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Version 4.2.9

All Your Base Are Belong to Us Released - 24 July 2020

  • Manual City Plan upgrades will now correctly show up as an option, once eligible, even for players with the Leader Requirement turned off.
  • Megapack building plans will once again be removed from building plan lists if the original mod the plans came from are installed. This process will occur several minutes after the game is loaded. This feature had been broken after the changes in 4.2.6 to speed up load times.
  • Added new UniformOutfits field to building plans (this replaces the previously named Uniforms field). This allows addon authors to define uniforms for any settlers that are assigned to the plot to be equipped with.
    • Since this feature can be abused to generate unlimited free equipment, it is disabled by default for players. The option can be found under Settler Uniforms in the Immersion section of the holotape/MCM.
    • This only applies to non-Conqueror soldiers, and non-unique settlers, to avoid losing any special gear they may have.

Version 4.2.9a

  • Restored Delay Building Materials setting which was unintentionally removed from the MCM config at some point.
  • Adjusted formula for calculating build limit usage to better handle vanilla items not marked correctly for exact calculation.

Version 4.2.9b

  • Fixed a bug that could cause removing faction decorations to get stuck. This could also happen during transitioning control of settlements from one faction to another in Conqueror if pre-conquered settlements were used.
    • If you experienced this bug, it unfortunately cannot be retroactively fixed from a patch, you will need to use Fallrim Tools to correct it. To do so, load your save in the Resaver program that comes with Fallrim Tools, expand the Active Scripts section. Find any that mention FactionControlManager, right-click them, and choose Terminate. Once finished, save your file and load back into the game.

Version 4.2.8

The Motivation Stick Released - 03 July 2020

  • Created an alternate version of the For Rent sign that will no longer interfere with interacting with the plot or ASAM Sensor.
  • Filled out PlotTypeOverride field for interior commercial building plans, so they will correctly be randomized based on shop type.
  • Fixed an issue with a texture on one of the beds provided by Wasteland Ventures (thanks Tinuvia!).
  • Added several new meshes for the Project Blueprint mods for the most recent two contest winners.

Version 4.2.7

Unleash the Code! Released - 06 June 2020

  • Improved the speed of removing a building plan skin.
    • This was a big bottleneck in several Conqueror features that should now operate more quickly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Recruitment Manager controller quest could get stuck in a loop until the player returns to the settlement it was running on.
  • Designer’s Choice is now correctly available as a global holotape option under the City Building section.
  • The Sim Settlements HUD Framework module should now update more reliably.
  • Fixed the model for the Glowing One taxidermy.
  • Added Donation Return option to the Usability section of the holotape/MCM. This allows changing extra donations to be deposited in the workbench instead of being returned to the player’s inventory.
  • The Children of Atom flag will now be unlocked if the player is put in the Children of Atom faction or if the Ignore Faction setting is on. Previously this flag would only become available if the Echo Lake Lumber city plan from Rise of the Commonwealth was built.
  • Resolved a conflict with the Sim Settlements HUD meters that would arise when used with certain other mods that also used HUD Framework.

Version 4.2.6

Canary in the Save File Released - 08 May 2020

  • Auto-assignment is now handled in such a way that it won’t be spammed as frequently unless plots are actively being unassigned or freshly built.
  • Redesigned Addon registration code to be more reliable and faster.
  • Changed the method that most addon items are stored. This should result in substantially less delay between when the game is loaded and when building plans, city plans, flags, etc are available for selection.
    • This will be noticeable the second time loading the game after this patch. The initial time loading the game, all Addons will need several minutes to re-register with this new method.
  • Added quest to hook into the new Canary Save File Monitor mod for monitoring for data loss.
  • Fixed a problem with Lil Fallon’s building plan that would cause it to get stuck leveling up from L1 to L2.
  • [City Plan Makers] Project Blueprint mod now has a new Painted Wood section under Structures > Wood, added by Kynthia Barnes after winning the February contest.
  • [City Plan Makers] Project Blueprint mod now has a new assignable object that allows you to virtually make your own Martial plot. This is an assignable object that just makes the NPC stand guard at it. It’s defense amount changes depending on the level of the city plan automatically (it will always show just 9 defense when you are designing with it). This was added by NDCowdy after winning the March contest.

