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rise of the commonwealth

  1. S

    Sims 2 rise of the Commonwealth crashing consistently

    Edit: found a new crash. Do not attach wires to the street lights, it crashes everytime. Hey, guys so idk if it's just me but since I downloaded the rise of the Commonwealth for SS2 it's been crashing constantly. It first happened at Tampines bluff when I replaced the city plan. Crash. Turned...
  2. S

    Nuka World- Gage bug conflicts with Sim Settlements 3 in 1 [XBOX1]

    After killing the overboss in the cola cars, Gage remains busy behind the glass, looks like he’s walking, and can’t be interacted with which leaves me stuck in the arena. I disabled every mod I had to no avail only to find out sim settlements 3 in 1 is the only one that conflicts with this...
  3. C

    Solved Missing Sanctuary Builds?

    Hello, I'm a new user to SS mods, and have fallen in love with the concept of them. I am currently running 3-in-1 and have both megapacks installed. That just about fills the mod space on my Xbox unfortunately, so I am not able to play around with some of the individual addons. My question is...
  4. Khtugg

    Question No settler migration and heavy framerate drops

    Greetings all, 2 things are worrying me: 1: In my current and in the previous playthrough I have experienced heavy framerate drops or stuttering when I approach a built up Rise of the Commonwealth/Conqueror settlement, for about 3-5 seconds when entering the cell. It used to be a slight hiccup...
  5. Y

    Question [RotC]

    Hey guys, I browsed Google, ended up here, did additional searches and still couldn't find anything. No problem, it's a lot to take in and my question is pretty simple. Are shops in RotC non-functional, or do they only begin being functional at a certain point? I have a lv. 1 RotC...
  6. FluffySpaceShark

    Question Is there any way to merge the city plans?

    I really want a large list of options for city plans, but I really don't like the idea of having like 50+ esl files hogging up the list. So, if there is any way to merge them all, or at least ones from each pack, then that would be great. Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask.
  7. Wake

    Question (RoTC) Crash on Fast Travel to Sanctuary & Red Rocket

    As per the Crash on Settlement Guide I'm making a bug report of a potential memory overload. As the title suggests when I fast travel to either Sanctuary or Red Rocket (Both using the RoTC City Builder), I can move around for a few seconds before the game CTD. Approaching the settlements by foot...
  8. Grim Experiments

    Solved RoTC's relationship with Vanilla Assets and NPCs? (nothing game-breaking)

    Hi gang, Just a couple of quick (turned out to be more than a couple and maybe not quick) questions regarding the way RoTC treats existing objects and npcs. I used conqueror with the 3-in-1 install, a selection of the contest entries bolted on (loaded to designer's preference), with all of...
  9. D

    Question Do ROTC settlements automatically build industrial plots?

    I can't seen to find this answer anywhere. Do settlements automatically build industrial plots if you have industrial revolution + rise of the commonwealth installed? How many industrial plots are built if so? Frequency? Are they part of default city plans?
  10. L

    Favorite ROTC Settlements to Build (Strategy, Performance, Good Looks!)

    Hiya! I am about to start my first playthrough of Sim Settlements 3-in-1! I was wondering, taking into account the Triangle of Death, what are you favorite settlements to have ROTC build in a single playthrough that do not affect performance or cause issues later down the road? As an added...
  11. Loci

    Solved Outpost Zimonja has no workbenches?

    hELLO LOVELIES Does Outpost Zimonja is have workbenches at any level? Since it's always at maximum build-limit I can't place any either. I'm at Level 2, but due to the Zimonja level bug atm (v4.0.5) it's level 3, can't find any workbenches after a full refresh. I love the decor and would like...
  12. A

    Old Post What to download

    Hello, im looking to dowload sim settlements on an xbox one, but, im haveing a hard time to figure out what packs i need, what is inside what and so on. So my questions are: -Theres those City plan packs( about 2 MB each) what do they do exaclty, and, do i need them if i wanna use the rise of...
  13. Mark Varley

    Solved New Playthrough, ROTC in Sanctuary

    I'm just starting a new playthrough and thought I'd use ROTC city plans this time. When I get back from concord with preston and gang, and sturgess will have me building beds, defence, water etc. can I just build a city planner desk and place preston at it? or do I have to complete that quest by...
  14. A

    Hangman's alley ROTC problem

    So I cleared out Hangman's alley and placed Hancock as mayor for ROTC. Usually, I let the mayor scrap everything and let it transform into a new city, however no options were given at this time and it still remains the same with Hancock just walking around the alley. How do I fix this?
  15. Kruppa

    CTD's, Probably overloaded system

    I'm having some problems with Sim Settlements Three in one, I think more specifically Rise of the Commonwealth, I have several Settlements level 2 or 3, the only ones I do not use RoTC is Albernathy Farm, Sanctuary, Red Rocket and the island, the rest is RoTC , and so I'm having several CTD's...
  16. S

    some help with city level

    i changed my city leader in sanctuary and accidentally selected the tear all down option, so my sanctuary is back to level 0. so i want to know if there is some console command or whatever tha makes upgrade percentage go to 100% 'cause i want my bealtiful city back :(
  17. C

    A couple of RoTC autobuild / city plan questions

    I'm running the game on a lower end system, what's the best way to go about letting the scripts do its thing in Rise of the Commonwealth? Is it better for me to just chill there while they layout the foundations or just leave them to it and go a loading screen away? Also, is there anything more...
  18. J

    Continuous crashing, after trying forum pinned fixes

    So I was having crashing/freezing problems whenever I vised npc led settlements, specifically starlight drive in with the RotC expansion enabled. I tried most of the suggestions listed at the pinned crashes thread, but I also have a pretty high end system 16gb of ram, AMD FX-8350 (8 core...
  19. E

    List of City Plans with descriptions and credits?

    Hello. I am lost and can't find a list of city plans currently in ROTC on the wiki to see credits of who made them and also the theme/focus (IE: Martial or Industrial) for settlement locations I haven't found or settled yet. Could somebody help me find it? NOTE: I couldn't find the spoiler...
  20. Lancars

    Bug Somerville Place internal Plot off center.

    I have to manually move it as refresh just moves it back. I hope i reported this right. If i messed up any tags please tell me.