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This is a work in progress, we will be adding more information here regularly over the next week or so.

For Frequently Asked Questions for the Rise of the Commonwealth Official Sim Settlements Expansion Pack, you can find them here: Rise Of The Commonwealth FAQs

Please note that you must have Sim Settlements core mod updated to v3.0 (or higher) for Rise of the Commonwealth to function.

To report issues you are having with Rise Of The Commonwealth, please go to this dedicated forum: https://simsettlements.com/site/index.php?categories/rise-of-the-commonwealth-bug-reports.110/

Taken from:

Known Bugs (No current workarounds)

Please note: We are working to resolve these ASAP.
  • Floating Flags
  • Generators retain maintenance deficit after being removed
  • Donating alcoholic drinks causes death count to increase in settlement report​
  • Unpowered agricultural plot produces twice as much food​
  • Level 3 New U Commercial Plot Barber Chair has missing textures​
  • Maintenance mode issue​

Known Bugs (With Workarounds)

Please note: We are working to resolve these ASAP.

Unable to Complete Quest: Taking Point​

Workaround: Fixed with Sim Settlements 3.0.2 - Should be completed after loading into the game after updating

While creating the City Plan and choosing to scrap the settlement, game crashes

Workaround: Fixed with Sim Settlements 3.0.2

City Planner desk is unusable due to location causing a non-pathable route to the chair

Workaround: Head into workshop mode and move the desk to a pathable location.

Old Guns is unable to be completed due to City Plan causing inaccessibility or scrapping required schematics.

Workaround: (PC Users Only)
  1. Use the console command "tcl" to get through the armory door and clear the blocked dungeon Exit,
  2. Also clear the wood from the Entrance "Before" talking to Ronnie! If you don't do it now the quest will break.
  3. Now, clear a path through the "Left Side" of the blocked Castle wall..ya know, the one every quest uses..
  4. Then start Old Guns ie. Talk to Ronnie..
  5. When you exit the dungeon, Ronnie will open the door and the schematics will have respawned.
  6. You can then build 1 artillery battery, Ronnie will walk through the hole you cleared in the wall... yada yada quest complete. (Provided by woodfuzzy)

Settlers attack visitors/visitors are hostile

Workaround: While it's not the greatest workaround, for the time being you may turn off the visitor system in the City Manager holotape under Options -> Gameplay -> Immersion

City Planner Desk has duplicates

Workaround: Fixed with Sim Settlements 3.0.2 - refresh the city

Stuck in cinematic mode for extended period of time

Workaround: Fixed with Sim Settlements 3.0.2

Known Conflicts (w/other mods)