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Find the City Manager 2078 Holotape in your Misc inventory and load it into your Pip-Boy to access the following options.

Configure Zoning Laws

TODO - lots of options to document still

Dynamic Needs

Toggles the Dynamic Needs system ON or OFF. It is ON by default.

Initial Plot Costs

Reduces the cost of all plots is to only a single ASAM sensor when set to OFF. It is ON by default and plots require various resources to build correctly. This can be helpful if you would like to pre-plot out settlements before any additional citizens arrive. New citizens will then automatically take a plot and start building a home and/or business, so long as Auto Assignment is also ON.

Realistic Build Times

Enables realistic in-game build times for plots. It is OFF by default and plots will build in approximately 60 seconds in real time. When using Realistic Build Times, times take much longer by using a randomly generated time per plot (upwards of 36 in-game hours). This can lead to more immersive game play.

Auto Assignment

Allows citizens to automatically take unassigned plots. It is ON by default.

Jobs Required


Configure Tax Laws

Tax Cycle

Adjusts how frequently taxes are collected from your citizens.

  • Daily
  • Every 2 Days
  • Every 3 Days (default)
  • Every 5 Days
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly

[Plot Type] Tax Rate

Determines how much money your citizens must pay in taxes for each of their respective plots.

  • Standard
  • Half
  • No Tax
  • Double

Software Settings




ASAM Sensor Info


Setup Notifications

All notifications are ON by default.

Turn On All Notifications

Enables all notifications.

Turn Off All Notifications

Disables all notifications.

Tax Day

Displays a notification at the end of the period when taxes have been collected and how many combined caps to expect from all settlements.

[Plot Type] Started

Displayed when settler has been assigned to a plot.

[Plot Type] Completed

Displayed when settler has completed a Level 1 plot.

[Plot Type] Improved

Displayed when a settler has improved a plot to Level 2 or Level 3.