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VFX Downtown

Plots VFX Downtown VFX


New Homes: 3
New Martial: 2

Building Features
  • Martial plots include stronger turrets with increased HP & defense. Rather than always just 80hp they will have 180/300/400 with about +100 DR/ER. Might raise the Defense rating but increase costs for the plot.
  • Houses intended to work with Interior plots. Eventually I would like to include snap points for easier placement of Interior plots. Place Everywhere strongly recommended for placement of Interior plots inside the houses. The hotkeys on Place Everywhere are extremely useful.
  • I recommend aligning your plot's Z angle by using SetAngle Z 0 in order to allow for easier correction of position/angles. My habit is to do this when beginning at a new location with the first floorpiece I place then snap others to it then snap plots to those. Alternatively with an object's positional data saved with Place Everywhere, you can use (6) when highlighting the interior plot to have it match the angle of the saved object.

Settler Navigation: Yes(experimental)
Construction Stages: Level 0 can serve as a "placeholder"
Randomized Clutter: No, I use them with Interior plots inside
Performance Settings: No(but L0/L1 easier on performance)
Xbox One Version:

Plot Details:
Defense Structure : 2 Stages with L2 & 3 identical for now. This way it won't make it harder to upgrade City Plan by staying at L2. 2 or 5 turrets. Benefits: Turrets have higher HP & DR. L1 = 2 Mk5 with 180HP also vantage points for sniping & NPC guard posts, L2/3: 5 Mk7 with 400HP, most of the DPS potential will be outwards from the one corner.
VFX Heavy Turret Tower: 4 turrets at each level. Stronger turrets but the turrets on higher levels will get reduced line of sight. Benefits: Standard Defense boost. Turrets have higher HP & DR. L1 = Mk3 cart with 180HP, L2: MkV with 300HP, L3: MkVII with 400HP.
Basic Apartment: Simple lower class 3 story brick building. Was made as a player(+companion) home plot.
Basic 4-Story : Minimal furnishings but there's the potential for others to move in with Interior Plots!
High End Test House : Minimal furnishings but there's the potential for others to move in with Interior Plots! Other plots use a 0.9 scale but this one currently does not. The idea is to better fit Interior Plots that may have clipping issues if the house was scaled to 0.9 such as those with ceiling objects included.
The Poor House: New plot, not entirely done but did update now to solve some bugs & test some other stuff too. Decorations on L1 & L2 so far.

I'll add that I like experimenting with the settlement raiding idea added in NW so the turrets share the same faction as settlers. Meaning if Settlers become hostile to the player the turrets will as well plus the MkV/VII can deal a lot more damage due to Explosive/Incendiary property which bypasses DR, plus their buffed HP/DR means they can potentially survive a rocket or grenade and can even be a little bit challenging to deal with for a low level player on Survival or Very Hard. I'm looking into "Settlement Raiding concept to see what might be possible. I really liked Metal Gear Solid V and wish that Fallout 4 could have challenging bases to attack. So what I would like ideally is mod with placeable customized NPCs including Settlers, guards & Turrets with a special faction whose relation to the player can be altered in a holotape. With this kind of system you could design a settlement to be an enemy base for the player to raid in Home Sweet Home or on their own. I found it really disappointing playing HSH only to find 5 level 1 "Militiamen" at the settlement who get oneshot by pretty much anything.

I also feel that on my game I would like epic weapons like the Cryo Lance to be obtained by clearing out a large base.
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