unable to move until it finishes.
  • Roll-up doors in Sanctuary RotC city build will no longer auto-close.
  • Removed option to Refresh City in Cinematic Mode. Refreshing with Cinematic Mode would often cause part of the settlement’s 3d to unload which would interrupt the process.
  • Fixed a bug where Martial 1x1 plots using the Checkpoint building plan could get stuck upgrading to level 2.
  • Added hook for the mod Salvage Beacons to be able to send items as donations, requires update to Salvage Beacons as well.
  • Sim Settlements now uses a combined thread pool.
    • The thread pool helps prevent the mod from overloading the script engine by limiting the amount of actions it can make simultaneously.
    • For this first launch of the thread pool, a few very intensive functions are now using it, and as the mod is updated and expanded, more functions will be routed through the pool.
    • The Max Threads can now be controlled in the holotape under Options -> Performance -> Configure Multithreading.
      • By default this setting is set to Auto, which allows Sim Settlements to determine how many threads to use. Currently this is 10, but in the future will adjust dynamically based on the other mods you have installed.
      • You may adjust this from 1 to 20. The higher the number, the more resources you’re allowing Sim Settlements to use. Warning: Going too low could cause Sim Settlements to become incredibly slow, and going to high could cause it to crash - so it’s advised you leave this setting on Auto unless instructed to do otherwise.

Version 3.0.3

Community Exterminators Released - 11 January 2018

  • Changed supply message slightly to say Caps/Tax Day since without Maintenance mode you don’t actually receive the caps every day.
  • Fixed several missing texture issues, including the chair in the L3 New U commercial building.
  • Barber chair at level 1 of New U should now work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where if another mod included an older version of ObjectReference.pex (which is a core Bethesda script), Sim Settlements could end up generating controller objects forever which will eventually force you to uninstall Sim Settlements in order to stabilize your save.
    • If you are experiencing extreme crashing that seems to not be tied to anything other than having upgraded to 3.0+ of Sim Settlements or installing it for the first time on your save, this could be your issue. To fix this - disable Sim Settlements, load your save and then make a new copy of this save, this creates a clean save without Sim Settlements. Now update Sim Settlements (if you haven’t already), re-enable it in your load order and load that new save. Your progress with Sim Settlements will be reset, but your save will be fine.
  • Fixed issue where your taxes would increase by your settlement surplus.
  • After Cinematic Mode ends, the player will be attempted to be returned to a nearby fast travel mat instead of the location they started, which should avoid players ending up dropped high in the air or inside of structures. Note: All city plans from Rise of the Commonwealth should include a fast travel mat so you don’t have to place one.
  • When visitors leave your settlement, if they had taken over a suit of your power armor due to a raid or some combat situation, they will now be forced out of it.
  • Added an option control the camera direction during Cinematic Mode. This is especially useful if you find the camera stutters for you during Cinematic Mode, which is due to your game struggling to keep up with the non-stop calculations required to keep your camera centered. This setting is overridden if you are on Xbox and always operates as if you have it set to Manual.
    • This new option can be found under Options -> Gameplay -> City Building -> Cinematic Mode Camera.
  • Town Meeting Gavel’s “Scrap This Settlement” option will now work correctly again.
  • Scrap phase of city building should now correctly move loose objects to the workbench.
  • Using the Local Self Destruct Tool with full charges should now correctly remove marker objects created by a city plan.
  • Beacons created by the city plan will now default to turned off if you have the Beacon Recruitment off in your holotape options. This will allow player’s looking to slow down recruitment, or play without beacon recruitment to do so.
  • Changed the default Involvement setting to Medium so that the Scrap collecting mechanic is still in place. The settlers will still naturally collect junk on their own, just like the Stockpile system of IR.
  • Added a new Involvement option called Defaults, which will make your cities use your global settings.
  • Changed the Recent Deaths section of the Happiness Report to Temporary Adjustments, and altered the explanation accordingly. Recent Deaths was misleading and didn’t cover the full scope of what that line was doing. In reality, it includes deaths, settlement quests, and donations.
  • Happiness donations now correctly factor in the population so that the more settlers you have, the more you have to donate to have the same increase in happiness.
  • Reduced effects changing taxes have on Agricultural output.
  • Increased base tax rate on Agricultural to make reducing taxes less of a perceived obvious move. The real penalty for reducing any taxes is the defense hit (unless you’re using Maintenance Costs).
  • Barriers blocking the lower levels of the Castle are now scrappable - this is a temporary solution until we get a chance to update our Castle build.
  • Martial Plots will correctly no longer incur maintenance costs.
  • Redesigned City Planner’s Desk so that the terminal is on the right. This ensures that the game’s terminal animation, which requires sitting from the left, will work no matter where you place the desk.
  • Soundscape now has protections against the game incorrectly reporting more plots than actually exist, which could result in the soundscape playing sounds way more frequently than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the local Maintenance Costs option would not correctly sync to the global setting if Reset Local Laws was used.
  • Maintenance costs will now correctly be lowered when power providing objects are scrapped.
  • Fixed issue with massive defense penalties being applied when taxes were adjusted.
  • Maintenance costs will now be recorded even if maintenance mode isn’t on at the start so that you can turn it on mid playthrough. The numbers will just be ignored until you enable them.

Version 3.0.2

Autonomy Now Released - 6 January 2018

  • City Planner’s Desks will no longer be left behind or duplicated when a city is refreshed or upgraded.
    • If the city design itself mistakenly has multiple desks, they may still appear in duplicate, this will be fixed in a future patch.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera could zoom out much further than anticipated during Cinematic Mode, especially on Xbox.
  • City building scrap phase should now run smoother and will finish before the actual construction starts so you won’t be left wondering if it completed.
  • The scrap and cleanup phases of city building can now be handled remotely. This should reduce crashes caused by walking into a settlement that had a lot of queued cleanup steps to do.
  • This also means that once construction starts of the foundation level, you are free to leave the settlement without having to watch it all build and can come back to see it completed.
  • City plan sirens should no longer power up immediately.
  • Settlement scrapping during City Building is now multi-threaded, this speeds up the process substantially. Your system may not be able to handle this, so it can be turned off under Options -> Gameplay Options -> Performance. Additional elements of the city building code will be made to take advantage of multi-threading in future patches. The ultimate goal is to make a city finish it’s foundation level or upgrade level in a single song play.
  • Fixed an issue where visitors would never leave and you could end up with literally hundreds in your settlement.
  • Visitors will now correctly spawn throughout the settlement instead of an a big clump when you arrive.
  • Visitors should no longer attack innocent cats and Carlas.
  • City will now resume construction if you assign a leader to it if you took them as a companion thus interrupting construction. **If you used the Take Back City command, it both removes the leader and ends the city plan so that you can take over the construction, which means the city resume won’t apply if you assign a leader, instead it will start over offering you the initial scrap option.
    • If your settlement appears stuck and you think you may have pulled the leader away at some point, pull them away again by talking to them and telling them to follow you, then re-assign them as leader once more which should clear the “paused” flag now.
  • City Leader field on the blueprint menu will now show N/A if a leader is not managing that settlement.
  • Taking Point quest should no longer be prevented from completing, if you have one that won't appear to complete after you create a beacon, save your game and then load that save.
  • Fixed the Change City Leader confirmation message so that it will show the correct settlement the other leader is currently running if you move someone from one settlement to another from the leader select screen.
  • Throttled donated supply processing. You should now be able to dump as much as you like into the donation system without causing a crash.
  • Sim Settlements will now appropriately regenerate its invisible data storage objects if you were to have used a mod or the scrapall command to scrap your settlement which destroyed them.
  • Replaced a model file that could cause some players to crash when upgrading Outpost Zimonja to level 1.
  • Fixed issue where taxes would never actually be deposited in the workbenches for some players.
  • Nuka Cola now boosts settler happiness when donated.
  • Donated items should no longer be duplicated.
  • Fixed grammar error on blueprint menu, Lead was changed to Led.
  • Removed the Checkpoint and Central Park model files from Industrial Revolution which will reduce the mod size slightly.
  • Interior plots should now correctly show up under either Special or the Sim Settlements menu.
  • Marker objects should be less likely to show up when initially created as part of a city plan.
    • If they do appear, go to Options -> Gameplay -> Visual and change Marker Objects to WS Mode which will allow you to show/hide them by entering exiting workshop mode. Once they are hidden, you can disable the option again.
  • Dynamic Soundscape will now correctly turn itself off after you load a save where you set the volume of it to mute.
  • Residential tax rates can now correctly be modified.
  • Maintenance Costs set on the local level will now function correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where if you refreshed the city, restored scrap items would be removed.
  • Added new Involvement setting under the City Building section of the Gameplay Options.
    • Involvement settings change a series of local options on each city the player establishes to be managed by someone else.
    • There are three settings:
      • Low - The player only has to be concerned with happiness.
      • Medium - The player has to donate supplies and be concerned with happiness.
      • High - The player has to donate supplies, help ensure enough food/water/defense, and be concerned with happiness.

