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  1. A

    Old Post What to download

    Hello, im looking to dowload sim settlements on an xbox one, but, im haveing a hard time to figure out what packs i need, what is inside what and so on. So my questions are: -Theres those City plan packs( about 2 MB each) what do they do exaclty, and, do i need them if i wanna use the rise of...
  2. RayBo

    Baking-a-Game Save (BaGS)

    A guide for setting up and starting a new game: updated:21MAR19 I had been tossing this around and was encouraged to post it. It is not a load order and not intended to suggest mods. It is a checklist of sorts, a guide for layering your save file "baking" and my procedure for setting up and...
  3. RayBo

    Old Post GamerPoets Rock xEdit and Raybo posts the first graphic SS adult content:secret

    These are some videos I thought some of you would find valuable, links below. Maybe, this will prevent the next thread about to clean or not clean game DLC. Cleaning DLC and Mods: Clean your ship-up :) Understanding your ESL, ESP, and Flagging! hahahaha, get plugged-in! :spiteful NOW...
  4. A

    Old Post Some Questions about SS and ROTC

    I've just started using SS and I have some questions I couldn't find the answers for in the wiki. 1. Do the city plans include homes or buildings just for the player to use? I like having a base of operations where I can store my gear/power armour and decorate it as I see fit. 2. If the answer...
  5. D


    Lots of things in sanctuary seem to be floating? What the heck is going on and what do, it also says city is level 0
  6. H

    Fixed Executioner issues.

    First off, freaking amazing mod! But, now. I dunno if it is meant to work the way it is, for me anyway, but the executioner ability is activating when it is turned off in the settings. I have turned it off and made sure it was still off, but it keeps popping up. Funny thing is, even if I am not...
  7. Delta1296

    No Response Conqueror-nothing seems to work?

    (Xbox user) No city will preload,the raider at the beginning won't say anything to me.. Any help? PS:I've deleted everything BUT what's required for this to work. Edit:Waited about an hour and 25 minutes in the vault,still nothing seems to work. Gonna wait till a update or something to come...
  8. A

    Hangman's alley ROTC problem

    So I cleared out Hangman's alley and placed Hancock as mayor for ROTC. Usually, I let the mayor scrap everything and let it transform into a new city, however no options were given at this time and it still remains the same with Hancock just walking around the alley. How do I fix this?
  9. T

    Three-in-one not working? 3.5.0

    I got the three-in-one through the mods menu in-game. I go to the museum and don't see the terminal, RobCo boxes or the holotape. I used console commands to get the holotape, but it keeps looping that first text screen. I would press OK then it would return back to that same screen. I have tried...
  10. D

    Oberland station crashing

    Hi, i had sim settlement installed for some time, both the normal and rise of the commonwealth but i had stopped playing falout 4 for some time, when i returned i took some mods out including the sim settlement, now everytime i try to do anything at oberland station the game just flat out...
  11. F

    Problem with flickering transparent structure and more.

    I'm having a problem currently in my game where one structure is flickering transparent and there's a extremely long glitched line/object in a house in sanctuary.
  12. S

    Happiness Report: Food & Water -30

    Mega Edit: This actually appears to be a problem caused by Workshop Framework. If you're having mysterious happiness drops and food/water shortages, disable that and check again!
  13. SymbioteCC

    PC - Crash @ Red Rocket / Concord Water Tower

    Hello all. I recently just started playing Fallout 4 again, downloading a bunch of suggested mods (including Sim Settlements RotC.) I had about six hours of smooth gameplay, already having Sanctuary begin building itself. Then when I assigned a leader to Red Rocket, I noticed my F4SE.exe would...
  14. I

    Project Blueprint Not Working

    Hey Fellow Builders, So I'm not the most Mod-Savvy, but I'm really interested in trying this City Planner Competition. So I installed all the necessary mods and such to get started. When i booted up the game, however, I received a message telling me I didn't have Project Blueprint installed...
  15. C

    Mods Causing CTDs, Need Help! ):

    Hi! Long story short, I have around 50 mods on my play through, and when I get into game my Fallout 4 inevitably crashes to desktop with no error message. Sometimes it occurs after 5 minutes, or other times maybe an hour if I'm lucky. Either way it is extremely annoying and is inhibiting my...
  16. L

    Can't download Add-ons with Sim Settlements Lite

    Hey guys, So I made the mistake of downloading Sim Settlements Lite over the OG version a while back. I've really enjoyed the mod and have used it all throughout my settlements. Anyway, I recently bought the Vault-tec DLC and want to get the Sim settlements Add-on for that, but it won't let me...
  17. OptimusGnarkill

    Need help installing mod on XB1

    Hey guys, so I just recently discovered Sim Settlements in the Mods section on XB1 and really want to try it out but I’m having a problem getting the mod to enable. Not sure if I’m downloading the correct mod, but I found the Sim Settlements Mega Pack Year One - Full Version and attempted to...
  18. B

    House Junk Not Appearing

    Hi there, I'm having a bit of trouble with Sim Settlements, and I'm a bit of a noob at it since I've only just installed it on the Xbox One. The issue I have is that the generated junk that makes each house unique with a kind of backstory is simply not showing up, the house itself is, and its...
  19. A

    No percentage ever on city.

    So i started playing and im about 79 hours in and ive been actively upgrading sanctuary, its currently got 30 food 1500 water 1500 energy 2500 defence and 95 happines with 20 settlers, but my city level percentage is still at 0% and its been at 0% since i started the game. is it a bug or am i...
  20. SpiritTheWolf26

    [BUG] weapons bug

    I was trying out the settings and after some point X (to take out weapons/fists etc) wouldn't work. I was streaming so I could go see what happened but nothing. (I have a vod recording. it seems to have happened between 1 hour 59 and 2 hours 5 minutes, I watched it but doesn't appear to be...