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Leader Traits

Major Traits

Bot Finder -- Occasionally recruits robot settlers
Brotherhood Ally -- Brotherhood of Steel defends the settlement
COA Ally -- Children of Atom defend the settlement
Engineer -- Increase Advanced Industrial plot production rate
Experienced Mayor -- City upgrades much faster
Hunter -- Greatly reduces food needs of the settlement
Institute Ally -- The Institute defends the settlement
Investigator -- Increase the rate Advanced Industrial buildings are discovered
Lifebringer -- Agricultural plots produce more food
Logistics Expert -- All plots upgrade faster
Mad Scientist -- Recruits an extra settler daily; 25% chance a random settler dies daily
Makeshift Armorer -- Increase the amount of defense provided by equipment donations
Minutemen Ally -- Minutemen defend the settlement
Minutemen Officer -- Many new settlers will be trained as Minutemen
One Mutant Army -- Always wins raids when the player is away
Rabble Rouser -- Guarantees at least one new recruit every day
Railroad Ally -- The Railroad defends the settlement
Robot Moral Officer -- Removes the happiness penalty of robot settlers
Trainer -- Increases the defense provided by Martial Plots
Truthseeker -- Synths can no longer infiltrate the settlement population

Minor Traits

Animal Lover -- Increase the chance animals will move into the settlement
Caravanner -- Increase base food production
Charismatic -- Increase the max settlers that can be radio-recruited
Defender -- Increase settlement base defense value
Entertainer -- Recreational plots will upgrade faster
Enthusiastic -- Increase settlement base happiness
Entrepreneur -- Commercial plots will upgrade faster
Ex-Farmer -- Agricultural plots will upgrade faster
Friend of Sheng -- Increase base water production
Futurist -- Industrial plots will upgrade faster
Good Neighbor -- Residential plots will upgrade faster
Handyman -- Reduce maintenance costs
Mercenary -- Increase tax income
Military Mind -- Martial plots will upgrade faster
Optimizer -- Increase the amount of junk collected per Industrial Plot
Party Animal -- Increase settlement base happiness
Promoter -- Increase happiness bonus per Recreational plot
Recruiter -- Increase the chance of recruiting new settlers
Scavenger -- Increase the amount of junk collected each day
Shakedown -- Increase the amount of caps collected from shops
Welcoming -- Increase the number of visitors that will come to the settlement


Allergies -- Reduce the chance animals will move into the settlement
Communist -- Commercial plots will take longer to upgrade
Depressed -- Reduces settlement base happiness
Embezzler -- Reduce the amount of caps collected from shops
Fun Police -- Recreational plots will take longer to upgrade
Ghoulish -- Reduces the max settlers that can be radio-recruited
Healthy Appetite -- Reduces the base food production
Inhospitable -- Reduces the number of visitors that will ever come to the settlement
Lonewolf -- Decreases settlement base defense
Naive -- Martial plots will take longer to upgrade
Notorious -- Reduce chance of recruiting settlers
Overzealous -- Reduces settlement base happiness
Pacifist -- Martial plots will take longer to upgrade
Raider at Heart -- Agricultural plots will take longer to upgrade
Rebel -- Reduce tax income
Self Doubt -- Increase maintenances costs
Synth Sympathizer -- Increase the likelihood of synths infiltrating the population
Synthetic -- Agricultural plots will take longer to upgrade
Taskmaster -- Residential plots will take longer to upgrade
Technophobic -- Industrial plots will take longer to upgrade
Unimaginative -- Reduce the amount of daily junk collected
Wasteful -- Reduce the base water production

Commander Traits

Commanders are similar to the Leaders system introduced with Rise of the Commonwealth, but allow you to assign certain NPCs to manage Outposts and Vassals in order to gain benefits.
The benefits provided by commanders are generally all focused on the Conqueror mechanics.
Each companion has a unique set of traits to give you benefits in your Outposts or Vassals when you aren’t traveling with them.

