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Conquerorheroshot.png Third Official Expansion Pack for Sim Settlements


At the surface, this expansion appears to be entirely about Raiders. Aesthetically, it definitely is. We decided to fully embrace the visuals and even gameplay behind raiders. Functionally, though, this expansion will add a ton of additional possibilities and benefits to all Sim Settlements players.

Conqueror is about providing new ways to play--both at the beginning of a new game, through the Pre-Built settlements and the Raider questline--and at the later stages by offering you a way to convert your settlements to operate like military outposts.

Like the expansions before it, Conqueror will continue to receive bi-weekly updates for the foreseeable future to improve and expand the gameplay based on community feedback.

caption You don't HAVE to do this. Really.

Workshop Framework Required

This expansion requires Workshop Framework, though Sim Settlements and the Three-in-One do not. Workshop Framework offers a host of new features that Conqueror is taking advantage of, one of which is a much faster threading engine to allow for pre-built City code to run fast enough.

Rise of the Commonwealth is not required.



Pre-Build Cities - When you start a new game, you may choose to cause the City plans to run autonomously. It includes a variety of options to customize things, such as which Settlements, which City Plans, how populated they should be, what level they should go to, etc.

Whether you want to build an empire to conquer, or just want a new experience with Cities to discover and explore, this feature will dramatically change the way you experience Fallout 4.

If you use the City Plan Startup Wizard, you can use plans from add-on packs, including the monthly contest entries. Conqueror can randomly choose from available plans, or you can choose them yourself.


Play as a Raider - Many players have lamented that there’s no way to play a bad guy. While we can’t provide a complete experience like the base game, we’re offering an interesting alternative. You’ll be able to join up and do quests with a raider right near the beginning of the game in Concord.


At launch, there is a relatively simple quest line to help you take over the settlements for your Gang. In the future, we’ll continue to expand this questline and add more raider features to give you a more fully fleshed out experience.



Conquer Settlements - As part of the above mentioned Raider questline, you’ll be able to conquer settlements for the raiders, converting these settlements into Outposts and Vassals.


Outposts are a more military focused settlement, with less concern on growing food, and more focus on growing an army. Vassals provide the food and supplies needed to run your Outposts.

After capturing a settlement for a faction, the following can occur (depending on what is configured for the faction)

  • Decorations for that faction will be dispersed throughout it the next time you return.
  • Plots with faction skins available will have those factions applied.
  • Settlement flag will be converted to the faction flag.
  • Dynamic soundscape will be adjusted to match the tone of the faction.
  • Instead of settlers, all newly recruited NPCs will be faction appropriate.
  • Visitors will be replaced with faction appropriate, or disabled.

In the future, the Outpost and Vassal gameplay will be dramatically improved, giving you more and more opportunity to feel like you’re operating a military, rather than just building simple towns. Essentially, this will allow you to convert some (or all) of your settlements into a new end-game activity.

  • Caravan routes are set up automatically between Outposts and Vassals within close proximity, these do not require workers.
  • Vassal settlements operate like independent settlements, except that they are linked to and supply the Outposts with excess resources. They will not upgrade anything, as all of their excess resources are being sent to Outposts.
  • Anyone assigned to a Commercial, Agricultural, or Industrial plot is flagged as a Worker and will remain in the settlement.
  • Anyone left unassigned, or assigned to Martial and Recreational plots are flagged as Warriors and can be sent on attack missions.
  • Outposts do not generate taxes.
  • Vassals generate taxes and pay them directly to the nearest Outpost.

We’ll also be releasing a Builder’s Toolkit update to allow add-on pack authors easily create experiences for other factions, so you can eventually rule the Commonwealth as the Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad, Institute, or even custom factions!

Building Skins - This expansion introduces a method for buildings to be dynamically changed. This can happen in response to events, or manually by using the Customize Plot menu on the ASAM Sensor.


This system is part of the 4.0.0 patch of Sim Settlements and includes a variety of paint jobs for the default Sim Settlements buildings. Building Skins are available without installing Conqueror.


Conqueror also includes Raider-themed versions of all of the default Sim Settlements buildings.


NukaWorld Red Rocket City Plan - A raider-themed City Plan for the NukaWorld Red Rocket is included. Unlike most city plans, this one will change depending on who has control of it. Each of the three NukaWorld raider gangs have their own version at level 3.

Heavy Agricultural Plot - The first ever 3x3 plot is introduced. This provides 50% more food than a 2x2 plot, but also requires power, and has higher water and defense penalties.

By default, the plans included with Conqueror will be locked until you complete part of the Raider quest. Add-on pack authors will be able to release building plans for it that do not require any quests to unlock. When those are installed, those plots will be available immediately. The Heavy Agricultural Plot is part of Sim Settlements 4.0, and is available without installing Conqueror.

New Building Plans - Several new building plans have been added for Martial, Industrial, and Recreational plots with a very dark vibe to fit Conqueror’s Raider theme.

New Leader Options - You can now make leaders an optional requirement for building City Plans. We’ll also be introducing more leaders as the Raider questline unfolds throughout the post-launch patches of Conqueror. New Leader Options are part of Sim Settlements 4.0, and is available without installing Conqueror.

The Future

Faction Support through Add-ons - We’ll be releasing a Builder’s Toolkit to help other modders take the code behind Conqueror’s raider questline, and expand it for use with other factions.

Outpost Overhaul - Once converted into an Outpost, the goal is for those settlements to become a military operation. There will be new mechanics that make you feel more like you’re running a military base than a settlement, including managing and improving your soldiers.

Control Battle - We imagine an end-game, where enemy factions make attacks on your smaller outposts and vassal settlements to try and take them from you, in a constant battle to remain dominant over the Commonwealth. You’ll have to manage your troops, resources, and actions to ensure you retain control over your empire.

More Raider Mechanics - We want this to provide a full raider experience from the beginning of the game, so we’ll be adding more activities and gameplay mechanics to help with that.

Continued Story - The raider quest line is kind of a Chapter 1 to something much larger that we have planned.

Better NukaWorld Integration - We’ll tie in the new Outpost mechanics to also work with the Raider Gangs of NukaWorld. As well as make use of those gangs in various ways as Conqueror evolves.