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workshop framework

  1. W

    Question Possible bug: deadlock with RelinkWorkshopActors / GetWorkshopActors

    Summary The WorkshopScript#RelinkWorkshopActors() script calls GoToState("RelinkingActors") on function entry and GoToState("Initialized") on exit. RelinkWorkshopActors() calls GetWorkshopActors() in its function block. In the "RelinkingActors" state, the GetWorkshopActors() function waits...
  2. maverikch

    Two Settlements mixed up

    Difficult to give the Title, because I have not yet determined the scope and the cause concretely. Let me describe the circumstances that I am finding: Oberland I have not yet provided with a City Plan. I have placed vanilla defenses so the settlement can defend itself. At Warwick I have...
  3. M

    Question Workshop Framework Error in SS2 HQ

    Hello, i have problem in Sim Settlements 2 with Workshop Framework. Im trying to assign Jake and Aiden to security and engineering, but i have strange error. It says "Workshop Framework Error. Unable to start barter menu system". I was looking for answer couple of hours, nothing founded. Also, i...
  4. H

    Question Problem with WSFW

    The layout I imported is pretty much built all the way except the wiring, but I can do that myself. How can I cancel the importing? It's been stuck at 0% for a while now and no amount of exiting and reloading seems to work. Edit: I'm using FORT OF THE BOX btw.
  5. Cranky Cat

    Question Conveyor belt wiring causes reproduceable crash for power tools

    Hi all, I decided to make another go with Fallout 4 since I didn't ever finish before. I'm just testing still and wanted to try to make some test designs and, naturally, made the game crash. Fortunately there are all sorts of logging tools now so I was able to find the issue in the logs...

    [SS2 Leader Pack] Nobody's Leaders 2 (Version 2.0 now available!)

    CURRENTLY FEATURING 70+ LEADERS [ CLICK HERE AND CHECK THE EXTENSIVE LIST OF LEADERS, THEIR TRAITS AND OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION ] (Official Google Spreadsheet) INTRODUCTION The largest Leader Pack from Sim Settlements 1 brought back now to Sim Settlements 2, with an extensive list of NPCs from...
  7. Align

    Question Suppressed messages not autoplaying

    In the WSFW settings there are options to suppress notifications until combat & dialogue finishes. These seem to work correctly, but the option to have them automatically start playing once combat/dialogue finishes doesn't seem to be doing anything - they stay suppressed indefinitely and I have...
  8. PuddingSnacks

    Question Beds are not automatically assigned to settlers.

    Greetings I have been trying to find the culprit for the problem for a few weeks now. Beds are not auto assigning at all. I had turned off shelter mechanic. I am finding work is assigning properly. Here is my load order. Maybe something is in conflict. Note: I had added snap beds author's...
  9. K

    Suggestion Settlement navmesh reset/settlement AI reset

    I originally posted this under a different mod but thought it would best fit workshop framework. I love building settlements but hate seeing settlers trying to walk through walls or crowd in a corner instead of following a clear path in front of them. If there could be a way to reset a...
  10. K

    Suggestion Settler Navmesh fixer for workshop framework

    I love building settlements but hate seeing settlers trying to walk through walls or crowd in a corner instead of following a clear path in front of them. If there could be a way to reset a settlement’s navmesh or something to make the settlers recalculate their movements and take into account...
  11. P

    WSFWResourceManager error.

    I have had a long time problem in my save that my happiness will not move from 20. Through different mods I can see that my happiness target is 68.05~ but it hasn't moved in the past 24 hours of real life time. These are the things I've tried: Update WSFW, Get rid of incompatible mods Restarted...
  12. A

    no sim settlements 2 tab in workshop menu

    When installing, I did everything according to the instructions on the site. But at first, when reading the magazine, I did not receive resources, and the wanderer did not come to me, when installing an earlier version of the mod and the same version of the WSFW, a stranger finally approached me...
  13. ChuckDwhereareyou

    XPRI errors in SS2.esm

    So after updating to the newest SS2 and Workshop Framework, I was doing a patch in FO4Edit and did my usual Check for Errors. Here is what popped up: No idea how to fix those :/
  14. D

    Question Building Layout stuck at 0% for an hour

    So I exported my Sanctuary settlement via WSWF, used kinggath's tool to convert the script into an ESL and then used it to import it to a new game's Sanctuary. WSWF detected the Sanctuary layout correctly and then I clicked on Scrap then Build. For an entire hour, it was stuck at the message...
  15. P

    Does Sim Settlements 2 ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE Workshop Framework?

    Scrap everything was the culprit. If you are having trouble with food, get rid of scrap everything. I am leaving this as a testament to my not smartedness. I ask because WSFW makes a survival game impossible. I do not get any food at all from crop plots, I do not get any water at all from...
  16. M

    Solved Using the console to remove all faction decorations

    I appreciate that there are multiple threads on removing faction decorations. However, most of these are about using in-game methods to remove the decorations. I would like to use the console, as the in-game methods do not work for me as I do not wish to ever own the settlement (so I can't just...
  17. B

    Question workshop framework menu is not being displayed

    I'm using 2.05 but the workshop framework menu is not being displayed - i can see sim settlements and GCM but not this. I have tried reinstalling that version. The esm is enabled and does appear to be in the correct place. I only just noticed as it is not something I adjust often. I have...
  18. shoujoq

    Solved Export settlement layout option doesn't appear

    This is what I see when I go to Settlement Layout in the Manage settlement menu added by Workshop Framework. I don't see an Export option. I have tried this at both Sanctuary and at Abernathy Farm. I have all the pre-requisites installed.
  19. shoujoq

    Question Automatic door opening/closing on entering workshop mode not working

    Hi, This feature was working initially (tested as working in Sanctuary), but has stopped working for some reason. Doors no longer open automatically when entering workshop mode. Any ideas how to fix this?
  20. K

    Suggestion Build limit adjustment and Settler act

    Heyy. Can there be a feature that can adjust the build limit at a settlement. I’ve noticed there’s so many settlements that already have over half their limit reached before I even start building anything. I know there’s mods that already do it but those aren’t safe. Will it also be possible to...