Major Traits

Dedicated Servant -- Increase Vassal production
Enhanced Interrogator -- Marks turret locations during an Assault
Fight Club -- Soldiers can reach higher rank from training
For the People -- The more civilians at the settlement, the more XP the soldiers will gain in fighting
Knowledge Is Power -- Assaults from this settlement can target even unscouted locations.
Legend of the Fog -- Guaranteed full morale meter when leading a Far Harbor settlement
Love Before War -- Production increased when no guards or warriors are stationed at her settlement.
Master Propagandist -- Periodic chance to conscript civilians into the soldier ranks
Mechanical Uprising -- Robots count as Warriors when calculating the control provided by patrols from this settlement.
Mercenary Band -- Soldiers recruited to this settlement can come from any faction.
Mutant Superiority -- Joins all assaults from this settlement himself.
Rabble Rouser -- 1 new recruit per day guaranteed
<Faction Name> Reinforcements -- If half or more of your assault force is killed, reinforcements will be sent from that faction.
Resistance Fighter -- Outpost/Vassal can no longer be hostily taken over
Right-hand Man -- Boosts control at all Vassals within range.
Roboticist -- Random robots will join assaults as well as defend the settlement
Seeing Red -- Increase warrior melee damage substantially on assaults

Minor Traits

Authoritarian -- Increase control provided by Guards
Bred for War -- Increase control provided by Warriors
Caregiver -- Increase Field Hospital chance of saving soldiers by 10%
Chef -- Mess Halls provide a stronger buff during assaults
Drill Sergeant -- Training Yards provides 25% more XP
Financial Manager -- Provides +30 Wages
Greenthumb -- Increase Rations per Agricultural Plot
Harrying Scouting -- Some number of attackers will be picked off at the start of a raid
Hidden Weapons -- Reduce control required for Industrial plots
Improvisor -- Battlefield Scavengers have a 10% chance to find additional items
Intimidation Tactics -- Increase control provided per Warrior via Patrol Links
Just Cause -- Reduces Civilian Ration Requirements
Kind-Hearted -- Reduce control required for Captives
Logistics Officer -- Provides +30 Rations
Prepper -- Reduce control required for Agriculteral plots
Primal Fighter -- Reduces Soldier Equipment Requirements
Problem Solver -- Provides 2 extra days to get back to assist with defense
Quartermaster -- Provides +30 Equipment
Racketeer -- Increase Wages per Commercial Plot
Retention Officer -- Prisons can hold one additional captive
Salvage-Minded -- Increase Equipment per Industrial Plot
Seasoned Veteran -- Increase control provided by higher rank soldiers
Seedy Connections -- Reduce control required for Commercial plots
Silvertongued -- Reduces Soldier Wage Requirements
Speechwriter -- Provides +5 Morale Boost
Strategist -- Increase control provided by Patrols
Taskmaster -- Increase worker production slightly
Terrifying Presence -- Some number of defenders will flee during an assault
Tight Ship -- Provides +50 Control
Tinkerer -- Reduce Equipment required per robot
Waste Averse -- Reduces Soldier Ration Requirments


Ageist -- Reduce control provided by higher rank soldiers
Arm the People -- Civilians require a small amount of Equipment
Bloodlust -- Morale has a lesser effect on production
Boastful -- Additional defenders will show up to defend assaults
Butterfingers -- Reduce equipment by -30
Distracting -- Reduce control provided per Defense
Easy Target -- Raids can occur more frequently here
Fragile Appearance -- Additional attackers will join raids
Greedy Pockets -- Reduce wages by -30
Grueling Manager -- Reduce Vassal production
Hedonistic -- Reduce worker production slightly
Hefty Appetite -- Reduce rations by -30
Hotshot -- Reduce control provided per Warrior
Lassez-Faire Capitalist -- Reduce wages per Commercial Plot
Lax Attitude -- Reduce control provided per Warrior via Patrol links
Mechanical Appetite -- Reduce rations per Agricultural Plot
Mercenary Attitude -- Increase soldier Wage requirements
Miser -- Increase control required per Commercial plot
Motherly Instinct -- Increase soldier Ration requirements
No Mercy -- Prisons will not capture additional Captives
Overly-Empathetic -- Increase captive Ration requirements
Overprotective -- Reduce max number of soldiers that can go on assaults by 1
Paranoid -- Increase control required per Industrial plot
Raiderphobia -- Increase control required per Agricultural plot
Rebellious -- Increase control requirement
Shoddy Mechanic -- Increase Equipment required per robot
Short-Sighted -- Reduce control provided per Patrol
Technology Hoarder -- Increase soldier Equipment requirements
Undisciplined -- Training Yards provide half their normal XP
Unsanitary -- Reduces chance of field hospital saving soldiers by 10%
Unsettling -- Reduce morale
Weapons Snob -- Reduce equipment per Industrial Plot

