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Settlement Management

ASAM Vision

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Call Town Meeting

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Configuration Tools

Refresh Local Plots

When you choose this tool, all of the building plots in the settlement you are currently in will be refreshed. This is the equivalent of using the Immersion Breaker Breaker on each plot or using the refresh plot option on an individual plots ASAM sensor menu.

Depending on how many plots (and your systems processing speed), this may take anywhere from 3-25 minutes. For instance a Xbox One (not S or X) user refreshing local plots in a settlement with 40+ plots could see this take close to 25 minutes.

You will see occasional on screen messages as this process is running letting you know how far along it is (e.g. Refreshing pot 11 of 17)

DO NOT leave the settlement until you get a pop-up message box confirming that "All plots in this settlement have been refreshed. (there is an "OK" button that needs to be clicked to close this pop-up box)

Show Tech Tree

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Tracking Options

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Self Destruct Tools

Start Self Destruct Sequence

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Local Self Destruct Sequence

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Remote Self Destruct Sequence

This will find nearby settlements and offer you the option to tear them down. Once you start, you should stay in the area until it finishes.

If you are having trouble with a settlement crashing and want to destroy it with this, be sure to turn off Demolition FX before you do so, or the extra graphics might crash your game.