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Taxes Options

Taxes On/Off

Agricultural Tax Rate

Commercial Tax Rate

Industrial Tax Rate

Residential Tax Rate

Recreational Tax Rate

Taxes Overview

Taxes are levied against every plot type in the mod (except Martial). The tax rate and tax period can be adjusted within the tax law section of the holotape.

Balance Warning:
Taxes are designed and balanced around Maintenance Costs, if you aren't using that option, it's advisable to either leave all of your taxes at Standard, or turn them Off completely (using the Taxes On/Off option at the top, as opposed to setting them all to No Tax), otherwise some of the advantages gained by reducing taxes are fairly unbalanced.

Tax Collection

Tax Cycle

If Maintenance Costs are on, taxes are collected daily, and the costs are subtracted from the taxes. Without Maintenance Costs, taxes are collected every 3 days.

Tax Notifications

When taxes are collected, you will get a notification telling you how much money you earned in total. This will be displayed as dollars, but is collected in caps - the message is meant to look like it's coming from the software which is pre-war (ie. before caps were a currency). The caps are deposited into the workbenches of settlements that have plots in them.

Perk Effects

The following perks will increase the amount of taxes you collect: Cap Collector (all ranks) and Local Leader (all ranks).

Each rank increases tax income by 10%.

Tax Requirements

Only plots that have completed initial construction and have an occupant will pay taxes. The settler needs must also be met, or taxes will be reduced or stopped completely.

Tax Rates and Effects

Tax rates are set on a per plot type basis. By default all plot types are set to "Standard". You have 3 additional options: "No Tax", "Half Tax", and "Double".

In addition to changing how much income you receive, raising and lowering taxes for each plot type will have a variety of affects on your settlements.

Note: Tax Rates are set globally. They are NOT locally set per settlement.

Plot Type Effects


No Tax: +25% Recruitment Chance
Half Tax: +15% Recruitment Chance
Standard: Normal Recruitment Chance
Double: -25% Recruitment Chance


No Tax: +1 Food per Plot
Half Tax: + 0.5 Food per Plot
Standard: Normal Food Generation
Double: -1 Food per Plot

Commercial AND Recreational (counts as 2 tax zones)

No Tax: +35% Visitor Rate
Half Tax: +20% Visitor Rate
Standard: Normal Visitor Rate
Double: -25% Visitor Rate


No Tax: +30% Scavenge Rate per Plot
Half Tax: +15% Scavenge Rate per Plot
Standard: Normal Scavenge Rate
Double: -30% Scavenge Rate per Plot

Cumulative Effects

The tax adjustments done for each plot type also have an overall affect on your settlements. The tax system will "add" up your tax rates for each plot type and apply the following:

For Each "No Tax": -1 Defense per Martial Plot AND + 3 Happiness
For Each "Half Tax": -0.5 Defense per Martial Plot AND + 2 Happiness
For Each "Standard": Normal Martial Plot Defense, and No Happiness Modifier
For Each "Double": +1 Defense per Martial Plot AND -4 Happiness

For example, so if you reduce all 5 tax zones (Residential, Agricultural, Commercial AND Recreational, Industrial) to "No Tax", you'll have -5 Defense/Martial and +15 happiness.