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Suggestion Settlement navmesh reset/settlement AI reset


New Member
I originally posted this under a different mod but thought it would best fit workshop framework.

I love building settlements but hate seeing settlers trying to walk through walls or crowd in a corner instead of following a clear path in front of them. If there could be a way to reset a settlement’s navmesh or something to make the settlers recalculate their movements and take into account the new things you placed in the settlement then that’ll help…I think.

I use my companions to test the navmesh and make sure that objects and pathways are actually fully accessible but settlers still find a way to stand beside walls and things. This tool could be added to workshop plus or even better workshop framework, to go along in the “tools” section of the MCM menu. So the same way the menu has “claim settlement”, “manage settlement menu”, etc, it can include a tool that resets or cleans the settlers AI in the settlement that you are currently standing in to then hopefully jog their memory on how to properly walk.

I do know that lots of people including me have settler navmesh trouble in vault 88, hangman’s alley, and even sanctuary. The navmesh/settler AI tool could help. I already use settler sandbox expansion as well and it’s mainly to expand where settlers can walk, doesn’t really fix them walking into stuff.