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General Sim Settlements FAQ

Why is the Wasteland Lounger Plot completely walled in with no entrance?

Kinggath: "That's just supposed to be a fun VIP and kind of pokes fun at the teleporting AI. If you fast-travel [into] the settlement at night, they will be asleep in the bed."

Are different and/or larger Plot sizes being considered?

  • Kinggath: "I will definitely add the plot models and support for larger plots, so that you guys doing add-ons can make use of them. I have no timeline though.
One of my concerns is that adding too many plot sizes at once will be confusing and of limited use to the players. For example, let's say I added 4 new plot sizes (3x3, 3x2, 4x4, 4x3), there are currently 7 plot types, so that's 28 new options. More than likely, we'd end up with one or two people adding content to each, so then we end up with situations where a plot type has only a single building plan ever available for it - which as a player, I'd be pretty unhappy about.
Doing the slow roll-out ensures we're all providing content for the same plot sizes so that player's have access to a reasonable amount of content for each.
The 2x2 variation of the Martial plot was my first test run in offering a plot size that I had no content for, and so far, it's getting minimal attention - so I'm being very cautious about a wide rollout of new plot sizes."

Why are excess settlement resources not shared between settlements for plot upgrade purposes?

Kinggath: "That's in my long term plans. The system Bethesda uses for sharing resources for happiness is really awkward - it literally moves pieces of food and water out of the workbenches to hit the daily needs, which won't work for Sim Settlement's calculations, so I have to come up with a good means of handling it that won't be a script hog."

Why don't the items show up in my Special menu?

Watch the Quick Start Video.

Can you create plots to use inside the existing buildings or in the Vault DLC?

That's outside the scope of the mod right now, though at some point I will open-source the framework so the community can expand the system as much as they like!

I'm having trouble with Commercial plots/Building Upgrades/Taxes!

Check out this video to get some background details on how the code works: FAQ Episode 1. Also, that was not a question.

Why is this an ESM?

Sim Settlements includes tons of resources for anyone to add their own stuff to the mod. While this can be done without parenting to Sim Settlements, it's a ton more work and will inflate the size of their mod. By making this an ESM, other mods can set this as a Master File and make direct use of some of the objects in Sim Settlements.

Where should this go in my load order?

ESM mods will be naturally near the top of your load order. Since this mod doesn't affect any vanilla records, it shouldn't matter where it is. If you're using HUDFramework, that mod should be above Sim Settlements in the load order.

Is any DLC required?

Definitely not. Everything was built using vanilla or custom assets.

Are there any limits to how many plots I can build?

Nope, go nuts.

How does this affect my build limit?

Since this mod spawns in most of the objects, it actually bypasses affecting the build limit by quite a bit. The actual plot and the posts will count towards your triangle limit, but nothing else should. So you get a virtual boost to your build limit by using these!

Will this hurt my frame rate?

For the most part, this won't affect your frame rate anymore than building a ton of workshop items would. There are a few shop models that have crazy amounts of high-poly clutter, so those might cause a dip - I will look into optimizing those for a future release.

Why do the sleeping bags flicker in and out?

All items that are spawned by the plots are refreshed at each building stage, since the default build speed is now real-time, that happens quite rapidly. A workaround for the builder's beds may be added in a future update.

Rise of the Commonwealth (Official Expansion Pack) FAQ

Please note that you must have Sim Settlements core mod updated to 3.0 for Rise of the Commonwealth to function.
We now have a special FAQ for Rise of the Commonwealth:
Rise of the Commonwealth: Frequently Asked Questions