Rise of The Commonwealth Leaders

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Leader Traits

Major Traits

Bot Finder -- Occasionally recruits robot settlers
Brotherhood Ally -- Brotherhood of Steel defends the settlement
COA Ally -- Children of Atom defend the settlement
Engineer -- Increase Advanced Industrial plot production rate
Experienced Mayor -- City upgrades much faster
Hunter -- Greatly reduces food needs of the settlement
Institute Ally -- The Institute defends the settlement
Investigator -- Increase the rate Advanced Industrial buildings are discovered
Lifebringer -- Agricultural plots produce more food
Logistics Expert -- All plots upgrade faster
Mad Scientist -- Recruits an extra settler daily; 25% chance a random settler dies daily
Makeshift Armorer -- Increase the amount of defense provided by equipment donations
Minutemen Ally -- Minutemen defend the settlement
Minutemen Officer -- Many new settlers will be trained as Minutemen
One Mutant Army -- Always wins raids when the player is away
Rabble Rouser -- Guarantees at least one new recruit every day
Railroad Ally -- The Railroad defends the settlement
Robot Moral Officer -- Removes the happiness penalty of robot settlers
Trainer -- Increases the defense provided by Martial Plots
Truthseeker -- Synths can no longer infiltrate the settlement population

Minor Traits

Animal Lover -- Increase the chance animals will move into the settlement
Caravanner -- Increase base food production
Charismatic -- Increase the max settlers that can be radio-recruited
Defender -- Increase settlement base defense value
Entertainer -- Recreational plots will upgrade faster
Enthusiastic -- Increase settlement base happiness
Entrepreneur -- Commercial plots will upgrade faster
Ex-Farmer -- Agricultural plots will upgrade faster
Friend of Sheng -- Increase base water production
Futurist -- Industrial plots will upgrade faster
Good Neighbor -- Residential plots will upgrade faster
Handyman -- Reduce maintenance costs
Mercenary -- Increase tax income
Military Mind -- Martial plots will upgrade faster
Optimizer -- Increase the amount of junk collected per Industrial Plot
Party Animal -- Increase settlement base happiness
Promoter -- Increase happiness bonus per Recreational plot
Recruiter -- Increase the chance of recruiting new settlers
Scavenger -- Increase the amount of junk collected each day
Shakedown -- Increase the amount of caps collected from shops
Welcoming -- Increase the number of visitors that will come to the settlement


Allergies -- Reduce the chance animals will move into the settlement
Communist -- Commercial plots will take longer to upgrade
Depressed -- Reduces settlement base happiness
Embezzler -- Reduce the amount of caps collected from shops
Fun Police -- Recreational plots will take longer to upgrade
Ghoulish -- Reduces the max settlers that can be radio-recruited
Healthy Appetite -- Reduces the base food production
Inhospitable -- Reduces the number of visitors that will ever come to the settlement
Lonewolf -- Decreases settlement base defense
Naive -- Martial plots will take longer to upgrade
Notorious -- Reduce chance of recruiting settlers
Overzealous -- Reduces settlement base happiness
Pacifist -- Martial plots will take longer to upgrade
Raider at Heart -- Agricultural plots will take longer to upgrade
Rebel -- Reduce tax income
Self Doubt -- Increase maintenances costs
Synth Sympathizer -- Increase the likelihood of synths infiltrating the population
Synthetic -- Agricultural plots will take longer to upgrade
Taskmaster -- Residential plots will take longer to upgrade
Technophobic -- Industrial plots will take longer to upgrade
Unimaginative -- Reduce the amount of daily junk collected
Wasteful -- Reduce the base water production

Commander Traits

Major Traits

<Faction Name> Reinforcements -- If half or more of your assault force is killed, reinforcements will be sent from that faction.
Resistance Fighter -- Outpost/Vassal can no longer be hostily taken over
Rabble Rouser -- 1 new recruit per day guaranteed
Seeing Red -- Increase warrior melee damage substantially on assaults
Enhanced Interrogator -- Marks turret locations during an Assault
Roboticist -- Random robots will join assaults as well as defend the settlement
Master Propogandist -- Periodic chance to conscript civilians into the soldier ranks
Legend of the Fog -- Guaranteed full morale meter when leading a Far Harbor settlement
Love Before War -- Production increased when no guards or warriors are stationed at her settlement.
Right-hand Man -- Boosts control at all Vassals within range.
Mechanical Uprising -- Robots count as Warriors when calculating the control provided by patrols from this settlement.
For the People -- The more civilians at the settlement, the more XP the soldiers will gain in fighting
Mutant Superiority -- Joins all assaults from this settlement himself.
Knowledge Is Power -- Assaults from this settlement can target even unscouted locations.
Fight Club -- Soldiers can reach higher rank from training
Mercenary Band -- Soldiers recruited to this settlement can come from any faction.