Version 4.2.5

Rise of the Script Extender Released - 10 April 2020

  • Added support for Workshop Framework 1.2.0 Settlement Layout system to ensure Plots function correctly when placed by it.
  • [Addon Makers] Fixed a bug with the TestBuildingPlan console command that would make it not work correctly with branching building plans if the level you were testing had Workshop AV requirements.
  • [Mod Authors] Added an additional parameter to the UnlockLevel function. This 3rd parameter is a boolean, sending true will allow the UnlockLevel call to bypass tech tree requirements for branching building plans.
    • This is only important if your code is using CallFunction to integrate with UnlockLevel, failure to update your scripts that are doing this to acknowledge this third parameter will cause CallFunction calls to fail as they require all parameters to include a value, even though defaults are configured on the original script.
  • City Plans can now store Skin, VIP, and Branching Building plan data for use with Designer’s Choice.
    • VIPs are still subject to the rules of that system, so if an NPC already has another VIP story assigned to them, they will not use the Designer’s Choice one. To ensure these get used, assign fresh settlers that have never had a residential plot.
    • Branching Building plans still use the tech tree system. This means the building will automatically upgrade down an appropriate path and then remain at the appropriate level until the Designer’s Choice plan becomes unlocked.
  • [City Plan Makers] To support this new feature, you will need to re-export your City Plans using the Workshop Framework layout system which is capable of recording all of this data (it is much faster than Transfer Settlements and requires no scrap profile* or console commands).
    • CUSTOM settlements will still require a scrap profile by running the Workshop Framework Export on an unedited version of that settlement. If you are a custom settlement author and would like to store profiles on the server, please contact kinggath.
  • Addon pack registrations will now be better staggered to help avoid stack stumps for players with large quantities of addons installed. This may result in slight delays before all building plans are available.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Cinematic Mode from working.
  • If Workshop Framework and F4SE are both detected, after a City Plan is built or refreshed, it will attempt to run wires and transmit power through things like conduit and Vault pieces.
    • Wire accuracy depends on the level of the settlement, it will be more accurate at level 3 when all items are in place, whereas early levels will likely be missing items recorded in the power grid.
    • Wiring will only occur while you are in the settlement. You can trigger this wiring from the City Planner’s desk at the blueprint menu if the settlement is eligible (meaning it was built or refreshed after this patch was installed).
    • There is a known issue with the F4SE power up menu where wiring can not be run until you enter Workshop Mode for the first time. If choosing “Run City Plan Power Lines” does not create power lines as expected, try entering workshop mode once in that settlement first. If it still does not work, likely the City Plan lacked the necessary data or the designer never actually placed power lines.
  • [City Plan Makers] Adjusted online tool code to better sort items so they construct in clusters horizontally as well as vertically. This will make the build phase much less likely to leave temporary floating items - which can be especially problematic if items in your plan have moveable collision.
  • [City Plan Makers] Adjusted online tool code to reduce redundancy in power connection data. This should result in a tiny decrease in script data usage of city plans.
  • [City Plan Makers] Online tool has been completely overhauled. It now supports multiple City Plans in a single plugin, and accepts Workshop Framework Exports as well as blueprints.
  • [Addon Pack Authors] Fixed Scrappy letter kit nifs so they will no longer show the pinkish tone inside of the CK (thanks Whisper!).
  • Fixed a bug with City Marker objects that could cause them to fail to generate the actual objects until after the player first entered workshop mode.
  • Added three new options to MCM/Holotape under City Building: Auto Wire with F4SE, Self-Power Items, and Place Plots Immediately.
    • Auto Wire with F4SE (enabled by default) will trigger the wiring of city plans after a construction phase so long as the player is in the settlement. (Otherwise this can be run from the blueprint menu on the City Planner’s Desk). This option will not show up for Xbox players.
    • Self-Power Items (enabled by default) allows turning off the default City Plan behavior of making objects spawned not require power - this gets around a lot of issues with script-spawned objects. Most people should leave this on, but F4SE users could turn this off though as the new power-up method it provides ensures the items function correctly.
    • Place Plots Immediately (disabled by default) will cause plots to all appear immediately after a City Plan is built/upgraded, rather than as needed. This could be useful for players who like to go hands on and change building plans or add their own touches to a settlement.
  • Added a new option to MCM/Holotape under Usability: Confirm Plot Movement. When this is off, rather than being prompted about how to handle the plot, it will just automatically be demolished and reset with the current building plan kept.
  • Corrected an issue with the MCM menu and the Max Unemployed setting. (Thanks ekroemer!)
  • Designer’s Choice option in MCM will now appear alphabetically in the City Building section of the MCM options.

Version 4.2.4

Color by Faction Released - 20 March 2020

  • Fixed an additional bug that would prevent respawning of beds and work objects after a City Plan was refreshed.
  • Restored the custom event “CityPlanApplied” on the script SimSettlements:CityPlanManager which was set to fire after a City Plan was chosen but before the actual work had completed. This had been in an earlier version, but was lost during a script rollback unintentionally.
  • Added Faction Theming option to the Blueprint menu of the City Planner’s desk.
    • With this you can now apply faction decorations from faction packs or trigger any faction themed skins that are installed to be applied to any eligible building plans the settlement is using.
    • This works even without Conqueror installed.
    • Can also be used to remove all faction decorations or faction themed skins.
    • When placing Faction decorations, it will first clear out the existing ones meaning this can be used as a way to attempt and fix floating decorations.
  • If version 1.1.11 or higher of Workshop Framework is detected, Sim Settlements will inject it’s build menu, even if Settlement Menu Manager is not detected.
    • Previously, in order to get the Sim Settlements build menu, you needed to have Settlement Menu Manager installed - or else all Sim Settlements objects were simply integrated into existing menus. This had been done to ensure the build menu never broke, or that if it did, SMM could repair it.
    • Workshop Framework 1.1.11+ automatically repairs the full workshop build menu each time you load the game. Meaning this fear of broken build menus doesn’t exist for users with this installed and so the menu can be installed without SMM.
  • [City Plan Makers] The Project Blueprint mods now include new items from the winners of the previous two contests. These can be found under a new build menu