Version 3.0.1

Hotfix #1 Released - 2 January 2018

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing cities from upgrading for many players.
    • IMPORTANT: If you have a lot of cities you believe are now ready to upgrade, please change the City Upgrade option to Manual before installing this patch or immediately after loading your game with it. It can be found in the City Manager 2078 holotape under Options -> Gameplay Options -> Upgrades. If you leave automatic upgrades on, there’s a chance all of your cities trigger within a very small timeframe and cause your game to crash. After you've checked your cities for manual upgrades, you can safely switch back to Auto.
  • Changed the supply screen percentage to show 100% if you have City Supply Costs off in the holotape.
  • Extra Workshop Workbenches that are incorrectly included in a City Plan will no longer be created.
    • If you already have an extra workbench, use the Refresh City option on the City Plan menu, this will recreate your city and remove the extra one in the process.
  • Improved city building code to increase build speed and stability.
  • Plots scrapped during the foundation level of a city build should no longer leave items behind.
  • Made adjustments to scrap code to make it less prone to cause crashing.
  • Starting the Castle build before finishing the Old Guns quest will no longer result in important items being scrapped or passages being blocked.
  • Turning off Citizen Needs Requirement, either locally or globally, will now correctly allow that city to upgrade regardless of happiness - allowing you to virtually ignore the needs of that settlement (you’ll still want to help out some with happiness as it controls the percent chance of new settlers arriving, and if it falls too low, the vanilla game makes you lose control of the settlement).
  • Plot count data will now be regenerated each time you return to a settlement, this will make taxes, city upgrades, and many other systems more accurate.
  • Improved Donation system code to reduce the likelihood of duplicated items and crashes.
    • Best practice is to donate items in small batches to see if your game can handle the load as donation processing is very script intensive.
  • Add several new debug functions that can be used to help players troubleshoot issues.

Version 3.0.0

Before We Rise Released - 29 December 2017

  • Usability Options menu items now work correctly.
  • Removed illegal character in the name of one of the beer recipes.
  • Added Interior Plots.
    • Interior plots come in 6 types: Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Martial, Recreational, and Residential.
    • Interior plots function similar to other plots, except that they have a height limit and are designed to fit inside existing game-world structures or snapped to structures you build yourself.
  • Added City Plan system. IMPORTANT: Actual City Plans are not part of the base mod, they are added with community created add-ons and official expansion packs (such as Rise of the Commonwealth which will ship with plans for 24 settlements in the Commonwealth).
    • City Plans can be selected from the City Planner’s Desk. These allow you to make one of your companions act as the leader of that settlement. As long as a leader is in charge of a settlement they will build it, including placing plots for new settlers.
    • City Plan settlements will level up over time just like plots.
    • You will need to help support these settlements by setting up supply lines and/or donating extra goods to help them meet their needs.
    • Tools so that you can create your own City Plans will be released in the coming weeks!
  • Added Donation System - the City Planner’s Desk now has a safe, accessing this will bring up the supply management screen. From here you can donate weapons, armor, food, water, drugs, junk and caps to help your settlers in various ways.
  • Added Maintenance System (disabled by default) - the Maintenance System requires you to provide caps to pay for the fuel and ammo used by generators and turrets or they will begin to fail over time.
    • This system can be enabled under Options -> Gameplay -> Difficulty
    • Maintenance costs are subtracted from your settlement taxes.
    • Maintenance costs are equal to the amount of power or defense generated by the item.
    • Wind Power, Guard Posts, Traps, Martial Plots, power-producing Industrial Plots do not incur maintenance costs.
    • The system is designed to prevent turret and generator spam and encourage the use of alternative means in the early stages of a settlement as well as make things like Martial plots and power-producing industrial plots useful for longer.
  • Changing tax rates will now influence the chance of new settlers arriving at your settlements, income rates, visitor rates, production levels, defense bonuses, happiness bonuses, and upgrade times.
  • If you have Far Harbor installed, your Agricultural plots may attract Rad-Chickens.
  • Prefixed all building plans with [SS], [IR], or [RC] to designate which expansion they are from.
  • All building plans point to a custom copy of the note nif, this should allow mods to alter the preview of the building plans without applying esp edits.
  • Checkpoint and Central Park building plans are now part of the core Sim Settlements experience, which means a new player will instantly have access to all 6 basic plot types without any expansions or addons. This was done to expand the possibilities of the City Plan system without requiring end users to need an entire add-on pack or expansion to gain access to a third of the plot types.
  • Added additional animation markers to the 6 original shops in Sim Settlements.
  • Fixed a bug where after manually selecting a building plan could lock up plots until after you load your save the next time. This would only occur if you had the “Bans Applied to Plan Selection” option turned on.
  • Added Visitor system whereby NPCs are attracted to your settlement as your Commercial and Recreational levels grow. These NPCs will amuse themselves in your settlement and do odd jobs, all while generating income.
  • Recruitment of new NPCs is now handled by Sim Settlements, this is done without altering the vanilla scripts or forms in any way.
    • This allows for holotape options to alter the rules by which new settlers are attracted.
    • Chance of getting a brahmin no longer replaces the settler you would have attracted like it does in vanilla. Instead, that chance determines if your settler arrives with a pet, which currently can be a Brahmin, a Dog, or a Cat.


Version 2.1.8

Last of the 2.Xs Released - 15 December 2017

  • Altered navmesh of non-foundation plots to work better with the phantom collision.
  • Made improvements to Ban code to further reduce likelihood that a plan is assigned to the wrong plot type.
  • Removed the “All Work Counts as a Job” option. Non-plot jobs will always count towards the Residential Job requirement and filling the Job meter now.
  • Removed the “Beds are Homes” option. Beds will always count towards the Commercial Home requirement and filling the Home meter now.
  • Redesigned City Manager Holotape with an emphasis on making it both easy to navigate and clear in what each option does within the game. This was done to help new players as well as prepare for a host of new options that will be added with the upcoming expansion.
    • Added new Options section where all changes can be made and relocated all option related submenus there. This clears up the main screen of the holotape so that Reports and Tools are easily accessible.
    • Configure Zoning Laws has been renamed Gameplay Options under the Options submenu.
    • Previous Zoning Laws have been re-organized under many sub-headings to attempt and give a logical means of finding each option. Most of these options now have a detailed explanation about how the option will affect gameplay and some even explain the reasoning behind the options.
  • Added new option under the Options -> Gameplay -> Visual category to allow you to disable non-critical indicators. These are the objects that appear on an occupied plot, such as mailboxes, shop sandwich boards, and the ever-hated floating hoe.
  • Added a Random option to building plan selection which will pick a new random building plan for that plot.
  • Optimized many files to further reduce the file size of both Sim Settlements and Industrial Revolution.

Version 2.1.7

Better Plots, Better Pathing Released - 01 December 2017

  • Settlers assigned to Martial plots will now correctly be flagged as guards in code - this will alter their AI so that they spend more time manning the plot.
  • Items on the City Planner’s Desk will appear rapidly instead of fading in one at a time.
  • Non-foundation plots have been greatly improved.
    • Converted the collision style over to “phantom collision”, this will allow for improved snapping and prevent NPCs from appearing to float slightly above the plot if the building doesn’t have a floor.
    • No more invisible barrier near the edges of an agricultural plot.
  • Applied a new navmesh method to Max Shack, settlers still may not naturally walk to bed due to furniture placement, but they can absolutely path the stairs and upper floor now and will successfully use the bed (albeit via teleport). Looking for feedback on the building now to determine if it’s worth switching the other multi-story homes to use this method.
  • Sim Settlements Lite edition now skips the build stages in between levels, this allowed for reducing the file size by a good amount more.
  • Added a new option for add-on authors to use on building plans to tag them so they won’t be auto-selected by settlers.
  • Fixed an issue where recently placed plots that had no construction complete yet would show up as “New Construction” on the tracker.
  • Changed some of the plot initialization code to make tracking for taxes more accurate.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some plots to be counted multiple times by the counting code which is used to determine taxes and upgrade eligibility.
  • Added support for Transfer Settlements to be able to import VIPs and branching building plans (such as the Advanced Industrial buildings).
  • Plot snaps have been standardized. Previously, the new plots introduced with Industrial Revolution had a slightly different snap configuration than the original 4 plot types, the original plots were updated to match the new snap style, which will allow for more easily snapping plots to each other, regardless of type.
  • Refreshing a plot will now correctly attempt to resume construction, if eligible.

