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  1. A

    No percentage ever on city.

    So i started playing and im about 79 hours in and ive been actively upgrading sanctuary, its currently got 30 food 1500 water 1500 energy 2500 defence and 95 happines with 20 settlers, but my city level percentage is still at 0% and its been at 0% since i started the game. is it a bug or am i...
  2. SpiritTheWolf26

    [BUG] weapons bug

    I was trying out the settings and after some point X (to take out weapons/fists etc) wouldn't work. I was streaming so I could go see what happened but nothing. (I have a vod recording. it seems to have happened between 1 hour 59 and 2 hours 5 minutes, I watched it but doesn't appear to be...
  3. J


    hi I just created a settlement in sanctuary but I was wondering if I were to install a mod called sanctuary estates where it changes most of sanctuary will there be any issues with the settlers trying to build? Or can I only have the vanilla sanctuary for everything to work properly? On Xbox...
  4. J

    No holotape for sim settlement

    i just installed the sim settlement mod along with the rise of sim settlements but when I load the game I don’t see a holo tape or in the workshop in the special menu none of the plots or anything like if I didn’t have the mod installed....I installed settlement menu manager and used it but...
  5. B

    Leaders Don't Complete Settlements and NavMesh Blocks

    I recently put Codsworth as a leader in sanctuary. He would build almost everything but then overtime forget about them. I also have random NavMesh Blocks shown all over. I hope it isn't my mods conflicting..
  6. francisco

    Outpost Zimonja

    (before anything, english is not my first languaje so i'm sorry for any possible broken english accidents) so, in my save i upgraded outpost zimonja to level 1, the game froze for a second and then the cinematic view started, it came out to be a really intracate desing, but since i was new with...
  7. C

    Not a bug City Planner Gets Scrapped

    Everytime i start the settlement build by pressing "Yes, Tear it all down" the city planner gets scrapped and if i build a new one it Associates the city with Covenant i got fallout for pc mainly for this and some other mods please help!
  8. Plarux

    SS and RoC not working - What's wrong?

    So I've downloaded SS,RoC, the settlers mod that adds more settlers w/ dialouge, the ROC leader pack related to the settlement mod, Hud Framework, and the Settlements menu manager. No matter what I do, the SS and RoC mods do not work. I've tried with other mods enabled and w/o them (everything...
  9. H

    Info Needed GUIDE: HELP! My Settlement Crashes on Approach/Fast Travel

    Very often we get reports on Crashes. Given how many things Sim Settlements touches, that is hardly surprising. It also means that we have certain experiences in crashes when it comes to settlements, so here is a guide on what to do if you experience a crash: First Steps: Whenever you think...
  10. DooderStank

    Sim Settlements removed from XBOX1?

    i just logged on, checked the mods page, it showed an update for Sim Settlements and I began to download. About 50% of the way through it just stops the download and when I backed out the mod is gone.... like disappeared! Even if I search the full title nothing comes up except add-on mods and...
  11. SeondFallen

    Fixed Unknown bug within the City Managers Desk

    I ran into it just a moment ago, but I think it has happened before. Anyway, I went to donate supplies to Abernathy Farms, Cait is my leader, and I noticed that it had Starlight drive as the designated recipient. I haven't even found that location in this play through, or set up a desk there. I...
  12. WP ScorpionWind


    So currently I have SS and RotC installed on my Xbox One. I'm wanting to uninstall them as these mods just doesn't quite suit me. Right now I'm not quite sure how to execute this correctly as I have sen a lot of things about left over items and I would rather not mess anything up. So could...
  13. Azarithkazehana

    Xbox one mod load order assistance PLEASE?

    This is my mod list in order from top to bottom: #1. Unofficial Fallout 4 patch all DLCs #2. Armor and weapons keywords full version #3. Sim settlements ver.44 #4.[XB1] Sim settlements Wasteland Ventures #5. Settlement menu manager #6. HUDFramework #7. Immersive Market stores #8.[XB1] STS-scrape...
  14. B

    Defense Problem

    So I started a new game with SS IR + RotC, (Heavily modded, which may or may not be the cause) but in every settlement my defense according to the SS toolbar is at -40, this includes Sanctuary which I started with the city planner which changed to -34 with two farms and a martial plot built the...
  15. A

    Stupid Long Foundation build time XBOX

    Hey guys, been enjoying rise, started to lay the foundation at sunshine tidings co-op. Got stuck in cinematic view for about an hour with no progress being made. Cheers.
  16. B

    Settlers never finish building plots (XB1)

    When I assign aettlers to plots I get the notification telling me that they started constructing the plot, and the scaffolding and scrap metal spawn, but it is never actually built. Then my settlers just stop building and act like they actually built it and and do the animations. But it doesn’t...
  17. Big Remote 117

    Can't download Industrial revolution

    Playing on Xbox, Sim settlements is updated, and when I went to update Industrial revolution. It just won't download. Am I doing something wrong, is this a Bethesda issue? Send help.
  18. G

    Need Strategy Help -- I have no idea what I'm doing. HELP!

    This thread is to a place to post strategies, ideas, build orders, and walk-throughs for new players, with a focus on ideas that are appropriate for those who have downloaded most of the major add-ons, and wish to possibly use one or more 'immersion' restrictions, and have discussions about all...
  19. M

    How do i get more flags

    I Go to the custom table click the flag but theres only the American one
  20. TheGriffalo

    Not recognizing Pip boy with StartMeUp?

    I got this mod and used Start me up to get into the game faster but when I try to activate the city manager holotape I get the error "Pipboy not found. unable to install auto-management tools, please load this tape into a pipboy unit." Any ideas on how to fix? preferably without starting a new...