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Version 4.0.9

Mouthin Off Released - 7 June 2019

  • Fixed an issue at the start of Unwelcome Guests quest, where the scout could end up speaking to Jammer from across the settlement.
  • Added additional quest content to the main Jammer storyline.
  • Fixed a bug during Raucous Reconnoitering where Jammer would fail to equip a weapon during the final area which would cause the quest to get stuck.
  • Raucous Reconnoitering now correctly resets the area where the action sequence of the quest occurs so you won’t find it empty if you had previously cleared it.
  • Redesigned the scene triggers for Raucous Reconnoitering to prevent the walking scene from getting stuck if too much combat occurred.
  • The point in Raucous Reconnoitering where a flare is said to have fired should now function correctly.
  • Jammer’s gang raiders are now custom voiced!
    • These include all new dialogue lines.
    • Note: The voice update may not apply to all of your existing gang members. Looking into a method to ensure all of your existing gang is updated for the next patch - was not able to get this to happen reliably. All new recruits will have the new voices.
  • Added a number of new face options to Jammer’s gang raiders.
  • Reworked several of the early dialogue sequences in Jammer’s quest line to make them smoother and to reflect player choice.
  • Added new dialogue to Jammer’s main loop to make it less repetitive.

Version 4.0.8

Who's Your Nanny? Released - 24 May 2019

  • Fixed a bug that could cause log spam when setting up assaults.
  • [Faction Pack Authors] Added new keyword kgConq_Tag_Bounty_Priority, if you parent Conqueror to your pack you can add this to bounties to ensure they are prioritized if multiple of your bounties are eligible.
  • Fixed several bugs in the quest Backroad Butchery.
  • Changed calculation for attacks on main base slightly so they happen a little less frequently.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause base defense quests to fail immediately if you attempted to fast travel back and defend. You now have 3 in-game days to complete them.
  • Ophelia has a new quest that will trigger automatically either by talking to her at some point after the completion of the quest Raucous Reconnoitering (depending on how events went down), or from a Bounty note on the War Planner’s Desk.
  • HQ events, such as dialogue encounters and new story events can now trigger after sleeping or waiting, and not just when you first arrive at HQ. This should make it more likely players will trigger the events during play sessions where they are spending large amounts of time at their base.
  • Updated the Kennel so that Maul can correctly use the pot animation markers. Refresh the plot to fix this issue.
  • Fixed a bug where after moving your main base, your previous base could be treated as the main and therefore cause issues with the attack system.
  • Fixed a bug where Ophelia would refuse to stay at HQ.
    • If you had experienced this in your save, it should correct itself shortly after installing this patch.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to turn in the Mentats Case to Ophelia before her and Jammer finished their conversation at Shaw, which would cause problems later in the quest line.

Version 4.0.7

Let Slip the Dogs of War Released - 10 May 2019

  • ChemYard L3 will no longer cause a hissing sound across the entire loaded game world.
  • Dead soldiers will now have their names cleared after you leave the area, rather than immediately upon death. This should make it easier to identify which of your higher-ranked soldiers died.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Jammer or Ophelia to get stuck without dialogue and only allowing you to trigger a trade (which you aren’t meant to be able to do with them).
  • Jammer will now correctly be re-assigned to the War Planner’s Desk after going out with the player for a quest.
  • Jammer and Ophelia’s story continues with major new quest content.
    • To trigger the new content, leave the area and return to your main base - the first new quest will start within a few minutes if you have completed the previous quest content.
  • Troops should no longer cross-pollinate if you have outposts set up with multiple factions.
  • Faction Packs can now define Special Units, which are different than the recruits.
    • Special Units can be basically anything. These units do not use the Ranking System and are not automatically recruited - it will be up to the Faction Pack creator to define how you gain access to any special units they configure.
  • Added Virtual Unit support.
    • This is a feature to allow for units that don’t exist within outposts but are still available for you to take with on attacks. **This can allow for non-traditional units without them overflowing your outposts. Examples: animals, over-sized NPCs (Behemoths perhaps?), Vertibirds, etc.
  • Fixed Conqueror holotape option for Soldier Follow.
  • Fixed a bug with the Bounty board that could prevent it from giving you additional bounties after the first.
  • Fixed a bug where you could lose access to the 3x3 raider farm models after saving and loading the game.
  • All raider theme building plan skins from Conqueror should now be correctly hidden when not playing as a raider faction.
  • Ophelia’s main dialogue loop is no longer a force greet. You now correctly have to choose Talk to trigger it.
  • Wall Buster’s now have a variety of materials they can create during the explosions to better simulate the items that are being destroyed.
  • Fixed several random dialogue events so the NPCs will look at each other instead of the player or other random things.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Enslaving to use High-Explosive Collars even if you didn’t own any.
  • Expanded combat lines for Jammer and Ophelia.