Version 2.1.6

Death to the Dead Zone Released - 18 November 2017

  • Fixed an issue where a building plan could not be changed on a plot that was imported by Transfer Settlements.
  • Re-designed Commercial type code to fix an issue where if a player banned all plans of a specific Commercial type, those plots could become stuck without a building plan until the player selected one manually.
  • Made further improvements to building plan selection to reduce the likelihood the wrong building plans are assigned to a plot.
  • NPCs should now correctly be able to path to and use the bed in Wasteland Lounger level 1.
  • Fixed the texture on one of the ceiling lamp bulbs so that it’s no longer purple when the power is out.
  • Dead Zones no longer affect Settlement Flags (including those on Martial Plots).
  • Plots built in Dead Zones will correctly retrieve the settlement information which should eliminate the need to build some plots closer to your settlement center and move them into Dead Zones.
  • ASAM Vision should be less affected by Dead Zones.
  • HUDFramework settlement meters are less likely to be affected by Dead Zones.
  • City Planner’s Desk features should now work in Dead Zones. If you had previously built a desk in a Dead Zone, pick it up and place it again to refresh.
  • Plots will no longer be flagged as inactive (which could affect tax rates and production), when the meters dip due to Dynamic Needs.
  • Removed PlayerPathToFurniture keyword from City Planner’s Desk. This should make it easier to access the terminal, even if you place the desk in a corner.

Version 2.1.5

Data Nerding Released - 03 November 2017

  • Made slight modifications to Wasteland Lounger L2 navmesh to try and stop NPCs from trying to path through the right-hand wall.
  • Fixed some spelling errors in the holotape.
  • Fixed a bug in the Income field of the building plaques where it would include the scavenge bonus as income.
  • Added new Reports section to the holotape and moved the Happiness and Citizen Needs reports to it.
  • Added a new Local Plots report that is only accessible via terminal (due to a game engine limitation), you can either use the City Planner’s Desk which has a terminal with a built in copy of the holotape or else load the holotape into any terminal in your settlement.
    • The Local Plots report shows how many plots broken down by type, selecting any of the types will give you detailed information about levels, assignment, and total resources generated for that plot type.
  • Added a new stair style to Plot Stairs collection in both half plot and full plot width. These are in the style of aged wood without rails and will snap to themselves to allow for stacking as high as you need to go.
  • ASAM Vision now toggles the requested option message before actually altering the vision, this will allow you to quickly find the vision mode you want without having to wait for it to set up the highlighting.
  • Fixed clipping issues on several pieces of random clutter.

Version 2.1.4

+1 INTelligence Released - 20 October 2017

  • Fixed an issue where the Hydration Research Assistant quest would get stuck if you didn’t refresh the plot after starting it.
  • Fixed an issue where robots could end up auto-assigned to residential plots.
  • (Probably) Fixed a bug that could cause buildings of the wrong type to appear on a plot.
  • The Sim Settlements HUD pieces will now correctly no longer show up before the holotape is run for the first time on a save.
  • Fixed tax bonus from perks, was supposed to be giving 10% bonuses each for Local Leader 1/2 and Cap Collector 1/2/3, but was instead giving substantially more. If you previously felt the tax rate was too high and had turned it down or off, you may wish to give it another try. If you felt it was in a good spot, you’ll want to set the rates to double to get closer to what they were prior to this patch.
  • Reduced Martial Tech requirement from 3 and 5, to 2 and 4.
  • Made additional plot changes to improve snapping, even after a plot has been built on.
  • The auto-assignment queue will now be handled intelligently. If multiple plots are available, the system will prioritize assignment to those that produce resources the settlement currently needs. This only affects the queue, freshly built plots will still attempt to auto-assign available settlers. This change will primarily benefit players who pre-place many plots for when future settlers arrive.
  • Altered the way workshop resources (food, water, etc) are handled in code by Sim Settlements. This change will greatly reduce the number of objects Sim Settlements has to track (improving performance) as well as simplifying the resource system for add-on authors.
  • Increased Coal Power Plant output, it now produces 60 power instead of 50.
  • Fixed several icons in the Tech Tree that would have resulted in a constantly changing icon.
  • Fixed a bug where some furniture objects on plots would have their models flicker.
  • Reduced the total size of Industrial Revolution by about 12 MB on Xbox by optimizing some files.

Version 2.1.4b

  • Fixed a bug that could cause tax rates to go much higher than they should. Released - 28 October Date 2017
  • Fixed a bug where happiness bonuses from plots were not actually being applied to the settlement.

Version 2.1.3

Technolotree Released - 06 October 2017

  • Added new sub-menu to the ASAM Sensor menu called Manage Upgrades. It allows you to do the following things:
    • Upgrade eligible plots when upgrade is set to manual for them.
    • Individually change whether or not plots should upgrade automatically - this will override your holotape Upgrade settings so that you can lock individual buildings the way you want.
    • View the Tech Tree of the current building plan (Requires HUDFramework).
  • Added new Tech Tree interface (Requires HUDFramework). This can be accessed on any plot’s menu under the new Manage Upgrades menu if that plot has a building plan assigned that uses one - for example, the Advanced Industrial plot.
    • The Tech Tree shows you the various building paths your settlers have discovered and shows you what unlocked them.
    • While viewing the Tech Tree you can use your Zoom/Block button to cycle through all of the Tech Trees. Holstering your weapon will close the Tech Tree window.
  • Added necessary settings for Martial Plots to act like guard posts to the AI - this should make it more likely the assigned settlers stay on or near the Martial Plot during an attack.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause people upgrading from older versions of Sim Settlements to not get access to new features correctly.
  • Made further improvements to auto-assign code to increase the likelihood that new plots will be assigned quickly if there are available settlers.
  • Fixed an issue where a plot could end up without a default building plan and get stuck until you selected a building plan manually.
  • Level 1 bars are now correctly flagged as relaxation areas (previously only L2 and L3 bars were marked).
  • Recreational Plots are now flagged as relaxation areas.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent child settlers from being assigned to plot animation markers they are eligible to use.
  • Needs status of plots will now be updated every few hours, instead of just when you leave a settlement. This should better support gameplay for players who only want to focus on settlement building.
  • Changed the Realistic Build Times timer to fire less frequently to reduce script overhead. This will not affect the time it takes for buildings to construct with that setting on, it will only improve performance for people not using the setting.
  • Brahmin Brown Ale will now brew correctly in the Brewery.
  • Fixed a bug where an NPC could remain assigned to a animation markers from a formerly owned plot. This will not fix existing stuck animations, it will only prevent it from happening in the future.

Version 2.1.2

The Smoothening Released - 23 September 2017

  • Fixed a spelling mistake in one of the ore type names.
  • Fixed a problem with the Wizard incorrectly leaving residential notifications on when it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed several issues that were causing papyrus log spam.
  • Building plans banned by the player will now correctly be acknowledged by plots that were built before the ban was instituted. This will not force previously built or manually selected plans from being changed, it will only prevent those plots from using the banned plan as expected. Previously, if a plot was placed before a ban, it could end up with one of those banned plans anyway.
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs could end up assigned to a plot bed owned by another NPC.
  • Fixed a bug where plots could fail to spawn ASAM Sensors.
  • Added 60 second option to Delay Building Materials setting.
  • Made several adjustments towards smoothing out the early to mid game experience, to participate in the conversation, check out this thread:
    • Reduced Residential defense penalties from 1/2/3 to 0/1/2. (Note that this does not necessarily apply to VIPs which have their own bonuses and penalties)
    • Level 1 plots will now provide their benefits even when unpowered, the exception to this change are the Advanced Industrial plots.
  • Turning off Dynamic Needs now only affects the negative modifiers for Food, Water, Defense, and Happiness. Which means you can have it turned off and still take advantage of the Industrial Revolution buildings for things like water and power.
  • Added necessary keywords to prepare for next Transfer Settlements update so that random objects, such as ASAM Sensors won’t be incorrectly exported. After the next TS update, you’ll want to refresh your plots before exporting to ensure none of these objects are exported.
  • Activating the boiler again at the brewery after starting a wort should now correctly display the number of hours until it will be free again.
  • Added new Tracking Options under the Tools menu. These will allow you to turn on map marker based quest objectives to display Plots Awaiting Upgrade, Unhappy Citizens (plots without needs met), Recent Construction (construction and upgrades in the last hour), New Construction (construction and upgrades since last settlement visit).
  • Reduced file size of Industrial Revolution slightly by eliminating unneeded assets.
  • Fixed a bug in some of the new beer recipe effects.
  • Modified auto-assign code slightly to make it more likely to assign all available settlers after rapidly building multiple plots.
  • Altered Crash Watch message to better explain the problem that occurs and removed the Youtube link which is no longer relevant.

