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  1. S

    Question Tons of bugs (main being no new settlers) and thousands of active scripts

    Alright, I know the title is kinda ambiguous but I have too many issues going on to fit them all in in the title. I am currently running a heavily modded game with Sim settlements, it's mega packs, the logistics station, workshop framework, workshop plus, and well over 100 other mods. Until...
  2. Salvinha

    Question Invisible settler bug. Any solution?

    Hey guys, I'm having this problem here: Does anyone have a solution to that? I also have an invisible settler at Sanctuary, the one in Sanctuary is also a child (and different from Red Rocket, I don't use any city plan in Sanctuary). Settler mods installed: Sim Settlements 3 in 1 + All years...
  3. T

    Question Settlers Idle Around (ROTC)

    I have ROTC enabled, as well as maybe a dozen more mods. Only two add additional quests; the rest are cosmetic. In both Sanctuary, Abernathy Farms, and Starlight Drive-In (the only 3 I've gotten to so far), the settlers simply stand still. They don't make their way to plots or do any work. I...
  4. T

    Question Settlers Idle?

    My settlers in several of my settlements (especially vault 88, as that's the only one I didn't use a city plan for) have a tendency to just stand around doing nothing. They're all assigned to different workplaces but when I fast travel there they all just cluster in one spot and don't move...
  5. Cranky Cat

    Old Post Why don't settlers Move Out Of The Way?

    I have the settings meant to accomplish moving NPCs when you bump into them but I still can't push settlers out of the way. Heck, they push ME out of their way instead! The specific settings used are: fBumpReactionSmallWaitTimer from 1.0 to 0.5 fBumpReactionMinMoveDist from 75 to 150...
  6. supercrunchbravo

    Can't assign Provisioners at Tenpines Bluff

    Hey, so I tired to assign a settlers to be a Provisioner from Tenpines Bluff to Outpost Zimonja, but after selecting the confirm button, nothing happens. The settler just stays as a 'settler' and no supply line is formed. I though it might be because I was trying to build the ROTC city plan at...
  7. S

    Unable to assign settlers to anything

    Hello, to start off, I have in the past used this: and it worked flawlessly. On the same save a while later the bug has returned, and I see that I cannot do the fix with Workshop Framework installed...
  8. Lancars

    Weapon and Armor Press.

    During the livestream it was mentioned about arming settlers with better gear. Issue is you run across random amounts of gear so you kinda do it at once. Why not have an advanced plot that requires body armor and military salvage that can make copies of weapons and armor with all the mods added...
  9. Sirlach

    Settler Job assignment in Different Settlement Sizes.

    Fellow SS'ers I am on my big play through after learning everything there is to know about mega mod installs. Finally got a stable build and am planning out my settlements. I have come up with the following splits for how to assign settlers and wanted to get feedback if this will work or will...
  10. Zonary

    Separate House/Job Icon when hovering a Settler in Workshop mode

    Hi, I don't know if what I will suggest is possible to implement, and even if it is, probably would be a very complex thing with very little results. But is a thing that always bothered me a little, so here it goes anyway. When hovering the mouse on a settler in workshop mode, there's an icon...
  11. Lancars

    Settler drowned in Filtration Plant.

    So i opened the door and found the settler passed out cause i have knockout overhaul. I woke her up and stood in the building. Suddenly the settler passed out again. I dunno if it was the puddle or the filter box.
  12. C

    Settlers stuck in the bulding phase.

    No matter how long i wait they seem to be stuck. How can i fix this? (btw power is supplied as well as the settlers are shown to be assinged)
  13. Cranky Cat

    How do designers test settler pathing?

    Hi all, I noticed the placement of navigation aids by city plan creators but how do you effectively test settler pathing? Do you pick a settler and tell them to go somewhere and see if they stop? Even if I use some of the manual in-game navigation path objects available in other mods I often...
  14. troy18999

    Tankthing & Chook rad roaches spawning?

    So i get these little non hostile guys. I have had it on two of my restarts now and I am unsure where they come from. I do not have anything out of the ordinary installed. Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch, AWKCR then install AE, then Achievements. DEF_UI Valdicils Hud Framework I-HUD by Gopher Hud...
  15. Muddball

    Gorilla settlement

    Ok, so i've gotten Junkyard dogs from Gene. I've trapped numerous animals and deathclaws in cages. But i've NEVER found the Gorillas. Has anybody? I know they exist, there is plenty of code suggesting that they can be acquired in the vanilla game. Anybody got a personal story, a link, a video?
  16. AmyStark

    May have messed something up...

    I think I may have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque. I'm using SimSettlements on XBox One. I didn't realize the mod doesn't quite work with the Provisioner option. I tried to assign a couple settlers to set up supply lines to Sanctuary. They're not going anywhere, just wandering around...
  17. Cranky Cat

    Can't talk to settlers anymore if SS is installed

    I can't figure this one out. Suddenly I can't talk to settlers unless they are vendors. If I activate a settler they might get up or turn around to look at me but my character doesn't say anything and no dialog comes up. I can still assign settlers and get them to move in the workshop mode. I...
  18. Cranky Cat

    Closed Inert settlers - fixed by deleting non-existent form instances

    I'm not 100% sure this was only from SimSettlements but I did get it fixed in case someone else runs into this issue. The issue may not be a SimSettlements bug although I did remove the form instances. My first settlement started out fine but then all but 2 or 3 out of 15 settlers stopped going...
  19. B

    Works as intended The Castle Radio Settler not counted towrds SS needs

    So i am trying to set up the castle after just having cleared it, and i am running in to a bit of a nuisance that appears to be an oversight in to how SS is coded with this guy (although it is entirely possible it is a problem solely on my side cause i find it strange i have found no other...