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  1. FryoKnight

    Can you make Quest Requirements for certain plots?

    So, I am planning on making a Add-on that will be adding alot more resources into Sim Settlements, but I was wondering something. Is it possible to lock certain Buildings away until certain quests (from the main game, added in later, or even from other mods) are completed? The main reason I ask...
  2. L

    Sorta newbie, seeking advice

    So, I've played around with SS a bit on XBONE, but my dedication to making great settlements causes significant issues in-game...crashing mainly. So, to combat this, I'm installing it on my PC. Advice I'm seeking is more of the finer points of settlements I missed out on with the DLC pack...
  3. P

    Xbox One HoloTape Issue

    In Fallout 4 Xbox One edition I am having a problem loading the "City Manager 2078 Holotape", When I try and load it, it prompts me with "Searching for Pipboy...", Then "Pipboy not found. Unable to install auto-management tools, please load this tape into a pipboy unit." If anyone knows of a...
  4. Enclave General

    Mod Not Spawning In Holotape Or Sensors On New Character.

    Hello! I've been using this mod for quite sometime now but ever since I updated from V2.02 on the Nexus, I haven't been able to get the starting equipment to spawn in the Museum of Freedom on a new character that I started. When I load an old save from a different character that already had a...
  5. Metzler

    Following Tutorial for Add on mod making and this happens..

    Hey There, Anyone that can help is amazing (Thanks in advance) So I've followed Kinggaths tutorial for making addons - it's a fantastic guide. Here's my issue, I've followed it to the T 3 times now and every time in game when testing (with a brand new game and new saves with only Unofficial...
  6. rocketmanz

    The Mod Isnt Working

    I have downloaded sim settlements and the buildings are not showing up in my workshop. is this because I am using it in sanctuary? it is at the top of my load order and it refuses to show up.
  7. RaceR

    Sim Settlements and Automatron DLC

    Hi, let me begin saying that I really love the mod and having lots of fun with it. Now lets move to the topic at hand. Finished Automatron DLC, and shortly after finishing it, I decided that my settlers needed some help. Built few robots, to handle vanilla crop farming, and running supply lines...
  8. Muddball

    Having trouble knowing where to start.

    Hey I just need a nudge in the right direction. Can buildings from one settlement talk to a building from another settlement? I'd like to give trade routes a shot.
  9. Chocolad

    Can't find the Vanilla "Structures" tab anymore

    It seems that after I downloaded the mod, the tab "Structures" where wood, metal, and concrete structures would be (as well as ladders, stairs, etc.) is missing from the settlement menu. Proof down below: there's no "Structures" Icon Is this a bug or does "Sim Settlements" require another mod...
  10. MrOtakuNE

    Help, mod won't work

    basically above, I've downloaded, installed, started game, gone to museum, nothing. uninstalled, deleted, re-downloaded, re-installed, started brand new game, got to museum, still nothing. any tips or suggestions?
  11. Y

    Not sure

    In my current game, I got rid of some of the Sanctuary buildings, and built a level floor that is slightly above the steet ground level....but then gets a ways above as you get closer to the river. I added some SS residentials at the river end of the floor. They got built, but when I try to...