Version 4.0.7a

    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Special Unit menu to result in an infinite loop for Faction Packs under certain circumstances. Released - 11 May 2019

Version 4.0.7b

    • Fixed a bug that could make some of your soldiers permanently leave your army after an assault. Released - 15 May 2019

Version 4.0.6

Prepare to Quest Off Released - 19 April 2019

  • Restored several missing voice files for “The Cook”.
  • Restored several missing voice files for Ophelia.
  • Objectives to report back to Preston will now be hidden if you kill him.
    • For those of you who had these displayed still from before this patch, they should be hidden shortly after the patch is installed.
  • The City Plan Startup Wizard will no longer show RotC City Plans if RotC is not installed.
  • Added several new random dialogue events that can occur at the Main Outpost for raider players.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Execute option to show up on turrets.
  • Increased range of Wall Busters slightly to help catch especially large pieces where the origin might be just out of range of the charge even if it is physically touching it. This could happen frequently to large corner pieces.
  • [Faction Pack Creators] Added support for Unique Visitors. This allows you to have unique NPCs show up at your Outposts on occasion. This can be a way of introducing quest givers or other interesting NPCs for the player to meet.
    • Unlike traditional visitors, unique visitors never go away completely, they will instead just travel to different settlements.
  • Rewrote the Wall Buster code to find targets much more quickly. This should largely eliminate the large delay after clicking Activate to bring up the timer.
  • Ophelia will now correctly move if you change your main base.
    • If you had previously moved your base and she didn’t move as well, she will do so shortly after installing this patch.
  • Jammer will now correctly be made the leader when the main base is changed.
  • The note on the War Planner’s Raid Board can now be interacted with, it will show up as “Bounties” when highlighted.
  • Bounties will be notes to trigger various quests, present map markers to interesting locations, or just give a little flavor.
    • Check it out periodically for new information. (Note that we will be adding additional content through this system in future patches - so if stops presenting new things, just keep checking back after patches)
    • [Faction Pack Authors] You can easily inject your own Bounty Posts into the system that are faction (ie. Only for your faction), or faction type (ie. Liberator/Conqueror) specific.
  • Raider Outposts can now attract visitors.
    • These follow the same rules as the visitors in the base of SS and will acknowledge the Performance Option to disable them.
    • Currently these are raiders of various types, but will likely be expanded in the future to other shady characters.
  • Unspawned plots and beds from City Plans should now count in Outposts when Conqueror is tallying up bed count to determine if there is room to recruit additional soldiers there.
  • Enslaving someone in front of others that are friendly to that NPC will now be treated as a hostile action (meaning those others will likely attack you).
  • Added a new setting to the Holotape/MCM: Soldier Follow which is enabled by default.
    • This causes your troops to follow you once you reach them before an assault, they will follow you until combat begins. This will allow you to help them get around obstacles and take a sensible path into the settlement.
  • You can now correctly run assaults from Vault 88 and the Mechanist’s Lair.
    • Note that that are not naturally any settlements with people in them within Vassal range of Vault 88. You would need to have started a normal settlement yourself, or used the prestart. So if this is your first settlement through Jammer’s quest, you will likely need to start another Outpost through the War Planner’s Desk in order to complete the Vassal portion of his quest.
  • The Toilet King will now correctly continue the quest even if you are out of range when he normally asks you a question. Simply walk up and talk to him.
  • Headless Gunman will no longer update your objectives every time you loot additional Sensor Modules or High Powered Magnets.

