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Clutter in the Sim Settlement plots comes in two forms, namely VIP clutter, which remains persistent, and randomized clutter, which will be the main focus here.

Randomized clutter is an attempt to bring a sense of life to the player's new settlement by both breathing life into the plots, simulating the haphazard nature of people stamping their personality on their surroundings, and a sense of lifestyle in a dynamic nature, by having bits of clutter change whenever the player leaves and returns.

An example of such goes as follows; the player might enter a settler's residence and notice a meal having been laid out on a table, but when the player leaves and then returns after a while the meal will have gone (the settler having eaten) to possibly be replaced by some drinks or number of books. This helps bring a sense of dynamic lifestyle, of the settlers leading their own lives outside of the influence of the player, instead of having a set of clutter that remains static until changed by the player.

This clutter is flavoring to the different styles of plots, rather than having two identical plot rotations next to each other that would look and feel exactly the same, instead will be filled with random clutter so that the places would look like there were actual people living in them as part of their everyday lives. This leads into the sense of exploration that is one of the main focuses of the mod, allowing the player to enter the settlers' homes and take a peak into their lives.

Additionally, as the level of the plot increases, the amount of clutter present on the plot increases as well. This is most obvious in Residential plots, however it can also present itself in the other plot types but in a less obvious, randomized way.