Version 2.1.1

The Brewmaster Released - 16 September 2017

  • Fixed another New Bugle article. (If you come across an article with only a title - please let me know!)
  • The Brewery is now open for all of your custom brewing needs. You can now cook Mash, add flavorings to the wort, and return to find new beers your settlers have bottled for you. There are over 50 beers to discover, either through experimentation or finding the recipes throughout Sim Settlements and the Commonwealth.

If you have an existing Brewery, Refresh the plot to add the new pieces you’ll need to interact with. If you want to ensure your Breweries don’t upgrade, be sure to set Upgrades Advanced to Manual.

  • Fixed a bug where the Full Charges version of the Destroy Local Plots tool was also destroying some non-player-placed items.

Version 2.1.0

Creation Clubbed Released - 07 September 2017

  • Made improvements to the snapping of Agricultural Plots.
  • Fixed a bug where plot types could still be buildable even if all expansions/add-ons that supplied building plans for them were uninstalled.
  • Simplified building plan management code to speed up add-on registration time.
  • Fixed a bug where an Advanced building plan could end up changing tech trees during a manual upgrade or building plan select.
  • Fixed the Super Menace New Bugle article which would only display the title.
  • Fixed a bug where the collision for the Agricultural plot would fall through the world.
  • Standardized plot descriptions in workshop mode.
  • Fixed a snap point on the back of all the foundation plots that was slightly higher than the others.
  • Improved Dynamic Flag code, it should be more likely to detect Martial plots near the edges of the settlement. Existing Martial plots will need to be refreshed for this to take effect.
  • Settlement Flags can now be created in Workshop mode. These flags will update themselves to match the flag selected on the City Planner’s Desk of that settlement. There are 5 varieties of these flags, 4 of them can be found under Decorations -> Misc, and the last under Decorations -> Wall -> Flags. If Settlement Menu Manager is detected, these will all be under a new Decorations category of the Sim Settlements menu.
  • Updated Iron Mine building stages to extend the dirt down the same amount as the final model so it’s clear when the building starts what will look good for placement purposes.
  • Advanced Industrial plots will now use junk that has the requisite raw material for upgrading. Any extra scrap and junk not used during the upgrade will be returned to your workbench after upgrading.
  • Fixed a bug with the experiment portion of the Hydration Research Assistant quest where the researcher would end up in the room with the player instead of on the other side of the glass.
  • Removed water negatives from the upgrade select screen messages for the building plans that no longer have them.
  • Altered default location and scale of the workshop HUD piece so that it’s less likely to cover up quest objectives.
  • Added conveyor belt sounds to the Ammo production buildings.
  • Fixed a bug where the Microfusion Research Assistant quest could get stuck if the plot was refreshed during a particular phase.
  • Added several new stair options that are either 256 or 512 wide to make setting up plots quicker. These will be added to the Sim Settlements menu if you have Settlement Menu Manager installed. (Thank you, Ethreon!)
  • Fixed a bug where the Hydration Research Assistant quest could get stuck if the plot was refreshed during a particular phase.
  • Fixed a bug where the holotape would incorrectly claim the Pipboy was not found.
  • Refactored Sim Settlements startup to help deal with all of the Load Order issues cropping up for players since the latest Fallout patch. This SHOULD incidentally fix the problem where some players had to wait to activate HUDFramework until after finding and loading the Sim Settlements holotape for the first time.
  • Modified Shelter fix code to hopefully eliminate Pipboy reporting errors on number of beds.
  • Variations of Dogmeat (such as DogMetal) will no longer be auto-assigned to plots.
  • Fixed a bug where building plans with multiple of the same bed model could continue to spawn beds over and over. If you find your bed count abnormally high, you’ll want to refresh any house with multiple beds of the same type (this does not apply to any of the base Sim Settlements homes).
  • Added new snaps to the front-center of the 2x2 plots with foundations to make centering stairs on the plots easier.

Version 2.0.7

Rubber Chicken with a Pulley in the Middle: Part 1 Released - 25 August 2017

  • Found another kidnapping quest the Town Meeting was still rescuing and accounted for it.
  • Fixed a bug where a plan selected from the Choose Building Plan menu could build a similar plan instead if it shared a path in the tech tree.
  • Fixed issue where Chemical Plant, Newspaper, and the two Ammo Plants could fail to stop producing items after the cell had unloaded.
  • Made further improvements to World Staging code in preparation for increased usage.
  • Animation markers and furniture objects will now be snapped in rather than faded into place. This will allow for plot refreshing to work faster as there will no longer need to be a pause to wait for those objects to fade in.
  • Whenever you enter a settlement, if the Shelter stat (part of happiness calculation) does not match your plot bed count, plot beds will automatically be re-created to repair the Shelter stat.
  • Added new Performance Option for Water Planes. Turning this off will prevent things like the Central Park or Community Well building plans from creating pools of water. This option was added for people who like to build vertically, because due to the way Fallout handles water, it treats all space underneath a pool as being under water.
  • Fixed a bug where two settlers could sandbox to the City Planner’s Desk at the same time (which did not look pretty….)
  • Replaced Oil Well sound effect with something not quite as high-pitched.
  • Fixed a bug with Mutant 02 magazine perk where it could double your jump height.
  • Added the first of many Research Quests. Research Quests involve helping the settlers who run your Advanced Industrial research buildings through various stages of their R&D. You’ll find clues that the settler is stuck on a problem that you can help them solve. Once you solve a problem, you can return back in a day or few to see if they’ve made any additional progress.

At the end of a Research Quest, you’ll be rewarded with an exciting new Discovery that can provide new items to help you on your adventures.

These first two quests are started at the Hydration Research Lab and Microfusion Garage. If you already have one of these plots, refresh them and wait a minute or two to make sure all of the pieces spawn in (many are invisible). The Research quests are started and progressed by activating various objects in the buildings. These are done in the style of old-school adventure games, with objectives that are intentionally obscure, leaving you to think your way through them (if that’s not your style, I’m sure the forums will have walk-throughs in no time!).

Warning: If your plot is on top of a space that was not meant to be scrapped, some of the triggers may be blocked because these scrap mods do not remove the collision planes that Bethesda placed.

Version 2.0.7a

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent you from receiving the Discovery for completing the Hydration Research quest. Released - 27 August 2017

Version 2.0.6

Babies, Beds, and Booms Released - 18 August 2017

  • Added tons of new random clutter provided by Myrmarachne and Tinuvia.
  • Added missing sound effect to the Community Well.
  • Child settlers can now own Residential and Agricultural plots. Due to lack of animations available to the child settlers, they may never actually animate to the plot or use the objects on them. Additional plot types may be made available to them in the future if I find someone to provide more animation support for them (send me your animator friends!).
  • Added helper collision and re-navmeshed the Agricultural plot to help NPCs enter from the front instead of always trying to enter their farms from the side.
  • Fixed Wasteland Lounger L3 model so that there is no longer a board sticking way off of the back of the home.
  • Fixed several VIPs so clutter isn’t spawning in the same space as their custom belongings. (If you find any overlapping objects in a home, please report them and I’ll get them cleaned up.)
  • The ASAM Sensor menu will now include a Destroy Plot option if the plot itself is missing for some reason. This option will clean up all objects that came from the plot, including the sensor itself.
  • Added sounds to the door and fixed the bed position of the L2 Toupee Shack home.
  • Find Homeless ASAM Vision will now acknowledge beds. The system is a bit imperfect because Bethesda did not include any simple means to test for bed ownership on an individual NPC. So it will flag the NPC as homeless for a second or two while it checks if they own a bed and will then clear it.
  • The Town Meeting function will no longer rescue kidnapped settlers. (It was never meant to, it was just an oversight in the design).
  • Added third option to Local Self Destruct tool which will destroy all objects in the settlement. If you are on Xbox or a lower end PC, you might want to back up your save before running this due to the explosions it will cause (they can be turned off under Configure Zoning Laws -> Demolition FX).
  • Modified Refresh Local Plots code to reduce the likelihood it gets stuck. If it does get stuck, you can leave the settlement to get it unstuck - if you do so, wait until it gives you the complete message before running the tool in another settlement.