Minor Traits

Racketeer -- Increase Wages per Commercial Plot
Greenthumb -- Increase Rations per Agricultural Plot
Salvage-Minded -- Increase Equipment per Industrial Plot
Financial Manager -- Provides +30 Wages
Logistics Officer -- Provides +30 Rations
Quartermaster -- Provides +30 Equipment
Silvertongued -- Reduces Soldier Wage Requirements
Waste Averse -- Reduces Soldier Ration Requirments
Primal Fighter -- Reduces Soldier Equipment Requirements
Just Cause -- Reduces Civilian Ration Requirements
Tinkerer -- Reduce Equipment required per robot
Seedy Connections -- Reduce control required for Commercial plots
Prepper -- Reduce control required for Agriculteral plots
Hidden Weapons -- Reduce control required for Industrial plots
Kind-Hearted -- Reduce control required for Captives
Bred for War -- Increase control provided by Warriors
Strategist -- Increase control provided by Patrols
Authoritarian -- Increase control provided by Guards
Seasoned Veteran -- Increase control provided by higher rank soldiers
Intimidation Tactics -- Increase control provided per Warrior via Patrol Links
Tight Ship -- Provides +50 Control
Speechwriter -- Provides +5 Morale Boost
Problem Solver -- Provides 2 extra days to get back to assist with defense
Dedicated Servant -- Increase Vassal production
Taskmaster -- Increase worker production slightly
Harrying Scouting -- Some number of attackers will be picked off at the start of a raid
Terrifying Presence -- Some number of defenders will flee during an assault
Caregiver -- Increase Field Hospital chance of saving soldiers by 10%
Improvisor -- Battlefield Scavengers have a 10% chance to find additional items
Chef -- Mess Halls provide a stronger buff during assaults
Drill Sergeant -- Training Yards provides 25% more XP
Retention Officer -- Prisons can hold one additional captive


Lassez-Faire Capitalist -- Reduce wages per Commercial Plot
Mechanical Appetite -- Reduce rations per Agricultural Plot
Weapons Snob -- Reduce equipment per Industrial Plot
Greedy Pockets -- Reduce wages by -30
Hefty Appetite -- Reduce rations by -30
Butterfingers -- Reduce equipment by -30
Mercenary Attitude -- Increase soldier Wage requirements
Motherly Instinct -- Increase soldier Ration requirements
Technology Hoarder -- Increase soldier Equipment requirements
Arm the People -- Civilians require a small amount of Equipment
Overly-Empathetic -- Increase captive Ration requirements
Shoddy Mechanic -- Increase Equipment required per robot
Miser -- Increase control required per Commercial plot
Raiderphobia -- Increase control required per Agricultural plot
Paranoid -- Increase control required per Industrial plot
Hotshot -- Reduce control provided per Warrior
Short-Sighted -- Reduce control provided per Patrol
Distracting -- Reduce control provided per Defense
Ageist -- Reduce control provided by higher rank soldiers
Lax Attitude -- Reduce control provided per Warrior via Patrol links
Rebellious -- Increase control requirement
Unsettling -- Reduce morale
Grueling Manager -- Reduce Vassal production
Hedonistic -- Reduce worker production slightly
Overprotective -- Reduce max number of soldiers that can go on assaults by 1
Fragile Appearance -- Additional attackers will join raids
Boastful -- Additional defenders will show up to defend assaults
Easy Target -- Raids can occur more frequently here
Bloodlust -- Morale has a lesser effect on production
Unsanitary -- Reduces chance of field hospital saving soldiers by 10%
Undisciplined -- Training Yards provide half their normal XP
No Mercy -- Prisons will not capture additional Captives

Leaders and Commanders

Conqueror (Commanders)

  • Ada: Mechanical Uprising, Quartermaster, Overly-Empathetic
  • Cait: Fight Club, Primal Fighter, Rebellious
  • Codsworth: Dedicated Servant, Waste Averse, Overprotective
  • Curie: Love Before War, Caregiver, Easy Target
  • Deacon: Railroad Reinforcements, Hidden Weapons, Arm the People
  • Hancock: For the People, Seedy Connections, Hedonistic
  • Nick Valentine: Knowledge Is Power, Problem Solver, Mechanical Appetite
  • Old Longfellow: Legend of the Fog, Seasoned Veteran, Fragile Appearance
  • Paladin Danse: BOS Reinforcements, Drill Seargant, Technology Hoarder
  • Piper: Master Propagandist, Speechwriter, Rebellious
  • Porter Gage: Right-hand Man, Racketeer, Unsanitary
  • Preston Garvey: Minutemen Reinforcements, Just Cause, Raiderphobia
  • RJ MacCready: Mercenary Band, Silvertongued, Hotshot
  • Strong: Mutant Superiority, Terrifying Presence, No Mercy
  • X6-86: Institute Reinforcements, Retention Officer, Grueling Manager