Version 4.2.3

The Final Revolution Released - 21 Februrary 2020

  • Restored missing decal files.
  • [Advanced] The console command cqf kgsim_cpmanager forceclearsettlement X will now skip unique actors.
  • [Advanced] Added troubleshooting console commmand cqf kgsim_cpmanager DumpWorkshopItems X, where X is the ref ID of a settlement workbench. This will display a pop-up telling how many items linked via WorkshopItemKeyword there are, and then trace all of them out to the papyrus log.
  • The Stockpile System for Advanced Industrial plots is now disabled by default. This will result in Advanced Industrial upgrading much faster and more reliably for players.
    • This system requires far too much hands-on effort by players and is subject to failure if you don’t visit your settlements frequently. For players who enjoy the challenge and interaction, it can be re-enabled under Gameplay Options > Advanced.
    • This change only affects new games. If you want to disable it on an existing character, find it under Gameplay Options > Advanced.
  • The Computer Research Assistant quest is finally complete! If you had this quest in your log, it should update its objective shortly after loading your game.
    • If you don’t know what this is, it can be found by tinkering with the computers in the Circuitry Lab building from Industrial Revolution.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an unloaded plot to continuously attempt to search for a workshop, even when it would be impossible to find one. This could result in massive script backup over time.
    • This should provide a large improvement to the post-processing of the Prebuild code in Conqueror. (After the stages listed on the hud are complete, there is actually another stage in the background that handles additional tasks to make plots fully functional).

Version 4.2.2

Me and the Boys Released - 31 January 2020

  • Adjusted City Plan code so that Refreshing a City should now correctly recreate non-plot assignable objects.
  • [City Plan Makers] The second Season 2 contest winner, KynthiaBarne’s items have been added. In the Project Blueprint mods, you will find 4 new beds available for NPCs or as Player Beds. These beds were donated from several buildings in Wasteland Venturers!
  • Fixed the 1x1 Dirt Terraformer. It will now correctly generate edges and corners and all pieces now use the correct texture.
  • Compacted City Plans will now correctly respond to the Clutter performance option so that less items are placed in that City Plan to reduce load.

Version 4.2.2a

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the holotape, terminal, and sensors from spawning in the Museum of Freedom. Released - 31 January 2020

Version 4.2.1

Sharpshooters Released - 3 January 2020

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent custom faction arrival music tracks from playing.
  • Fixed a bug where assigning an NPC to a furniture store would cause them to always have the generic vendor dialogue options, even after they were unassigned or the plot was changed to a different store type.
  • Settlements will now correctly accept Dirt, Clay, Sand, Gravel, Coal, Sterilized Plastic, and ASAM Sensors towards junk donations.
  • Using various objects in plots that require resources from the player will no longer do so secretly and instead will correctly indicate that an item was taken.
  • Fixed Ultra-Pure water which was providing an absurdly high healing factor. It is now only providing 50% more healing than purified water (for any of you who have gone through the trouble to make Ultra-pure Water, you know it deserves a boost of some sort!).
  • Sanctuary city plan unlock will now trigger the next time a save is loaded if Codsworth is killed or the initial search *Sanctuary quest was skipped due to waiting to talk to him until after finding Preston.
  • [Transfer Settlements Users] Importing a TS Blueprint with SS plots will now be more stable. The plots will now delay processing of the buildings until the end of the import process to ensure TS can use the majority of the available processing power. Note that it can take several minutes after TS is finished before plot processing begins.
  • [Transfer Settlements Users] There appears to be a bug in the export process whereby the stage the plots were at is not recorded correctly. Until this can be addressed by cdante, Sim Settlements will default to always building the plot at the highest stage for the selected plan.
  • [City Planners] Added a series of new decals, including things like blood splatters. Download the latest version of the Project *Blueprint mods from the City Planner’s Toolkit to gain access. They can be found under Decorations > Decals. Thanks to Whisper for putting these together!
  • Fixed a bug with the Recruitment Station building from Industrial Revolution that would cause it to get stuck in the build stage.

Version 4.2.0

War, War Always Changes Released - 13 December 2019

  • Faction guards will no longer appear at settlements you lose control of. Previously, if the last leader provided a trait that created guards, the guards would continue to spawn after you lost control.
  • Compacted all of the Rise of the Commonwealth city plans.
    • Compacted city plans use up substantially less script data by combining most of the objects into Static Collections.
    • This has the benefit of reducing the number of items the game needs to track.
    • The disadvantage is that many of the individual items cannot be scrapped or destroyed. (For Xbox players, this is no different than the situation you are in anyway.)
    • To ensure Wall Busters are still a useful tool, the Junk and Tall Junk Walls have all been excluded from this process.
    • This process did not take away your ability to use Performance Options, such as disabling Clutter on low end systems, as those items were grouped by performance type.

