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Shadows for Sim Settlements

Enhancements Shadows for Sim Settlements Elzee


A simple mod to let some lights to cast shadows in Sim Settlements.
Less lights pass through walls.


Sim Settlements

Get more info on

I'm trying to add more shadows with less glitch.

Some pictures on this site include other modder's great addon for Sim Settlements.
I can't remember which building is from which addon as there're too many.
Please check them all by searching "Sim Settlements".


Q: How about the performance hit?
A: According to your hardware, number of lights. I'm using a single GTX1080Ti, and I can feel almost no performance hit. I can only say "Try it yourself."

Q: Does this mod affect lights in other Sim Settlements' add on?
A: Yes, unless they don't use the lights in Sim Settlements main mod.

Q: If Sim Settlements updated in the future, do I have to update this file immidiatley?
A: No, this mod is upward compatible.
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