Rise Of The Commonwealth In Depth

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Here are some in-depth videos showcasing what is in the Rise Of The Commonwealth expansion pack for Sim Settlements.

In-Depth Series Intro

This is the first of a series of videos going into the details and thought process behind Sim Settlements: Rise of the Commonwealth.

City Building

This video goes over how the city building works.

City Upgrades

This video goes over the requirements of getting cities to upgrade and some of the options you have available in the process.

Interior Plots

This video talks about Interior plots and some of the quirks to be aware of with them.

Donation System

This video explains how the donation system works, including what you can donate to settlements and how each type of thing will impact it.

Recruitment and Taxes

This video goes over the new recruitment options and explains the effects of changing taxes.

Maintenance System

This video goes over the optional Maintenance System and how it can re-balance settlement gameplay and eliminate turret and generator spamming.

Immersion Features

This video discuss the Dynamic Soundscape and Visitor systems.