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ASAM Sensor

Required to construct any Sim Settlements plots.

A single sensor is used up every time a plot is constructed anew. It can be considered a computational device that connects to the City Management software which provides data feed on the plot. A large number of these sensors are provided alongside the holotape that is placed in the world.

Craftable in the Chemistry bench under Utility.

Architect's T-Square

Allows you to cycle through all of a plot's building plans.

This replaces the old system of lifting plots, destroying the current objects present, and then cancelling the move in, which randomizes what the new plot type will be (however this is still viable if randomness is desired). With this tool, one can cycle forwards and backwards through the different plot building plans in order to get a specific one, however the present objects will still be destroyed, so take care not to accidentally raze a plot you weren't wanting to change.

To use the Architect's T-Square, equip it as a weapon, point your crosshair at the plot's post that you would like to change and select Next Plan or Previous Plan. If anything is built on the plot, it will ask you to confirm destruction of the current building. After a few seconds a message will appear in the upper left-hand corner telling you which building model will be built. You can continue cycling through until you find the one you want.

Caution: due to the current nature of the VIP system, it is inadvisable to use this tool on Residential plots as the VIP clutter may never spawn or can be placed haphazardly against the structure and cause clipping issues. However no such problems are present with the other plot types, which is this tool's primary intended use. These issues will be addressed in future updates.

Craftable in the Chemistry bench under Utility.

ASAM Vision Switch

Allows you to cycle the different highlights for settlers.
This is useful for seeing which residents fall under certain categories in order to quickly find certain settlers, such as the homeless or jobless. When used outside of settlements, a pop-up message informs you that it can't be used at the moment and it automatically sets the vision to 'Off'. It is recommended to set this item (which, upon "consumption", will not be used up) to a slot in your favourites if to be used with relative frequency.
This can also be cycled with the use of the holotape, however this is much faster as it does not require one to trundle through the holotape menus in your Pip-Boy and waiting for the screen to load.
  • Craftable in the Chemistry bench under Utility.
  • ASAM Vision Switch colors:
    • Find Homeless= Red
    • Find Unemployed= Yellow
    • Find Unpowered= Strobing White
    • Find Awaiting Upgrades= Green
  • Individual ASAM Vision Switches, that just activate a specific vision mode, can now be crafted in the City Planners Desk.

Immersion Breaker Breaker

Allows you to reset all of a plot's objects.

This is useful for quickly applying updates to a plot if something about the model was changed in an update. This can also be used to fix position and rotation issues caused by the game engine failing to complete a script.

Craftable in the Chemistry bench under Utility.

Town Meeting Gavel

Allows you to summon all settlers present in the settlement to your current position. They will then follow you for approximately 30 seconds.

This is useful for quickly summoning settlers to your position so that you may assign them manually, instead of going around searching for them. Also helpful if you want to switch out their gear or any other function you might want to perform with settlers.

This option is present in the City Management holotape, however this allows you to more readily use the function without trundling through the Pip-Boy menus.

Craftable in the Chemistry bench under Utility.