Version 4.0.5

War Games Released - 05 April 2019

  • Adjusted the AI package that scouts use to report to Jammer so they are less likely to get stuck.
  • Soldiers can now rank up by going on enough raids.
    • Each rank after 1 is calculated as being worth 10 levels. So fresh recruits are considered whatever their in-game level is, and then each rank adds 10 levels to their internal score. So a level 9 NPC would be calculated as level 19 once they rank up once, level 29 once they rank up twice, etc.
    • XP is earned at a rate of 10/level of the enemy. That XP is split among all soldiers in the vicinity when killed.
    • XP is adjusted based on the difficulty. So if your soldiers are fighting especially difficult or easy enemies, the amount of XP will be scaled by the level difference. The multipliers are capped between 0.25 (ie. only receiving ¼ the XP) and 2.5 (ie. receiving 2.5 times the XP).
    • So for example, a level 9 solider at rank 1, would need 900 xp to rank up. Then at rank 2, they would need an additional 1900 xp to rank up, at rank 3, another 2900 xp, etc. These numbers will be adjusted based on feedback. Remember that the enemy guards will be higher level based on the player level, so attacking more difficult settlements will grant more XP.
    • Once a soldier has earned the equivalent XP of killing 10 equal level enemies, they will rank up.
    • This is displayed by a visual green explosion, a level up sound, and a change in their label to the next rank. For Jammer’s Gang, Raider Recruits become Raider Prospects, then Veteran, Savage, and finally Legend.
    • Each rank bestows a buff to health and damage.
    • Default buffs are as follows:
    • Rank 1 (fresh soldier) - No Buff
    • Rank 2 - +50 HP, +25% damage
    • Rank 3 - +100 HP, +50% damage
    • Rank 4 - +150 HP, +75% damage
    • Rank 5 - +200 HP, +100% damage
    • [For Faction Pack Creators] You can override the buffs via the RankPerkOverrides field that has been added to the FactionControlData object properties.
    • At max rank, soldiers become essential and instead of being killed in battle, they will stay downed until you Stimpak them, or until the raid ends.
    • After your first soldier ranks up, the start assault menu will be modified to allow selecting soldier counts based on ranks.
    • Additional controls and visuals will be added in future builds to help track the progress of your soldiers.
  • Added several new plot building types that have special bonuses.
  • Armory
    • Conqueror includes a 2x2 Martial Plot version of this, called [CQ] Armory by uituit
    • Armories will auto-equip soldiers based on their Rank and the level of the Armory.
    • Armory L1 will equip soldiers with the RankOutfit field from the faction’s RankLoadout for their rank.
    • Armory L2 will equip soldiers with the RankWeapon field from the faction’s RankLoadout for their rank.
    • Armory L3 will give soldiers the RankGear field from the faction’s RankLoadout for their rank at the start of every new assault.
    • Armory auto-equipping can be disabled under the Conqueror section of your holotape/MCM.
  • Field Hospital
    • Conqueror includes a 2x2 Martial Plot version of this, called [CQ] Field Hospital by uituit
    • Field Hospitals provides a chance that soldiers will be kept alive during an assault when they normally would have died. When this happens they will stay downed until you Stimpak them, or until the raid ends.
    • The level of the hospital plot determines the likelihood of their lives being saved: L1 - 10% chance, L2 - 20% chance, L3 - 30% chance.
  • Mess Hall
    • Conqueror includes a 2x2 Recreational Plot version of this, called [CQ] Mess Hall by uituit
    • Mess Halls provide a random food buff at the start of assaults to the entire attacking squad. The level of the plot determines how strong the buffs are.
    • Possible buffs right now: Energy Resistance, Fire Resistance, Max Health, Max AP, and Melee Damage.
  • Added a bunch of early game quests, pre-Outpost that Jammer will offer to help smooth out the level curve for people who to play strictly as a Raider. (We will continue to add more in the future - this is just our first batch).
  • Jammer’s quests to kill Jared, Red Tourette, and Tower Tom are now individual quests in the log that each reward experience.
  • Jammer will now offer several new low level quests before establishing the first Outpost. These are effectively optional quests that don’t directly gate access to the main outpost loop, but are only granted in the early game.
  • Added another sequence to our main quest line. This one will auto trigger with a conversation between Ophelia and Jammer shortly after you arrive back at HQ, assuming you have met the requirements. (At least 7 outposts/vassals captured, one of which must be Outpost Zimonja or Tenpines Bluff).