Conqueror Exclusive Commanders
  • Brutus: Resistance Fighter, Improvisor, Hotshot
  • Jason: Enhanced Interrogator, Chef, Unsettling
  • Sarah: Seeing Red, Primal Fighter, Bloodlust
  • Torque: Roboticist, Salvage-Minded, Distracting

Junk Town

  • Blake Abernathy: Lifegiver, Ex-Farmer, Depressed
  • Lucy Abernathy: Trainer, Enthusiastic, Naive
  • Abraham Finch: Lifegiver, Scavenger, Inhospitable
  • Jake Finch: Hunter, Shakedown, Raider at Heart
  • Vault-Tec Rep: Experienced Mayor, Shakedown, Lonewolf
  • Sheffield: Lifebringer, Party Animal, Self Doubt
  • Marcy Long: Truthseeker, Animal Lover, Depressed
  • Sturges: Investigator, Futurist, Pacifist
  • Mama Murphy: One Mutant Army, Defender, Healthy Appetite -- don't do drugs and she will work
  • Dogmeat: Truthseeker, Defender, Healthy Appetite)

Rise of the Commonwealth

  • Ada - Bot Finder, Scavenger, Synthetic
  • Cait - Trainer, Entertainer, Depressed
  • Codsworth - Robot Morale Officer, Handyman, Pacifist
  • Curie - Lifebringer, Enthusiastic, Naive
  • Deacon - Railroad Ally, Ex-Farmer, Synth Sympathizer
  • Hancock - Experienced Mayor, Party Animal, Ghoulish
  • Old Longfellow - Hunter, Animal Lover, Inhospitable
  • RJ MacCready - Experienced Mayor, Mercenary, Lonewolf
  • Nick Valentine - Investigator, Handyman, Synth Sympathizer
  • Overseer Barstow - Mad Scientist, Futurist, Taskmaster
  • Paladin Danse - Brotherhood Ally, Military Mind, Self Doubt
  • Piper - Truthseeker, Recruiter, Rebel
  • Preston Garvey - Minutemen Officer, Recruiter, Overzealous
  • Porter Gage - Makeshift Armorer, Shakedown, Raider at Heart
  • Strong - One Mutant Army, Defender, Healthy Appetite
  • X6-88 - Institute Ally, Futurist, Inhospitable

Leaders of the Commonwealth

  • Sturges: Investigator, Handyman, Recruiter, Naive, Overzealous
  • Blake Abernathy: Lifebringer, Animal Lover, Pacifist
  • Connie Abernathy: Shakedown, Depressed
  • Steve Tenpines: Ex-farmer, Pacifist
  • Tiny Tenpines: Scavenger, Pacifist
  • Alice Oberland: Lifebringer
  • Jane Oberland: Scavenger, Healthy Appetite
  • Abraham Finch: Hunter, Defender
  • Jake Finch: One Mutant Army(x), Enthusiastic, Self Doubt
  • Daniel Finch: Mercenary, Overzealous
  • Joseph County: Trainer
  • Jason County: Scavanger, Naive
  • Duke Somerville: Defender, Pacifist
  • Roger Warwick: Truthseeker, Party Animal
  • Julie Nordhagen: Enthusiastic, Self Doubt
  • Hargraves: Entertainer, Pacifist
  • Scribe: Makeshift Armorer, Military Mind, Defender, Self Doubt, Rebel
  • Larry: Truthseeker, Party Animal, Lonewolf
  • Trader Rylee: Investigator, Mercenary, Lonewolf
  • Kessler: Experienced Mayor, Shakedown, Raider at Heart
  • Mr.Greentop: Ex-Farmer, Healthy Appetite
  • Sheffield: Ex-Farmer, Depressed
  • Staples: Entertainer, Healthy Appetite
  • Doc Anderson: Lifebringer, Enthusiastic, Overzealous
  • Rep: Investigator, Futurist, Shakedown, Ghoulish, Inhospitable
  • Wiseman: Experienced Mayor, Enthusiast, Handyman, Ghoulish
  • Deirdre: Shakedown, Ghoulish
  • White: Bot Finder, Enthusiastic, Handyman, Pacifist, Synth Sympathizer.

Nobody's Leaders

  • Connie Abernathy: Abernathy Farm - Makeshift Armorer, Shakedown, Depressed
  • Kessler: Bunker Hill - Experienced Mayor, Shakedown, Synth Sympathizer
  • Abigail Finch: Finch Farm (or Finch Junk Yard, take your pick) - Hunter, Animal Lover, Pacifist
  • Supervisor White: Graygarden - Robot Moral Officer, Futurist, Synth Sympathizer
  • Sturges: Sanctuary - Investigator, Handyman, Pacifist
  • Wiseman: The Slog- Lifebringer, Handyman, Ghoulish
  • Roger Warwick: Warwick Homestead - Institute Ally, Scavenger, Rebel
  • Vault-Tec Rep:Any - Hunter, Scavenger, Ghoulish
  • Sheffield: Any - Investigator, Party Animal, Pacifist

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