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Info Needed Known Bugs and Conflicts

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This topic will be used to inform you guys of the bugs that we are aware of and any mod conflicts.

Known Bugs (No current workarounds)
  • [Fixed 3.02] Unable to change Residential Tax levels​
  • [In process] Floating Flags​
  • [In process] Generators retain maintenance deficit after being removed​
  • [In process] Donating alcoholic drinks causes death count to increase in settlement report​
  • [In process] Unpowered agricultural plot produces twice as much food​
  • [In process] Level 3 New U Commercial Plot Barber Chair has missing textures​
  • [In process] Maintenance mode issue​
Known Bugs (With Workarounds)
  • [Fixed, will complete on next game load after the patch applies] Unable to Complete Quest: Taking Point​
    • Workaround: If on Xbox there is currently no known workaround. If on PC, use the following command; setstage MinRecruit06 400
  • [Fixed 3.02]While creating the City Plan and choosing to scrap the settlement, game crashes.
    • Workaround: Use the holotape to nuke the settlement, once completed you should be okay to continue with the city plan.
  • [In process] City Planner desk is unusable due to location causing a non-pathable route to the chair.
    • Workaround: Head into workshop mode and move the desk to a pathable location.
  • [In process] Settlers attack visitors/visitors are hostile.
    • Workaround: While it's not the greatest workaround, for the time being you may turn off the visitor system in the City Manager holotape under Options -> Gameplay -> Immersion
  • [Fixed 3.02, refresh city] City Planner Desk has duplicates
    • Workaround: Scrap extra desks (You get free materials)
  • [Fixed] Stuck in cinematic mode for extended period of time
    • Workaround: Open the pipboy and closing should remove you from the cinematic. If you're city is just starting, you should stay in the settlement for a bit to allow the cleanup phase to finish, however, if you must leave, the cleanup phase will resume once you return. Cities currently upgrading should be fine to leave without an issue.
  • [In process] Interior plots appear in both Sim Settlements menu and Special menu
  • [In process] Several city planner desks appear in sanctuary. Workaround is to simply scrap the spares.
Known Conflicts
  • Etheron's Vanilla Extensions
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