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Just some Rugs

Decorative Just some Rugs friffy

Just some rugs

If you like not just to build some stuff but like to build some nice stuff and especially nice rugs, you should give it a try.
This mod adds new rugs to the decoration menu. All rectangled rugs will snap to each other so you can fill a room completely with nice, fluffy rugs.

Also new oval rugs added so your decoration crazyness can go on an on...

Wait, you want more and you like nice table decoration? No problem, that's why there is another file that adds some table clothes - thanks a lot Brandy, what a fantastic idea!

With the table clothes comes a small edit in the esp I had to make for some of the vanilla tables. They won't let you decorate them, they like to be worn out. But with these edits you can cover them without the need of using Place everywhere or the console for it. But as a decoration fan myself I would strongly recomment this mod because it makes building and decorating so much easier. You can place, rotate, scale, move, snap, unsnap whatever you want. It's a MUST HAVE in my humble opinion.

And if you wonder about these nice furniture seen in some of my screenshots, take a look at Renovated Furniture by aesfocus.

You will find all the rugs under "decoration - floor decoration" and the table clothes under "decoration - miscellaneous"
And please do not ask, I won't make a custom workshop menu. Although it's nice to have, the risk of "killing" the whole menu when you uninstall such a mod isn't my cup of tea...

None so far. Edits fot the vanilla talbles should not conflict with other mods unless they also edit the tables.
Should be compatible with Settlement keywords (personally I do not use it)

Thanks to:
The NifSkope team
The Fo4Edit team
Brandy_123 for being such a nice person
Ethreon - my mesh-messias
AWARHERO for his beautiful japanese decorations seen in one of my pictures.
First release
Last update
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