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  1. F

    Uniform for settlers

    I saw multiple ways to implement this as assigning roles like guard or such within the holotape menu system, but no way to actually set the uniform. My problem is I am not using normal settlers called forth by radio beacons but instead synths of myself (they still use settler code). I have...
  2. SunniJB

    Can you prevent settlers from coming to a certain settlement?

    I searched the forums and I found one other thread with this question, but they specifically has problems with the mod's starting quest so people gave them advice on that instead. I've made Croup Manor into my personal base and a power producer. I'm staffing all the power stations with robots...
  3. NeO_Obsidian

    Happiness 20 Question

    Hi there, I've been searching around online and can't really find an answer but... I have a weird issue where a settlement I claim starts at 50% happiness, but as soon as a settler is added, the happiness drops immediately to 20%. I faintly remember "20%" being a sign of a bad bug and that I...
  4. K

    Flying away in Cinematic Mode (City Plan) Issue

    Hello there I'm having trouble with the cinematic mode of the city plans. The first 5 settlements worked perfectly, but then my cinematic mode kinda broke. It always starts normally, but then my view suddenly turns away from the settlement and I fly away from the settlement. Sometimes the...
  5. V

    Liberating Settlements That Use a City Plan Causes the Settlers to Become Hostile

    Hi SS2 team, In my playthrough, I used a city plan for Oberland Station that built turrets on top of the main building. When I was given the objective to liberate the settlement as part of chapter 3's quest State of War (Capture the locations the Gunners have occupied deeper into the...
  6. H

    Child Settlers Stuck With Prisoner/Hostage Mode

    Forgive me if this has been asked before, but I tried to search the forum wider for similar issue to no avail. So this issue actually had been with me since I started Chapter 3 from the earlier SS2 version (pre 3.1.x), where I was using Deep Clean Settlement mods which also can help in turning...
  7. D

    Sanctuary's Bridge, bUseCombinedObjects, and sprinting near settlements.

    I have observed that for some reason, the Sanctuary bridge seems to not work correctly. When I try to cross the bridge, it flickers out of existence and I fall right through it. Same goes for the stone foundation that surrounds Sanctuary. This happens when I do not set bUseCombinedObjects to 0...
  8. H

    999 Bug Fix (for me)

    TL/DR: [Open Pip Boy >INV >MISC> City Manager 2078 Holotape> Options> Gameplay Options >Difficulty > then make sure Dynamic Needs is off (give it a few minutes and the resources should go back to normal ) (side note: if it doesn’t work, check the “local” option too from the city manager main...
  9. Archer23890


    Hello again! I was just wondering if there was a scrap mod that can scrap brambles and bushes, not the big solid ones in Sanctuary but the smaller messy looking ones. I used to use scrap everything but obviously that did not work out with SS2 so deleted it. Is there a close enough replacement on...
  10. Griswald

    New Liberty Trading Company Themed Red Rockets

    I recently posted (for the first time) city plans on the Nexus for some "New Liberty Trading Company Themed Red Rockets: SS2, Ch 3" (Quincy, Boston, Lexington, and Cambridge). Afterwards, I got bored and made some images and thumbnails to post on the mod description page and thought I’d post...
  11. Archer23890

    Starlight Drive Through Help

    Hello there! Just looking for some help, I'm playing on Xbox Series X and came across a problem that I've kinda fixed but there's another problem that's arose which is what I need help with. I kept crashing trying to get to Starlight whether it was fast travel or walking there so I remotely...
  12. T

    [Chapter 3] Can’t Utilize Settlers After Recapturing Settlement

    Issue is as the post. Just recaptured a settlement of mine, but now all the settlers (some of whom are still labeled as captives) can’t be ordered by me, and any jobs they do don’t count towards the settlement. Should I just kill them all and recruit new ones, or is there a good fix for this...
  13. M

    Can't assign mayor - "You don't control [settlement]."

    Pretty much as the title says. When assigning a city mayor, I get this popup. This came after updating Workshop Framework (the desk stopped working altogether, updating fixed it. Didn't receive the error message). This applies to all settlements, including new ones, not just the ones I already...
  14. M

    Can't assign mayor - "You don't control [settlement]."

    Pretty much as the title says. When assigning a city mayor, I get this popup. This came after updating Workshop Framework (the desk stopped working altogether, updating fixed it. Didn't receive the error message). This applies to all settlements, including new ones, not just the ones I already...
  15. Superjesse64

    New settlements in the future?

    I've been debating grabbing some settlement mods for University Point and Quincy, but before I commit, I have a question: Will SS2 be introducing new settlements at some point (Or has it already and I just haven't gotten far enough in the questline)?
  16. S

    How to resolve settlers spawning under foundations/floors

    Hello Peeps I would love some advice regarding the issue with settlers spawning under foundations / floors Whenever I enter one of my settlements (Or turn around whilst in one) I notice that the settles sometimes end up stuck under the foundations/floor. I enjoy using SimSettlements2, but as...
  17. S

    Settler Settlement Spawn Locations

    Heya, Is there a way to control where Settlers spawn in my settlements? When i go to visit my settlements I often find them either outside the walled in parts of my settlement, or stuck under foundation. I understand I can use the gavel to force spawn them when I'm there, but I would prefer not...
  18. NotXobot

    Retake Quincy!

    You and the boys should retake Quincy in CHP3, I mean GNN is so close to Quincy! It would be awesome to retake it and build it back up.. Rebuild the buildings, rebuild the defenses, and have a proper city in Fallout! I mean It's free real estate isn't it? Feel free to add to this with...
  19. E

    So, maybe I finally built a thing or two

    Ahoy. I haven't been around here in a long while and I didn't play Fallout 4 during that time either. I just came back to it, checked my mods, updates etc and obviously got back to SS2 (unfortunately, a couple addons here and there were discontinued, sad). So I thought I had to create yet...
  20. Matthew69

    System Resources Working Overtime

    I've noticed with the recent patches, my PC is constantly working hard. I'm assuming it is processing scripts. And this is a high end PC recently purchased. Everything takes awhile to do in settlements. I understand you have to sit there and let it do its thing to fix the resourcing issue. But...