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With Sim Settlements, you no longer have to personally build structures for your settlers to live, work, and play in. Instead, you can zone areas of your settlement for construction using plots. These plots are available in six types, each zoning for a different kind of building or activity. In the Sim Settlements Workshop menu the different plot types have been color-coded: Residential (red), Agricultural (green), Industrial (yellow), Commercial (blue), Martial (grey), and Recreational (purple).

Once a plot has been created and a settler assigned, an appropriate building plan is randomly chosen and construction begins. Sim Settlements comes with multiple building plans, both exterior and interior, for Residential, Agricultural, and Commercial plots, but only one for Industrial, Martial, and Recreational. More building plans for each type of plot can be added by installing expansion packs and community created add-on packs.

By default, Sim Settlements will randomize building plan selection. To prevent duplicate building plans in the same settlement, it will prioritize those that have not yet been constructed. Further, for Commercial plots, Sim Settlements will prioritize diversity of store types, to prevent multiple stores of the same type (not just the same building plan) from occurring in the same settlement.

The City Manager's Desk can be used to ban particular building plans that you do not want to be included in the random selection. These ban lists can be created both locally and globally, so it's possible, for example, to ban a particular building plan in Sanctuary but not in Starlight Drive-In.

Advanced plots, such as those introduced by the Industrial Revolution expansion, have multiple upgrade paths. By default, upgrade paths are chosen randomly, but this can be changed in the City Manager 2078 holotape if you would prefer manual control over advanced plots.

When random selection is enabled for Residential plots, there is a small chance that a settler will be designated a "VIP". VIPs have unique versions of regular building plans that only occur once.

If you would prefer to choose the building plan for a plot yourself, then you can do this by activating the ASAM sensor attached to a plot's corner post. Select "Choose Building Plan" from the menu, and then "Take" the building plan you want to be constructed.


  • Due to limitations with the Creation Kit, there is no way to create custom dynamic menus for building plan selection, so the container menu has been jerry-rigged to serve that purpose.
  • If you remove all building plans from the random selection list, then no building plan will be built until you have manually selected one.
  • Some building plans included in add-on packs are automatically omitted from the random selection lists and require manual selection.
  • If randomized building plan selection is disabled, then no VIPs will appear.