Version 4.1.7

The Commander's Toolkit Released - 22 November 2019

  • Renamed Tracking Options to Tracking - Settlement in the holotape Tools menu.
  • Tools menu in the holotape now has two new sub-levels called Settlement Tools and Tracking - Soldiers. This was done to make the menu less cluttered now that we’re adding more tools for Conqueror.
    • Settlement Tools contains most of the tools that were previously at this level, such as ASAM Vision and Remote Destruction.
    • Tracking - Soldiers will be populated with tracking options if Conqueror is installed.
  • Added new kgSIM_Tag_LeadershipActor keyword. This can be used to allow addon/faction packs to flag any of their custom NPCs to be treated like Leadership in a faction controlled Outpost/Vassal.
    • This keyword was added to the core of Sim Settlements instead of Conqueror to make it easier for addons to access without having to load from Conqueror by form ID with a script.
    • Leadership NPCs will count towards the Civilian population as far as needs are concerned, but will not flee during defensive raids in a Conqueror-type faction controlled Outpost (which is what Civilians will do).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Euclid’s C-Finder to never be eligible to fire again.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the player to be highlighted as being unpowered with ASAM Vision: Find Unpowered.
  • Changed AI packages involving shooting targets so that the NPC will fall back to whatever ranged weapon they have in their inventory if they cannot find the weapon type requested by the package.
    • Previously, for example, if the package called for them to use a shotgun and they didn’t have one, they would fail to complete the package. Now they can just use a pipe pistol, or any other ranged weapon instead.
  • Fixed a bug where if a City Plan had exactly 1 plot in a particular level, the plan would never advance.
  • Taking magazines from the rack in the Magazine Press building from Industrial Revolution will now correctly display the perk gain information immediately.
  • Reduced hacking terminal requirement to Novice on one of the terminals involved in unlocking Euclid’s C-Finder to avoid the perk requirement.
  • [Addon Pack Authors] Added PreferredCityPlans field to leader cards.
    • This idea of this is to allow for City Plans that reflect a certain NPC’s style, and ensure they are handled in a natural way so the player doesn’t have to micromanage them. Most players who use the City Plan functionality will assign a leader and then immediately say Yes, when asked to Tear it down. Under this circumstance, they will use the first one in this property for that settlement.
    • You can include multiple City Plans for a settlement to allow for redundancy in case a player doesn’t have the City Plan you are hoping for installed. For example, you could set the preferred City Plan to be one of the Complex plans as the first entry, and then a second entry for the default Rise of the Commonwealth plan.
    • You do NOT have to include one for each settlement. If no matching entries are found, the normal randomization between all installed City Plans for that settlement will still occur.
    • This does not prevent the player from using other City Plans in that settlement.

Version 4.1.6

Pandora's Box Released - 1 November 2019

  • Fixed a pair of Industrial Revolution magazine textures that could cause the game to crash if placed in the Magazine Rack inside of the Magazine Press building (this rack was configured to auto-fill so could happen to many people).
  • Added a new conditional variable “iCurrentCityLevel” which will be updated when arriving at a settlement with a City Plan. This will allow mods to condition on this.

Version 4.1.5

Rise of the Commanders Released - 11 October 2019

  • [Addon Pack Authors] Added PrimaryFaction, FriendlyFactions, LimitToFactions, PreventFactions, and SupportUnit fields to Leader Cards.
    • PrimaryFaction determines the faction this NPC most identifies with, it will be used for various things in the future that require faction information, such as a “Reinforcements” feature.
    • FriendlyFactions prevents those factions from attacking via the Conqueror system against a settlement lead by that NPC.
    • LimitToFactions prevents the NPC from being assigned to lead settlements unless they are controlled by one of the specified factions via Conqueror.
    • PreventFactions prevents the NPC from being assigned to settlements controlled by one of the specified factions via Conqueror.
    • SupportUnit allows configuring an ActorBase record that will be occasionally spawned when this leader is in charge, such as via certain Commander traits.
  • Added two new events from kgSIM_CPManager when the player assigns a leader: LeaderAssigned and LeaderDismissed
    • These have the following arguments: WorkshopScript WorkshopRef, Actor AssignedLeaderRef, Actor PreviousLeaderRef (only for LeaderAssigned)
  • The City Planner’s Desk “Assign Leader” option will no longer display leaders that are flagged as “Outpost Only”. Those will now be assigned via the Conqueror War Planner’s Desk.
    • An exception is made if Conqueror is not installed, that way if you are using Nukaworld’s raid system without Conqueror, you’ll still be able to assign leaders to those settlements.
  • Fixed a bug where assigning a leader to a settlement without first dismissing the previous could result in the two leaders endlessly swapping back and forth.

Version 4.1.4

Liberation Immersification Released - 20 September 2019

  • Made several changes to City Plan code to reduce log spam if the player didn’t have a mod installed that the City Plan was attempting to make use of.
  • Improved speed of the Refresh Plot function slightly, this should have a fairly noticeable net improvement on the Conqueror prebuild speed in stage 4.
  • Add a new custom “CityPlanManager” log file that will output to the “Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Logs\Script\User” if you have papyrus logging enabled. This will let you know when certain event fires upon arriving at a settlement.
    • This will help us figure out if any particular events are causing crashes, as well as help troubleshoot issues that are often reported with City Plans built through the Conqueror system - such as the scrap normally removed by a city plan not being removed correctly.
  • Changed the code that controls processing of obsolete items between city plan levels to only run once per City Level change.
    • Prior to this change, this code would run every time you returned to a settlement with a city plan to reduce the likelihood obsolete items would be left behind. The problem with this method is that it is very slow and adds to script load, and for some players could even cause crashes when arriving at their settlements.
    • If you find that after a City levels up and you return to the settlement it doesn’t appear to ever clean up overlapping items, use the Refresh City option on the blueprint menu of the City Planner’s desk to force the settlement to completely rebuild back to the point it is at, which will clean up any of those obsolete items.
    • This change will also fix an issue where City Marker Objects would reappear briefly each time you arrived at a settlement using a City Plan.
  • Added particles to all ASAM Vision modes, this will allow the highlighted NPCs or objects to be seen through some walls and objects as you get close to them.