Version 4.0.5a

    • Fixed an issue where Jammer could repeatedly loop back asking you how many crew to send. Released - 05 April 2018

Version 4.0.5b

    • Restored a number of missing voice files for Ophelia and "The Cook". Released - 05 April 2019

Version 4.0.4

The Liberators Released - 22 March 2019

  • Wall Busters are now prevented from destroying items flagged as quest items, or teleport doors, such as the entry to the shelter in Sanctuary.
    • Note that Wall Busters can be very dangerous (read: fun) when used outside of settlements. Anything that is not part of the precombined world geometry can be destroyed with them! Be careful you aren’t blowing up key items that will prevent you from finishing the game.
  • Adjusted several scenes so that Jammer will pull away from the War Planner’s Desk before speaking to the player.
  • Flagged several of the new quest sequences so that they will just pause if one of the characters is attacked instead of ending.
  • Grabbing the Mentats before clearing Shaw should no longer cause the quest Blast from the Past to malfunction by talking to Ophelia.
  • Made some changes to the demonstration portion of the Wall Buster quest to make it less likely the AI gets stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where Raider Recruits that started in certain settlements would never become aggressive when attacking certain other settlements.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented automatic Faction decoration/flags from working.
  • Enslave option will now only show up on NPCs if you have Slave Collars in your inventory.
  • Enslave options will no longer show up for your units from factions added by Faction Packs.
  • Faction Pack NPCs can now be correctly traded with.
  • Send Enslaved dialogue will no longer show the player’s name as the one being transferred.
  • All settlements will now correctly work with the Startup settlements feature. Previously, certain interior settlements, such as those from Creation Club, could fail to use community created City Plans.
  • You will no longer be left neutral to vanilla raiders if you walk away from Jammer after first meeting him before he finishes his introduction.
  • Once Preston and the Quincy group leave the Museum, they are no longer eligible to be killed for Jammer’s quest.
    • This change was made so that players who want to do Jammer’s questline later, can still use Preston as a companion without risking triggering the Executioner perk from accidental friendly fire during combat throughout the rest of the game world.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause assaults by Faction Pack groups to instantly complete.
  • Fixed an issue where the defending NPCs could remain friendly to the player during an assault.
  • Fixed an issue where your attackers could turn on you if you attempted to assault a settlement you had previously controlled, but later abandoned.
  • [Faction Pack Creators] You should no longer uncheck the Stats template, as the WorkshopPopulation value is now applied dynamically by Conqueror for you. Leaving the Stats template will ensure that your NPCs use the higher level stats if you based your RecruitForm on one of the lvl Actor forms.
  • Having multiple Faction Packs installed should now correctly allow them to be used as the enemies of one another when making assaults so that they have the potential of being used as the guards of the settlement you assault.
  • Added support for Liberator factions.
    • Liberator factions are effectively “The Good Guys”. Rather than kill Civilians/Settlers and battle their guards when they take over a settlement as an outpost, they instead free them from a set of hostile NPCs.
    • After freeing a settlement, the captives will become settlers in the Outpost.
    • Liberator factions can take over your existing controlled settlements even when they have people living in them rather than having to violently take them over, use the Map on the War Planner’s Desk to do this.
    • Liberator assaults will find more enemy guards at the settlements they attack to make up for the fact that they won’t be fighting the Civilians/Settlers as well.
    • You will need to install Faction Packs to gain access to a playable Liberator faction, as Conqueror does not currently include any (though might in the future).
  • Adjusted the AI package for Ophelia during her scene in Shaw High School to reduce the likelihood of her getting stuck on the table she was using for cover.

Version 4.0.4a

    • Updated the SS and WSFW version checks. Released - 22 March 2019

Version 4.0.4b

    • Fixed an issue where most of your recruitment resources would be used up if you didn't have room in any of your Outposts for additional recruits. Released - 22 March 2019

