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What It Does:

Clicking on ASAM Sensor Info from the main screen of the City Manager 2078 Holotape downloads the schematics for the ASAM Sensor so now you can craft more ASAM Sensors from any chemistry workbench.

What It Says (In Game):

Note: This text is about immersion of the ASAM Sensor and City Manager 2078 holotape into the Fallout game world. It is for entertainment rather than being instructional to you the player. Though it would be cool for Kinggath to actually add the "taser" functionality in.

As usual we provide the schematics to last year's model of our award winning Advanced Survey and Activity Monitoring (ASAM) Sensor.

This sensor does amazing things to help you run a successful city!

- Uses laser survey technology to display boundaries so you and your citizens know exactly where they can build!

- Sync's with City Manager 2078 to keep you up to date on everything happening in your city!

- Provides a simple push button interface for your citizens to request building permits!

- Notifies citizen of taxes and fees due with a simple-to-read neon display!

New features with the 2078 edition:

- Utility usage monitoring synced directly to City Manger 2078, find out who the wasters are and bill them more!

- One-way audio communication, now you can shout directly at a citizen from the comfort of your desk or Pipboy without the pesky talking back you'd get from a telephone!

- Optional taser attachment to give a disruptive citizen a jolt!