Leaders and Commanders

Conqueror (Commanders)

  • Ada: Mechanical Uprising, Quartermaster, Overly-Empathetic
  • Cait: Fight Club, Primal Fighter, Rebellious
  • Codsworth: Dedicated Servant, Waste Averse, Overprotective
  • Curie: Love Before War, Caregiver, Easy Target
  • Deacon: Railroad Reinforcements, Hidden Weapons, Arm the People
  • Hancock: For the People, Seedy Connections, Hedonistic
  • Nick Valentine: Knowledge Is Power, Problem Solver, Mechanical Appetite
  • Old Longfellow: Legend of the Fog, Seasoned Veteran, Fragile Appearance
  • Paladin Danse: BOS Reinforcements, Drill Seargant, Technology Hoarder
  • Piper: Master Propagandist, Speechwriter, Rebellious
  • Porter Gage: Right-hand Man, Racketeer, Unsanitary
  • Preston Garvey: Minutemen Reinforcements, Just Cause, Raiderphobia
  • RJ MacCready: Mercenary Band, Silvertongued, Hotshot
  • Strong: Mutant Superiority, Terrifying Presence, No Mercy
  • X6-86: Institute Reinforcements, Retention Officer, Grueling Manager
Jammer Questline Commanders
  • Brutus: Resistance Fighter, Improvisor, Hotshot
  • Jason: Enhanced Interrogator, Chef, Unsettling
  • Sarah: Seeing Red, Primal Fighter, Bloodlust
  • Torque: Roboticist, Salvage-Minded, Distracting

Creations by COOTS

  • Goodfeels: Chiiiil -- Robot Morale Officer, Ex-Farmer, Pacifist
  • Goodfeels: Exterminate! -- Bot Finder, Defender, Synthetic
  • Dogmeat: Roamer -- Trainer, Scavenger, Rebel
  • Dogmeat: Good Boy -- Hunter, Animal Lover, Rebel
  • Deezer: Welcome -- Truthseeker, Party Animal, Synthetic
  • Deezer: Lemonade Tycoon -- Experienced Mayor, Shakedown, Synthetic
  • Ronnie Shaw: United we Stand -- Minutemen, Minutemen Officer, Recruiter, Fun Police
  • Ronnie Shaw: On Your Feet Maggot!! -- Minutemen, Trainer, Military Mind, Overzealous

Junk Town

  • Blake Abernathy: Lifegiver, Ex-Farmer, Depressed
  • Lucy Abernathy: Trainer, Enthusiastic, Naive
  • Abraham Finch: Lifegiver, Scavenger, Inhospitable
  • Jake Finch: Hunter, Shakedown, Raider at Heart
  • Vault-Tec Rep: Experienced Mayor, Shakedown, Lonewolf
  • Sheffield: Lifebringer, Party Animal, Self Doubt
  • Marcy Long: Truthseeker, Animal Lover, Depressed
  • Sturges: Investigator, Futurist, Pacifist
  • Mama Murphy: One Mutant Army, Defender, Healthy Appetite -- don't do drugs and she will work
  • Dogmeat: Truthseeker, Defender, Healthy Appetite)

