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Hello, im looking to dowload sim settlements on an xbox one, but, im haveing a hard time to figure out what packs i need, what is inside what and so on. So my questions are:
-Theres those City plan packs( about 2 MB each) what do they do exaclty, and, do i need them if i wanna use the rise of commonwealth expansion?
-There's the "Mega Pack Year One full version" what does that do? Its a big file (388M:cool: so my question number 2 is, does that contain the base Sim Settlements? Because there's the " mega pack year one new buildings" wich is only 65MB so what are the differences and what does each do? If the 388MB one contains the base sim settlements can i install separately the 2 expansions( industrial and rise)?
Im asking those questions because we( xbox users) have only 2 GB's for mods space so i really need to figure out what packs do what
Thank to everybody that helps me out


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Base mod exists by itself or as SS three in one has base mod+industrial revolution+rotc. Choose one or the other. Only reason to not download this is if you decide you don’t want Industrial revolution (but you do!) or RotC. I like building my own towns. So I roll with just the separate SS and IR.

City plan packs are just additional city plans for rotc. They add more plans to what rotc itself offers. Only need if you want more options for RotC.

Mega packs are collections that combine various Add-ons in one mod. Not necessary but convenient. Description should detail which separate addons it cobbles together.

Add-on packs add additional plots and features to SS. Spice to your own taste, but not required. Many to choose from. More available than any of us Xboxers can use at one time.

The mega pack “new buildings” I imagine is a collection that includes just plots added special or exclusive to the full size mega pack that weren’t available in the separate Addons themselves. I need to look into this when I get home because I didn’t know it was thing.

Typing on my phone and my thumb is bigger than my brain so I hope this came out intelligible.

Edit: And welcome to the fold! Have fun.


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Thank you so much
Btw, the only reason that i wanna use rotc is because it makes the settlement to feel somewhat cluttered, somewhat like diamond city.
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if you are on Xbox you may want to install rotc without any city plan addons as they are more complex and could cause crashes.
and megapack is a good choice if you don't know wich addons install, as It has a good variety of authors


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For Xbox the Mega packs might actually not be the best addon pack choice since they are so large (Mega pack year 2 comes in at 600+ MB for 70 building plans).

For Addon Packs that give the most bang for your buck, @uituit has you covered. He goes by Vintyri on and has lovingly trimmed down his mods for xbox:
JunkTown Lite, with 60+ buildings for a mere 104.7MB
JunkTown Fences Lite, 20+ fenced plots at 47MB
Flotsam & Jetsam, 35+ aquatic themed buildings for 49.6MB
And the smallest addon ever at 140kB with 15 interior plots!

We recently painstakingly trimmed down the size of Wasteland Venturers to 110 MB for 60+ building plans of all types, to accommodate Xbox players.

If you are mostly looking for large variation, the 12 buildings in MrJoseCuervo's Always Free include 4 SlumLord residential plots which at 84 MB provide 11 trillion different randomized combinations of shabby shacks. Sometimes they come with a few nasty extra inhabitants as well. They are slum properties, after all. The SlumLord can be downloaded on its own at mini 14MB, but hasn't been updated for a year, so it's missing some functionality that the AIO Always Free has (which I keep up to date :) ).
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