Version 4.0.3

Ophelia's Toys Released - 8 March 2019

  • Fixed a bug where Jammer could become unresponsive with the message “Individual is busy.” when you tried to speak to him.
  • Killing your gang members will no longer cause your entire gang to become aggressive with you - (they respect your ruthlessness and assume the guys you’re taking out deserve it).
  • Fixed an issue where Jammer could get stuck in a dialogue loop if you lost too many raiders during a defense attack on your main base.
  • Fixed an issue where Jammer would wander the streets of Concord instead of hanging out near the playground equipment after the Museum is cleared, but before taking over settlements starts.
  • Fixed an issue where Jammer would yell the wrong lines during combat, depending on what stages of his quest you had completed.
  • Added lots of new dialogue to Jammer.
  • Slave collars will now correctly stay equipped when the settlement unloads.
  • Slave collars can now be used on any non-unique NPC as long as you aren’t detected, you will be prompted to assign them to a settlement.
    • This feature is highly experimental. You cannot currently assign those slaves to plots, nor will they auto-assign, but you can manually assign them to beds and vanilla objects.
    • Once the feature is better tested, we’ll look into redoing a lot of code in both Sim Settlements and Workshop Framework to better support non-workshop NPC assignment.
  • Enslaved NPCs can now be commanded outside of workshop mode.
    • Enslaved NPCs from before this patch should be re-equipped with their collars in order to add the ability to command them outside.
  • Fixed an issue with the sound effect that plays when you unlock a feature from Conqueror.
  • Added several new quests and story sequences. These will unlock as you capture additional outposts and vassals, and then return to your main outpost.
  • If you’ve already captured many settlements, these sequences should unlock on each subsequent visit to your main outpost.
  • Fixed a bug where certain pre-started City Plans could end up with a second Workshop object.
  • Outposts controlled by your gang will now correctly play more ominous arrival music if using a City Plan.
  • Jammer should be less likely to wander away when you’re talking to him.
  • The War Planner’s Desk is now correctly unlocked when you receive that objective, even if you haven’t started up Sim Settlements via the City Manager holotape.

Version 4.0.3a

    • Restored several missing voice files. Released - 8 March 2018

Version 4.0.3b

    • Fixed an issue where Ophelia could get stuck in Shaw High School and would not continue her quest sequence. If you ran into this issue, return to her and clear out all of the Supermutants if she still isn't starting her scene (hint: the Library key is in the principal's office). Released - 10 March 2018

Version 4.0.3c

  • Makes several changes to support custom Faction Packs.Released - 14 March 2019

Version 4.0.2

Planning For War Released - 22 February 2019

  • New raiders in your gang should no longer become radiant quest givers for generic vanilla quests that use default settler voices.
  • Fixed a bug that may have caused your main outpost to be attacked more frequently than it was supposed to.
  • The menu to change your main base should no longer say “Attack Settlement?” as the confirmation.
  • Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances, after telling Jammer nevermind, he would proceed to setup an attack anyway.
  • Fixed a bug that may have prevented some players from ever receiving the prompt to name their gang after capturing their second Outpost and returning to Jammer.
  • The Scouting perk is now unlocked immediately before selecting the first raid target. Previously, this perk would only come up if you attempted to raid without any targets, which led to many players never receiving it.
  • Attackers will now be given a temporary AI package to patrol around the settlement after an Outpost is conquered. This will resolve an issue where if your workshop scripts were backed up, they could end up wandering back to the settlement they were originally from.
  • Added the War Planner’s Desk.
    • This is a new furniture object you can build either in the Crafting menu, or the Sim Settlements > Furniture menu if you are using the mod Settlement Menu Manager.
    • Much like the City Planner’s Desk, this enables many new controls. It’s possibilities will be expanded throughout the life of Conqueror.
    • Raid Board - This object allows you to run attacks against other settlements.
    • Outpost Map - This object allows you to change your main base, convert regular settlements to Outposts under some circumstances, dismantle outposts and convert them back into settlements or completely abandon them.
    • Ham Radio - This object allows you to donate caps and resources to encourage more recruitment of troops.
  • Dead bodies will no longer be permanently left behind from Assaults.
  • Unique NPCs should no longer have their names changed when enslaved.
  • Fixed several issues that could cause enslaved NPCs to stand up and attack you or your raiders after setting up a Slaver Outpost.
  • Companions will longer be automatically made into Enslaved when setting up a Slaver Outpost where one of them was living.
  • Spawned defenders, such as Gunners, will no longer be aggressive towards neutral characters such as merchants or brahmin.
  • Enslaving an NPC should no longer cause them to become aggressive to you and your gang members.
  • Fixed a bug where Jammer could sometimes have his lines suddenly interrupted when you were supposed to select a settlement in the next scene.
  • Jammer will now also accept packs and cartons of cigarettes towards his recruiting efforts. (His voice line remains the same, requesting chems and alcohol).
  • Jammer now correctly recruits daily instead of every other day.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Flee” AI package Conqueror was using, so that children, visitors, and other bystanders will run away from the settlement instead of hanging around watching the fight as if nothing is happening.
  • The Conqueror progress HUD will now attempt to re-display shortly after loading a game if a save and exit had occurred before it finished. On saves started after this patch, it should do so reliably as new starts of the quest will monitor for the game to load.
  • If Conqueror is installed after the normal startup sequence, and the startup wizard is used, it will no longer prevent your full UI from being displayed.
    • Users who experienced this already should find it corrected shortly after installing this patch.