Rise of the Commonwealth

  • Ada - Bot Finder, Scavenger, Synthetic
  • Cait - Trainer, Entertainer, Depressed
  • Codsworth - Robot Morale Officer, Handyman, Pacifist
  • Curie - Lifebringer, Enthusiastic, Naive
  • Deacon - Railroad Ally, Ex-Farmer, Synth Sympathizer
  • Hancock - Experienced Mayor, Party Animal, Ghoulish
  • Old Longfellow - Hunter, Animal Lover, Inhospitable
  • RJ MacCready - Experienced Mayor, Mercenary, Lonewolf
  • Nick Valentine - Investigator, Handyman, Synth Sympathizer
  • Overseer Barstow - Mad Scientist, Futurist, Taskmaster
  • Paladin Danse - Brotherhood Ally, Military Mind, Self Doubt
  • Piper - Truthseeker, Recruiter, Rebel
  • Preston Garvey - Minutemen Officer, Recruiter, Overzealous
  • Porter Gage - Makeshift Armorer, Shakedown, Raider at Heart
  • Strong - One Mutant Army, Defender, Healthy Appetite
  • X6-88 - Institute Ally, Futurist, Inhospitable

Leaders of the Commonwealth

  • Sturges: Investigator, Handyman, Recruiter, Naive, Overzealous
  • Blake Abernathy: Lifebringer, Animal Lover, Pacifist
  • Connie Abernathy: Shakedown, Depressed
  • Steve Tenpines: Ex-farmer, Pacifist
  • Tiny Tenpines: Scavenger, Pacifist
  • Alice Oberland: Lifebringer
  • Jane Oberland: Scavenger, Healthy Appetite
  • Abraham Finch: Hunter, Defender
  • Jake Finch: One Mutant Army(x), Enthusiastic, Self Doubt
  • Daniel Finch: Mercenary, Overzealous
  • Joseph County: Trainer
  • Jason County: Scavanger, Naive
  • Duke Somerville: Defender, Pacifist
  • Roger Warwick: Truthseeker, Party Animal
  • Julie Nordhagen: Enthusiastic, Self Doubt
  • Hargraves: Entertainer, Pacifist
  • Scribe: Makeshift Armorer, Military Mind, Defender, Self Doubt, Rebel
  • Larry: Truthseeker, Party Animal, Lonewolf
  • Trader Rylee: Investigator, Mercenary, Lonewolf
  • Kessler: Experienced Mayor, Shakedown, Raider at Heart
  • Mr.Greentop: Ex-Farmer, Healthy Appetite
  • Sheffield: Ex-Farmer, Depressed
  • Staples: Entertainer, Healthy Appetite
  • Doc Anderson: Lifebringer, Enthusiastic, Overzealous
  • Rep: Investigator, Futurist, Shakedown, Ghoulish, Inhospitable
  • Wiseman: Experienced Mayor, Enthusiast, Handyman, Ghoulish
  • Deirdre: Shakedown, Ghoulish
  • White: Bot Finder, Enthusiastic, Handyman, Pacifist, Synth Sympathizer.