Version 2.0.5

You're a Wizard, Harry! Released - 11 August 2017

  • Fixed an issue where the select building plan or select upgrade screen could double-prompt for a confirmation which would result in nothing happening.
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD meters could get permanently stuck and fail to update any longer.
  • Added dozens of new articles to the New Bugle.
  • Added new article type to New Bugle - Wanted Ads. These ads will tell you about small quests from the vanilla game that can be picked up by talking to a specific NPC and will mark the location on the map.
  • Made change to holotape code to attempt to resolve the issue for some players where the “install” screen of the City Manager holotape would loop over and over if HUDFramework was installed.
  • Fixed a bug where the holotape could sometimes get stuck on the “Must be loaded in pipboy” screen.
  • Completely re-designed world staging code (which is used to place objects in the world such as the holotapes). The new code is substantially more efficient and should prevent the twisted terminal bug in the Museum where the terminal would be turned so that it’s inaccessible and covering the holotape.
  • Added Configuration Wizard. This will ask you a series of questions about how you want to use the mod and change various holotape options based on your answers. It will run the first time you run the holotape in a playthrough, and can be re-run in the holotape under Tools.
  • Added new option to Configure Zoning Laws to reset all of them to the default values.
  • The Community Well upgrades will no longer ever reduce the water total from what it’s previous level was producing. This will make for better overall gameplay, as you can now create that building and rely on it as a water source, even if you have Upgrades Advanced on automatic. Refresh any of those plots to update the water modifier.
  • Changing Commercial Requirement in the holotape will now correctly display what it’s going to change in the message at the bottom of the terminal.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gen 1 synth created by one of the VIP stories would not correctly greet the player.
  • Fixed issue where the lamp on the City Planner’s Desk would hover slightly. Pick up and set the desk back down to update the positioning.

Version 2.0.5a

  • Fixed a bug where some plots would never be added to the auto-assignment queue. Released - 13 August 2017
  • Fixed a bug where the holotape wouldn’t detect the pipboy correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where after an add-on or expansion was removed that used the Sim Settlements Resource generation system your settlers could stop responding. If you have this bug on PC, you can fix it with Fallrim Tools (see below), if you are on Xbox - you’ll need to uninstall Sim Settlements, save your game, and then re-install the mod. This will, unfortunately, reset your Sim Settlements progress.

PC Fix: Open your save with Fallrim Tools, expand Active Scripts, find any entries that start with “autobuilder:autobuildparent”, right-click on them and choose Terminate. Now save your file.

Version 2.0.4

Cleanup in Aisle Seven Released - 03 August 2017

  • Added additional animation to the newspaper press in the New Bugle building so that newspapers actually roll off the press. Refresh the plot to see the new animation.
  • Fixed collision for 2x2 wood stilt versions of the Recreational and Martial plots so that player and NPCs can correctly walk between the posts underneath.
  • Explosion debris can now be scrapped with the Sim Settlements Helper mod.
  • Banned building plans will now correctly be selectable by the player at the plot Choose Building Plan menu.
  • Provisioners can now own a residential plot.
  • Find Unemployed ASAM Vision will no longer highlight Provisioners.
  • If All Work Counts as a Job is set to ON, Provisioners will be counted as jobs for the purpose of residential upgrades/HUD Meter.
  • Added havok data to the Mined Ore objects so that they will work with the conveyor belts from the Contraptions DLC.
  • Configured Performance Options for all remaining Sim Settlements and Industrial Revolution buildings.
  • Removed floating decal from Chemical Plant.
  • Chemical Plant now has animated conveyor belts and chems on the belts. Refresh the plot to see the new animations.
  • Fixed another issue with the Iron Mine cell causing an infinite black loading screen.
  • Nuclear Arms Factory is now animated, refresh the plot to see new production line.
  • Fixed several door positions which were slightly offset.
  • Fixed issue where objects could be left floating if a particular building was destroyed.
  • Greatly extended dirt for the Iron Mine model to allow for placing it a little higher off the ground.
  • Made adjustments to the Ammo Factory and Nuclear Arms factory to fix flickering texture issues.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause certain scripted objects to still act as if they were still in place after being deleted.
  • Central Park birds should now fly away if plot is upgraded, refreshed, or destroyed.
  • Munitions Factory is now animated. Refresh the plot to see the new production line.
  • Added tons of new random clutter to the randomized clutter system, these were donated by ohnno - creator of the Sim Settlements Scrapper add-on pack.
  • Added Happiness Report to the Tools section of the holotape. This will tell you exactly how all of the factors are affecting your current settlement’s happiness as well as give you a prediction of the next happiness update.
  • Fixed issue with Local Dynamic Needs that could prevent Agricultural, Martial, and Recreational plots from providing their benefits. If any of your plots were affected by this issue, refreshing them should correct it.
  • Changed sound effect emitters to use a smaller model. This should correct strange overlap areas where you couldn’t target things for activation that were nearby.

Version 2.0.3

Ban Hammer Released - 20 July 2017

  • Refreshing a plot will now correct the model if something prevented it from updating to the correct model even though the level increased correctly.
  • Fixed issue for players with Dynamic Needs turned OFF. Level 3 Martial and Recreational plots will now correctly have a defense or happiness bonus, respectively at level 3. All ratings were off by a level, L1 was getting L2’s bonus, L2 was getting L3’s bonus, and L3 was getting L0’s bonus. These plots will need to be refreshed if Dynamic Needs is OFF.
  • Fixed issue where Agricultural Food, Martial Defense and Recreational Happiness bonuses could be doubled.
  • Fixed snapping issue with arrow facing side of Martial plots.
  • Activating the ASAM Sensor will now automatically restore the plot if the game decided to make it disappear (still looking into the cause, but this will work as a stop-gap to bring the plot back when it happens).
  • Fixed issue where building plans could be capped at 128 per plot type, they should now be completely unlimited.
  • Added Building Plan banning support. Activate the desk drawer on the City Planner’s Desk to get access to a series of options.

When you select one of the Plan options, you’ll be asked to choose a plot type. From there you’ll be shown a container with each of the Building plans for that type. Any of them that you remove will be banned from being created by settlers (you’ll still be able to manually create those models).

This same option is available for the current settlement as well, the global bans and local plans are both counted, so if you ban a plan at the global level it will be assumed to be banned locally, even if the local still has that plan.

There are also two Reset options which will allow you to select a plot type and unban all of the Building Plans for that type.

  • Fixed Iron Mine exit door, you will no longer be trapped in loading screen.
  • Fixed issue where a branching building plan could get stuck at level 0 and never finish construction.
  • Modified flag code slightly to (hopefully) eliminate the issue where the desk flag would sometimes become a full-sized flag after choosing a new flag.
  • Configured Performance Options for all buildings in the Metal and Oil tech trees of Advanced Industrial.
  • Fixed some New Bugle article spelling/grammar mistakes.
  • Fixed issues with Home and Job requirement formulas which could be off if there were large numbers of unoccupied plots.
  • Added settings to allow beds (Beds are Homes) and non-plot jobs (All Work Counts As a Job) to count towards upgrade requirements, which will also allow them to fill the HUD meters. These are defaulted to OFF, as the core system is designed to trigger upgrades based on the level of other plots. Since beds and vanilla work don’t have levels, this can result in plots upgrading quicker than intended, as they don’t have to wait for the beds/or vanilla work to upgrade before they become eligible themselves.
  • If a plot is found outside of a settlement, an option to “Destroy Plot” will appear on the Plot Options menu. (When uninstalling mods mid-save, the game engine will sometimes swap records around and plots can end up where they shouldn’t be - this will allow Xbox players to remove those plots.)

