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Sim Settlements introduces new utilities to help monitor, manage, and plan your settlements. Included among these are the Citizen Needs Report, Happiness Report, and Local Plot Report.

The reports can only be run from within settlement boundaries. In addition, the Local Plot Report cannot be run from the pip-boy, but only from a terminal with a copy of the City Manager 2078 Holotape loaded, such as the terminal on a City Planner's Desk.

Citizen Needs Report

The Citizen Needs Report displays a percentage progress toward satisfying your settlement's current demands for food, water, defense, power, homes, jobs, and happiness.

With the "Citizen Needs Requirements" option enabled, plots will only upgrade when your settlers' wants and needs are sufficiently satisfied, and you can use this report check on that progress and help plan development.

Food: Must be at 100% for Residential plots to upgrade.
Water: Must be at 100% for Residential and Agricultural plots to upgrade.
Defense: Must be at 100% for Residential, Agricultural, Commercial, and Recreational plots to upgrade.

Powered Plots: Excepting Agricultural, plots must have power to be eligible to upgrade beyond level 1.
Home Plots: A minimum number of vanilla beds or Residential plots of a higher level are required for Commercial plots to upgrade.
Job Plots: Must be at least 50% for Residential plots to upgrade beyond level 1 and 75% to upgrade beyond level 2.

Happiness: Excepting Recreational, must be at least 70% for any plot upgrade beyond level 1 and 80% to upgrade beyond level 2.

For a more detailed breakdown of the exact upgrade requirements for each plot type, please see the Breakdown.

With Rise of the Commonwealth, or a third-party city plan, installed, Citizen Needs are also taken into account when upgrading city plans. For more information see the Holotape Gameplay Options City Building.

If you have HUDFramework installed, then all the information contained in the Citizen Needs Report is also displayed in the Sim Settlements HUD, but without precise numerical values.

Happiness Report

Happiness is an overall measure of your settlement's well being, and (when Citizen Needs Requirements is enabled) is an upgrade requirement for city plans and almost all plots in Sim Settlements. There are many factors that influence Happiness, though the positives and negatives offered by each are capped, so proper management requires a balanced approach to your settlement's wants and needs.

This report details the various factors that influence Happiness, and so it can help you plan developments to boost happiness and encourage plot and city plan upgrades.

Food & Water: When food and water needs are neglected, you settlement can suffer up to a -50 penalty. When satisfied, your settlement will enjoys up to a +40 increase. This makes food and water the most important factors that influence Happiness.
Beds & Shelter: When your settlers have enough beds, and those beds are sheltered, your settlements will gain up to a + 20 increase. When no settlers have a bed, then you will suffer a -20 penalty.
Defense: Adequate defenses grant up to a +10 increase. There is no corresponding penalty.
Robots: The proportion of robots in your settlement can impose up to a -30 penalty. The trade-off is that robots suffer no penalties for insufficient Food, Water, and Shelter.
Temporary Adjustments: Determined by penalties and increases that do not reflect the fundamentals of the settlement, but rather recent events that have temporary and diminishing effects over time, such as settler deaths, completing or failing settlement aid quests, and donations of certain items (e.g. chems, alcohol, and Nuka-Cola) to the City Planner's Desk.
Bonuses/Penalties: A catch-all category, aggregating the influence of all the myriad of different stores, leisure activities, bars, buildings, or other settlement objects that effect Happiness. Note that the influence of each item diminishes in proportion to settlement population.

Predicted Happiness Tomorrow: Adding all the above numbers together does not determine Happiness, but only your potential Happiness if current conditions remain the same. Happiness usually only changes slowly, so this number is an attempt to predict Happiness tomorrow based on current conditions.

The Happiness bonuses and penalties listed on building plaques are the raw values before factoring in population size, and so changes to actual Happiness may not correspond to the listed values.

There is a vanilla game bug where beds will suddenly stop being recognized as sheltered, reducing Happiness. Sim Settlements includes an fix for this bug that works by forcing the game to recheck all the beds for shelter. If the "Shelter Fix" option under Usability is set to "Auto-Run", then this fix will run every time you enter a settlement. However, for users experiencing performance and stability issues when entering settlements, this option can be set to "Manual" and activated on-demand in the Tools section of the holotape.

Although it is theoretically possible to rapidly increase Happiness to 100 by overloading a settlement with Happiness bonuses, it would be highly impractical. Happiness is designed to change gradually over time.

Local Plot Report

Must be within a settlements boundaries to run. Can only be run from connected terminal or City Planner Desk computer (not Pip-Boy*)

The Local Plots report shows how many plots broken down by type, selecting any of the types will give you detailed information about levels, assignment, and total resources generated for that plot type.

*Due to a game engine limitation, the Local Plots report is only accessible via terminal, you can either use the City Planner’s Desk which has a terminal with a built in copy of the holotape or else load the holotape into any terminal in your settlement.

First Screen of Local Plot Report

Shows how many plots a settlement has in total (e.g. Abernathy Farm has 32 plots).

Show how many plots of each type are in the settlement:

  • Agricultural: # of plots
  • Commercial: # of plots
  • Industrial: # of plots
  • Martial: # of plots
  • Recreational: # of plots
  • Residential: # of plots

You can "Click" on a plot type to get more detailed information.

Second Screen(s) of Local Plot Report

Shows information for a selected "Plot Type"

Assigned: # Settlers Assigned / # of plots

Level 1: # of "plot type" upgraded to level 1
Level 2: # of "plot type" upgraded to level 2
Level 3: # of "plot type" upgraded to level 3
Unbuilt: # of "plot type" that have been placed but not assigned.

Contribution to core needs of your settlers and income generated (in total) by all plots of the selected plot type. Can be positive or negative.

Food: effect on settlements daily food production, # positive (generates food) or negative (consumes food)
Water: effect on settlements daily water production, # positive (generates water) or negative (consumes water)
Defense: effect on settlements defense rating, # positive or negative
Power: effect on settlements power usage/needs, # positive (generates power) or negative (drains power)
Happiness: effect on settlements happiness rating, # positive or negative
Income: daily taxable income generated, # positive or none