Nobody's Leaders

  • Sturges -- Logistics Expert, Handyman, Synthetic
  • Preston Garvey -- Minutemen Ally, Charismatic, Defender, Communist
  • Mama Murphy -- Lifebringer, Good Neighbor, Pacifist
  • Marcy Long -- Minutemen Ally, Caravanner, Inhospitable, Notorious
  • Jun Long -- Minutemen Ally, Scavenger, Depressed, Self Doubt
  • Dogmeat -- Hunter, Animal Lover, Scavenger, Wasteful
  • Codsworth -- Robot Morale Officer, Caravanner, Taskmaster
  • Blake Abernathy -- Ex-Farmer, Taskmaster
  • Connie Abernathy -- Charismatic, Pacifist
  • Lucy Abernathy -- Friend of Sheng, Naive
  • Paladin Danse -- Brotherhood Ally, Military Mind, Raider at Heart
  • Cait -- Makeshift Armorer, Mercenary, Raider at Heart
  • Jacob Orden -- Experienced Mayor, Good Neighbor, Communist
  • Piper Wright -- Truthseeker, Promoter, Recruiter, Pacifist
  • Sheffield -- Friend of Sheng, Unimaginative
  • Abraham Finch -- Futurist, Notorious
  • Abigail Finch -- Entrepreneur, Pacifist
  • Jake Finch -- Handyman, Rebel
  • Daniel Finch -- Welcoming, Allergies
  • John Hancock -- Experienced Mayor, Good Neighbor, Mercenary, Fun Police, Technophobic
  • Vault-Tec Rep -- Logistics Expert, Entrepreneur, Ghoulish
  • Supervisor Brown -- Bot Finder, Ex-Farmer, Wasteful
  • Supervisor White -- Robot Morale Officer, Good Neighbor, Unimaginative
  • Supervisor Greene -- Engineer, Entrepreneur, Synthetic
  • Trader Rylee -- Investigator, Shakedown, Allergies
  • Deacon -- Railroad Ally, Entertainer, Wasteful
  • Ronnie Shaw -- Minutemen Officer, Defender, Taskmaster
  • Shaun -- None
  • Holly -- Charismatic, Communist
  • Wiseman -- Experienced Mayor, Wasteful
  • Jones -- Ex-Farmer, Technophobic
  • Deirdre -- Caravanner, Notorious
  • Strong -- One Mutant Army, Ghoulish
  • Tina De Luca -- Engineer, Futurist, Naive
  • Nick Valentine -- Investigator, Optimizer, Taskmaster
  • Roger Warwick -- Scavenger, Synth Sympathizer
  • Janey Warwick -- Caravanner, Technophobic
  • June Warwick -- Entrepreneur, Pacifist
  • Anne Hargraves -- Charismatic, Entertainer, Pacifist
  • Doc Anderson -- Lifebringer, Enthusiastic, Healthy Appetite
  • The Scribe -- Makeshift Armorer, Defender, Synthetic
  • Ron Staples -- Hunter Enthusiastic, Shakedown, Lonewolf, Naive
  • Smilling Larry -- One Mutant Army, Scavenger, Healthy Appetite, Taskmaster
  • Jezebel --
  • Curie -- Lifebringer, Friend of Sheng, Pacifist, Self Doubt
  • Swanson -- Makeshift Armorer, Defender, Raider at Heart
  • Robert "RJ" MacCready -- Experienced Mayor, Mercenary, Communist
  • X6-88 -- Institute Ally, Shakedown, Synth Sympathizer
  • John Somerville -- Handyman, Unimaginative
  • Jason County -- Friend of Sheng, Inhospitable
  • Steven County -- Good Neighbor, Wasteful
  • Matthew Tenpines -- Futurist, Wasteful
  • Caroline Tenpines -- Friend of Sheng, Naive
  • Samuel Greentop -- Ex-Farmer, Technophobic
  • Samantha Greentop -- Charismatic, Pacifist
  • Buddy -- Bot Finder, Entertainer, Wasteful
  • Amelia Oberland -- Optimizer, Rebel
  • Evelyn Oberland -- Entrepreneur, Healthy Appetite
  • Olivia Norhagen -- Good Neighbor, Naive
  • Logan Nordhagen -- Handyman, Synthetic
  • Phyllis Daily -- Ex-Farmer, Synth Sympathizer

Recruitable Settlers Leader Pack


Settlers of the Commonwealth City Leaders


Sim Settlements Mayors


Ted's Leader Pack

  • Connie Abernathy -- Makeshift Armorer, Shakedown, Depressed
  • Kessler -- Experienced Mayor, Shakedown, Synth Sympathizer
  • Abigail Finch -- Hunter, Animal Lover, Pacifist
  • Supervisor White -- Robot Morale Officer, Futurist, Synth Sympathizer
  • Sturges -- Investigator, Handyman, Pacifist
  • Wiseman -- Lifebringer, Handyman, Ghoulish
  • Roger Warwick -- Institute Ally, Scavenger, Rebel
  • Vault-Tec Rep -- Hunter, Scavenger, Ghoulish
  • Sheffield -- Investigator, Party Animal, Pacifist

Wasteland Venturers

  • Bodhi (Warchild's Weapon Store) Leader -- Truthseeker, Party Animal, Rebel
  • Bodhi (Warchild's Weapon Store) Commander -- Fight Club, Silvertongued, Hedonistic

Vanilla Leaders