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  1. O

    SS2, minutemen, Abernathy farm

    ok so the minutemen have a random quest they can give you for Abernathy farm is there any way to get the minutemen Abernathy farm quest to trigger before Jake gives it to you so that you'll have two factions paying you xp for that location or no?
  2. RedWizard

    I need stable LO for Minutemen faction, XB1S

    Hello everyone! Can someone point me to a stable load order for SS Conqueror playing as the Minutemen faction on Xbox One S console? My hope is to play as the Minutemen and have the Enclave as my main opponent with some other factions sprinkled in.
  3. GrignardTN

    SS2 and we are the minutemen, avoiding sanctuary for SS2 quests.

    Is anyone running We are the Minutemen and SS2 together? I am and haven't had any trouble so far. Has anyone had any problems with this mod? Also, I believe I'm going to start a new play when the patch comes out tomorrow because I can no longer stand sanctuary. I don't mind doing the first...
  4. Muteki_Inagaki

    Story gist without spoilers?

    Hey, so I haven’t tried the mod yet because I was considering waiting for the conqueror 2 release. Basically, I want to play a bad or at the very least morally gray character. I’m just wondering, without too many spoilers, is the story a typical sort of rebuild the commonwealth/minuteman type...
  5. Sabs

    Question Minutemen/raiders

    hi what happens to the Minutemen and to the settlement system (who will become controller of the settlements that i claim) if i kill Preston and Jammer (the raider who starts the conqueror quest line)? thanks
  6. T

    Question Can I Still Complete the Minutemen Questline with Conquerors On?

    I started up Conquerors, killed Jammer, and completed The First Steps by helping Tenpines Bluff. My goal is to create a Minutemen army to help free the commonwealth. Not all workshops have settlements; I figured it would be realistic to have the larger areas be already settled. I have yet to...
  7. RayBo

    Spawnable Unique Minutemen Settlers

    Almost as long :grin But, a great complement to a Minutemen playthrough.
  8. P

    Question Minutemen Liberators - Bounty Hunter, Contractors and K9 functions

    Does anyone know what their functions are? The mod page (42069 is the mod ID) gives no useful information on what they do and I can't find it anywhere else either. Thanks a lot.
  9. I

    Minutemen Faction inquiry

    I was wondering if anyone has any information regarding the minutemen faction pack? Does anyone know if anyone has picked it up since it was abandoned or if someone is making another one? Im just curious as it is one of my favorite faction especially with all the mods i have installed for them.
  10. Freltzo

    [Video] Minutemen Liberator raid on raider controlled Sunshine Tidings Co-op

  11. ShagomyJago

    Somerville Artillery Outpost

    The Minutemen are back....and ready to rain hell on the commonwealth...literally! This outpost starts off barren and then becomes a self sustaining outpost to protect the farthest south settlement in the commonwealth. With firing range able to reach the glowing seas Skylanes Wreckage this...
  12. W

    Implemented Supply lines from settlements to outposts

    Hi! I'm doing a play-through with the SS, Conqueror and Minutemen faction add-on, and I am absolutely loving the additional depth this gives the settlements. Settlements are one of my favorite aspects of the game, but it always felt a bit strange to have a literal fortress without being able to...
  13. J

    Solved Minutemen - Vassalizing Abernathy Farm seems like it is using Conqueror mechanics.

    I have the Minuteman faction pack installed to learn the system before I start a BoS playthrough. I unlocked Abernathy Farm as a settlement, and wanted to align it with my outpost at Red Rocket. I twice attempted a Vassal raid. The first time there were gunners there, the second time raiders...
  14. Rojobow

    Fixed MinuteMen-Raider Gang non hostile.

    I'm getting fairly into my game at this point, around level 20 or so and everything is working fine now minus the raider's spawning in clumps, dead.( known bug-in which i've just been resurrecting until problem is resolved) My issue is this. For whatever reason if my settlement is raided by...
  15. NDCowdy

    NDCowdy reinforcing the good guys at Red Rocket for January 2019

    It's got to be Minutemen for me, being a habitual good guy. Going to build the Minuteman Fort that protects the approaches to the city of Sanctuary. Savefile is here:
  16. RayBo


  17. A

    Missing Minutemen flag-changing default flag

    I notice the minutemen flag is frequently missing from the City Planner Desk, while other flags are there, including Valetine's, Robco, BOS, American flag, etc. I am only able to have it in Sanctuary, Castle and Crop Manor. Getting around it: ROTC changing flag. If the flag you want to use does...
  18. Martin

    Closed Minutemen quests unable to complete

    Hi. So any minutemen quest which involves placing a recruitment beacon, or the artillery gun in the old gun quest won’t complete. It won’t register that you’ve placed the beacon or artillery piece and the quest won’t complete. To complete the old gun quest I had to use console commands. Just...
  19. T

    Faction Salvagers

    Huge fan of this mod. It's the most "realism-friendly" method of dealing with the tedium of looting scrap I've seen. It would be great if, once the player has joined a faction, they were able to replace the rags wearing salvagers with salvage teams from their faction. Minutemen soldiers...