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recruitment beacon

  1. S

    [PC] Jake vanished after Well Well Well!, Watchful Eye never started

    Hey all, before I get into the issue I want to clarify some (potentially) important info: Checked Solutions for the most common problems, none apply (except for maybe one below). Checked mod conflicts: The only settlement mod I have is This Is Trash which from what I understand is unrelated to...
  2. victorstillwater

    Solved Level 13. Trying to get more new settlers, but not sure how?

    Hello! So, I'm playing a non-Conqueror game (technically never finished Fallout 4, so this is my main game now...) . I'm running Sim Settlements 3-in-1 with the Year One/Two/Three Megapacks, but I'm having trouble understanding how to acquire more settlers or making sure all my settlers have a...
  3. M

    Question Recruitment bug/error, recruitment radio signal messed up

    Hello Thanks to the SS community I was able to resolve any issues so far and I hope that someone encountered this issue. Problem concerns PC version. In current playthrough i have many settlements on settler limit. New settlements and old settlements with few settlers with maxed needs will...
  4. Maugnok

    Not a bug Recruitment Problems

    I'm not FULLY aware on the HOW settlers recruitment mechanics work with Sim Settlements MOD, but I do know that (KingGath said in one of the tutorial videos) the max number of Settlers in a city is 10 + CHA (my character CHA is at 6). The problem I'm facing is that more than 20 in-game days...
  5. Gobb

    Primary Bug Report Can't complete quest "taking point: Sunshine tidings co-op"

    So i just installed the mod and went to sunshine tidings co op to build a city. i put down a town mayor desk and assigned one of my followers to it and went through all the flying part. after that was over i noticed that there was an already built recruitment beacon so i scraped it and tried to...