Version 4.1.3

And Stay Down! Released - 06 September 2019

  • Plots in Vassals will now be made activateable shortly after arriving at them. This should help with getting access to the plot menu when the ASAM Sensor is blocked.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the quest objectives from updating for the Advanced Weapons Research Assistant quest.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Testing the Machine, for the Advanced Weapons Research Assistant quest if you had ever refreshed that plot before completing the quest.
  • Restored missing holotape setting “Show Needs In All Settlements” which allows for seeing the Sim Settlements hud in unowned settlements.
  • [Addon Authors] Fixed the object kgSIM_Furniture_SteamerTrunk02 to correctly remove its animations so that it can safely be used in SCOLs. If you had previously used this in an SCOL and exported the nif, you will want to rebuild the nif file.
    • You can determine this by loading your addon, right-clicking that form and clicking Use Info to see if any of your building SCOLs are in the list that comes up.
  • Rebuilt model for Toupee Shack house from Sim Settlements to remove an animated model.

Version 4.1.2

True Believers Released - 23 August 2019

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Faction Pack music tracks to never stop playing.
  • Fixed several problems with the Software Settings section of the holotape.
  • Restored a few texture files to the Xbox archive that had been missing.

Version 4.1.1

Empire State of Mind Released - 02 August 2019

  • Hostage animation markers from City Plans (and the Project Blueprint Mods) now correctly disappear outside of workshop mode.
  • Added Ignore by Sandbox flag to all “Player Beds” that are buildable via the Project Blueprint mods. This will prevent settlers from animating as if they are going to sleep on your bed.
  • Fixed plot assignment limitation messages in Vassals - they had been reversed, so when attempting to assign a settler/civilian to a Martial plot, you’d have received a warning about “Faction soldiers” instead of about “Civilians”.
  • The Town Meeting Gavel’s functionality should now correctly include Guards assigned by the Conqueror system.
  • Fixed the collision on the mannequins used in various Sim Settlements plots, this should prevent them from triggering a CTD.
  • [Addon Pack Authors] Obstacle Navcut statics are now flagged as obstacles themselves, which means you can use them in your StageItemSpawns to help settlers better navigate your Interior plot designs where you maybe don’t have a stage model to include them in.
  • Added new Holotape/MCM option to the HUD Settings section: Show In All Settlements.
    • This setting makes the HUD show up in unowned settlements outside of Workshop mode, regardless of the Workshop Mode Only setting.
    • This should make it easier to determine if City Plans in unowned settlements or Vassals have their needs in a good enough state to upgrade, or if you will need to intervene. (If you have Citizen Needs Requirements turned off in the Local settings for that settlement, you don’t need to worry about that)

Version 4.1.0

Phase 2 Released - 19 July 2019

  • Fixed a bug where some plots created by City Plans could end up flagged as unpowered. This would manifest in the plot not having all items appear powered or certain benefits not applying to the settlement.
  • Fixed the foundation on the 2x2 Wood Foundations so you can now walk between the stilts.
  • Added 3x3 Wood Foundation.
    • This is buildable from the Wood > Floors menu, Sim Settlements > Foundations menu, and selectable as a foundation type from the 3x3 Agricultural plot.
  • Added 3x3 Concrete Foundation.
    • This is buildable from the Concrete > Floors menu, Sim Settlements > Foundations menu, and selectable as a foundation type from the 3x3 Agricultural plot.
  • Added 3x3 and 1x1 Terraformers.
    • These are available from the Sim Settlements > Foundations menu, and selectable as a foundation type from the 3x3 Agricultural plot and 1x1 Martial plot, respectively.
  • Fixed navmesh on Clay, Gravel, and Sand Terraformers.
  • [Addon Makers] Using the kgSIM_Prop_Suitcase object in an SCOL should no longer crash the game.
  • Repositioned the map in the Microfusion Garage so that it’s collision is no longer blocked by the desk clutter.
    • If you have this problem, refresh the plot to force the map into the new position. (Note the map does not show up until you’ve completed a few stages of the Microfusion Research Assistant quest).
  • Fixed a bug where assigning a raider to a level 0 Agricultural plot with the Mud Farm building plan could briefly cause the Raider Skin objects to appear.
  • Powering a plot will now correctly tell Sim Settlements to double-check that the plot is correctly producing resources.
  • Plots with skins applied that replace the default items will now skip creating the original items and just create the skin items instead. The end result will be the same, but it will save a lot of time and script processing to do it this way.
  • Plot spawned critters are now part of the DomesticAnimalFaction.
  • Plot spawned critters will now correctly be cleared from the AI package alias when they die.
  • [Addon Makers] Added two new keywords: kgSIM_PreventOwnership and kgSIM_CaptiveSettler_PlotMarker.
    • The PreventOwnership keyword allows you to have animation markers on your plot that include the WorkshopObjectScript but will not be assigned to the plot Owner.
    • The CaptiveSettler keyword allows you to have animation markers on your plot that will only be used by Captives.
    • The combination of these two keywords on objects is how you will create special furniture markers in the new Prison subtype building plan that only the prisoner’s will use. (Note that you do not need to spawn prisoners, the Conqueror mechanics will handle that).
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the game when NPCs attempted to use certain animation markers.
  • Fixed a bug in the way that plot counts were being stored for Martial, Commercial, and Recreational plots. *This could result in various issues, such as miscalculating the number of visitors, or the percentage towards the next City Level.
  • Visiting each of your settlements will cause Sim Settlements to correctly recalculate all of this data.
  • Martial plots now correctly require additional power with each level.

