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Easy Homebuilder and Working Double Beds

Decorative Easy Homebuilder and Working Double Beds Hozsa

You are not allowed to upload or modify this mod without explicit authorization!

This Mod is completely standalone and it will NOT conflict with anything that doesn't REarrange workshopmenu somehow there is in post section sticky post third from the top
concerning this matter if you have that kind of mods and how to proceed....

Video for Main features part 1 + link to part 2 at the end of video:
These are just few of the many features what this mod offers to you...

Other mods that goes nicely with this:
- West Everett Estates Player Settlement by caleb68
- CWSS Redux by Steve40
- Modular Kitchen by evanpox
- DIY by dinozaurz
- Offices and Stores by Hozsa and ReaperTai

Update 3.1 is up you can find Changes in "Posts" section and "Change log"
version 2.6 forward required DLC's:
- Wasteland Workshop (DLC2)

Please read uninstallation description if you choose to uninstall later!

What does this mod do?

1. At this moment It add's A lot of static beds + color variants for combining bed frames and blankets, and several different
pillows what you can use on those beds !
these pillows act like vanilla beds and they will snap to the beds/blankets! So now on when you build double/single
sized bed and put two pillows to it, It will also count 2 bed resources in your settlement and the best part is that
both assigned settlers will use this same bed at same time.
There is also pillow called "Players pillow" what you can put rigth next to your NPC sweetheart and
watch when your character sleeps right next to Her/Him, "Players pillow" won't add any bed resources!
If you use mod called "Place Everywhere" You can easily use these pillows where ever you want!
exsample. In my game few of the settlers are sleeping on the couch.

2. It also Add's to your workshop buildable modern prewar houses (all Houses from Sanctuary and more)
also Fusion cores as power put these east/west side of house
to the panel Where is gage and three holes in it, then whole house is powered!
each core will give 5 Power to the house.
lots of furnitures like working fireplace, prewar stereo as radio, couches, doors, driveways, workstations,
idled furnitures + much much more... ( I've lost count of it a long time ago )

Where I can find these?
(Main version: Under Main Menu/HZS-EHB & WD:cool: - (Only Beds version: Under Furniture/HZS-WD:cool:

Bed's build guide:
Beds can be found in workshop under
MainMenu->HZS-EHB & WDB->Beds adult / Beds children

Pillows can be found in workshop under
MainMenu->HZS-EHB & WDB->Pillows

Beds are static, build these first then build pillows to the bed's they will snap to them
you can build two pillows in each bed (these pillows act like beds)

Houses build guide:
There are so many connection points added in the houses so this guide might help solve some issues.
Recomended build order with house parts is:
1.Stairs(you can adjust stairs later) -> 2.House -> 3.Driveways(must be before carport) -> 4.Carport ->
5.Carport Walls and decorations -> 6.Fusion cores put these east side of house to the panel right next to entrance->
7.then rest of it doors furnitures etc.


-Use NMM
-manualy extract to your fallout 4 data folder
and make sure that the plugin is enabled
-Always backup couble of your last saves where everything is working before installing any new mods!!!!
Then make sure when entering to the game that everything is working and new mod is also present
and with all it's features!!!!
that is the best way to make sure you don't lose game hours of yours if something goes wrong....
(It takes about 5-10min to test properly that everything is alright after installing any new mods!!)

Just Use NMM or manual installation!
Do not use uninstaller chem when you are only updating this mod!!!

Uninstallation of 0.9.8 and Greater versions:
Go to chem station and Craft the chem and use it! It is under UTILITY "Uninstall HZS - EHB & WDB"
if you have just working double beds it's called "Uninstall HZS - WDB"
Use it first, then save your game, exit game and unistall with NMM (or manualy delete files).
( this is not necessary if going back to save where this mod hasn't been installed yet!!! )

If you somehow forgot to use that chem and lost category Help can be found from the link below:
Universal missing menus fixer

More will be added later...
feedback and suggestions is always welcome!

next to come:
more beds
some furnitures...

Bethesda for the game and Creation Kit
BA2 archive extractor
Material editor
BodySlide/Outfit Studio

Special thanks to those who have helped test and gave good ideas many times:
First release
Last update
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