Version 2.0.2

Pledge of Allegiance Released - 13 July 2017

  • The VIS compatible version of the holotape will now be filed as a Settings holotape instead of a generic one.
  • Changed construction markers to increase the likelihood Settlers actually use them during the construction phases.
  • Altered the ASAM Sensor code slightly to improve performance.
  • Fixed issue where the Martial tech requirement looked for level 3 industrial specifically, which was not the intention - any industrial plot level 1 or higher will count towards the Martial Tech Requirement.
  • Fixed issue where lower level Advanced Industrial wouldn’t count towards the overall job requirement for Residential plots.
  • Fixed issue where the Magazine Press would eventually start putting extra copies of magazines in the player’s inventory.
  • Martial Improved notifications can now be turned off.
  • The City Planner’s Desk now has a small flag on it. Activating this flag will bring up a menu showing you flags for the factions you have met, but are not enemies with. Selecting one of these flags will change the flag for that particular settlement, and all Martial plots will display it. (Note: You will need to pick up your existing City Planner Desks and set them back down to see the new flag. If activating the flag doesn’t show all expected options - give it a minute or two and try again)
  • Added Zoning Law to “Ignore Factions”, turning this ON will give you access to all of the faction flags, regardless of your point in the game. In the future, this setting may control more faction-related Sim Settlements things. (Note, you must save and reload your game for this setting to take effect)
  • Addon packs can add custom flags to the system.
  • Added new custom animation marker where the settler uses a pitchfork instead of a hoe. It should show up periodically when an Agricultural plot is being upgraded/built.
  • All non-Industrial Sim Settlements building plans now support Performance Options.
  • Added alternate, individual ASAM Vision switches to each of the different vision modes, they can be crafted at the City Planner’s Desk.
  • Fixed issue with Realistic Build Times for Advanced Industrial plots when Upgrades Advanced was set to Manual.
  • Recreational plots will now correctly apply a negative defense modifier.
  • Sleeping bags used by NPCs during Residential construction will no longer blink in and out of existence.

Version 2.0.2a

  • Fixes issue with custom flags, without this patch - custom flags may not show up in the select menu. Released - 14 July 2017

Version 2.0.1

Industrial Aftermath Released - 07 July 2017

  • Fixed issue where Martial plots wouldn’t upgrade unless your defense meter was full.
  • Fixed issue where stim-packing dogmeat would play the wrong animation.
  • Fixed Robco boxes in various places around the Commonwealth - they should now once again have the box art and provide 25 sensors.
  • The Industrial requirement to allow Martial plots to upgrade can now be turned off in the holotape, both globally and locally.
  • Martial and Recreational plots now have a base level defense and happiness, respectively, if Dynamic Needs is turned off.
  • Added Martial and Recreational options to the notification settings in the holotape.
  • Added local detonation option to Tools section of holotape.
  • Added local zoning laws option to reset the local laws to use the global options again.
  • Ham Radio is no longer sunk into the table of the level 2 guard post.
  • Fixed bug where changing the ASAM Sensors to invisible would cause almost everything to have the word Activate when hovered over.
  • Added option to turn off the Stockpile system for player’s who have a mod conflict or save corruption preventing resources from being generated. Turning this OFF, will cause resource generation to cut in half and is not recommended unless you are experiencing issues with the resource generation in the first place.
  • ASAM Sensors are no longer free from vendors.
  • Fixed several errors in New Bugle articles. Those responsible have been sacked.
  • Increased stagnation of OnCellLoad updates to reduce likelihood of sudden crashes when entering a settlement with a ton of plots.
  • Fixed misaligned beam on tier 3 Checkpoint building model.
  • All default Sim Settlements commercial buildings now have full support for Performance Settings. Including separating out the furniture from the clutter so that the buildings aren’t completely empty if clutter is turned off.
  • Fixed issue where ASAM Sensors would be continually added to vendor tables each time the game was loaded. Unfortunately, the “damage” has already been done - so any vendors that had large amounts of ASAM Sensors will continue to have them in that save. The solution for existing saves would mess with any other mods that had injected items.
  • All vanilla objects have been removed from Sim Settlement’s default and Industrial Revolution building plans. Any save file that is created from this patch on, will no longer need to run the Self Destruct Sequence before uninstalling. Saves with previous builds of Sim Settlements may have already spawned some of those vanilla objects and running Self Destruct before uninstall is still recommended for those.
  • Fixed several of the new perk magazines which had mismatched cover and inventory art.
  • Fixed issue where power would display as if not required on a plot before it was built to level 1, this would prevent power from passing through the plot. If you have a plot with this issue, you’ll need to refresh it for the update to function.

Version 2.0.0

This is NOT the Industrial Revolution Released - 30 June 2017

  • Fixed issue where the HUD wouldn’t show up after you first loaded your game in a settlement.
  • ASAM Sensors will now appear on plot posts. When activated, these bring up a menu of options. Visible ASAM Sensors can be turned off via a holotape option, which will cause the activation menu to replace the Find Owner function on the plot (though Find Owner is available on the activation menu). For existing plots from before this patch, please refresh them using the Immersion Breaker Breaker or the Refresh Local Plots option in your holotape to get the new sensor to appear.
  • Building plan can now be selected. On the ASAM Sensor menu, select Choose Building Plan. A container will be shown, whichever building plan is looted last will be built. If the building plan has a custom message object configured, it will be shown when you first select it so you can learn more about the building before committing to it.
  • Added City Planner’s Desk - acts as a workbench for crafting Sim Settlement’s objects and also includes a terminal with a copy of the City Manager 2078 software on it.
  • Added 3 variations of the holotape that are craftable at the City Planner’s desk. The City Planner’s Desk is only unlocked after the holotape has been found and loaded - these craftable versions are renamed for sorting purposes.
  • Added Manual Upgrade and Manual Advanced Upgrade options. These switch buildings so that they will no longer auto-upgrade and instead require you to approve each upgrade on the plot options menu.
  • Added new ASAM Vision mode to find buildings that need a manual upgrade. They will be highlighted in a pulsing green.
  • Changed the bed in the tier 3 Clinic so it doesn’t count toward the bed total of the settlement.
  • Fixed an issue where add-on industrial plots would never provide more than 2 scavenge bonus.
  • If Plot Costs are turned off ASAM Sensors cost just a single steel.
  • Fixed an issue where you would need to change cells before the audio settings were refreshed after you loaded your game.
  • Items in a plot spawned container will now be automatically moved to the workbench if the plot is refreshed or destroyed.
  • Confirmation message about demolishing the building when changing the building plan will now only show up if the building is higher than level 1.
  • Changed data on building plaques: Combined Income and Tax into a single field; Happiness Bonus renamed to Happiness; Removed Scavenging Bonus field; Added Level field to show what level the current building is at.
  • Added queue system to add-on pack registration to avoid conflicts.
  • If an add-on pack is removed, there is now a 20 second delay before those plots will begin reconstruction. This is to avoid a scenario where the add-on pack hasn’t finished loading before the check is complete.
  • Refresh Local Plots and the Immersion Breaker Breaker will now attempt to remove leftover objects.
  • Added Machine Ambience to audio options. This will control things like generator hums.
  • Changed the name Hawkers to Barkers. (thanks ErusPrime! :) )
  • Armor Store L3 Barker will actually work with the Mute option now (though there is still an issue with it regarding the 50% volume setting - being looked into).
  • Doors that were open before you exited the game should now correctly auto-close when you load back in (assuming you have auto-close doors enabled).
  • Added 3 new plot types, Martial (defense - available in 1x1 and 2x2 versions), Recreational (happiness), and Advanced Industrial. None of these have building plans in the base Sim Settlements mod. They must be added with the Industrial Revolution expansion pack or from Add-on packs.
  • ASAM Sensors are now leveled list injected into various vendors around the Commonwealth (may take 30 in game days for them to show up due to respawn rules).
  • Created a new item representing the constructible 10-pack of sensors to make it less confusing in the build screen.


