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Suggestion Main base of operations and takeover idea


New Member
dunno if this will get read by anyone but if you arent planning on doing this already i have an idea that would be a pretty cool feature if its not already in this mod but was thinking of maybe you adding a main base of operations being able to pick any settlement and make it the main place of operation being able to do anything this game lets you do from a terminal or some guy you can talk to to get things done like the guy you speak to at the beginning of this mod at concord also about attacks your other places will get attacked as normal but if your main base gets attacked its way more impactful and dangerous you could make it where you have a certain amount of or whatever amount you want of your bodyguards defend and it will be a big attack if all your men/women die you can try and run or surrender when prompted and surrendering would put you in a cage or small prison or something and you need to break out and get your base back with no help and until you get it back you cant use any of this mods features maybe make it where after a certain amount of main base attack attempts they will be so difficult to the point where they are way to powerful for you to win forcing you to run or surrender maybe the better the main base upgrades the longer it takes for the forceful takeover to occur or a fully upgraded base just disables that force takeover all together