Version 4.0.10

Feudalism Released - 21 June 2019

  • Restored the Industrial Revolution requirement to the buildings from that expansion. At some point the requirement had been incorrectly removed, which would have allowed people without the expansion to build them and likely crash the moment they were built.
  • [For Addon Pack Authors] Added a series of white graffiti lettering under statics that can be found by searching for kgSIM_Decal. These have a color palette index configured so you can convert them to most colors (note that using them in a Static Collection will convert them back to white).
  • Barrier objects added to Milton Parking garage by Distillery Quest will now correctly start disabled until the quest begins and will then be removed after the quest is complete and the area is unloaded.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Pre-selecting upgrade paths from working correctly.
  • ASAM Sensors are now active in Vassal settlements even if Control Vassal Settlements is turned Off.
    • This will allow you to swap plot types and building plans in a prebuilt settlement that you conquered as a Vassal, without having to retain responsibility for the Vassal (ie. the settlers will continue to manage their settlement without you).
  • City Planner’s Desks are now active in Vassal settlements even if Control Vassal Settlements is turned OFF.
    • This will allow you to donate items and change City Plans and Leaders in Vassals you control.
  • Added a new holotape/MCM setting: Vassal Cities Can Upgrade.
    • When turned on, even Vassals with City Plans can still upgrade over time, assuming they meet all other requirements.
    • This is off by default for immersion/balance sake, as once you’ve made a settlement a Vassal, your Outposts are taking their excess resources they might normally use for such an upgrade.
  • The character Tom Sanford from the quest triggered by the Distillery will now correctly trigger his dialogue scene, even if he ends up in combat before or during it.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause food and water donations to provide the incorrect boost to food or water in the UI. It is now capped at providing the exact amount needed for the sake of the UI, whereas before, it could provide the full amount (ie. if you donated 60 water it could sometimes adjust your settlement’s water value by 60 instead of by the max number of settlers that needed water and the settlement was short by).
    • This change will make donated food and water more effective as it will limit the spikes in defense needed after a donation, and reflect in the UI more accurately how much additional food and water your settlement still needs. (Note, there is about a 15 to 20 second delay after receiving the prompts that your donations were accepted before the UI is updated - this was done to prevent spamming what is really time-consuming code, as by delaying it the code only needs to run once to capture all of your donations).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause VIPs to provide the resource bonuses and penalties of all VIP variations for that building plan which would result in massive resource changes for each VIP plot.
  • Reduced the file size of Industrial Revolution (and therefore Sim Settlements Three-in-One) by about 20 MB, and Rise of the Commonwealth (and therefor Sim Settlements Three-in-One) by about 5 MB.
    • This is thanks to mod author Sirlach, who rebuilt many of our missing Static Collection models for the Advanced Industrial building plan stages.
  • Industrial Revolution and Rise of the Commonwealth are now ESL flagged ESPs.

Version 4.0.9

Mouthin Off Released - 7 June 2019

  • Fixed an issue with the Caps General building plan that could cause the game to crash when approaching a settlement that had that building.
  • Plots will no longer attempt to resynchronize lighting to the power grid when you arrive in your settlements.
    • This means that lights or other powered items might remain on even if a plot becomes unpowered. This was done to reduce the system load when entering settlements.
    • Many lights on plots already had this issue because they weren’t designed to be used with the power grid system, so now we’re just making all lights function this way for the performance gain.
  • Added new Performance Option: Randomized Clutter.
    • If you have Clutter disabled, this will have no impact and won’t even show up in the options (if you have no clutter, there’s nothing to be randomized).
    • This setting may help with stuttering or crashing that occurs for some users when arriving in their settlements as it will tell SS not to randomize the clutter inside of plots configured to do so. Instead, the existing clutter they had when reaching their current level will remain.

Version 4.0.8

Who's Your Nanny? Released - 24 May 2019

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent non-plot beds from counting towards the bed count in a City Plan. This would result in beds not being placed at the correct rate, and would also result in City Plan check functions failing for the City Plan contest tools.
  • Fixed a bug in the Happiness Report that should show the incorrect predicted happiness if Workshop Framework was installed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Distillery quest could end up started from a random note.
  • The Architect’s T-Square (craftable at a Chemistry Workbench or City Planner’s Desk) now randomizes the building plan of a plot.
    • This was a largely obsolete tool that would cycle between building plans, it was added to the mod before the ASAM Sensor > Choose Building Plan method existed.

Version 4.0.7

Let Slip the Dogs of War Released - 10 May 2019

  • Improved the texture for the ASAM Sensor boxes.
  • [Addon Pack Authors] Building plan skins now support an OwnerAV field. This will allow a skin to only be available for NPCs with a particular actor value. This will allow authors to setup custom skins for specific NPCs.
  • Sim Settlements will now prioritize Owner specific and Faction specific skins when found, assuming the current owner/settlement faction matches the skin.

