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  1. VersusXV

    Unique NPC Stat Rebalancing Discussion

    What are people's thoughts about NPC Stat Rebalancing? NPC Stat Cards are pretty straightforward but there's still deciding on SPECIAL stat values(which can affect plot output values). I think an official SS2 NPC rebalancing is probably not likely, so separate mods are probably the way...
  2. C

    SS2 Happy Trails Addon Pack

    Happy Trails - Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community Finally!
  3. Irealys

    My Bloody Valentine Addon Announcement

    Hello everyone, most of you know me as the xbox player with too many ideas. Well… that’s not true anymore. Thanks to the help of generous people from this very community I now have a computer that can run Fallout. I’m not going to need annoying creators to try my ideas anymore. It obviously...
  4. VersusXV

    Sim Settlements 2 - Superstructures Addon Pack Additional New Plots for Sim Settlements 2 + Foundations/Terraformers + Interior Cell Settlement. Including the new Municipal type & various 1x1 & 3x3 sized plots. A variety of themes & some with simple designs, others with complex designs New...
  5. T

    Addon Pack Registration Failed. Anybody Else Experience This?

    Played an hour last night to set up SS2 for myself, and find myself at Red Rocket with the Stranger after only an hour of playtime. When I loaded my saved game, I got this message: Addon pack registration failed. The registered name in the config object field sAddonFilename: SS2.esm does not...
  6. VersusXV

    Discussion Which Custom Faction will you be making or are hoping will be made?

    With the faction toolkit coming some time in the future, I'm curious what people are planning to make. I think I'll do a smaller scale one for at first then later do a more major one. The smaller one would be focused on just gameplay side, I'd like a strong to OP faction that could be useful...
  7. Lancars

    Radio Station.

    I don't have the resources to pull something like this together and it would have to be a separate addon. A station with a random selection of home made music from people. From vocal to instrumental if they so please. Building design wise would have 2 floors. Radio up top and "recording" below...
  8. R

    rise of the common wealth help?

    i just downloaded this add oon as i thpught it would be fun to have the settlers build their own settkement but i cant find the city planners desk. ive done everything i could to find it, i even downloaded settlement menu manager. i really need help like did i do something wrong?
  9. Cranky Cat

    Suggestion: Public restrooms "recreational" plot

    Many residential plots don't have a toilet! Maybe a public bathroom something like those double sided ones you see in parks with ladies on the left and mens on the right. Maybe level 1 is porta pottys or outhouses, level 2 is an actual building and level 3 gets toilet paper haha. It'd be great...
  10. SpringyFz

    Vault-Tec Mini Vaults

    Vault-Tec Mini Vaults: V. 0.0.1 #Released???
  11. SpringyFz

  12. bludthurst

    Thanks for Getting Jib's Residential AddOn up for Xbox

    @Jib333 Great to have you on the Forum in your official Threefort. Thanks very much more taking the time to put together a version for Xbox. Just got my first tree house, awesome. FYI - I have you up and listed on the Wiki AddOns page...
  13. Blocky

    Thanks for Sim Settlements, made a compatible mod

    This is the coolest mod for Fallout 4 I've seen. After watching a few Let's Plays on Youtube of people using Sim Settlements, I tried it and it was awesome-sauce. The games default settlers sounded like they needed an upgrade, now that there was lot more concentration of gameplay around them. I...
  14. Randolpho

    Finding new Addons: new search Tag on

    So, thanks to the efforts of yours truly, there is now a Sim Settlements tag under the Required category on NexusMods. Mod Authors, I believe you can voluntarily add this tag to your mod. In the meantime, I've voted to tag the mods I'm aware of, although they need at least three votes to show...
  15. MaturinMods

    SimSettlementsAddOnPack - RaiderRefugees

    Raider Refugees: the good, the rad and the ugly A single randomized raider house to add some spice to your settlements. Lore With renewed interest in city living coming from the fringes, the Sole Survivor is attempting to integrate raider factions with the commonwealth. As a pilot project a...
  16. iN3ff4BL3

    Solved [JtBryant's Utilities 0.9.7/DLC] [Xbox] Turrets are always shown as SALVAGE!

    I love your mods, and thank you for sharing. I've run into a couple of strange issues that may be related to your addon. First, and most annoyingly, when I place turrets they are immovable and highlighted yellow as though salvage, with the salvage or wire options available. I also use Place...
  17. ruinedworld

    Change Log

    Version 1.0.0 - Initial Upload - Added one new scrapper's forge (four random building configurations) - Added six raised bed garden plots. Version 1.1.0 - Raised the dirt levels in all garden plots and added clutter arrangements. - Added new building materials models for raised beds and...
  18. ruinedworld

    Ruined Homes and Gardens

    Welcome to the ruined homes and gardens Sim settlements add-on pack! This will be an evolving archive of my current and future Sim Settlements additions and will be constantly changing as I create new content for Sim settlements and Fallout 4. Sim Settlements Core HOMES (1) Scav Shak...
  19. Tinuvia

    Welcome to Wasteland Venturers Venue!

    Welcome! Here is the home of Wasteland Venturers AddOn Pack. We'll be providing the Commonwealth with homes, shops, farms and what not for the industrious scrap collecting Wastelanders who venture on rebuilding the barren world, improvisation style. Also, don't forget the demon rum. Download...