Question Recruitment bug/error, recruitment radio signal messed up

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    Thanks to the SS community I was able to resolve any issues so far and I hope that someone encountered this issue.

    Problem concerns PC version.

    In current playthrough i have many settlements on settler limit. New settlements and old settlements with few settlers with maxed needs will not atract new settlers, despite beacon turned on and powered.

    I noticed that when I place a new beacon in new settlement there is no prompt that recruitment radio was found, when I am turning the beacon off and on prompt appears. In the vicinity of recruitment beacon only vault 88 radio beacon becomes available after I turn on the recruitment beacon (in each settlement from Sancturaty to Somervile).

    Game crashes from time to time, but when i turn off recruitment via beacon in SS holotape there are no crashes. I tested it several times, when i turn recruitment on - I get 1 - 2 crashes per game day, mostly in settelment, but not only, when i turn it off - I have no crashes for 3 days. I performed this experiment in 3 replicates.

    The CTD happens most often when arriving at settlment/when loading an autosave created on arrival, but soemtimes during a fight, standing and doing nothing, using pipboy/workbench.

    When recruitment is on I get fps stutter, when it is off I have no fps stutter with evrything "ON" in perrformance menu with maxed graphical settings.

    My guess: when a settler is about to get recruited game crashes (i think that recruitment is random, hence the randomness of crashes).

    Any help would be appreciated.

    My mod list: (I am using Vortex, option to export mod list would be nice...)

    APC Transport
    Armorsmith Extended
    Better Generators
    Cartographers Map Markers
    CHEF - cooking Hunger and Expanded Food
    CHEF - Cooking Hunger and Expanded Food - CHEF-VIS Patch
    Clean and Simple - Settlment Startup
    DEF_ui 1.5.1
    Food Works When Hungry
    Fusion Core refueler 1.4
    HUDFramework-02. DEF_UI Compatibility Patch
    IDEK`s Logistic Station
    Improved Map with Visible Roads
    Local Leader Tweak
    Locksmith - Lock Your Doors `n` Containers
    Loot Detector
    Mod Configuration Menu
    More Smarter Companions Mod
    No Negative Affinity and No Affinity Cooldown
    Scrap Evrything
    Sim Settlements
    Sim Settlements - Altairp`s Animal Farm
    Sim Settlements - Conqueror (not using)
    Sim Settlements - Industrail Revolution
    Sim Settlements: Mega Pack - Year One
    Sim Settlements: Mega Pack - Year Two
    Sim Settlements: Rise of the Commonwealth
    Survival Mode Console Enabler
    Survival Options
    Survival Quick Save
    Unrestrictive Power Armor
    Valdacils Item Sorting
    Visible Companion Affinity
    Wearable Backpacks and Pouches
    Workshop Framework
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    hey, @Malakhaj I am sorry but there are a number of issues that jump out as being problematic, right off the bat.

    None seemed to be directly related to your problems but it adds up.

    Below is how you use fallrim? Just use it from the desktop. Unless there is something new I am not aware of?

    "here is your requested option" below is the file path to your plugs / load list. Just set-up a shortcut on your desktop. that is all vortex would do.

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  3. Malakhaj

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    Sep 1, 2019
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    Thanks for the reply.
    Clean and Simple - i have city plan going only in covenant. This can interfere with recruitment? How I should proceed with this?

    Scrap Evrything - its last in laod order + i do not use it much, in most settlements i do not use it at all.

    Fallrim tools - i just downlaoded it and installed with Vortex so its on the list.

    in save with turned off beacon recruitment in holotape (ctd and fps stutter free) i have 14 unattached instances and 11230 active scripts, any other relevant data i should post? in description of fallrim Tools there is a statement:

    "Fallout 4 Special Note!!!
    Unattached Instances are a normal part of how Fallout 4 operates. I recommend you NOT clean them until I figure out how to distinguish between the ones that are still in use and the ones that are not."

    So any clues what next?

    When i loaded the game and saved again there was 100 active scripts more without moving (standing in glowing sea), after another minute there was around 100 more, same thing happened with and without recruitment on.

