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The following mods have things about them that may not work well with Sim Settlements.

Alternate Start Infinite Answer

This mod messes with the Workshops array. Can cause problems with plot messages being wrong and various other workshop array problems. It will not only prevent Sim Settlements from working correctly in some settlements, but many other mods and features. This mod was discontinued and should no longer be used.
Kinggath: "This will usually happen near the edges of a settlement, but if it's happening for all of your plots, then it's a sign that the workshop array in your save has been messed with. If you happened to use Infinite Answers, it's a known issue with that mod (and one of the reasons they retired it) - and you may have to scrap that save."


Kinggath: "Conquest uses it's own workshop management scripts, so the plots won't work well (if at all) with it. Chesko, the mod author of Conquest, has moved on from modding Fallout 4 (when I asked, he said there were too many limitations and had to quit working on it) - so I doubt we'll ever have full compatibility between the two."

Cozy Beds

This mod may need to be close to the bottom of your load order to avoid conflicts with Sim Settlements (Unconfirmed).

Don't Call Me Settler

Can completely destroy your workshop system over time (doesn't happen to everyone, but I don't recommend risking it).

Enhanced Game Play (EGP)

Several users have reported that new settlers will come to their settlements and then stand near the edge or remain uncontrollable until they remove this mod.


This mod moves stuff around in the Workshop menu. Use of Horizon could cause Sim Settlements Craftable items to no longer be in the Chemistry Station bench. As a workaround, the Sim Settlements Craftable items can still be crafted in the City Planner's bench (located in the Sim Settlements Workshop Menu, under Furniture).

Nakano Workbench

Can break your ability to control settlers.


This can cause the foundation plots to not sink into the ground correctly.

Spring Cleaning

This can cause the foundation plots to not sink into the ground correctly.

Unlimited Building

There are plenty of alternatives to this to increase your build limit. This particular mod includes old versions of vanilla scripts (which is really bad). I've messaged the mod author about it, but have never heard back.

Unlimited Companion Framework

Can cause issues with companions being flagged as unemployed settlers preventing new settlers from joining your settlement.

Non-DLC Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

This version of the unofficial patch is no longer supported by the creator. They now only maintain the version that requires you have all DLC installed.

Welcome to Goodneighbor

This mod has a number of problems. With Sim Settlements it can cause the Call Town Meeting function to get permanently stuck in a black screen. It can also cause your settlers to quit functioning.

Xbox Specific Issues

Place Anywhere

To use the View Plaque button, activate the Place Anywhere object in your inventory under Aid (you can craft this at the Chem Workbench under Utility, if you don't have it). This will bring up a menu, change the Options Menu to OFF.