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  1. Gold_Hoe

    HQ requires a serious remake to be fun

    In the current state the HQ building is extremly gated and not fun. From the fact that some projects take multiple days to complete, i assume that the developers intended to make expanding HQ something you start and then go do something else, while it finishes. The problem is in it's current...
  2. Superjesse64

    Manufacturing compatibility with virtual storage?

    So one thing I always felt Manufacturing via the Contraptions DLC was lacking was ensuring steady materials for my factories so they don't spend time sitting around doing nothing but gobble valuable voltage. One thought I was hoping for at first was that I could use industrial plots to produce...
  3. JackVitae

    [Home Basics] WRK asset suggestions

    Mirror (container) || Base id: 00091431 Suggested Location(s): WRK > Decorations > Home Decor > Bathroom > Mirrors WRK > Furniture > Containers Red Plate (dirty) || Base id: 00165327 Suggested Location(s): WRK > Decorations > Home Decor > Kitchen > Utensils Yellow Plate (dirty) || Base id...
  4. G

    Commonwealth Provisional Government

    Since this mod is about automated settlement building I think it would be grand to be able to reform the Commonwealth Provisional Government once enough settlements are under your control and you have a good number of settlers. It just makes sense to me that when the commonwealth begins to grow...
  5. theswitchboard

    Add more quests!

    Sim Settlments 2 is great! You should definitely add more quests like the ones you have!
  6. YummyFatCats

    Suggestion for Xbox players to debug things.

    I think there should be an option in the holotape to be able to give certain quest items to players incase they scrap It (me) or lose it, or just want to finish a quest fast. I scraped Jake's screwdriver during the quest memory lane and I don't have a save to go back to. So some sort of item...
  7. F

    Primary Bug Report General - Controls lock up when unlocking new Build Plans while in Workshop Mode

    So I was completing the quest for old man paul to start placing ASAM sensors down for everyone, and apparently this has unlocked a new build plan. Unfortunately I cannot either take the item to clear the new build plan unlock, or come out of build mode using the v key or move the selector in...
  8. I

    Suggestion Main base of operations and takeover idea

    dunno if this will get read by anyone but if you arent planning on doing this already i have an idea that would be a pretty cool feature if its not already in this mod but was thinking of maybe you adding a main base of operations being able to pick any settlement and make it the main place of...
  9. howie

    2 more suggestions

    The ability to choose what you want more of for example id like beds,food water, defenses to be up to 30 each then decorations extra to save on building space. Next id like to see a raiders faction for sim settlements conqueror faction.
  10. VaneSlasher

    Suggestion Archimedes-II patch for Industrial Revolution

    Hi, guys! This is my first time here on the site. First of all I would like to thank king and everyone involved in this insane project. I met SS recently and am currently in love with this whole universe. Now without further ado, these days (after a long time) I decided to play FO4 again and...
  11. howie

    a few more suggestions

    How about making the story teller a settler, setting priority for upgrades like beds to support max number for settlers available. When i unlock all dlc does that apply to sim settlements? if not that would be neat Turrets food etc. Ps i adore sim settlements thankyou so much for it. Also how...
  12. Unknown Zombie

    Suggestion MCM Hotkey to enter build mode

    Could you give WS+ an MCM option to set a hotkey to enter build mode? I'd like to just press a button once to enter build mode instead of having to hold down the view change button, which feels unresponsive sometimes.
  13. Ithrian

    Suggestion Suggestion: Receptacle Chest

    Hey Kingath, First of all, thank you very much for your work with Fallout 4. The game is better for it. My suggestion is a chest that all material you leave in the with the salvage beacon gets dropped of if a specific chest. basically I am really like to organize much of my stuff, and I like to...
  14. Grim Experiments

    Suggestion Raider Entertainment

    Hey hey hey, I have a suggestion for a mod but probably not for conqueror itself. Here's the pitch: You walk into your outpost and see your gang huddled in a group, hooting and hollering. You decide to check out all the comotion and push your way to the front of the crowd to see a...
  15. U

    Suggestion Conqueror-Triggermen faction

    I have another suggestion for a Sim Settlements - Conqueror faction. The Triggermen! Think about it, a mafia-style gang vying for control of the Commonwealth!
  16. U

    Suggestion Conqueror-Children of Atom faction

    Hi there, kinggath! Love your Sim Settlement mods! They're really shaping up to be something special! I know you're busy, and I realize that someone may have suggested this already, but I just wanted to be sure. As you can no doubt tell from the name of this thread, I think if would be really...
  17. Iztari

    Suggestion Wouldn't it be better if...

    Wouldn't it be better if the ScrapMe items was completely done before the build part starts? I've noticed that when you build a settlement from scratch and use the HOWTO/Manuals you start at L3 and work your way down... During the few city plans I built and among a few others, alot of movable...
  18. Cranky Cat

    Suggestion Cornerstone for positioning blueprint builds

    I know making the blueprint object snappable has been mentioned but since it's not really a typical object then how about snapable "cornerstones". A simple square with an arrow on top or some other indication of direction. You could put it where you want the near/left corner of your build. Any...
  19. M

    Suggestion Town meeting gavel option

    I don't know if this is already suggested and I just signed up just now just to post this. I think that it would be great if the town meeting gavel had an option to just call the homeless or jobless settlers. Anyways, Thanks Kinggath for this awesome mod. I haven't tried the mod yet because I...
  20. Kharon93

    Old Post Incentive to spare the Quincy Survivors

    There doesn't seem to be any benefit to letting Preston and friends leave Concord; they move to Sanctuary and spend the rest of their days hammering at wall panels and complaining, waiting for your input. Do you think it's possible to have them build a city themselves if left alone long enough...