    Thx for the tip with mod list:
    # Automatically generated by Vortex
    *Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
    *Quick Save.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Sanctuary Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Spectacle Island Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Bunker Hill Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Hangman's Alley Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Egret Tours Marina Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Red Rocket Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Starlight Drive In Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Croup Manor Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Warwick Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Sunshine Tidings Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - The Castle Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Graygarden Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Jamaica Plain Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - The Slog Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Covenant Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Kingsport Lighthouse Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Boston Airport Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Greentop Nursery Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Nordhagen Beach Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Abernathy Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Coastal Cottage Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Taffington Boat House Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Murkwater Construction Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Finch Farm Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - County Crossing Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Somerville Place Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Ten Pines Bluff Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Outpost Zimonja Startup.esp
    *Clean and Simple - Oberland Station Startup.esp
    *Altairp's Animal Farm.esp
    *AWKCR - Mod Power Armor Engine Glitch Fix.esp
    *More Power Armour Mods.esp
    *Consistent Power Armor Overhaul.esp
    *More Power Armour Mods - Automatron.esp
    *Armorsmith Extended.esp
    *AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches.esp
    *AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches - Ballistic Weave.esp
    *AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches - Power Armor Carry Capacity.esp
    *CHEF - VIS Patch.esp
    *More Smarter Companions Mod.esp
    *CartographersMapMarkers Commonwealth.esp
    *CartographersMapMarkers FarHarbor.esp
    *CartographersMapMarkers NukaWorld.esp
    *Loot Detector.esp
    *Scrap Everything - Ultimate Edition.esp
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    Try terminating the scripts that are from kinggath, can't remember the prefix he uses but its either KGSim or something with Kg, like kghelpers,

    then open your save, if it loads up type in the console cqf WorkshopParent UFO4P_ReleaseLock
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    unattached instances and suspended stacks should be zero.
    I note the special note for fallout 4 and I understand that is why I normally do not recommend or tell folks how to do it. It is the same process for "unattached instances" as it is for "active scripts" unless and author or someone who is super smart can tell you what is safe of not, or what scripts are the hang-up. It is a tedious process of elimination and rolling back each save as you progress. Always checking if the game will open and if things will work.


    Most everything is tied together with scripts so when they are backed up other game mechanics may not work correctly. It may not solve your problem. What I am suggesting is your recruitment problem is the symptom of the real problem.

    The unattached instances are an indication of removing mods mid-game. Depending on how far back that was, it is an indication of how far back the save file corruption began. It can take hours days or weeks but sooner or later the mid-game removal of mods is likely to corrupt your save file.

    At the time of removal, folks will try to clean the unattached instances hoping to prevent save file corruption. This is likely with mixed results. I have had good luck when I do it early and doing the internal cell procedure. I have not been as lucky removing active scripts. Depends how careful I was and how will I tested in the elimination process and if I had any author instruction or assistance. I have found reducing active scripts is problematic for me in solving bad game problems "even and only" after I have reduced them by "time and the internal cell procedure" mostly after the unattached instances were removed in the same way. Still, I have gotten lucky. Luck is a big part of all this. At least in my current state of understanding but I a sucker when it comes to tinkering with all this.

    wheew, that said hope something here is useful to you and "good luck!" :bye

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    There were no active scripts with kg.
    I ran the command and first settler appeared in new settlement but that was it.

    When i turned off city plan in covenant and ran the command, settlers started flowing in. Both old setltments and new ones. One CTD so far, but there is plenty going on, caravan paths reforming, I had 60 settlers in Sanctuary at some point on my pipboy, now back to 30, tons of new building and improvements prompts so I will wait a bit till things settle down and report back.

    In last save I have 14 unattached instances, most of my active scripts are "terminated" - 1884 "VCA_affinity_Init" - 5955, together those 2 kinds are 7839 out of 7840
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    If I had to take a shot at the dark that would be Visible Companion Afinity mod scripts
  8. Malakhaj

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    Sep 1, 2019
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    Yeah, I just do not know if they do any charm.

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