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Can you prevent settlers from coming to a certain settlement?


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I searched the forums and I found one other thread with this question, but they specifically has problems with the mod's starting quest so people gave them advice on that instead.
I've made Croup Manor into my personal base and a power producer. I'm staffing all the power stations with robots from the mechanist DLC. I think it's fun to just have an army of robot employees.
But every time I go back there, there's some random human settler sleeping in my bed. I don't have a recruitment beacon placed.

Is there a way to prevent settlers from moving into my house?
I use this mod from Pra. It adds the option to the vanilla recruitment beacon to configure how many settlers are recruited to your settlement. Set to 0 to disable recruitment entirely, but still keep the beacon active. I have Graygarden set up as a robot only farm/power settlement without issue. Also, make sure that you don't have a communication plot active on that settlement since they act as recruitment beacons as well, or at least they use to. I'm unsure if that's had any changes since I last used one which was quite awhile ago.
1. Do you have a comms plot? They act as a recruiting beacons.
2. Since you are using bots, I guess you have only one bed. If so, try using one of the player bed in Wasteland Reconstruction Kit as they are not counting as regular bed.
3. What are your settings in WSFW? Make sure recruitment is limited by number of bed. "Cap settlers by bed count"
4. If you have a comms plot, go into the SS2 seting under Gameplays/NPCs and make sure that "Communications Sets Max Settlers" is set to on