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  1. C

    Question Can't use settlers at all

    Can't recruit 'em, Can't move 'em around, can't seem to assign them to anything, can't even force NPCs to act as settlers, can't assign automatrons to do settler tasks. Managed to recruit the VC rep but he can't be interacted with through the workshop. Can't be assigned tasks or anything. At...
  2. Stahlhelm_TV

    Question Constantly CTD's with my current Modlist including sim Settelments

    Update 1: Tried to clean the Load order and remove some Mods which where listed as incompatible. (Check Bottom of Post) Update 2: Added a few Recommended Mods and changed WOTC to esm in the header file which should solve problems(nexus mod comment) now Jammer doesn't Talk to me when i enter...
  3. InsanoPotato

    Question Conqueror Progress Bar Disappears and Missing War Planners Desk

    Hello again, I'm having some issues with the conqueror progress bar. If that is not what it is called, then I'll describe it as best I can. It's the notification at the top left of the screen that tells you what percent the game is at when it is building the settlements, placing objects, etc...
  4. T

    Question Crashes when upgrading ROTC Outpost Zimonja (Main Story Spoilers)

    My Outpost Zimonja is using the basic ROTC plan. It is currently at level 1, attempting to upgrade to level 2. Every time it makes this attempt, my game crashes to desktop. This happens whether or not I am there (as in if I go to the other side of the Commonwealth, it still happens). I believe...
  5. InsanoPotato

    Solved (PC) Not Receiving Start up for Conquerors

    I've been searching for a few hours and have come up with nothing. According to the Quickstart video on nexus and the Sim Settlements website, I should receive some sort of message after the character creation bathroom scene, asking me to set up my graphics quality and so on for Conqueror. I...
  6. D

    Question Unwelcome Guests quest not updating?

    So I'm playing on an Xbox One X and I've run into a wall with this quest. The first cutscene with the giant explosion didn't trigger at first; after a quick nap I went back to Jammer and the cutscene proceeded as normal. Then the quest updated and I went around my HQ (Sanctuary) killing all of...
  7. Knümf

    Question Finch farm ctd problem

    Hi! I recently posted this issue on the nexus page but thought it would be a good idea to ask here as well. I love the mod so far but I have encountered a problem where I crash to desktop from simply walking into a certain radius around finch farms. I have done some troubleshooting and...
  8. A

    Bethesda Mod School

    I was wondering if there was a guide on how to make weapon packs (or mod packs in general). I don’t mean making your own weapons and such, but rather using existing mods on the nexus and bundling them together kinda like the Misriah Armory does with its weapons. Anything to reduce my esp count...
  9. GorelBalsic

    Question Configuration wizard not showing up

    Hi, I was just watching kinggath's quick guide to Sim settlements and I noticed when in his video the holotape asks you on what setting are you playing the game, then it prompts the configuration wizard to answer. I tried that in the game and I just get to answer on what setting I am playing the...
  10. RayBo

    Mod Plug-in List: Find-it, save a text file, and make a shortcut

    For new users, users afraid to ask, users seeking help on the forums, users needing to post a text load order, and for general help and Vortex support. Video link is for general use on the Sim Settlement Forums. Also, see: Vortex Loot it, Group it, Rule it. Maybe, see: Fallrim Check Nexus...
  11. A

    Question Help with first raid!

    So after talking to jammer and starting my first raid, I meet up with my group to start the raid. We go through and kill everyone and then the quest completes with the pop up message and all but then nothing happens. Am I supposed to build up the outpost? Or go back to jammer? If I go back down...
  12. J

    All Cities stuck at Level 0, 0% to next level.

    Hello, I've finally had a chance to test out RotC (I know I'm late) and I've ran into this problem. My cities are all stuck at level 0 with no progression what so ever. For a while, in order to fix it, I thought I needed to be more involved even though I've put the mod on easy mode (so I can...
  13. GhostManPRO

    Solved Is this mod recommended for a survival playthrough?

    I am trying to hunt down the best mods for a survival playthrough, and since i found this super cool forum :D i figured I'd ask around, are there any mods that would pair well with this one and survival? Thanks for the help :)
  14. GhostManPRO

    Solved Can I install mid-playthrough?

    I'm level 21 with about 40 mods installed and i wanna switch over to survival, and I have never used any settlement overhauls before, should I be ok installing this mod? If so, is there a specific file i should use? Thank you :)
  15. A

    Question after workshop mode can not open pipboy

    not sure it this is the place to ask but does anyone have the issue when you exit the workshop, you can not open your pipboy if I go into a building to load a new cell the pipboy will open or sometimes if I use a weapon the pipboy will open thanks for any help you can give me
  16. CodeNamed1

    Solved Circuitry lab left computer panels floting?

    So I managed to upgrade to circuitry lab and got the quest of it but I was not happy with the place I settled it so I destroyed it now there are these floating computer panels where the building was and I can’t get rid of them also I still have the quest: Computer Recearch Assistant at stage...
  17. CodeNamed1

    Solved Outpost Zimonja cp wont proceed.

    So my Outpost Zimonja cityplan won’t proceed past L0 37%. It has been on the same % for he last 3 times I have visited and there has been quite some time between those visits. The city plan is the one SS offers and MacCredy is the leader. I have refreshed the city couple of times and tried to...
  18. M

    Old Post stuck on stage 1/4

    i downloaded the three in one and conquer mods then i started a new game going through it as usual but i notice its just saying 100% stage 1/4 idk whats going pls help also im on xbox
  19. DrNormalLove

    Old Post Companion Settlement Flags, how do I unlock them?/looks?

    This is silly, but there's not really information on it in the wiki about this that I've seen. Is there a collection of pictures of the companion flags out there? Do they unlock just on completing the companion's quest?
  20. A

    Old Post Can't pick settlement to attack.

    After killing the 3 raider bosses Jammer requested. He asks if I ready to attack a settlement. I say I am ready and then nothing happens. I imagine a menu should pop up or something but I have none. Any possible remedy for this issue?