Version 1.1.9

Last of the 1.Xs Released - 16 June 2017

  • Removed collision from construction scaffolding. This will make running wires no longer a race against construction starting.
  • Defense requirement formula reduced to Food + (Water/2). Was previously Food + Water, which was based on the vanilla requirement to reduce raids to a minimum. This new formula will allow for a reasonable raid chance while still getting Sim Settlements upgrades. Players who don’t want to be raided much can continue to build excess defense to gain that effect.
  • Updated plot material costs. Many of them were lacking the foundation material costs. Others needed to be updated to reflect the increase in size to 2x2. They are balanced around being a slightly lower cost than if you had manually built the foundation for them.
  • Reorganized SMM menu so Residential plots are first in the menu since they’re needed the most.
  • Companions will no longer be re-assigned to their plots if you take them back as a companion. This should prevent an issue where companions assigned as shopkeepers would no longer have their affinity dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug where the building materials could randomly reappear on a plot.
  • Changed the way streetlights work for Commercial: they will now turn off if a plot is unoccupied and they will now automatically work with all add-on buildings without the author needing to spawn them.
  • Fixed issue where a weapons shop was reducing defense instead of increasing it.
  • Changed the way initialization is done to potentially solve the issue where the holotape would seem to be stuck at the “install” screen.
  • Foundation plots can now be sunk a bit further into the ground.
  • Turrets can now be used with the Plot Powered system, so add-on authors can require that a plot be powered in order for the turret to remain active.
  • Added second recipe for ASAM Sensors which crafts 10 at a time.
  • Added Audio Options section to Holotape. This breaks the sounds added by Sim Settlements into groups so the volume can be cut in half or muted for each category.
  • Added Performance Options section to Holotape. Changing these will cause Sim Settlements to remove or replace certain types of objects to help players struggling with performance issues (such as unplayable frame rates, or crashes). Not all buildings are configured to take advantage of these yet. More buildings will be updated with each patch to take full advantage of this new system.
  • Audio options will now be correctly used each time you enter a settlement. Previously, had you turned off sounds in the holotape, the game would turn their volume back up as soon as you loaded your game again or loaded back into a settlement.
  • Added None option to Commercial Requirement which allows commercial to no longer check for home or population counts.

Version 1.1.8

Maximum Integration Released - 01 June 2017

  • Fixed several beds that were causing the NPCs to lay at weird angles.
  • Altered CrashWatch message to remind players they could turn it off in the holotape.
  • IBB and Refresh Local Plots will now correctly work immediately with updates made to Sim Settlements or AddOn Packs on level 3 buildings, previously you would have had to do so twice for changes to appear.
  • Positive power, water, defense, and food bonuses should now show up in Workshop mode when highlighting plots. This has the added advantage of maintaining the current counts during building stages, which should be especially helpful to players using Realistic Build Times. Negative modifiers still require viewing the plaque.

AddOn authors will be able to convert their building plans to make use of the new feature to apply their bonuses directly to the plot.

  • Clicking Town Meeting Gavel on the Aid tab of your inventory should no longer cause you to get stuck in a fade to black screen until you hit your pipboy button.
  • Cleaned maintenance script to reduce likelihood of log spam.
  • Added a custom Sim Settlements build menu. It requires Settlement Menu Manager ( or which prevents custom build menus that integrate with it from ever screwing up the workshop menus.
  • Moving a plot will no longer require refreshing to make it resume construction.

Version 1.1.8a

  • Makes a small change so that defense values can be correctly applied to plots in workshop view. Released - 02 June 2017

Version 1.1.7

Boats and Snaps Released - 24 May 2017

  • Adjusted building stage transition time slightly to try and smooth it out better.
  • Added floor snaps to the foundationless plots so they will snap on top of floor pieces.
  • Fixed collision on foundationless plots to make them more likely to snap to each other correctly.
  • Removed collision on plot arrow.
  • Fixed issue where hitting “Take” on a building plaque could result it in being positioned floating in the world near the plot.
  • Fixed the hospital style bed so that it correctly counts as a bed in the workshop. The Immersion Breaker Breaker or the Refresh Local Plots option will fix any of these you have in your settlements.
  • Added a new house model that was contributed by user karmakimmy7.
  • Fixed a case where an NPC could get re-assigned to an empty house even when they already owned one.

Version 1.1.6

Designer's Delight Released - 18 May 2017

  • Fixed another case where settlers could be flagged as having a job when they didn’t.
  • Fixed a bug where the happiness meter would stay at zero, even if the happiness was fine in workshop mode.
  • Dogs/Brahmin should no longer appear jobless in ASAM Vision.
  • Automatron robots will no longer take over residential plots.
  • Robots will no longer show up as homeless in ASAM Vision.
  • Settlers can now be assigned to vanilla work objects along with Residential plots in either order. If residential plots are assigned before vanilla objects, there will still be a brief 10 second period where the NPC is unassigned from their residential plot.
  • Added Architect’s TSquare. This is a new tool that can crafted in the Chemistry Station under Utility. This changes the plot activation options to allow you to cycle through the building plans for that plot type, it will display the name of the building plan in the corner. Doing so will reset the plot to level 1. It is the preferred method of altering the building plan, as opposed to the previous method of picking up the plot in workshop mode and choosing the middle option.

Version 1.1.5

Operation Debug Released - 12 May 2017

  • Fixed several random objects that were being moved by Sim Settlements (thanks Creation Kit -.- ).
  • Fixed messages at the bottom of the holotape that print out when Auto Close Doors was toggled so the messages now match what is actually happening.
  • Spotlights, dogs, and your current companion will no longer be detected as homeless/jobless by ASAM Vision.
  • ASAM Vision will now be turned off if you toggle it while outside of a settlement. You will still get the warning message, but can be confident it turned off.
  • Tax day for zero dollars will no longer trigger before the holotape is found.
  • If an Addon Pack is removed, plots using the Addon will be reset and assigned a new building plan the first time you visit each settlement.
  • Staggered object update code when the player arrives in/leaves a settlement. This should reduce the likelihood of CTDs on Xbox and older PCs when fast traveling to/from a settlement that has a large number of plots.
  • All Industrial jobs will now have the scavenger icon, this also means they get the bizarre default behavior of spending a lot of their time wandering around your settlement with gun drawn. Existing buildings will need be refreshed with the Immersion Breaker Breaker or the NPC re-assigned to correct the icon.
  • Switched all beds used by the default Sim Settlements houses so they each count as exactly one bed. Any plots with an incorrect bed count will need to be refreshed (with the IBB or new holotape tool mentioned below).
  • Added maintenance quest that will help to alleviate issues caused by various script lag.
  • Replaced hammer construction markers with wrench and torch animations. The loud sounds of the hammering defeated the purpose of keeping building sounds to a very short radius.
  • Added new holotape Tool to “Refresh Local Plots” - which will apply the Immersion Breaker Breaker effect to all the plots in the current settlement.
  • Mod version upgrade message should now work on Xbox.
  • Altered the way assignment is tracked, this should reduce the likelihood of NPCs stealing each other’s plots.

Version 1.1.5a

  • Find Owner tracking quest will now be cleared if an NPC moves to another settlement, is killed, or is assigned to a new plot. Released - 12 May 2017
  • Fixed issue with ASAM Vision where a settler could still be flagged as being employed even though they didn’t have a job yet.
  • Settlers can once again be assigned to a vanilla/mod added job after being assigned to a residential plot.

Version 1.1.4

View Plaque Issue Released - 04 May 2017

  • Fixed a bug that could be caused by a plot being deleted by a third party script (from outside Sim Settlements) without firing the appropriate events.
  • Added maintenance script that will periodically scrub the auto-assignment queue of bad data to prevent that bug from occurring again in the future.
  • All beds should correctly count as one bed now.

Version 1.1.3

Shut the Bleeping Door Released - 02 May 2017

  • Fixed issue where a Town Meeting could get stuck a fade to black for a very long time for some users.
  • Fixed issue where ASAM Vision could quit working if you used it outside of a settlement.
  • Improved plot initialization code (thanks cdante!), this should reduce occurrences of plots getting stuck due to backed up workshop scripts.
  • Settlers will no longer be re-assigned back to plots after being moved to a new settlement.
  • ASAM Sensor and ASAM Vision Switch recipes are automatically unlocked when the holotape is loaded. This was done because the global that controls this is being reset for some users for an unknown reason.
  • Agricultural Plots should no longer bug out and require power. Any that currently require power can be fixed with the Immersion Breaker Breaker.
  • Agricultural Plots should no longer lose their food count when viewed in Workshop mode. For plots that already have this issue, the Immersion Breaker Breaker will now correct it.
  • Added Notification Settings option to convert messages to pop-ups.
  • Plot doors will now close themselves. This only applies to doors created after this patch. Using the Immersion Breaker Breaker on a plot will register its doors with the autoclose system.
  • Added Auto Door Closing controls to holotape.

