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  1. P

    Issues with Multi-person residential (Scrapheap Skyrise + Wasteland Manor)

    only just started using SS2 (never used SS1) on PC so this could well be me being dense, but would appreciate any help offered. just unlocked Multi person class, and I'm finding that scrapheap skyrise isn't loading correctly. the plot renders, as does the clutter, but that's it. the furniture...
  2. S

    Add Bed Only Residential Plots

    I thought it would be great to have a residential plot that is only a bed with maybe a stand/chest next to it. Level 1 could be just a sleeping bag and then eventually upgrade to a full nicer bed. Potentially have a bunk version for multiple people? This comes to mind only because I was trying...
  3. DefinitelyNotASynth

    I unlocked Multiple-Person Homes and now I can't change the building plan, it only shows me "**Random" and nothing else to choose from.

    The title pretty much says it all. I build a bunch of Residential Plots and unlocked Multiple-Person homes. When I go to any plot to change the building plan, all that comes up is: **Random. Nothing else, this is my only option, at first I thought they weren't implemented yet but the multiple...
  4. B

    Multi-person residential plot issues

    Some of my level 3 (4 persons) multi-person residential plots will not fill up with settlers. Their resource usage is that of 2 or 3 settlers and when I go to assign "homeless" settlers, I get the dialog window stating the plot is full. I have 20 settlers in Sanctuary and 6 level 3 multi...
  5. Viperspider

    Question 18 Settlers, 16 Beds, 17 Residential Plots but no Homeless?

    In sanctuary I have 18 settlers, I have called them all back from supply lines so I can organise their living situation. My interface reads that I only have 16 Beds, which matches the amount of occupied Residential plots I have in the settlement. I have 1 additional "For Rent" residential plot...
  6. J

    Solved Plots not being assigned

    First time using SS. I started a settlement in Sanctuary and after 9 residential spots, it won't assign settlers to them. Settlers also aren't being assigned to work related plots. I have City Plan Limit off and it says 15 in the lower left of the hud. Auto assign, auto assign unique, and auto...
  7. Psyche

    Question Problem with beds not registering

    I've been having a problem where beds or residential plots have not been registering towards housing. I've found it when using both beds and residential plots, or using beds or residential plots in isolation. It's not limited to a single settlement. It shows that I have enough beds according to...
  8. Sirlach

    SirLach's Intimate Spaces - Small Interior Residential Plots. BethNet PC -> BethNet XBox -> A collection of 15 small Interior Residential Plots. All using Vanilla FO4 assets only...
  9. Sirlach


    Hi Everyone. You can get Intimate Spaces Here -> BethNet PC -> BethNet XBox -> I love to hear feedback and suggestions on my plots so...
  10. Wake

    Fixed Robots not Assignable to Interior Commercial Plots

    Unsure if it's intentional or not, but I'm unable to assign robots to commercial plots, claiming that "Robots cannot own homes." even though a commercial plot isn't residential.
  11. Witte Vrouweveld

    Old Post Sanctuary Plots not generating

    In sanctuary it seems the generating of residential plots (and others) has halted. There are plenty of spots that seem to be ment as plotspots. I have tried refreshing the city, refreshing plot, resigning leader, shelter fix, changing leader among other things. Is there any mechanic I am...
  12. D

    Settlers only arrive when manually placing beds

    Hello all, Sorry if this has already has already been posted before. Do I still need to manually build beds for sim settlements to work? In Sanctuary I have about 12 residential plots but settlers only arrive when I manually build beds and then go off and use the residential plots.
  13. RumbleBee

    Crafting Components for Residential

    Hi, I love Sim Settlements. I'm just getting into the industrial side of things and it's awesome. I have a quick question that I'm not sure belongs in General or Help. I'd like to modify the crafting requirements for residential plots. I use a mod called Thrive, which greatly increases the...
  14. Cranky Cat

    Internal residential plot - barracks (3 bunks)

    I'd like to see a "barracks" residential plot consisting of 3 bunks spaced evenly within the space complete with rug, bedding, footlocker, or whatever other doo-dads you want to put there. I'm thinking of the Castle since regular residential plots don't make much sense and placing all of that by...
  15. Snowvaan

    As requested, the plaques, names and Level.

    Tread started in: Commercial Signage missing texture I was checking all my settlements to see if i find more plots with this missing texture and i found the same Agricultural Plot (Image 2) without the missing textures, the plot with the missing texture is in the Graygarden and the one with...
  16. LovesYou

    Resolved 3.16a - Invisible Interior Plots, Disappearing Clutter and Beds, Not Just Level 3, oh my!

    Hey all, this is my first post! Wasn't sure if I should add this to an ongoing bug report. Things are a bit different here than only having residential level 3 plots disappearing. Since upgrading from 3.14 to 3.16a I've been having these issues and have being troubleshooting since. I've done...
  17. B

    Interior Plot Drive-In Thearter

    One of the half room interior residential plots at the drive in theater is sticking out of the wall next to the water, second story. I am doing a city here. I have refreshed and walked away and come back and the issue remains. I am in survival mode
  18. Daxxtruss123

    plots not spawning

    I just started a new game and started sanctuary off with it's base level 0 For some reason though, even though I know where residence plots are meant to spawn they aren't spawning automatically anymore, only a couple inside the old houses have but none on the upper levels of sanctuary. Could...
  19. J

    Fixed Max Shack never built itself.

    One of my settlers started a Max Shack. The scaffolding went up, but it never progressed beyond there even after 10+ in game days with realistic times = OFF. I changed the floor plan to Outdoorsman and the structure was up in less than a minute.
  20. OctoberJemini

    Residences not building

    I've started 2 new game plays and it appears that in both, the sanctuary settlement will not start building residences. Basically what i have done, is gone and save Preston and company and brought them back to Sanctuary. Instead of build beds for Sturges' mission, i decided to build...