Version 4.0.6

Prepare to Quest Off Released - 19 April 2019

  • Added the new Armory, Field Hospital, and Mess Hall sub-types to the priority queue of auto-assignment so that they maintain the same priority as the parent types instead of being considered the lowest tier of importance.
    • This will fix a bug where NPCs would not remain assigned to these new building types.
  • Fixed a bug that could allow the use of RotC City Plans even if RotC wasn’t installed. This is a problem as when the game goes to create one of the objects whose model files are part of RotC, it could crash the game or display a large red exclamation point model file instead.
  • Fixed the Dark Green building skins for the core buildings.
  • Fixed the preview texture for the Dirt foundation.
  • Included the code to transition saves to the new tax format. This has been included twice before and a few people still are reporting issues that we can’t replicate where no taxes are collected.
    • If you continue to have issues with taxes after this patch, it means that another mod is overwriting the kgSIM_SIMSettlementParent quest’s script properties. Likely unintentionally, but if any of you finds a mod doing so, please report it ASAP so we can have them fix it.
  • Plot-spawned foundations created after this patch will now correctly be eligible to be exported by Transfer Settlements.
    • If you have an existing settlement you’re looking to export, scrap those foundations and then use the ASAM Sensor to spawn replacements.
  • Refreshing a plot should no longer cause its foundation to become misaligned.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Scrap Heap L2 to fail to build.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Outdoorsman house to get stuck building L2 and L3.
  • Robots can now correctly be assigned to Interior Commercial plots.
  • [Addon Pack Creators] Added support for Unique Visitors. This allows you to have unique NPCs show up at settlements on occasion. This can be a way of introducing quest givers or other interesting NPCs for the player to meet.
    • Unlike traditional visitors, unique visitors never go away completely, they will instead just travel to different settlements.
    • These are different than the Faction Pack equivalent, as these will show up for any settlement, as opposed to just those controlled by that Faction.
  • Compressed a number of files to reduce the overall size of Sim Settlements and Three-in-One by about 60 MB each.

Version 4.0.6a

  • Re-upload to ensure the correct ESM was used. Uncertain if the correct one had been uploaded for all sites, so re-uploaded to all to be certain. Released - 19 April 2019

Version 4.0.5

War Games Released - 05 April 2019

  • Fixed a bug that could cause plots that had the type changed in the Customize Plot menu to end up permanently in a stuck state.
  • Toupee Shack level 2 now correctly has a bed again.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent clutter from spawning in the Scrap Heap building plan.
  • Outdoorsman level 2 now correctly has a bed again.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause refreshing certain plots to get stuck.
  • Fixed a bug that could make City Plans without plots never eligible to upgrade.
  • Fixed a bug that could make it very difficult for City Plans to test if a settlement was eligible for an upgrade leading the plans to feel stuck.

Version 4.0.4

The Liberators Released - 22 March 2019

  • Plots and City Plan upgrades for settlements the player does yet own, will no longer be added to the tracking quest objectives.
    • Note: Any that upgraded prior to this patch will not be removed from those tracking objectives.
  • Plots that were created by Conqueror’s pre-build system will now correctly be able to be activated after you gain control of those settlements.
    • If you find a plot that is not interactive after taking control of a settlement, you can use the Immersion Breaker Breaker, craftable at a City Planner’s Desk, to force the plot to refresh so it updates the interactivity.
  • City Plans will now correctly be eligible to upgrade if the Leader Requirement option is turned off and no leader is assigned.
  • Fixed a problem with the Central Park building plan that would cause it to get stuck in the construction phase.
  • Fixed a problem with the Checkpoint building plan that would cause it to get stuck in the construction phase.
  • Fixed a problem with the Paper Mill upgrade path of the Lumber Yard that could cause it to get stuck in the construction phase.
  • Fixed the floating wood on the Lumber Yard building plan.
    • [For City Builders] Disabled Cinematic Markers. They currently do not function well and can actively cause problems, will re-enable them when I’ve had more time to make them act in a more intuitive way.

Version 4.0.3

Ophelia's Toys Released - 8 March 2019

  • Added View City Details option to the Tools menu of the City Manager Holotape. This allows you to view the City Plan name, designer(s), as well as current level and population of the settlement you are in.

Version 4.0.3a

  • Makes several changes to support custom Faction Packs.Released - 14 March 2018

Version 4.0.2

Planning For War Released - 22 February 2019

  • Added sanity checks to reduce some log spam that could occur when arriving at a settlement after uninstalling an addon pack.
  • Greatly expanded the controls available for Faction Control definitions. These are what addon makers will be able to use to eventually create alternate factions to use the Conqueror assault and conquer systems.
  • Recruitment Manager quest now throws a CustomEvent “LocationLoadedNPCsPlaced” after placing new guard, visitor, or civilian NPCs.
  • Removed the terminal test on the holotape. This means that loading into a terminal as well as the pipboy will correctly start up the mod.
    • This change was made, to address a recent flood of people running into an issue with the terminal test failing, resulting in the holotape not proceeding past the install screen.
    • If you experienced the issues, there’s a good chance your mod manager did not install Sim Settlements correctly, and you will want to install manually:

