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Version 4.0.1

Jammer Unjammed Released - 1 February 2019

  • Quest objective to “Report back to Preston.” will now correctly fail if he is dead.
  • Jammer uses a new custom AI package that shouldn’t be edited by other mods, and therefore shouldn’t fail to update for some players after taking the first Outpost.
  • If Jammer doesn’t make his way to the first Outpost immediately after you capture it, something has gone wrong and you should report it as a bug.
  • Skipping talking to Jammer before clearing the Museum should no longer result in him remaining permanently on the roof.
  • Added several backup methods to ensure Jammer correctly moves into the first Outpost to prevent things from interrupting the quest line.
  • Added several checks to ensure that player’s don’t incorrectly become aggressive with Preston’s gang when they didn’t intentionally attack them to the point of bleedout.
  • Added several checks to ensure that if the player killed certain rival gang members before speaking to Jammer, they would still correctly update the quest objectives to count them later.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the Executioner perk name.
  • Fixed an issue where Jammer could get stuck in a dialogue loop if you canceled the selection of, or failed your first attempt to attack a Vassal settlement after you set up your first Outpost.
  • Fixed an issue where Jammer could allow you to run attacks, even though you didn’t have enough recruits alive.
  • Fixed an issue where dead recruit bodies would teleport to Jammer after starting a new raid.
  • Made several small changes to reduce the likelihood bodies of NPCs killed during assaults will fail to be cleaned up by the game engine.
    • We have been unable to replicate this in testing, so the fix is only theoretical at this point.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the City Plan Starter to fail to launch on a new game, depending on which order things triggered in the game.
  • Failed assaults will no longer get stuck in the Quest list of the Pipboy.
    • Failed assaults currently stuck in the Quest tab will be cleared out after the next assault is completed.
  • Conqueror will now attempt to force start up all of its controller quests, as many of the issues being reported are due to the game failing to start up important quests at the beginning of the game. This is a common issue with Fallout 4 when using a lot of mods with controller quests.
  • Raider Recruits are now protected when not on attacking or defending a settlement. This will prevent them from being randomly killed by things like radiation.
  • Civilians and Settlers should no longer die suddenly at the end of an attack.
  • Raider Recruits should no longer turn up dead when meeting them to start an assault.
  • Civilians are now correctly flagged as protected.
  • Civilians have had their health reduced by 50%. This was done as they are far too bullet spongey, and the majority of the difficulty from assaults is meant to come from the hired guards and mercenaries, not the Civilians themselves.
  • New Raider Recruits should now correctly be named Raider Recruit and not just Raider.
  • Visitors will now flee during attacks triggered by Conqueror.
  • Cleared several accidental dirty edits from the esp.
  • Injured settlers should no longer be marked by quest markers when you have most of the enemies taken out during an assault, it’s meant to only mark the people you still have to deal with, and should now do that correctly.
  • Made several changes to the prestart City Plan code to attempt to prevent certain settlements, such as Egret Tours Marina from being owned immediately.
  • The prestart City Plan system now has several options to show you progress. This will be especially useful if you’re on a lower end machine, or have a lot of script heavy mods running. In these cases, you might want to avoid leaving Vault 111 until everything has completed.
    • At the bottom of the options screen is a new Progress Notifications section, where these options can be turned on/off.
    • While running, the prestart system will now display progress messages in the corner so you can track when all of the background activity has settled down. Followed by a pop-up confirming it has finished everything.
    • If HUDFramework is installed, an additional option for a Progress Meter will be available. By default, the messages will be disabled when HUDFramework is found, but you can turn on or off any combination of the progress notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where if Jammer was interrupted after you selected a raid target, but before you selected your crew size, he could get stuck in a loop telling you to meet up for an attack that never actually started.
  • You will now be warned if using Sim Settlements Lite (which does not support Conqueror), or if your versions of Sim Settlements or Workshop Framework are out of date compared to your installation of Conqueror.
  • Jammer should now correctly be assignable as a leader to Outposts.
    • Jammer has a new Major Trait called Rabble Rouser, which guarantees at least one new recruit each day (so long as your Outposts have enough beds/residential to support additional recruits).
  • Fixed an issue where Jammer could have a long pause when you tried to talk to him in your Outpost.