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Horizon Job Plots

Plots Horizon Job Plots Baron

This is considered a BETA until I am convinced there are no bugs or inconsistencies. If you find any bugs or inconsistencies please report via the bug tracking tab. I only offer support for the latest version of Horizon. If you're using an older version of Horizon I offer no support.

Requires version 3.2.4 or greater of Sim Settlements and version 1.5 or greater of Horizon
New Homes: 0
New Shops: 0
New Factories: 6
New Farms: 0
New VIP Stories: 0

Horizon Jobs as Industrial plots!

Settler Navigation: No
Construction Stages: No
Randomized Clutter: No
Performance Settings: No, but...

Horizon Jobs as Industrial plots!

This contains six new industrial job plots that incorporate Horizon's job plots in their design. Four of the six new plots were built from scratch, two of the plots were copied from Kinggath's existing plots.

All plots have three tiers, gradually looking more polished and having better clutter scattered around (except militia clutter, because I'm lazy). The plots currently provide no benefit over just building the Horizon job station.

I do intend to eventually add some benefits to reaching tier three for each of these plots, such as some small bonuses to defense, or maybe food production for hunters, etc... but for now, they don't provide anything.

I'll also add settler navigation, but again, for now these buildings do not have settler navigation so settlers will just derp into the walls until they get teleported to where they need to go.
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