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CaptainLaserBeam's Jampads

Plots CaptainLaserBeam's Jampads Captain Laser Beam


New Homes: 1

Glory Days - a lair for the true baseball fanatic.

New Shops: 0

In the works . . .

New Factories: 1

Donuts - more sugar and tasty treats for everyone. Donut mix on the lower levels, and more and fancier donuts as it advances.

New Farms: 1

Beans for Breakfast - A silt bean agriculture plot that begins to produce extra items at level 3 and 4 (if you have Industrial Revolution) to give your settlers that caffeine boost.

New Rec: 1 (Int)

One More Cup of Coffee - An interior plot where your settlers can kick back for a coffee break and sample all the latest and greatest Slocum Joe drinks and treats.

New Martial: 2

Intergalactic Planetary - Salvaged bits of Nuka World bring animatronic Zetans in to the picture to guard and fight for your settlement.

Rock Lobster - Saving a few of those nukalurk eggs from Nuka-World has gifted you with your own band of nukalurk warriors as settlements guards. Not much is more intimidating than a glowing crab monster.

New VIP Stories: 0

Building Features

Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: No
Randomized Clutter: No
Performance Settings: Yes

Confession: I am primarily a console player (gasp) so I made this add-on with console users in mind, so it is more on the lightweight side with some of the Sim Settlements features. That is why the plots do not use construction stages beyond the basic three level stages (or four for agriculturals). Sorry to all of you who use realistic build times. This add-on might be a little bland for you if the aliens, donuts, coffee, and crab monsters don't excite you. More is coming in the very near future, including crafting recipes, shops, industrials, farms, and yet more martials
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