Version 4.0.1

Jammer Unjammed Released - 1 February 2019

  • Quest objective to “Report back to Preston.” will now correctly fail if he is dead.
  • Jammer uses a new custom AI package that shouldn’t be edited by other mods, and therefore shouldn’t fail to update for some players after taking the first Outpost.
  • If Jammer doesn’t make his way to the first Outpost immediately after you capture it, something has gone wrong and you should report it as a bug.
  • Skipping talking to Jammer before clearing the Museum should no longer result in him remaining permanently on the roof.
  • Added several backup methods to ensure Jammer correctly moves into the first Outpost to prevent things from interrupting the quest line.
  • Added several checks to ensure that player’s don’t incorrectly become aggressive with Preston’s gang when they didn’t intentionally attack them to the point of bleedout.
  • Added several checks to ensure that if the player killed certain rival gang members before speaking to Jammer, they would still correctly update the quest objectives to count them later.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the Executioner perk name.
  • Fixed an issue where Jammer could get stuck in a dialogue loop if you canceled the selection of, or failed your first attempt to attack a Vassal settlement after you set up your first Outpost.
  • Fixed an issue where Jammer could allow you to run attacks, even though you didn’t have enough recruits alive.
  • Fixed an issue where dead recruit bodies would teleport to Jammer after starting a new raid.
  • Made several small changes to reduce the likelihood bodies of NPCs killed during assaults will fail to be cleaned up by the game engine.
    • We have been unable to replicate this in testing, so the fix is only theoretical at this point.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the City Plan Starter to fail to launch on a new game, depending on which order things triggered in the game.
  • Failed assaults will no longer get stuck in the Quest list of the Pipboy.
    • Failed assaults currently stuck in the Quest tab will be cleared out after the next assault is completed.
  • Conqueror will now attempt to force start up all of its controller quests, as many of the issues being reported are due to the game failing to start up important quests at the beginning of the game. This is a common issue with Fallout 4 when using a lot of mods with controller quests.
  • Raider Recruits are now protected when not on attacking or defending a settlement. This will prevent them from being randomly killed by things like radiation.
  • Civilians and Settlers should no longer die suddenly at the end of an attack.
  • Raider Recruits should no longer turn up dead when meeting them to start an assault.
  • Civilians are now correctly flagged as protected.
  • Civilians have had their health reduced by 50%. This was done as they are far too bullet spongey, and the majority of the difficulty from assaults is meant to come from the hired guards and mercenaries, not the Civilians themselves.
  • New Raider Recruits should now correctly be named Raider Recruit and not just Raider.
  • Visitors will now flee during attacks triggered by Conqueror.
  • Cleared several accidental dirty edits from the esp.
  • Injured settlers should no longer be marked by quest markers when you have most of the enemies taken out during an assault, it’s meant to only mark the people you still have to deal with, and should now do that correctly.
  • Made several changes to the prestart City Plan code to attempt to prevent certain settlements, such as Egret Tours Marina from being owned immediately.
  • The prestart City Plan system now has several options to show you progress. This will be especially useful if you’re on a lower end machine, or have a lot of script heavy mods running. In these cases, you might want to avoid leaving Vault 111 until everything has completed.
    • At the bottom of the options screen is a new Progress Notifications section, where these options can be turned on/off.
    • While running, the prestart system will now display progress messages in the corner so you can track when all of the background activity has settled down. Followed by a pop-up confirming it has finished everything.
    • If HUDFramework is installed, an additional option for a Progress Meter will be available. By default, the messages will be disabled when HUDFramework is found, but you can turn on or off any combination of the progress notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where if Jammer was interrupted after you selected a raid target, but before you selected your crew size, he could get stuck in a loop telling you to meet up for an attack that never actually started.
  • You will now be warned if using Sim Settlements Lite (which does not support Conqueror), or if your versions of Sim Settlements or Workshop Framework are out of date compared to your installation of Conqueror.
  • Jammer should now correctly be assignable as a leader to Outposts.
    • Jammer has a new Major Trait called Rabble Rouser, which guarantees at least one new recruit each day (so long as your Outposts have enough beds/residential to support additional recruits).
  • Fixed an issue where Jammer could have a long pause when you tried to talk to him in your Outpost.