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WF Logo.png TLDR: Workshop Framework attempts to open up the settlement system in a way that many mod authors can contribute (and not just coders either! There are tons of things even the greenest mod author can take advantage of). It has immediate benefits to players outlined in the Player Focused Features list below.

If you use the Unofficial Patch - be certain that Workshop Framework comes AFTER it in your load order.

Player Focused Features

  • Faster and more stable Workshop scripts
  • Settlement Import/Export system
  • Automatic Workshop Menu protection
  • Fixes Pipboy Data screen issues
  • Fixes the "Spectacle Island" problem
  • No DLC requirements
  • New Options via MCM/Holotape
    • Auto assign controls
    • Adjust max amount of food and defense settlers can operate
    • Adjust base robot happiness (eliminate the penalty if you like)
    • Make robots not count against your max population
    • and more!

Mod Author Focused Features

  • Rewritten Workshop Scripts - faster and more open
  • Completely backwards compatible* - no property names or function signatures were altered
  • Adjust any workshop value on the fly - no more hard coded variables
  • Simple API for advanced functionality for folks who can only code a little (ex. Dynamically place workshop items like Sim Settlements does with just a few lines of code)
  • 50+ new workshop values you can apply to workshop items to create new more interesting bonuses for players
  • Add your own workshop values for production and consumption with just a single line of code
  • High-capacity, easily expandable threading system
  • New Container System to route production to more than just the Workshop Container
  • Uninstall-safe injection to change workshop production, settler pool, and more
  • Automatic workshop menu protection means no more need for uninstall chems for workshop mods.
  • Settlement Layout Import/Export system can be extended and code driven for powerful automated settlement building.
  • HUDFramework abstraction layer to handle automatic detection, throttling, and communication so you can include HUDFramework calls throughout your code without worrying if the player has it installed or not.
  • Including new easy-to-use Progress Meters system!
  • Completely open-source and community driven

Any other mods that altered workshop scripts will break this and are likely incompatible. The exception is the Unofficial Patch which should be placed before this in your load order so that the additional script changes made by Workshop Framework will overwrite the UFO4P versions.

New in 2020 - Settlement Layout System


For complete documentation, head to the Github repo.

Open Source and Permissions

While this is open-source, and anyone has permission to make use of pieces of code found inside of these scripts, please do not release new versions of the exact same named scripts, or release things based on the code that would interfere with what this mod is trying to achieve. The idea is that this framework will become a central staple we can all build on without compatibility issues.

The Future

  • Continue Improving the speed and stability of the Workshop scripts.
  • Flesh out and expand the API.
  • Add more hooks to allow doing other things the community dreams up (drop by the Github repo to join in the discussion or even get in on the development!).
  • Add additional advanced systems that more mod authors can take advantage of to add extra functionality to their mods without the need for a programming background.

Special Thanks

1000101 - For helping me develop the threading system and allowing me to use his thread locking code!

Arthmoor and the rest of the Unofficial Patch team for allowing me to use their Workshop fixes!

Woodfuzzy, Krazyhorse, and Moonbeam for testing the crap out of this so I could feel comfortable releasing it...