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  1. ArtificialCactus

    Question Regular Raiders Spawning in Outposts

    essentially what the title says, I'm playing through the conqueror storyline and sided with Jammer and the raiders. I've been trying to recruit more recruits so that way I can expand my empire, but instead of getting troops to attack I'm just getting visiting raider marauders, berserkers and...
  2. R

    Sim Settlements 2 settler recruitment

    I am currently getitng deeper into my 2. SS2 playthorugh and i am starting to wondering if I have a bug with my settler recruitment. When I place a vanilla recruitment beacon i get the initial settler spawn right away, as intended by workshop framework. One difference I noticed since I...
  3. S

    Question My W/R/E doesn't add up. Bars not full, but settlement reports say I'm producing more than enough.

    Basically I should have an army based on my output of wages, ration and equipment, but the W/R/E bars are not full and I can't recruit. I'm using Soldier Needs. I'm using Conqueror and SS-1. Playing the Minutemen factionpack as liberators. I have a few other faction packs installed for flavor...
  4. ArtificialCactus

    Solved Soldiers not being recruited

    basically that's my problem, but before you say "just turn off soldier needs" or "make sure you have enough resources", yes I did turn off soldier needs and waited a day. I even turned it on, waited a day, then turned it back off, waited another day, and my soldier count stayed at 3. And when I...
  5. S

    Question Tons of bugs (main being no new settlers) and thousands of active scripts

    Alright, I know the title is kinda ambiguous but I have too many issues going on to fit them all in in the title. I am currently running a heavily modded game with Sim settlements, it's mega packs, the logistics station, workshop framework, workshop plus, and well over 100 other mods. Until...
  6. Muteki_Inagaki

    Suggestion Conquer... raiders?

    Disclaimer: I was primarily an Xbox user but have since made the decision to switch to PC and will hopefully have one built by December/January, so I have not played Conqueror yet outside of watching videos/reading posts, etc. So as far as I know, Jammer gives you some quests to take some...
  7. M

    Question Recruitment bug/error, recruitment radio signal messed up

    Hello Thanks to the SS community I was able to resolve any issues so far and I hope that someone encountered this issue. Problem concerns PC version. In current playthrough i have many settlements on settler limit. New settlements and old settlements with few settlers with maxed needs will...
  8. D

    Solved no new recruits

    Damd lazy Jammer will not get me any new recruits. I have filled the supply bars with +34 caps, +32 food and +4 on equipment. I got beds for 23 people and only 7 living there. Plenty of water and enough defence to scare a deat claw. Took me a while to get enough food from my vassal but it shoud...
  9. G

    Question How do I make my settlement recruit from the brotherhood of steel

    I'm in the brotherhood faction and have all the mods for it but I cant get it to recruit brotherhood
  10. Sirlach

    Settler Job assignment in Different Settlement Sizes.

    Fellow SS'ers I am on my big play through after learning everything there is to know about mega mod installs. Finally got a stable build and am planning out my settlements. I have come up with the following splits for how to assign settlers and wanted to get feedback if this will work or will...
  11. Cranky Cat

    Out of control settler recruitment

    I first noticed this last weekend after the latest SS release although I don't know if it was an issue before and maybe I didn't notice. Suddenly I'm going to settlements and seeing 7 to 10 unemployed settlers after not visiting for a while. I notice happiness was dropping and look at the...
  12. B

    Ignore Charisma for recruiting not working.

    Hi, I have Ignore Charisma on in the holotape, but my settlers are still capping out at my (low) charisma level. Am I missing something?
  13. jsalemi

    Does the SS beacon toggle affect the recruitment station (IR)?

    I upgraded an advanced plot in Sanctuary to the recruitment station, and now I'm being overrun with settlers there. I've moved a lot of them to other settlements that are lagging, but due to vanilla limitations, the move function still honors the charisma level, and I can't move them to all the...
  14. Cheetah2003

    [PC] Sanctuary no longer gets new settlers

    So after my previous issue, which seemed to self-correct itself after some time, my 3rd issue is still alive. Sanctuary does not seem to get any more settlers. I have 10 people living there now. One thing I notice that's strange, is occasionally when I come back to check on things, I see...
  15. Cranky Cat

    Question City plans and alternate recruitment

    Residential plots for city plans don't seem to be built until they are needed for the most part so how does alternate recruitment with a dispatcher get affected? Does it look at the number of built plots/beds to determine the max limit or the number of built residential plots + unbuilt + beds...
  16. Karyusan

    Auto-assignement bug with vanilla fallout 4 object and "blueman"

    Hello, there is a bug for me where the jobs from vannila object and blueman are sometimes counted but sometimes not the UHD say all jobs are pick but when you put asam you see 2-3 settler that have not. This is hard to track cause you need to go find every vannila object that the city plan put...
  17. Maugnok

    Not a bug Recruitment Problems

    I'm not FULLY aware on the HOW settlers recruitment mechanics work with Sim Settlements MOD, but I do know that (KingGath said in one of the tutorial videos) the max number of Settlers in a city is 10 + CHA (my character CHA is at 6). The problem I'm facing is that more than 20 in-game days...
  18. Gobb

    Primary Bug Report Can't complete quest "taking point: Sunshine tidings co-op"

    So i just installed the mod and went to sunshine tidings co op to build a city. i put down a town mayor desk and assigned one of my followers to it and went through all the flying part. after that was over i noticed that there was an already built recruitment beacon so i scraped it and tried to...