Version 4.0.1

Sim Settlements Lite Released - 1 February 2019

  • Fixed clutter classification in the original buildings from Sim Settlements, this should help with performance issues for players who have disabled Clutter.
  • Swapped all original Sim Settlements buildings over to the new stage model method, reducing the size of the base mod by about 80 MB.
    • This change will likely require those plots be refreshed if they aren’t already at max level.
  • Restored several missing model files to the base Sim Settlements mod.
  • Swapped RotC buildings to the new stage model method reducing the size of it by about 12 MB.
    • This change will likely require those plots be refreshed if they aren’t already at max level.
  • Swapped most Industrial Revolution buildings to the new stage model method reducing the size of it by about 140 MB.
    • This change will likely require those plots be refreshed if they aren’t already at max level.
    • There is potentially more we can do to reduce the size of IR in the future, though it will require a lot more work, so watch for it to happen in the future.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause taxes to fail to generate for Vassal settlements.
  • Tom Sanford should no longer wander away from you when trying to barter with him.
  • If the Control Vassal Settlements option is on, you will be able to continue to upgrade City plans in them by donating supplies yourself to fill the scrap collection requirement.
  • [For Addon Pack Authors] The sSpawnName field is now optional in StageItemSpawns. You only need to fill it in if you are setting up advanced configurations where you want certain items to replace each other depending on circumstances, such as with VIPs. This will make it faster to set up your plans, and also slightly reduce the script data usage of them.
  • All Interior plot designs from Sim Settlements have been switched over to the new stage model method.
    • With the way we handled Interior plots, this won’t affect file size by much (drops about 300 KB), but it does reduce our script data usage, and should also increase performance of those plots as they need to spawn far less items.
  • Fixed several small issues with various City Plan labels.
  • RotC City Plans once again require RotC. During a previous patch, many of the optimized plans were incorrectly flagged to work without RotC, which could cause crashing due to the assets that would be missing without RotC installed.
  • Removed PlayerSelectOnly flag on several City Plans that weren’t supposed to have it.
  • Added debug messages to help users track down crashes related to corrupt model files from building plans.
    • With Papyrus logging enabled, in the Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Logs\Script\User folder, there will be a file called AutoBuilderLog.0.log, this file will list the building plans and models as plots attempt to place them.
    • If you find the same plan/model combination as the last entry before each crash, there’s a good chance this model is corrupt and you should report it on
  • Interior plots now use the same build method as exterior plots, this will mean that items will all appear towards the end of the plot construction instead of throughout the timeframe. This was done to avoid issues where Interior plots could take substantially more time to build if the plot had a large amount of clutter.
  • Fixed several issues with the settlement flags for the NukaWorld gangs.
  • [For Addon Pack Authors] Found several statics that could cause the game to crash when used in an SCOL. Changed their IDs, adding the suffix DoNOTSCOL.

Version 4.0.0

Pre-Conqueror Patch Released - 18 January 2019

  • Reduced calls to WorkshopParent dramatically across Sim Settlements code, this should result in better script processing of settlement related activities.
  • Made changes to the foundation selection code to try and eliminate an issue for some Xbox One players where the game would freeze when accessing the menu.
  • Altered foundations menu code slightly so it would spam less messages in the corner.
  • Terraformer foundation options now have the correct texture when previewed in the Change Foundation screen of plot customization.
  • Added new Building Skin system.
    • Building skins offer material or other alterations to Building Plans. These skins can be applied without resetting the level of the plot.
    • Anyone may create an add-on pack to provide new skins to any building, even buildings from other add-on packs.
    • By default, when a building plan is selected, if there are additional skins available, it will randomly select from its default state or to use one of the skins. This option can be disabled in the holotape.
    • Skins can be changed or removed at a plot by activating the ASAM Sensor and choosing Customize Plot.
  • Added a large variety of paint job skins to the 2x2 Residential and 2x2 Commercial buildings in Sim Settlements.
  • Added new 3x3 Agricultural plot.
    • This plot requires power to surpass level 1.
    • It produces 50% more food than a 2x2 Agricultural plot and requires additional water and defenses, but still only requires a single settler to run it.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause plots to become unresponsive after being built from a City Plan or after changing their type from the ASAM Sensor menu.
  • The original small plots (original as in way back in version 1.0) and plots with foundations baked in are no longer supported, which means changes to certain plot functionality will no longer be applied to those models. The models and forms remain for backwards compatibility so saves will continue to function.
  • Original Plot Size and Foundation Plots are no longer available to unlock in the holotape.
  • Added Auto Apply Skins option under Gameplay Options > Usability in the holotape (and under Usability in the MCM menu). While ON, if a building plan has skins available, settlers will choose randomly between the original version and one of the skin versions when building.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing NPCs from pathing inside of buildings from Sim Settlements and its expansions. (This likely would not have affected add-on packs).
  • Dynamic Soundscape system can now play various subtle background music, similar to what occurs when you arrive in major cities like Diamond City or Goodneighbor.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the RotC County Crossing City Plan to spawn too many plots, some of which would overlap with others.
  • Added Faction Control Overrides system. These allow Sim Settlements to interact with the Workshop Framework Capture System to make changes to settlements dynamically when they are captured by certain factions, for example - setting the flag, or automatically applying faction based skins to buildings.
    • By default, Sim Settlements includes no data for factions. These overrides need to be configured by add-ons or expansions. For example, Conqueror includes an override set for its Raider gang.
  • Changed all companion flags to use different normal and spec maps, they were previously using one that didn’t match up well.
  • Fixed the Tech Tree icon for the Excavation Pit.
  • Leader requirement to build a City Plan is now optional. This can be turned off in the Holotape/MCM under City Building.
  • Switched Agricultural plots to use the scaffolding during construction instead of fertilizer/rolled fencing, as it makes it easier to tell at a distance whether an Agricultural plot is in the process of being built.
  • Added Refresh Local City Plan tool to the holotape.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Recruitment Beacons from working in a settlement.
  • If a City Plan is used in a NukaWorld raider outpost, any Recruitment Beacons will be replaced by NukaWorld Radio Transmitters.
  • [For Addon Makers] Added many new texture options/material swaps for various building materials.