Version 1.1.2

Tools of the Trade Released - 25 April 2017

  • “Can't spawn object” messages moved to the trace log instead of printing to the screen.
  • Added Town Meeting ability which brings all settlers directly to you after a short fade out. The settlers then follow you for about 30 seconds. The Town Meeting can be started in the holotape or with an object called the Town Meeting Gavel which can be crafted at the Chemistry Workbench.
  • Added ASAM Vision ability which highlights settlers that need homes or jobs. You can cycle through the versions of this in the holotape or with an object called the ASAM Vision Switch which can be crafted at the Chemistry Workbench.
  • Settlers assigned to only a residential plot will no longer be flagged as having a job. This should make Sim Settlements work better with Settlement Management Software (unconfirmed). Note that settlers assigned to residential plots prior to this patch are flagged as having a job still * only new assignments will correct this issue.
  • Modified the way building models are handled to help prevent future “double-buildings” from occurring (where a new building model seems to start growing on a plot that already has one).
  • Added Tools menu to the holotape. Citizen Needs and Start Self Destruct Sequence can now be found there. As well as a toggle for ASAM Vision, and an option to Call Town Meeting.
  • Updated Help menu in the holotape. The names should now match what are actually in the holotape.
  • Added Citizen Needs Requirement toggle to holotape. This will allow upgrades to happen even if settler needs aren’t met. This will allow different gameplay styles such as using some settlements as farm hubs to supply food for the others, or playing with low defense to encourage raids. Better options for those play styles will be coming in future updates, but this is an immediate means of enabling that playstyle without having to sacrifice Sim Settlement upgrades. Note: Taxes still require that all needs are met regardless of this setting.
  • The Immersion Breaker Breaker should now be much better at cleaning up leftover objects if you experience random bugs with spawn objects or if you uninstall an AddOn pack which had generated one of your buildings.

Version 1.1.1

Let Them Hear Sound Released - 18 April 2017

  • Fixed light alignment of level 2 Trailer Trash building plan so it works with 2x2 plots.
  • Immersion Breaker Breaker will now correctly work with 2x2 plots.
  • Removed hose from L3 farm plot as it doesn’t work with all plot sizes, may add it back in the future when I find a way to deal with the post being in a different place on each plot size.
  • Concrete plots now have a proper sound effect when placing them.
  • Fixed front left corner collision so that floor tiles can be snapped there.
  • Changed farm collision so that the very front of the plot is open for settlers to be able to walk on. This should also help with snapping.
  • Special effects for demolition can be turned off in the holotape, will make it easier for re-placing plots as you won’t have to wait for the debris to de-spawn.
  • NPCs will now be fully cleared from animation marks of a plot after they are re-assigned. Previously, someone else would need to be assigned to the plot in order to change ownership of the markers. So you could end up with a shopkeeper that would come use the farming animation markers even after they were unassigned from an agricultural plot.
  • Random reassignment should no longer occur from the mod. Third party mods can still override assignments - but Sim Settlements will no longer compete with itself.
  • Settlers will no longer be able to own vanilla work and Sim Settlements jobs (they can still own a home plus vanilla work). To fix existing multiple assignment issues, store the vanilla object in the workshop and place it again.
  • Fixed navigation in level 1 Clothing Store so that the settler will actually man the shop. Will require using the Immersion Breaker Breaker to update existing.
  • Fixed issue where some settlers would stop qualifying for auto-assignment.
  • Fixed the Sim Settlement sound effects - turns out you guys couldn’t hear what I heard!

Version 1.1.0

Prepare for the Future Released - 09 April 2017

  • Made changes to the plot counting code to prep for additional plot types.
  • Re-designed data storage to expand possibilities for future updates. This will also improve the code that controls taxes and commercial property requirements. This requires a short install period when you first load your game to migrate to the new storage. It is a non-destructive process so you can still roll back your save or mod version without issue.
  • Replaced all vanilla furniture markers that are spawned by Plots with Sim Settlements versions, this should resolve the issue with many farmers and industrial scavengers seeming to just stand around. (Use the Immersion Breaker Breaker on existing plots).
  • Sim Settlements crops should now all be manually harvestable every so often.
  • Plots were increased in size by about 10% so they match with the game’s existing objects. Your previously placed plots are still the former size.
  • New 2x2 plots with foundations have many more snap points and the arrow indicator is more easily visible.
  • Added Other category to Commercial for AddOn packs to make use of for custom shops.
  • The Holotape (and some sensors) can now be found in two additional locations around the Commonwealth.
  • Added toggle for Crash Watch in the Notifications section of the holotape.

Version 1.0.6

Hey, Get Back to Work! Released - 04 April 2017

  • Fixed issue where plots created before patch 1.0.4 could get stuck after you demo the building. The building will start constructing again after about 15 seconds unless you’ve modified the building material delay holotape option.
  • Prepped building plans to support new industrial buildings.
  • Added support for expansion esps.
  • Moved residential power connect point to a new spot to make it much less likely it gets covered by a building model.
  • Robots are no longer counted in upgrade calculations. This means they no longer are added to the food and water requirement but also don’t count towards the Commercial population requirement.
  • Changed plot furniture marker code to help encourage AI to stay at their posts during work hours. Requires a Force Update with the Immersion Breaker Breaker on all plots you want to fix this issue for.
  • Added option to show HUD meters only in workshop mode. This can be tricky as there is a queued delay in HUDFramework which can cause this to fail sometimes.
  • Added scaling options to HUD meters of 100% (default), 75% of default, and 50% of default.
  • Added basic positioning options to HUD meters: Left, Indented Left, Right, Indented Right, Top, Middle, Bottom.
  • Leftover crops will now be scappable when the Sim Settlements Helper mod is installed.
  • Added buffer system to CrashWatch code to further reduce false positives caused by Sleeping/Waiting/Fast Travel.
  • Added Citizen Needs option to holotape which will show the needs of the current settlement in percent when selected. Meant for players who don’t have HUDFramework or can’t get it working.

Version 1.0.5

Big Bada Boom Released - 27 March 2017

  • Fixed issue with Auto Assign Unique NPCs option preventing manual assignment as well.
  • Added holotape option to destroy all plots in the game to make uninstall simpler. Takes about 3 minutes to run, you will receive a pop-up on completion.

Version 1.0.4

Holotape 2.0 Released - 25 March 2017

  • Added a delay before building materials appear so users can snap plots in place without fighting the collision of those.
  • Redesigned holotape options, dropped lore friendliness in favor of clear names.
  • Holotape options now refresh screen instead of displaying lore friendly explanation, this will make the holotape feel a little more responsive.
  • Building Material Delay can now be configured in the holotape.
  • Commercial requirement can now be set to homes or population instead of both as it was in the initial release.
  • Added multiple Auto-Assignment controls to the holotape to allow fine-tune control over which settlers are assigned to plots.
  • Activating terminals created by Sim Settlements will no longer make the settlers hostile.
  • Certain NPCs not meant to be assignable, such as the Minuteman Radio Operator, will no longer be auto-assigned.
  • Dead Settlers should no longer be assigned to plots.
  • NPCs should do better at dual assignment between Residential Plots and vanilla/mod added work objects.

Version 1.0.3

The Builders Released - 18 March 2017

  • Improves Crash Monitor to cause less false positives.
  • Improved demolitions! Thanks veteran_gamer!
  • Preps your game to work with external Addon packs created by the Builder's Toolkit

Version 1.0.2

Dead Plot Bug Fix Released - 14 March 2017

Version 1.0.2a

  • Adds another way to detect the Dead Plot bug in the background, will display to you the same way the other did as described here: Released - 14 March 2017
  • This is an optional update, though if you think you have the bug and never received the crash prompt, it's worth downloading.

Version 1.0.1

Robots and Orphans Released - 12 March 2017

  • Removed several worldspace edits the CK decided to save.
  • Child settlers are no longer assignable to plots. Presently, if they are assigned to any item that doesn’t have “Child Can Use” flagged causes them to get stuck, and since Sim Settlements assigns to all sub objects created by a plot, I don’t want to risk “breaking” those child settlers.
  • Robots no longer require food, water, and homes in the Sim Settlement calculations.
  • Robots are no longer assignable to residential plots. They don’t need them! This may become an optional feature in the future.
  • Made changes to the message system to reduce the likelihood building upgrades are reported from the wrong settlement.
  • Added Personal Inspections to holotape Zoning Laws. This will allow your buildings to continue upgrading even if you haven’t had a chance to see them in their current state.
  • Fixed issue where buildings could upgrade the second you arrive at a settlement before you got a chance to see their current level.
  • Tax Rate now correctly displays on plot. The rate displayed is the caps/tax period.
  • Negative water rates will now show correctly as whole numbers on the HUD.