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Sim Settlements

Kinggath - Creator / Lead Developer

Special Thanks
VG - Demolitions expert!
Del Chupenebray - Sound man!
Vicyorus, damanding, casputin, mimaef for finding serious bugs and getting me the save files and reports needed to get everything running seamlessly!
femshepping and retrobabe for allowing me to use the rug textures from their mods
mm137 for allowing me to use the cat textures from Craftable Cats
eskanonen for allowing me to use Scrappy Signs
Ethreon for allowing me to use some of his stair models (and his TONS of contributions to Industrial Revolution)
DavidJCobb and Chesko for their papyrus libraries, without which this mod would not have been possible!
Cube for helping on all sorts of aspects of Sim Settlements, doing the tough jobs!
Sirlach for helping redesign some of the SS buildings to match our new standards!

Industrial Revolution

Special Thanks
VG - Demolitions expert!
Del Chupenebray - Sound man! Seriously, this expansion could not exist without him!
Halo1m and scivirus - Saving the day with some last minute sound work!
Woodfuzzy, Krazyhorse and damanding for finding serious bugs and getting me the save files and reports needed to get everything running seamlessly!
Ethreon for many of the models and animations!
mimaef for building all of the Metal tech tree buildings!
RuinedWorld, Fuji, and Cynical_Bounce for the custom skill magazine art and newspaper header!
DropkickCleary, FatalSyn, IAmTheDanger, Kefke, and WeiseDrachenJaeger for the New Bugle newspaper!
Troy Irving for the custom drinking animation!
frogprincessQ4 for the bird textures!
qwertyzeldar and VigilanteSilver for face design action!
Kefke for the quest dialogue - SHAAUUUUUUNNNN!
Shoeburglar for the insane weapon model for Euclid's C-Finder!
MikeMoore for giving out awesome modder's resources!
ladygumdrop for busting out terminal entries like it was her job!
Danger, Reann Shepard, superweevil, LaidBackNinja, and Marc Eastman for expanding the New Bugle to cover all of the DLC!
Jared Gilpin aka BusinessVulture - Master dungeon builder!
VanashePanda for the awesome animations that occur in the distillery!

Voice Cast
Cue - Rick Whelan
Hydration Researcher - Chronic Curmudgeon
Magnum - Yongyea
Mr. Genius - Sirick
Tom Sanford - spacefiddle

Rise of the Commonwealth

Settlement Design Team
Blimington, BrayBrahBacon, Cynical_Bounce, Donald Strong, Fanciestmoon, FutureCrops, Nilus123, Ruinedworld, Tankthing, UrsaPolaris, Xanthir, AidenMacbeth, Eskanonen, and CordlessVII for the amazing settlement design work - I could not have done this without you all!
Sino, DonutsStrongJaw, Maturin for helping out in the early life of this project!

Sound and Voice Talent
Del Chupenebray - Sound man! Dynamic Soundscape is this man's brainchild!
spacefiddle, Paul Warren, Sammy Stitches, khobis, Katie Holt, Gabriel Wayne, Rom Barkhordar, Izzy Smith, Tristan Seaver, Andrew Ferguson (DominateEye), Stef Clendenen, Beebcalicor, ColonelBoofus, and Richard 'Sirick' Griffiths - For the hilarious background conversations in the Dynamic Soundscape!
Aaron Scott for composing a fantastic track for Cinematic Mode!

QA and Testing
Woodfuzzy, Krazyhorse and Windyguesset for marching through 40 rounds of Alpha testing!

Art and Design
Ethreon and Cookie for bringing our sign ideas to life!
robboten for tons and tons of mesh work that really opened up the possibilities of what we could build!
Cynical_Bounce, danielcherng, and Fuji for the great concept art to inspire
RuinedWorld for all of the texture work, without which we could not have nice things!
KKTheBeast for one of our settlement signs!
Beebscalicor for the visitor designs - fastest face designer in the west!
Pra for the custom City Manager holotape texture - it looks so real!
ZeroBigSis - For the amazing custom furniture models sold at the Sofa King store!

AlassInSane for the Dynamic Soundscape scripts!

Special Thanks
cdante for his support and incredible mod Transfer Settlements, without which this would not have been possible!


Cynical_Bounce - Settlement Design, Gang Flags, Concept Art, and more!
Cpt. COOTS - Plot and Desk Designs!
Ohnno - Plot Designs!
Ruined World - Vault Boy Animations, Logo Design, and more!
ZeroBigSis - 3d Models and Textures!
Fanciestmoon - Settlement Design!
Donald Strong - Settlement Design and Best Hair!
uituit - Plot Designs and Raider Skins (and Muse)!
VigilanteSilver - Face Master!
frogprincess - Paint Jobs!
robboten - 3d Models Sliced and Diced!
Fuji - Concept Art and Textures!
Cerelia - 3d Models and Textures!
Tohtori Herra Kai - Face Design (so fast, so face)!
Wanamingo - Kitbash and Texturer Extrordinaire!
VaultGirl2077 - Face Design - Raiderfication level: Expert!
hagyjalbeken - Ophelia's Leg - Thanks for letting us use part of your mod!
Niero - Aiden's Eyepatch - Thanks for letting us use part of your mod!
fadingsignal - Tactical Detonator - Thanks for letting use part of your mod!
crazylion - Cultist Blades - Thanks for letting us use part of your mod! (Thank you Wanamingo for handling the porting and designing new textures!)

Code and Implementation
kinggath - The Monkey!
scratched - Optimizing For Life!
eskannonen - CK Wizard!
Cpt. COOTS - Pyrrhic Victory!

medievalismist - Battler of!
KrazyHorse - Crusher of Bugs!
Sirlach - The Newest Knight!
Lancars - If He Can't Find It, It Doesn't Exist!
Woodfuzzy - Vacationing from the Commonwealth!
XV-Versus - Late Night Hunter!
MadHzShft - So thorough, he must be a librarian!

JebRWocky - Cutting, Mixing, and More!
Del Chupenabray - VA Wrangling, Sound Selection, Soundscape Mastermind!
Sci - Fastest Processing in the West!
shadowpuppet - VA Wrangling and Director!
ElderJames - VA Support Man!

snarkywriter - Testing and Documentation!
WetRats - Wiki Master!
damanding - Keeping Discord Sane!
GA_DarkerSide - The Master of Forum Organization!
RayBo - Community All-Star!

Voice Talent
khobis - Voice, Director, and Talent Scout!
Colonel Boofus
Alex Cain
Mya Schuwerk
Eileen Anglin
Emaline Tuck
Eric Umstott
Nick Boesel
Chris Onyx
Stewart Moyer
Blythe Renay
Lauren Joy
Melissa Sheldon
Sirick as Jason
Ian Herring as Brutus
Kerstyn Unger as Sarah
Leanne Maksin as Dakka
Abigail Wahl as Ack-Ack
Ki McKenzie as The Ron and Torque
Chumborino as The Cook
Sethfuzzy as Skeezits
Adam Bennett as Rook
JebRWocky as Leech
Aurore Gautheur as Ms Nanny
AdoxTalks as Bedlam
PeeJVA as Bellows
River Kanoff as Aiden
Jeff Wong as Maul and The Toilet King
RobynRybnik as Ophelia
Glenn Bulthuis as Jammer

superweevil - Lead Writer of all Conqueror story content (Dark Side of the Writing Squad)!
areyouscreennig - Battling Twine so you don't have to!
Sirick - Part VA/Part Writer, 100% Sirick!
ZeroDivision - File and Comma Master!
Old Wyrmm - The legend of Buzzy!

Additional Contributions